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Episode 17: Michael F. Bird, author of 'Religious Freedom in a Secular Age: A Christian Case for Liberty, Equality, and Secular Government'


"All of this started when they took prayer out of schools." This is a line that host BT Irwin heard many times over the years from Christians trying to explain bad things that seem to be getting worse in the United States. While their opinion has elements of truth about it, is their solution–to restore Christianity to a preferred place of power and privilege at the center of American institutions–truly what is best for America and for Christians in America? In his book, 'Religious Freedom in a Secular Age,' New Testament scholar and theologian Michael F. Bird argues that conservative Christians who want to hold onto their traditional Christian practices are better off embracing secularism–religious freedom for all and shared power among people of many faiths–than amassing exclusive political power for themselves. In this episode, Bird answers questions about his book and proposes a better way for Christians to protect their religious freedom by protecting the religious freedom of others.   

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