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About The Christian Chronicle

An international newspaper for Churches of Christ

The Christian Chronicle® is published and governed by The Christian Chronicle Inc., an Oklahoma nonprofit corporation, with offices on the campus of and support from Oklahoma Christian University. Founded in 1943, The Christian Chronicle is a newspaper committed to the highest standards of journalistic excellence and seeks to inform, inspire and unite Churches of Christ worldwide.

The Christian Chronicle is not a teaching or doctrinal publication but a newspaper with news and opinion content in sections clearly labeled. News coverage represents statements of fact according to cited sources. Signed columns and reviews reflect the opinions of the authors. Advertising contains commercial messages from those who purchase the advertising space. News coverage, opinion columns, reviews, letters to the editor and advertising do not necessarily represent the views of or constitute endorsement by the editors, the staff, the Board of Trustees of The Christian Chronicle or Oklahoma Christian University. All trustees, editors and staff are active members of the Churches of Christ.

Distributed monthly to homes for a $36 enrollment fee, The Christian Chronicle also is available online at www.christianchronicle.org. The name The Christian Chronicle and the globe nameplate are trademarked symbols.

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Mike O’Neal
Edmond, Okla.
Alan Beard
Westlake Village, Calif.
Andrew Benton
Edmond, Okla.
Sammie Berry
Dallas, Texas
Ed Biggers
Tucson, Ariz.
John deSteiguer
Edmond, Okla.
Rhonda Zorn Fernandez
Alpine, Ala.
Scott Laird
Great Falls, Mont.
John Law
Columbia, Tenn.
James Moore
Eustis, Fla.
Barry Packer
Dallas, Texas
Taneise Perry
Charlotte, N.C.
Joel Reed
Reston, Va.
Lana Reynolds
Seminole, Okla.
Aaron Sayles
Mesa, Ariz.
Milton Sewell
Henderson, Tenn.
Gary Tabor
Lacey, Wash.

Our Staff