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Pulpit Minister – Central Church of Christ

- Central Church of Christ

NOTE: As of June 19, 2018, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.

Central Church of Christ is currently looking for pulpit minister who has at least five years experience in preaching with Church of Christ congregations, is deeply dedicated to the inerrancy of the Scriptures and is able to show the relevance of its message in today’s culture. We prefer a family man who has both a youthful perspective and a love for the Lord’s senior saints. He should be able to promote personal evangelism and be a role model of it, himself, as he demonstrates bringing souls to Christ through their baptism. Central is an ethnically diverse group of more than 100 members in a city of nearly one million. Our aim is to show the love of Christ’s gospel. We have an elder-centered leadership, believe in a literal interpretation of the Scriptures, hold that baptism is essential to salvation, utilize males exclusively in leading the public worship assemblies and conduct traditional congregational-style a cappella worship services. If you feel that you satisfy the above requirements and might like to work with us, please send your resume, personal and professional references as well as a digital copy of one of your sermons to [email protected] If selected for a telephone interview, you may also be requested to visit us in San Jose. During this visit, we will conduct a face-to-face interview and you will be asked to present a sermon and teach an adult class at a Sunday morning assembly.

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Central Church of Christ
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