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Video: Where’s the Line to See Jesus?

In less than two weeks, a YouTube video by a Lipscomb University graduate who met her husband at the McKnight Road Church of Christ in St. Louis has topped 1 million views — and counting.

Becky Kelley (Photo via St. Louis Post-Dispatch, www.stltoday.com)

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

A Christmas song prompted by a 4-year-old’s question, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?” and recorded locally by our town’s Becky Kelley has gone viral on YouTube with more than a half a million hits in fewer than two weeks.
Kelley, 30, of Des Peres, said today that the response to the song and video has been amazing. Since the video’s taken off, Kelley’s been spending up to three hours a days answering fan e-mails from around the world and fielding calls from radio station DJ’s and record producers.
“I’m blown away,” Kelley said. “DJ’s are calling and asking me, ‘Who are you? Do you have anything else? What other records do you have.’ And I have to tell them this is it. I don’t have anything else.”
The song was prompted by a question Kelley’s nephew, Spencer Reijgers, asked while they were standing in line at a mall to see Santa. She mentioned it to her father, Steve Haupt, a St. Louis business owner with a background as a pianist, and he wrote a song around the idea.

Haupt is an elder with the McKnight Road church, where Becky Kelley is a member.

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    Hi I Love your Song have listened to it over and over and it just keeps on blessing me More and More. May God Bless you an your family.God word say’s that Children will lead Out of the mouth of babes.
    Esther Stewardson
    December, 12 2010
    I am truly touched by this amazing song. My best wishes to Kelly on a wonderful job and to Steve for his ability in writing this beauty! My prayer is that it will touch many who have forgotten the meaning behind Christmas! Congratulations!
    Elaine McDonald
    December, 12 2010
    This is just beautiful. What a wonderful song and the meaning has brought home the meaning of Christmas.
    December, 12 2010
    This is a great song and message it brought tears to my eyes the first 6 or 7 times i heard it and really touched my heart
    Keith Cahalan
    December, 12 2010
    This will now be part of our Christmas songs each year
    Thank you
    Nanci Breeze
    December, 13 2010
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful message with us,It blessed my heart and the spirit filled tears flowed.I’m sharing with all my FB friends.Merry Christmas and God Bless you and all your family.
    Barbara Mcneill
    December, 14 2010
    This is AMAZING!!! What a truly wonderful message, and what a glorious voice! This will likely become a Christmas classic. Thank you for sharing your talent.
    December, 15 2010
    Oh my word! That is just it…”word” Jesus is the reason for this season celebration….How inspirational and uplifting. I had chills and goose bumbs when listening to it. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord uses common people to get a message out to the world!?! Bless you all.
    Carolynn Harrison
    December, 16 2010
    God connects people, talents, and wonderings together for His glory. God bless Spencer, Kelly, and Steve for their contributions in glorifying God and Jesus, the sacrificial Lamb. Rom. 8:28
    Doug Kelso
    December, 16 2010
    First of all where does it say that Christ was born on the 25th of Dec?
    December, 16 2010
    What a wonderful pause in a busy season to remind us what Jesus gave us. Thank you, Jesus for giving us life! Thank you, Becky for your great reminder!
    Jim Karl
    December, 16 2010
    Is Christmas the Birthday of Christ?
    For many people throughout the world, the Christmas season is the happiest and busiest time of the year. Millions of believers in Christ celebrate December 25th as a special religious holiday because they believe it marks the date of Christ’s birth. Businessmen often take advantage of the giving of gifts at this season to make an extra profit. Some religious people protest at this “commercializing” of Christmas because they feel that a sacred, holy day is desecrated by it. Their protests are often voiced in slogans such as �Put Christ back into Christmas.” Few people, however, including many believers in Christ, are aware of the fact that the Bible is completely silent concerning any special festivities to commemorate the date of Christ’s birth.
    The Bible does not give us the date of the birth of Jesus! Whether He was born in December or July or some other month of the year is not stated in the Scriptures. Scholars confess that they do not know the actual date of Christ’s birth. For more than 300 years following the close of the New Testament, Christmas was kept on various dates. In 354, the bishop of Rome decreed that December 25th, a pagan feast day in honour of the god, Saturn, should be observed by Christians in honour of Christ�s birth. However, in the East, this date was not accepted; and for centuries, January 6th was celebrated as the birthday of Jesus, particularly in Egypt. Some branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church, even today, keep January 6th as Christmas day.
    It is interesting to note also that many of the festivities connected with Christmas had their origin in paganism, not in the Bible. Many of them came from Catholicism also. For example, the name “Christmas” itself comes from “Christ” and “Mass” referring to the worship of the Roman Catholic Church. The Christmas tree originated in Scandinavia. The pagans of that part of the world worshipped trees before they became believers in Christ. Decorating with mistletoe originated with the ancient Celtic priests, called Druids, who used mistletoe as charms to ward off evil spirits. The burning of yule logs, which is customary in many countries, came from the ancient Norsemen who burned a log once a year in honour of Thor, god of Thunder. See the World Book Encyclopedia for other examples of the pagan influence in Christmas customs.
    The Bible gives two accounts of the birth of Jesus. They are found in Matthew 1 and 2 and Luke 2. No mention is made of the date. No command is given for our Lord’s birthday to be observed in any way. No example is found in the New Testament of any celebration of Christ’s birth. Rather, the New Testament emphasis is on the death and resurrection of Christ. His death made possible the forgiveness of our sins. His resurrection makes possible our victory over death. The Lord’s supper is to “show the Lord’s death till he come”(I Corinthians 11:26). The only day in any way set aside for special religious observance in the New Testament is the Lord’s day, Sunday, the first day of the week (Acts 20:7;1 Corinthians 16:2; Revelation 1:10).
    What should be the Christian’s attitude toward Christmas? Should we celebrate it as Christ’s birthday? Definitely not! To do so is to do such without Scriptural authority. Should we observe the Christmas holiday in any way at all? In this writer’s opinion, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the holiday at Christmas, just as one would enjoy any other legal holiday during the year. If one wishes to have a big dinner and get together with family and friends, there is certainly nothing wrong with this. But to honour December 25th as Christ’s birthday, and thus as a special holy day, is to speak where the Scriptures are silent and to follow the traditions of men rather than the Word of God.
    December, 16 2010
    What a great song. We stand in line to see other people. would it be great to have people standing in line at the church to see and to hear jesus? Thank you so very much.
    Don Wallace
    December, 16 2010
    What an encouraging song and very poignant.
    While very few people will advocate Dec. 25th as the official birth date of Jesus, unquestionably this is the traditional time of the year when the world celebrates it as such. This song is clearly making the point that the birth of Jesus – something truly beautiful and worth celebrating – has somehow been lost in a sea of mass commercialism and selfish, wasteful consumption.
    It is so refreshing to see Christians calling for something better. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    December, 16 2010
    Way to go, Becky and Steve! Well written and well performed. I am the youth minister at the Fort Gibson, OK church of Christ. I write and record a lot of music with my children. This is so special.
    Barrett Vanlandingham
    December, 16 2010
    Wow! Very beautiful!
    Lindy Grindel
    December, 16 2010
    I am so glad you replied.
    I started dwelling upon the biblical lack of evidence of Jesus’ birthday back in the early 70’s and came to the conclusion that we, as a church, should not be involved in the celebration of Christ’s mass. I also believe we should celebrate the birth, death and resurrection of Christ every day, but especially on the first day of the week when we observe communion. Therefore, I stopped the giving of cards, quit decorating, giving gifts or wishing others Merry Christmas. I have not forced my lifestyle on others, but have answered when asked.
    When others wish me a Merry Christmas or give me a gift, I simply say, “Thank you” rather than go into an explanation of why I do not observe the day as Christ’s birthday.
    I love to sing and especially hymns. What the world terms as Christmas Carols are particularly beautiful. And I wish more people would enjoy them to praise the Lord at all times of the year rather than just at this season.
    Like you, I gather with family for a meal and before I retired, did take the day as a paid holiday. Did that make me double minded?
    We worship at our local church of Christ here in N.E. Arkansas.
    Iona Brown-Cline
    December, 16 2010
    What a beautiful song! Great job to the father daughter duo!
    That being said…who cares what day Christ was actually born??? Seriously??? For some people, Christmas is the ONLY day of the year they attend church services or even think about God – so why not celebrate it on one certain day?!
    My husbands grandma had a house fire when she was young. All their important records were destroyed in the fire, including birth certificates, etc. So, Grandma would celebrate her birthday on June 23rd but on her birth certificate (that was retyped by the court house or whoever does it) says June 17th…so although this record that everyone holds to be true says one date, she believed it to be wrong so we celebrated the day she had grown up thinking was her birthday. Wheres the harm in that??
    There are many, many mysterys to the Bible, ones we may never fully know until His return. I’m sure thats not by accident. I will never understand why folks get all technical and ‘there’s no specific date in the Bible’ about Christmas. I see no harm in celebrating the life of our Lord who died to save us…one day folks. Like I said, this is the only day some people even acknowledge our Lord, maybe the only day they feel His love…I agree we should celebrate Jesus every day, but we all know that isn’t a reality (sadly). If I can take one day out of the year where people won’t be offended and may actually listen to the words of our Lord, be compassionate towards others and maybe even have giving hearts – whats the harm, folks? What’s the harm?? I’m sure Jesus is just fine with there being one day out of the year that is set aside specifically for Him…and I’m sure he may even get annoyed with all the people that try to prove other-wise. Live live by the Word of God, but live life to enjoy it…quit trying to prove people wrong in their traditions and why they celebrate them. Enjoy your life and stop trying to critique everything or everybody. Blessings to you all this CHRISTMAS!
    December, 16 2010
    The video and song is to touching and inspiring I was completely moved to tears and so touched. Many blessing to for sharing this song with the world. You are a true champion for our lord. Many blessings to you and your family.
    Sandra Jean
    December, 17 2010
    Great song, very poignant in our commercialized society.
    Tammy and Iona, I simply remind you that God tells us through the Apostle Paul in Romans 14:5-6, “One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind. He who regards one day as special, does so to the Lord.”
    There really is nothing wrong with a holiday, as long as we are devoting the day first to the Lord. While Paul was speaking directly about the Sabbath, Christmas day seems to be much in the same vein.
    I’m happy you each can interpret this day in your own way just as many of us have done as well. We both do so ‘to the Lord’.
    December, 18 2010
    This is truly amazing. It thrilled my soul to hear someone sing about Jesus with such passion. The video is well done — the singers voice is lovely. God bless her and also Spenser for asking the question and the gentleman that was inspired to write the words. To God be the Glory!
    Vonda Fletcher
    December, 19 2010
    This song and video has truly touched my heart and has brought me more passion and the true meaning of Christmas than I have had in a long time.
    God Bless !!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!
    Bella Edwards
    December, 19 2010
    Thanks for writing.
    Your quote of Paul in Romans is exactly why I don’t go around lobbying for others to treat the day as I do. Each handle it in their own way in their own time. And that gives me the right to handle the day as I see fit.
    I still love the carols that are hymns and often sing then whenever I am able. And still wish we could use them to glorify the Lord regardless of what month it is.
    Those who are close to me realize that I do not “practice” Christmas and understand that is the way it is with me. I don’t condemn others for their practice, nor do I contemn them for how they practice. Just that I don’t.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Iona Brown-Cline
    December, 19 2010
    For such a time as this Becky!!! I am amazed at how the Lord continues to extend His love and grace to us. It’s all about Jesus. Thanks for being an instrument in His hand.
    Merry CHRISTmas!!!!
    Ruth Eastwood
    December, 20 2010
    where can I buy this song?
    Vickie cheryl Escue
    December, 20 2010
    Jen….right on! Christmas is probably the only time that more people than ever are thinking about Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us so that we can have new life in him. I choose to celebrate Christmas not only because of the birth of Christ but also because if the increased amount of love that people show one another which is what Jesus would want and we are closer to this mentality during Christmas. Also I went and saw a Christmas play this last weekend. One of the characters was Jesus and he stepped in to help a family in need of finding the love they once had together. He invoked a phone call to reconnect a girl with her father whom she hadn’t talked to for years and this was a good message. We should forgive and reconnect with family and friends that we have not communicated with for long periods of time and set our differences aside. The lord forgives so, so should we. Christmas is a time when more people than ever reconnect with people they wouldn’t ordinarily. Many also forget the anger between one another. I’m sure the lord smiles upon these things. I believe he would want us to always be close to our family, loved ones, and friends. These things in themselves call for a celebration! Rejoice be to God. The lord will speak to you through your heart if you are willing to listen. The answer to the song, Where’s the line to see Jesus? You can see him whenever you feel love in your heart. Thank you for this wonderful song and it really touched my heart. I will share this with everyone that I can! Very exciting and just in time for Christmas.
    Chris Thompson
    December, 20 2010
    I love this song, and I think it should be the new number one Christmas song. It certainly hits the nail on the head when It comes to commercializing Christmas.
    Sue Hornbach
    December, 22 2010
    That was beautiful thats all i got to say it makes me want to cry knowing that people will take there kids to see Santa, or some pop star, go out of their way to take them to some far off place to see a movie star, where they will never know them, but they won’t take them to church and let them meet Jesus. I work at a group home with girls ages 12-18 in state cusody and they want to hear that rap crap and i told them what does that song do for you, it dosen’t build up your self esteem it tares it down they abuse women on those songs calling them ho’s, just cuts women down as being a piece of meat, and the singer don’t know you they don’t care about you all they care about is making money and Lady Gaga,not on my car radio she needs to sit down and shut-up. Thats all that is on those radio stations but if you listen to my station they play songs about man all day long, of a man who encourges you when you are done, loves you and cares for you, hurts when you hurt, feels what you feel he will never leave you nor forsake you he knows your name. The others don’t. So I give them that chance to make a decision of whom they will follow, some of them however choose the wrong road. I do love that song and hope one day i can get the words to it.
    Thank-you for letting me have a part in this comment.
    June Burrow
    December, 23 2010
    That was wonderful. Jesus is the answer.God bless.
    Richard Auberg
    December, 23 2010
    What a powerful testimony!
    Thank you.
    Dan Ryan
    December, 23 2010
    Becky – Thanks so much for this extremely thought provoking song. It really made me think.
    I worked for many years with the youth in the church of Christ and trust that many Christian kiddos will learn to sing this song.
    Tell your Dad “thanks” as well. He has a real gift also.
    Gene Elliott
    Mtns. of CO
    Gene Elliott
    December, 23 2010
    Thanks, Steve and Becky for a wonderful song! I bought it through iTunes.. best 99� I have ever spent! Loved the demo version, so I bought that, too. What a great conversation your lyrics sparked between my 5 year old granddaughter and me.. now she’s looking for that “line” too. Merriest of Christmases to you and also to everyone who put together the beautiful video. It is such a pleasure to share your song with everyone I know.
    Linda Grow
    December, 24 2010
    Jen, I totally agree with you, and I think Jesus would also.
    Doug Kelso
    December, 28 2010
    Yes….we, as Church of Christ Christians need to stop and look through the eyes of a child. What do our children see? Family arguments over the “cost” of Christmas, family “fights” at holiday get togethers, rush, rush, rush, rush to complete all “tasks” prior to December 25. As Church of Christ Christians, Christmas is not incorporated as part of our worship service, nor should it be as there is no scriptural authority stating that Christ was born on the 25th. In addition, when Christ was born, the shepherds brought presents to the King…..they did not buy presents for everyone else…..where has Christmas come from? It is a tradition that we have blindly incorporated into our society and have taught our children that Christmas and materialism go together….millions have taught their children that the only day to attend church is Christmas….how sad Christ must be….the old day to see “family” is Christmas. Where is our rush or urgency to celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Christ every first day of the week according to Corinthians….there is scriptural authority for that but not for Christmas….there is not one single verse condoning the acceptance of “Christmas”….however, there are verses that state whatever you do in word or deed do all in the name of the Lord. Church of Christ Christians can allow their light to shine during a “worldly holiday” and possibly set up a Bible study at a later date simply because a coworker brought up “Jesus as the Reason for the Season.” Of course, we as Church of Christ Christians know that Jesus is the reason for every breath we take, every day and we hold onto His hand every day, every second…..not just at Christmas. I love the song and I believe anything that brings our “minds” to Christ is a great opportunity to lead someone to Christ…..stop thinking about Christmas and think about our mission as disciples of Christ…..leading someone, teaching someone, baptizing someone, etc…..even if it is on “christmas day”…..God would be so pleased to add someone to the Church on “christmas day.” Yes, where is the line to see Jesus? When “christmas” falls on Sunday….where are you? Under the tree….idol worship or at Church obeying our Savior?
    Polly Sauers
    December, 29 2010
    Christmas does mean different things to different people. Our culture has adopted something about Christ for its own purposes, and that�s OK. Paul used something religious in Greek culture as his starting point to talk about God. Sometimes the toughest part of a conversation is getting started.
    Acts 17:22 Paul then stood up in the meeting of the Areopagus and said: �Men of Athens! I see that in every way you are very religious. 23 For as I walked around and looked carefully at your objects of worship, I even found an altar with this inscription: TO AN UNKNOWN GOD. Now what you worship as something unknown I am going to proclaim to you.
    The apostle Paul took advantage of a cultural event to begin a discussion about God. Later, he even talks about those who preach Christ for the wrong reasons.
    Philippians 1:15 It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16 The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17 The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. 18 But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.
    Paul seems to make best of all situations.
    I Corinthians 9:22b I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some. 23 I do all this for the sake of the gospel�
    To summarize, the apostle Paul:
    used religion in culture as a starting point;
    said that motives didn�t matter as long as Christ is preached;
    tried to be all things to all people in service to God.
    Maybe these brief excerpts from the New Testament�s roughly 8,000 verses will provide a starting point for further study, e.g. Colossians 4:5, etc. about Bible-based behavior [attitudes/actions].
    �Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of our Church Practices,� by Frank Viola and George Barna, covers many examples of societal impact.
    Mike Clemens
    December, 29 2010
    Amen to this wonderful and inspired song.
    As Christian let’s stand up to the plate and be more vocal…we HAVE a voice let’s use it, like this song. GOD Bless you always.
    melanie Henderson
    January, 4 2011
    I really love this song and believe you have a real gift Becky. Please know you are appreciated with this unique song. I listed to it every day! thank you. God”s peace, johanna
    johanna Knaus
    January, 5 2011
    This song was beautiful and brought Holy Spirit tears to my eyes, something that has been rare in me of late. That a child actually asked this question is what is important here. It is not whether you believe in Christmas. For me Christmas is usually just another day. It is a time of year when there have been many sorrows in my life. But, I do believe in Jesus, I believe He was born at some time, most likely in the late winter or early spring, but it doesn’t matter.
    The point is this child believed it to be Christ’s birthday and that is what everyone is supposed to be celebrating. <i>Santa</i> is a fairy tale, based on the life of an ordinary man that happened a long time ago and has very little relationship to the fantasy today. <strong>It is a lie to tell your children he is real.</strong> But it <strong><b>is the truth to say Jesus is real</strong></b> and all the things He did are real, His gifts are far greater than any that the fantasy <i>Santa</i> could ever bring.
    With the Bible as a guide, the emphasis should be on His death and resurrection, not His birthday, that is absolutely true. But this child doesn’t know it and he asked a very important question that might be asked any time of the year. <strong>Where IS the line to see Jesus? </strong>
    Some very important references to things Paul said have been cited in other letters, I will not repeat them, but they make very valid points. If you believe in your heart that you are celebrating the birth of Christ rather than a pagan or commercialized holiday, then that is what you are doing and you are blessed. Do not judge either way, except within your own heart.
    CK O’Shea
    February, 4 2011
    Beautiful! Music to my ears!
    April, 27 2011
    This was the best Christmas song I have listened to. Very touching in every word. Yes, Jesus lets us make our own choices How great a God we have and its for us to show the way to our mighty God to the children of the world, and its sad when they are only told about santa and the true God our lord Jesus is not even mentioned the one who made us.
    May, 28 2011
    Tnank you! Beautiful and thought provoking song! Where is the line to see Jesus? In many hearts.
    kathy bowden
    June, 24 2011
    Josie Montoya
    August, 22 2011
    Heart touching and tear provoking!
    carl wade
    December, 14 2011
    At a time when my state has been overun with billboards on many major roads with athiest propaganda,fights to keep manger scenes in our towns and prayer in our celebrations this is so beautiful and refreshing. Thank you sooo much.
    December, 21 2011
    Hi, just listened to your beautiful voice sounding out the line to see “Jesus”. Im from Thicket Church of Christ Rondebosch Sunny South Africa, please do not stop singing about my “Father” this will help the World to sit up and take note. Bless you and all that has made the song possible.
    Brother in Christ
    John Combrink
    John Combrink
    August, 17 2012
    Josie Montoya
    December, 11 2012
    I still listen to the message. You are an Angel that sings HIS praises.
    janice orton
    January, 25 2013

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