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Video: 9-year-old recaps what he’s learned through daily Bible reading

Update: Read our story about 9-year-old Davis Burton.

I saw this video posted on the Facebook page of my friend Dale Jenkins, minister of the Spring Meadows Church of Christ in Spring Hill, Tenn.
The video features a 9-year-old named Davis who kept up with his 2010 daily Bible reading, along with fellow members of the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock, Ark.
From memory, Davis shares his impressions of reading through the Bible during the Pleasant Valley church’s “Project 4:4.”

  • Feedback
    Davis is very well informed of the Scriptures. He’s got the major stories at the tip of his tongue. It speaks highly of his upbringing and his parents active participation in his life. He would be a wonderful addition to “any” class and I’m sure his Bible school teachers are proud; they too should be commended. May God continue to bless you Davis, and all involved in your life and may you continue along the path you’ve obviously chosen…the path that leads to eternal life. I’ve been blessed by this video. Thank you.
    In Christ,
    Jackie Apparicio
    January, 5 2011

    Wow. This gives me faith in the coming generations. If he can do this, most every child could. Parents just have to decide what they want to teach their children, if anything.
    Pam Sisemore
    January, 5 2011

    I was blessed to know his Greatgrandparents a Grandparents and know they have passed their faith on to generations to come!
    Karen Tillman
    January, 6 2011

    God leads us through children like you Davis! Thank you for your insight, your perseverance in not only reading but understanding the Bible, and your courage and ability to share what you know. You are remarkable and so is His Word! God bless you.
    Terri Wilson
    January, 7 2011

    I was privileged, along with my family, to be in the audience as a visitor on December 26th. I had no idea what was about to happen. Once Davis began, a packed auditorium became silent.
    He presented perhaps the best synopsis of the Bible I have ever heard, certainly in eight minutes.
    I predict great service in the Lord’s kingdom from this young man and pray for him a long life of continued spiritual growth.
    Jerry Allison
    January, 7 2011

    The Spirit of God empowers those open to Him with wisdom from above…Blessed be the Name of Jehovah as blest has been His people regardless of gender or age!
    Anna Marie Valadez-Stolte
    January, 7 2011

    I hadn’t planned to listen to the whole 8-plus minutes of the recitation, but Davis spoke so beautifully and concisely about God’s story that I couldn’t stop listening. He and his parents obviously love and revere the Lord. I was truly touched by Davis and his clear understanding of the Word. May God bless you, Davis, and continue to guide you in even greater service to Him as you grow.
    V. M. Angoy
    January, 7 2011

    Wonderful,magnificent for a nine year old, would’nt it be great if all members could do what this lad did, how pleased God would be and we would not even think of declining congregations.May the God of heaven, who brought back to life Jesus Christ the righteous, bless this lad to be an example of repute to all who claim to be disciples of Christ.GOD SPEED little man!!!!!
    John Jansen
    January, 7 2011

    I am happy that my friends Dad thought to send me this wonderful video. This young man has been blessed by god to remember so much of the Bible at a young age. I am sure he will do great things in life. His parents should be very proud that they have been blessed. God be with you all.
    January, 7 2011

    What a blessing to receive this video on my 63rd birthday! God is great! God uses us, even little ones, in spite of ourselves. Perhaps, to my delight, I have just seen/heard the true Word of God from what may be the most influential, God-fearing person our Nation and World will ever know, other than Jesus Christ, Himself. Surely God will be exhalted through this young child today and always. Blessings upon this anointed child of God and to all who have been a part of teaching him God’s Word. Amen? Amen!
    January, 12 2011

    This child is living proof that reading through the Bible is a worthy project. We are familiar with the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ where our neighbors are members!
    Tina Harrington
    January, 12 2011

    God Bless Davis and his committment. As a 66 yr. old who was brought up in Christian home and was taught the scriptures, unfortunately I didn’t internalize the truth of God’s Word until God’s Grace dragged me to the Cross at age 32. I now understand the reality of the scriptures I read of as a child and teenager. I always thought I was a Christian, first because I was crisened at Methodist Church and was baptized by immersion at age 8-9 after a bible school at pentecostal church. However, I now understand that God had to give me even the Faith to believe in him ( Eph.2:8,9). I agree that we should read the whole bible. Unfortunately, the Pharisees knew every jot and tittle of the OT but rejected the Saviour because He didn’t match their requirements of what a Saviour should be. Thank God for Grace.
    Davis, I pray you know the Saviour that the Bible you read through points to from Genesis to Revelation.
    Robert Allen
    January, 13 2011

    Oh out of the mouth of babes…..the truest and purest capture of Matthew 21:15-16, I have ever had the privilege of seeing…Davis is one amazing young man, and a treasure of God’s Kingdom…THANK YOU for sharing this moment..May God continue to use this young man in His service. This has been a blessing to me and many others for sure.
    sherry powell
    January, 16 2011

    I am so proud that this 9 yr. old boy, Davis,who has inpired me to do more Bible Study. I am a 70 year old Christian who has attended church my entire life and studied the Bible but I do not know my Bible history in the sequence as Davis does. I am impressed and hope that there are more young people in our wolrd that are learning the Bible as Davis is doing. I know that the Bible is a wonderful Book and it gives us the answers to our questions about living. We need to use is daily. Thanks to Dale Jenkins for sharing this wonderful message. North Carolin
    Peggy Wilder
    January, 17 2011

    A smart and lucid little boy. Children have a much greater capacity for grasping spiritual truths than most ‘children’s ministry’ gives them credit for.
    9.5 out of 10. Just needs to brush up a little on Gen 3 (Adam and eve not expelled for eating from the Tree of Life)
    January, 17 2011

    AttentionL The Christian Chronicle
    We meet every Sunday in Richmond, BC, Canada to woship God as a small group under the name of “The Joshua House. I would very much like to download your “Video: 9-year-old recaps what he�s learned through daily Bible reading”. It is a wonderful summary of our faith which I would love to share with our congregation in the near future.
    We do not have an internet connection in our place of worship but I could use a computer and a projector to show the video.
    Alfonso Casasempere
    Alfonso Casasempere
    January, 18 2011

    I love GOD with all my heart! listening to this amazing young boy, warms my soul and gives me hope that some young people love God as much as I do and they can make a difference in a Godless world.
    God bless you Davis and keep the faith strong.
    Amparito Jones
    January, 18 2011

    What a wonderful summary of God’s word…… this is something that every pastor needs to listen to.
    January, 19 2011

    Halleluyah!!! Praise the Lord Jesus..
    How wonderful David is, am so blessed to listen to your video here
    You are really amazing that Lord has something special for you and preparing you for the world…
    You definitely be the great sample and be the light for people around you..with the mature faith.. and you will be a great pastor:-)
    Jesus loves you….
    Ester Yo
    Ester Yovita
    January, 19 2011

    What proud parents he must have!!! Good job mom and dad!
    January, 19 2011

    That is awesome! I agree with everything already said; however, there is an error. Read it for yourself. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were barred from eating of tree of life.
    They were driven out of the garden and an angel guarded the tree of life so they could not partake of it. Spiritually speaking, since Jesus is the Tree of Life, there is a two-fold message. This is not meant to take away from this wonderful video message. But if we are to worship in ‘spirt and in truth’ then we must point out error.
    January, 19 2011

    Amazing. I totally agree with Davids. God bless you!!
    Jihye Lee
    January, 19 2011

    I live 40 miles North of Houston and have been searching for a church like this for over 25 years. It is so rare to find a Christ/Bible based church that isn’t steeped in denominationalism. Oh that we had such a church here.
    Jim McAlister
    January, 22 2011

    I am a missionary for 48 years to Mexico and so proud of the little people who are learning the ways of God so they know Him in reality. This reveals the love of his parents and the heart of the child. Praise to Jesus.God has a great future for Him.
    allen ehlers
    January, 23 2011

    U are an amazing boy…..& i am so amazed with your Bible Knowledge. It shows the parents have a good investment in their son. Children will never forget what they have learned when they are young.
    i go 2 Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia, & in my Church we have the Childrens’ Ministry…..4 the last 25-30yrs i think. Our children are well taught every Sunday….with the childrens’ camp annually. They are not only taught The bible…but good ethics & mannerisms & good Godly Character. Praise The Lord….becos children will grow up 2 be future pillars of the Church. Keep up the good work.
    Eileen C.S. Yeoh
    January, 23 2011

    What an amazing little boy, for 9 years old. May God bless him and his family for the upbringing of this child. He will be a beacon that shines for God his whole life.
    To give this recitation of the whole Bible is awesome.
    How many adults can do the same?
    Keep up the good works dear one. I have 14 grandchildren who are all Christians, but neither I nor they could do this as well.
    Vivian Roffey
    January, 23 2011

    This just goes to show, the Bible just needs to be opened with an open heart and it’s full of a consistently renewed gold mine of history, life changing inspiration, hope, truth and so much more. It doesn’t matter who we are and I for one would have loved to have been able to have received all that when I was 9, but praise the Lord I did later on at least anyway. Bless you Davis, you are a real encouragement and I pray you will know so much more how faithful God is when you are 18, 28, 38 and beyond.
    January, 24 2011

    I am an 86 year old pastor’s wife and I have never heard the Holy Bible explained more clearly from anyone. Our prayer is that God will use Davis to bring a revival to the United States of America. God bless you Davis.
    Mattie Phillips
    January, 27 2011

    Wow! Amazing! Gives me hope for the future. I especially loved his analogy about watching the whole movie/reading the whole Bible to get the whole picture! Now I want my 3 boys in this program. Thanks for sharing!
    January, 27 2011

    <a href=”https://christianchronicle.org/article2159301~One_boy’s_Bible_reading_inspires_church” rel=”nofollow”>Read our story</a> about Davis Burton.
    Bobby Ross Jr.
    January, 27 2011

    Hi Everyone,
    First I want to give thanks for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rise again in 3 days for my sins, so I could be saved and have eternal life.
    I want to thank Davis Burton for this outstanding synopsis of the Bible. If ever a child prodigy, Davis Burton has to be one.
    I am amazed how well his memory was. We all know that God has a special calling planned for Davis. Thank You Father God for giving us this time so we could be Blessed from the words that Davis brought to us today in this video.
    I really enjoyed this,
    God Bless you Davis,
    Thank you,
    James Suggs
    James Suggs
    January, 28 2011

    What an inspiration and magnificant witness! My prayer is that the King of Kings will continue to bless this young man and all who encounter him.
    Cyndi Hughes
    January, 28 2011

    Like me, if you have scrolled through the previous “comments section” and taken the time to do so, your heart must feel as if it might burst from the love of God delivered by this incredible message from God through Davis. Simply put, Davis, from the heart, spoke the Word of God, and as a result, gave God the glory and blessed all those who by faith believe that Jesus is the Son of God and through Him our sins are forgiven and heaven is our destination. God, in His infinite wisdom, communicates to us through earthly vessels, like Davis and etc., with Holy Scripture the motivating source. Davis, your message is loud and clear, God made us in His image, gave us the ” freedom ” we demanded and watched as we became servants of the flesh and hopelessly lost as we wandered in the wilderness of sin, took mercy on us, and gave His only begotten Son to die for our sins, giving all who chose to follow Him the promise of eternal life. Thank you Davis for your service and tender God cultivated heart.
    Bob Howard
    January, 29 2011

    My heart is touched by this young messenger of hope. He is proof that biblical illiteracy is not universal – and that there is a generation of champions awaiting their turn. Go Davis…and all the faith-solid kids of the next generation!
    Wayne Benson
    January, 30 2011

    Dear Davis, i pray may God continue to give you more understanding of His word, i thank God for how far He has taken you, i trust He will keep you at all time and use you for His own glory In Jesus name, amen. i have really enjoyed listening to your testimony and i will pass it to as many people as i can, expecially children like you so they draw inspiration from your testimony, Praise God. God bless you real good and lots of love from Rita–United Kingdom.
    January, 30 2011

    PTL 4 this little child &amp; all those who trained him 2 have such a heart 4 CHRIST!!!
    marilyn roberts
    January, 30 2011

    This is the most spectular thing i’ve ever seen, especially for a 9 year old. How blessed his parents are and grandparents. someone has done their job bringing this young man up teaching him the word of God. This young man is so inspiring to us who have been Christians since we were young teen agers, even thos of us who are in their mid 70’s.
    What a blessing this young man is.
    Carolyn Miller
    January, 31 2011

    Very few people know the Bible as well as you young man. I ask God to Bless you as grow up and Pray you will be a blessing to God, your parents, grandparents and your church. This Video was a blessing to me as I was inspired to hear you speak. To really see how well you knew the Bible was when you did not use notes. I don’t know any adults that could do this without notes. What a blessing you are to others young man. Stay close to the Lord and May Jesus always be by your side and use you for His service. I wish my grandchildren could do as well. But they must do as you said, Read the Bible from the beginning. At 9 years old you have a very good start.
    February, 1 2011

    Davis Burton’s parents should be proud! He has such an inviting manner that drew my attention from curiosity to amazement. If a 9 year old can gain such knowledge from something called “4by 4”, then I suggest that education ministers and youth ministers find out what its all about!
    February, 1 2011

    Davis, God lives within you justlike the scripture says: “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”….Is this what The Lord refers to when He says “Out of the mouth of babes comes perfected praise”…I think So…..God Bless you Davis. Bring forth the word to those you come into contact with all the days of your life. You are truely Blessed.
    February, 2 2011

    Davis, you did a beautiful job covering the whole Bible. Your talent and love for God gives me hope that the Church of Christ will continue to grow. Keep following God and your reward will be in heaven. May God bless you with a long life in His service.
    Barbara Reynolds
    February, 2 2011

    Dear Davis:
    I am amazed that you learned all of that from your Bible Study and that you were able to remember it all so wonderfully.
    You recapped the whole Bible in a few minutes and I just know that you will make a wonderful Minister or Teacher of God’s word in the future.
    This world needs more students of the Bible like you, and I pray that GOD will bless you your whole life thru, and that you will stay faithful to him.
    You are a great blessing for GOD.
    In Christian love
    Lorene Young
    Lorene Young
    February, 2 2011

    I’ve been trying to read my Bible through every year since I got saved at age 12. I’m now sixty, and I am still blessed daily by meditating on His Word. This young “man” is fabulous! I will be waiting to hear him preach some day. May God use him mightily!
    Kathi Armstrong
    February, 4 2011

    That was fantastic. God always does it right. I’m proud of David and I’m not his momma. May God continue to bless this young man and provide him favor beyond measure.
    February, 4 2011

    What a blessing this young man is to us all. May God continue to use him in a special way.
    February, 5 2011

    The best 8 minute “sermon” I ever heard! My father was a minister and
    as a teen I tried to convince him that short sermons were best!This
    young man was taught God’s truth in love and will be able to teach others in this same way if they do not know that God loves them and can change their lives when they obey Him. What a future the US would
    have if all our young people were as well taught as this one. God
    bless your future service in the Lord’s work.!
    February, 6 2011

    that young man did an outstanding job , i agree his upbringing was truely great . and i will agree with a few people that left messages , churches need to drop their doctrines and denominationalism , most people who don’t like going to church cannot stand denominations .
    i was raised a certain a certain way to use beads to get prayer answered , and i found out it was wrong ! so i started reading the bible myself , and found out that Jesus is the truth , the life , and the way . and no man come to the father but by Jesus ……Glory to God .
    t.c. chadden
    February, 7 2011

    Davis has done a good job of learning an overview of the Bible. I commend his church for doing a fine job of teaching the children. My prayer is that Davis’ education about the Bible and theology does not end here but rather continues. As he grows I hope his learning will encompass Bible commentary and analysis. I hope further that he will research and study and find out that there is so much more to the stories and people in the Bible than typical Sunday School and simple Bible study conveys. The world and its history is not completely black and white. There is more than one way to interpret and understand the stories of the Bible. A problem in religion today is that people only learn one viewpoint. There is SO MUCH MORE knowledge to be gained. We all need to continue throughout life to learn and grow in faith and read about many perspectives on Biblical interpretation. One can start by learning about the difference Bible translations available.
    February, 8 2011

    February, 10 2011

    A little child shall lead them. This is so impressive. I suspect you might grow up to be a preacher, elder or deacon. May God bless you.
    February, 11 2011

    Wow-ooow!It took me many, many years to l;earn for myself even up til now to discover the reality and truths that this young man displayed in this 8 minutes, better late than never huh!I am inspired and provoked in my spirit by what God has done in his life and yes it is a distinct reflection of his parents and heavenly father.Be blessed in Christ my friends.
    February, 12 2011

    Glory Be! The whole Bible in a nutshell plus some philosophy at the end. May this young man walk with God every day of his life!
    Eileen Emch
    February, 12 2011

    It is so refreshing to hear a child put the Bible into a perspective that everyone can understand. Even though this is a great accomplishment for a 9 year old, it demonstrates that most, an unfortunate majority of Christians, do not even know this much about the book that tells the complete story of God’s relationship to man. I am both elated at this young mans accomplishments and sadden that a great majority of Christian believers do not even have the biblical knowledge of a 9 year old.
    Pastor Bobby Keating
    February, 13 2011

    Davis, u’r fantastic! Keep growing in the Lord and may God continue to use u greatly!!
    Chee Wah
    PS: Anna, u’r sharp! Well done!!
    Chee Wah
    February, 14 2011

    I am so blessed for the 9 year old boy! His sermon is fabulous! wonderful! Praise God! Keep it up young man! God loves u and so do i! Go bless! from Philippines with love.
    Efigenia A. Grap
    February, 14 2011

    Nick DeSantis
    February, 14 2011

    This young man really blessed my soul. I plan to share this with everyone I know…young and old. To his parents….continue to train HIM up in the way of the Lord. Many tears are rolling down my face. This is AWESOME!!!! Praise Be to GOd!!
    MInister Kathy Borders
    February, 15 2011

    WOW!!!! Praise the most high God!!! And a little child shall lead us!! The Lord’s word has said come to me like a child!!! Praise God!! Amen!
    Rosalyn Little
    February, 16 2011

    this young kid, is amazing , im ashamed of myself . he knows more about the bible then me. God bless his parents and his desire to study the bible the way he has.
    February, 16 2011

    Very nicely done. I would just like to say that it was “the tree of knowledge” that Adam and Eve ate from. God then removed Adan and Eve from the garden, so that they would not eat of “the tree of life.” –But beautifully done! …Debra :o)
    February, 16 2011

    Reading the comments while the video was loading, I was even more anxious to hear what Davis had to say. Unfortunately, I was unable to hear him no matter how high I turned the volume on my speakers and the volume control on the on the computer itself. Very frustrating! Everywhere else my speakers could blast you out…..the volume here is down to an indsitinguishable murmur.
    February, 19 2011

    What an inspiring recitation by Davis!
    I think it proves that every Christian can–and should–know the Scriptures well. It just takes diligence.
    And for parents, what an example of what we can–and should–accomplish with our own children if we’re willing to work at it!
    February, 20 2011

    I met a man like Davis and a pastor recently who said you are in the greatest ministry of all, prison ministry. I answered, “No you are PRISON PREVENTION IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN PRISON MINISTRY’; Keep up the good work.
    Chaplain Don Jordan
    February, 25 2011

    WOW, WOW and More WOW. I am 68 yrs old and I can tell you Davis that you totally “Knocked Me out” that was absolutely awesome. May GOD bless you for your wonderful talent. You have and will continue to touch the hearts of many people. You are proof alone that god is real and he is still in the miracle business.Thank you too, parents.
    February, 26 2011

    Davis, you learned in one year what takes most people their whole life to understand. The Lord was with you as you read and studied His Word. You have been given a great gift . Cherish the love the Lord has shown to you.
    March, 2 2011

    The future of the church is the children.
    Joyce Britton
    March, 3 2011

    Wow… Fantastic unbelievable
    GOD Bless You Davis
    March, 5 2011

    Stopped me in my tracks, I am currently flat out and barely have time for lunch let alone time to stop and watch an 8 1/2 min clip. But I thought that I would look briefly at it while I continued what I was doing. Mate you caught my full attention and nothing else mattered I just wanted to listen to what you had to say.
    You have reminded me of the upmost importance of teaching my own kids faithfully and regularly the beautiful message of the bible.
    Keep the faith, God has used you to touch people the world over.
    Well done mate
    Matt (From Australia)
    March, 7 2011

    Amazing! how wonderful that God choose him as His tools! God’s hand has touch his life!
    March, 10 2011

    This is so fantastic I wish I can wind back the clock and re-start life as a nine-year old, starting to follow JESUS first by listening to little Davis. GOD Bless him and all who have contributed to his wonderful life in JESUS.
    March, 11 2011

    So shines a wise child in a weary world. Thank you, dear Davis. Keep burning brightly!
    Cecelia (from Atlantic City)
    March, 11 2011

    Praise the Lord. Davis, you are my inspiration. I resolve to read the Bible daily. God Bless.
    Richard Chng
    March, 11 2011

    Praise to the Only true living God, there is none besides Him.
    Bobby Ross Jr. of The Christian Chronicle, in his story about Davis Burton mentioned that Davis enjoyed reading the Bible daily and read ahead if he had a busy day coming. God is great and God is good. Praying that our kids, by the grace of God, like Davis, would be able to say, “I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes” (Psalm 119:99).
    May the LORD strengthens us and empowers us to glorify Him and for the good of others, especially the next generation, by commiting to His Word as our guide and standard, with confident to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity and urgency. May we pursue excellence as unto the Lord and maintain a servant heart in all we do. As it is written, “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4).
    March, 14 2011

    What a beautiful summary of the Bible. How I am convicted not reading the bible enough so that I may know God more intimately. Indeed if we read only parts of the bible we think God is always destroying things but when you read the bible from the beginning to the end it shows how we grief God’s heart time and time again that God Himself have to take action on us but at the end God love us so much that He sent his son Jesus to die for our sins. Thank you Jesus!
    Polly Wong (Singapore)
    March, 15 2011

    Very well done !
    Maria Teresa McRae
    March, 18 2011

    What a blessing! Davis is indeed a child of God! So refreshing to know this church is teaching the true gospel and that the children are being blessed by this. My prayers go out to cover this whole church in Christ’s precious blood. Keep up the good work always…
    Your’s in Christ
    Sally Ann
    Sally Ann
    March, 19 2011

    This is so wonderful! This blessed me so by the way he told it, the greatest story ever told. May God bless him back! It gives me Hope for our future generations!
    Freda B. White
    March, 22 2011

    What a memory!!! However, Adam and Eve didn’t eat from the Tree of Life, but it was from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.
    Thought I would point that out to you for future expositions.
    I commend you for reading the Bible through. There are preachers who haven’t done as much!
    The best to you and your family.
    In Christ’s Wonderful Love,
    Jane Dolan
    March, 24 2011

    Please forgive me for getting your name wrong the first time.
    My error!!! LOL
    Jane Dolan
    March, 24 2011

    Good job- leaves most adults a bit ashamed- we couldn’t do as well.
    March, 24 2011

    I believe in miracles. Young Davis is one of them. He has touched me to the core &amp; I shall never dispair bcos I know Jesus loves me and He hears my prayer! Amen!
    March, 25 2011

    Wow, he’s nine (10 ?not sure), I’m 11 and wow I cannot remember it! so amazing!
    March, 26 2011

    Praise the Lord.
    Thank you Jesus for your Grace and Mighty Power.
    Continue to empower Davis with this very special gifts for the Glory of your Kingdom. Davis is Special.
    God Bless
    Michael Chew ( Australia )
    March, 26 2011

    May God Bless this little boy!
    Anita David
    March, 26 2011

    Haven’t been able to watch it yet without tears! My first thought was how HUGE a blessing this boy must be to God’s own heart!!! I LOVE watching it. Such a pure heart in today’s world. Love, love, love it 🙂
    March, 27 2011

    Very well summarised and delivered. His parents should be very proud
    of this young lad. Congratulations to the one who featured this
    article on the site.
    Andrew Letchumanan
    Andrew Letchumanan
    March, 28 2011

    Davis, you are GOD sent. You put me to shame becaue though I have read the Bible, I don’t think I could have relate it as concise as yo have done and mind you, I am in my sixties. I am going to read the bible chapter by chapter till the end to get the full picture. Thank you Davis.
    Daniel Tan
    March, 29 2011

    Absolutly amazing! Couldn’t stop listening.I have been so Blessed by this wonderful young man. I wish everyone would take such a small amount of time and listen to him. His parents have done such a gret job teaching him.He is soooo very precious. God Bless you Davis and keep speaking and spreading the word. A big hug to you.
    Sandra S.
    March, 29 2011

    Being well trained in the scriptures myself as a little kid, I cannot express my emotion as I viewed this video. It is like a former, younger version of myself. God Bless that child! I wish to see many, many more of people and children like him in the future! I believe they are sent by God to inspire and be awed by, for God is truly great and almighty!
    Dmitri Chuikov
    March, 29 2011

    I wish I knew at 9 what this kid knows. And most adults don’t realize that to deeply understand parts of the NT (Matthew, Hebrews, and Revelations, to name a few), one must have a good understanding of the OT.
    Yet, the bible tells us more than how to live and God’s characteristics – it tells us the Good News of how God redeems a people even though we cannot live the life the bible prescribes. That great faith of Abraham that God rewarded (Romans 4) was a gift from God (Eph 2, Phil 1, Heb 12).
    March, 29 2011

    What a blessing this young man is to the world!!
    April, 2 2011

    Amazing! You have inspired me so much! May God continue to use you as a blessing to others!
    April, 5 2011

    April, 5 2011

    Davis: Thank you so much for your terrific presentation. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him for many years to come. As soon as you have time, let’s visit about a scholarship to Harding!!!
    Jim Carr
    Harding University
    Jim Carr
    April, 6 2011

    When I listed to little Davis tell the Bible’s story I really wanted to start crying. He is the example of what a child can become if parents would invest time in their development. Don’t stick your child in front of a TV to play video games or watch TV, tell him he has a Father in Heaven who created him and wants to have a relationship with him everyday. Tell him that God’s story has been written since the beginning of time and if you sit with him and read it the time invested will produce much fruit … proof little Davis. God bless his mom and dad, they are what America needs today! You should be very proud of Davis. I think his Heavenly Father will be using him to do some tremendous things in his Kingdom.
    Nick Alvis
    Nick Alvis
    April, 6 2011

    As we say here un the Carribbean:
    God bless you Davis
    April, 8 2011

    Wow , Davis you are amazing to summarise the whole bible, God bless you . Hold onto the Word of God forever and let it saturate you . You are one special kid . God bless you as you continue to use you in the way you are now.
    Esther David
    April, 9 2011

    Davis, never forget God’s word or your love of it. There are 3 things that will last eternally, God, His Word, and the souls of men. Preach on, Son. We are always just one generation away from extinction. I am thankful for your godly parents and discipleship. May this video continue to touch and challenge many lives as you remain in His Grip, Jana
    Jana Smith
    April, 9 2011

    BRILLIANT !!! PRAISE GOD …God’s grace is upon him.
    Just a little amendment…Adam and Eve ate fr the tree of knowledge of good and evil not from the tree of life
    April, 11 2011

    wow!Davis May God continue to bless u abundantly LOve this!Thanx
    Tammy Bufkin
    April, 11 2011

    Wow! This is beautiful! I have been blessed by this beautiful explanation!! I bless you Davis with abundant wisdom and ability to continue reaching others with God’s Words and your precious understanding!! Amen!!!
    Melissa Taylor
    April, 13 2011

    DAVIS, We feel that there is HOPE in the next generation with your passion &amp; love for Christ. You are an instrument to the new generation. Thank God to children like you and to your parents who love God above all.
    April, 14 2011

    “Out of the mouth of babes………”
    Well done Davis. I was thoroughly impressed with your Bible knowledge and the manner in which it was delivered. I intend forwarding this to all my non-christian friends. You have summarised the Bible between Genesis and Revelation in a wonderful way, which could be easily understood by Christians and non-Christians alike.
    April From Mano in Sydney, Australia 17 April 2011
    Mano Amarasingham
    April, 17 2011

    What a blessing young man! 2 Tim.3:15 says-From a child you have known the holy scriptures, which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. Stay in the scriptures, come to know Christ whom to know is life eternal-see John 17:3 and perhaps God will continue to use you to bless others, as young Timothy of old.
    April, 17 2011

    I love to see this . congrats parents and What God have revealed in his word through the young David.
    April, 21 2011

    This little boy is an inspiration. I have spent many years trying to teach children the whole picture of the Bible narrative and wish I had this video 30 years ago when I first started teaching!
    The Lord bless you Davis! Keep close to this wonderful Lord all your life!
    Soma Ebenezer
    April, 21 2011

    I watched this inspiring little boy talked about Jesus. I knew that all what he says came from the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    May the Lord continue to touch all the little children. What a wonderful gift God has blessed you Davis! Keep up the good work.
    April, 23 2011

    Wow! Thanks Davis. You have encouraged me, not only to study my own bible more but to remember that I need to do this not only for myself, but also for my own children,my husband other kids like you and adults.
    I pray that you continue to read the bible as much as you can, and continue to share it with others. We ALL need to hear the Word.
    April, 23 2011

    GOD Bless Dear Davis.
    He is such an inspiration to all. I am blessed to hear him. He also shows that we all have mind of Christ. GOD BLESS Him.
    April, 24 2011

    I am a great grandmother, and am so blessed that the children of today have a remnant that have the heart of King David and are upcoming men and women of God . Hallelujah.
    Anne Harries.
    April, 25 2011

    That boy is awesome!There are ministers unable to clearly explain GOD’S word as well as he does.I have an 18yr old son brought up in church who can’t even recite a verse of scripture from memory and this kid is doing the entire bible. GREAT JOB PARENTS!GOD is truly blessing you.
    April, 26 2011

    A young Samuel perhaps? I pray he grow in wisdom and that the world never pollute or drown out everything he has learnt up to today. He was so clear and concise and accurate. What joy must God have been feeling as He watched Davis speak His word to His people. You could sense the Holy Spirit! Beautiful!
    April, 27 2011

    Very impressive. Imagine his capabilities. With a mind that grasps information that well He could go very far in whatever he applies himself. The sky is not the limit!
    April, 30 2011

    Praise the Lord, Davis,Parents and teachers!
    Rita Mok
    May, 6 2011

    This is totally awesome. Praise the Lord
    Gene Collier
    May, 14 2011

    I’m a grandmother of soon-to-be 14 grandchildren. How proud I’d be if any one of them knew the Bible as Davis does. Thank you, Davis and all who taught him! I’m inspired all the more to teach my grandchildren all about the Bible too. It’s never too late—and for us adults too!! God bless you Davis, as you grow in the Lord and I’m sure you will lead others to Him too!!
    Evelyn Kinnard
    May, 16 2011

    W….O….W….. This is absolutely amazing. After reading all of the many comments, I was touched to see how many different countries and people this young man Davis has reached with his words of wisdom. May God continue to bless Davis. And may Davis continue to speak the word of God! I would love to see this video clip watched by everyone in the world, because God is alive and well in all that choose to know him. We are gong to the baptism of our great nephew this afternoon, I will have my computer on and share this with everyone there. Peace Be With You!
    Terri Cifalia (Chandler, AZ)
    May, 21 2011

    Listen to this young man and listen with your heart. God is GREAT!
    The world today is in shambles and we need to ask ourselves, “are we ready?” This young man is amazing. May GOD continue to bless Davis.
    He has been brought up right. God be with you all.
    jack dyer
    May, 26 2011

    Praise God for faithful family members who have passed their love of God’s Word to their children and children’s children and so on. I am so excited to know this can be done in 2010, 2011. Not all kids are about video games and having the newest best contraption that comes out. Davis is learning at an early age to keep his priority straight. I am going to share this with other children I come in contact with the challenge them to read as well and it encourages me to read more daily, too. God bless you Davis and may you continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so very proud of you!
    May, 26 2011

    Today, I’m just trying to pick up my jaw from the floor! If Samuel
    heard the Lord as a little boy, I would not be surprised, if this lad
    heard from Our Lord very early IN HIS LIFE.
    God bless you, and I pray that my grand-kiddos learn from this, I know they will.
    Thank you!
    tommy garza
    May, 26 2011

    thank you for sharing this with me It has touch my heart The Bible says that chi hlren are his special people I am greartfull for that
    Thank you God Bless all who reads this
    May, 30 2011

    This child is doing something that most adults could not do. To me this says that this child is either older than stated or he has a very high IQ which allows these child/adutls to accomplish something like this. I believe in God and have a great relationship with him but this little boy has been taught things from the bible and just accepts that it is all true. “People” the bible is a book nothing more nothing less. This is something that I dislike about Christians very much that you never use your brain to analyze things like this. Everything in the bible CAN NOT BE TRUE. Don’t believe everything just becasue you read it in a book or in this case the Bible. This little boy would be better off if he used his time some other way and when he was older and could understand better he could decide for himself what is right and what is wrong. Sometimes the people who wrote sound like those cult members and are just following the pact without question. You can love God as I do and still question the bible. This child may be sent by God but I don’t think that reciting a story is the message that God would be using him for.
    June, 1 2011

    He said that with a lot of details.I am very impressed by what he said.my 20 year old child couldn’t even say anything like that when i asked him the story of the bible.He has a very good IQ too i think, and a very good memory.
    Well done!
    June, 3 2011

    I can’t believe he said it so well.When my mother asked me what is the story of the bible,i couldn’t even answer her.He must have a good memory and i think he really loves god as he knows so much about him.
    Well done!!!!
    Keep it up!
    June, 3 2011

    June, 6 2011

    Awesome!! An aspiring young preacher coming up in the world and a GREAT one at that!!
    Carel Fiero
    June, 10 2011

    Wonderful job, Davis. I pray that you will continue to have a hunger for God’s Word throughout your life. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands. I pray that you will be able to lead many to the Lord by sharing the simple truth of the Gospel. You may be the next Billy Graham in this country. And the Lord knows America needs to return to the Lord. God bless you and your family and your future ministry always.
    In His Love,
    June, 16 2011

    Praise God that a young person, like Davis, has accepted God’s grace and has opened his mind and heart to God’s Word. Being able to articulate it as well as he has is, in itself, a special blessing from God. Keep the faith, Davis, and continue sharing God’s Word with others.
    June, 17 2011

    WOW AND WOWZER! This child knows his stuff and isn’t afraid to share it. I want to know what church he will be minister for. I’ve never heard anyone put the Bible into 8 mins with total clarity. Praise God for children who can learn and teach like this. More power to the Project 4/4, whatever it is.
    Connie Woods
    June, 23 2011

    We should continue to teach our children God’s word, because God used children many times to furnish his cause both in Old and New Testament. Children are gift from God with orders. Emmanuel Osei, preacher, Ghana. west Africa. [email protected]
    Emmanuel Osei
    June, 27 2011

    Davis, you have been great influence to many lives as they watched you on this short youtube video clip. God Bless you always in all your walk with the Lord till He comes back again
    From East Malaysia, Sabah. Kota Kinabalu
    JJ James
    August, 3 2011

    WOW! I am very impressed!!! He is very well versed, articulate, and accurate! I love the “movie” analogy! It make so much sense!!! WOW!!!!
    N. Hensley
    August, 9 2011

    I sat down at my computer to continue preparation to teach my Bible class in the absence of our regular teacher and found this sent by a longtime Christian friend. I am overwhelmed how you have studied “to show yourself approved by both God and man”, Davis!! What an absolutely awe-inspiring blessing to me and any who have the opportunity of seeing this. God is using you in marvelous ways. I pray that the lost who view this will search out the Truth and come to Christ. For those of us who are already believers, may we resolve to hide His Word in our hearts more fully, as you have done. I am sending this to everyone I know, especially to my great-grandchildren, with prayers for their inspiration to do as you have done. Praise to Our Lord for parents who are bringing up their child, (you, Davis), in the way he should go. I pray that your life continues to be blessed as a messenger from God.
    Jo Beth (Joanna) Gruerio
    August, 11 2011

    Well-read and articulate!
    Warren Baldwin
    August, 29 2011

    Can you tell us how u were taught to link all the books in the Bible together. Your memory is fantastic. Please share how you could do it. Hope to hear from you.
    Auntie Chong Hwa
    September, 7 2011

    Praise God for the inspiring power of His word. I was impressed by this. The scriptures and good teaching have blessed this child. It reminded me slightly of myself. I began doing similar things at about the same age. From that experience, let me suggest the following: Praise God, not the young man. God will commend him. When we lavish praise on people it tends to taint them, particularly if they are young.
    And second, I was frustrated by those who felt obligated to correct him on which tree Eve ate from! The inability of Christians to give people a little slack has turned many from Christianity. Thank God He is not so critical.
    Silas Shotwell
    September, 28 2011

    Wow! Davis is an inspiration! God bless your heart young man!
    Lauri DeBaun
    September, 30 2011

    Very inspirational, may God-Creator of Heaven and Earth continue to bless you and keek you.
    October, 19 2011

    Dear Davis,
    I was moved by the annointing that is obviously on your life. I am reminded of the verse that says “and a little child shall lead them” when I listened to your testimony of what you learned through studying the word of God. I pray you continue to love reading and studying the word. It is truly a gift that most of us take for granted. You have inspired me to read the word even more. May God continue to bless you in all that you do for his service.
    November, 2 2011

    Very very impressive and encouraging to our young children…God be blessed and praised forever/…Continue the good work and study of the scripture DAVIS…
    November, 8 2011

    Amazing Kid. God will mightily use him. Cuz he choose God n desire about God
    November, 8 2011

    We, as believers, know about the hope that lies within in the person of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This beautiful testimony is a blessing because it is a clear example for us of that hope.
    It gives me inspiration for the new year of 2012, which is a few short hours away. How much more can I do in response to the Spirit of God, which is so clearly seen and heard through this child?
    Blessings to all who follow this example, in 2012! SRW
    Steven Willemann
    December, 31 2011

    I am encouraged to see young people being taught the Word. Our children are in a lot of ways what we teach them. Blessings on this young man and his parents who emphasize the value of God’s Word.
    Fannie Mae Hall
    February, 14 2012

    I looked at this little brother in Christ last year and I kept this video in my email… viewed it again today. Inspiring… I minister to children and it would be wonderful to see them go forward as this young man has done. God Bless and Thank you. Keeps me hopeful.
    Joyce Isaacs
    February, 15 2012

    This little gentleman is TRULLY gifted by the Holy Spirit! Awesome to watch and listen to him give a lecture about the greatest book on earth, THE HOLY BIBLE. He should be speaking to all school children and adults as well to know about GOD and the BIBLE.
    March, 3 2012

    Davis,truly has A Gift, this says A lot about his upbringing.Would it not be great if more parents taught their children about OUR LORD and HIS WORD?
    Faye hardiman
    July, 13 2012

    I am impressed !!! – having 3 children of my own and trying to teach them about God and faith in every day life is quite a task ! Seeing this kid Davis is so refreshing and truly he has a gift – he is one of those beacons that light up in the darkness! The Holy Spirit rests upon him! Thank you God for providing these gifted people from Generation to generation.
    Birgit Michel
    October, 13 2012

    This young man is anointed. Along with his impressive knowledge of God’s Word is his impeccable ability to speak so well. I don’t think I heard one “ummm”. May God continue to use him to reach the multitudes!
    Tracy Meyer
    October, 26 2012

    Truly an amazing kid blessed by God. I have difficulty pronouncing most of the names let alone recite them in chronological order. Inspirational.
    November, 12 2012

    Dear Davis,
    You are blessed and anointed with Holy Spirit, my students at school in Indonesia is very proud of you. Hope you continue your gift to serve others. same as St. Augustine . Wishing you a merry Christmas
    Sr. Teresa Khanh Hoa from Vietnam
    teresa OAD
    December, 21 2012

    Amazing – this young lad will go far – just totally amazing.
    Judy Stock
    January, 29 2013

    Absolutely Outstanding and amazing.It would be a great blessing if more parents encourage their children along this pathway. Who knows in a day to come, God may use this lad to bring a revival to America. “THE WORD OF GOD IS QUICK AND POWERFUL…’
    Jim McCall
    February, 19 2013

    Simply awesome. Minor errors like Adam and Eve ate from the tree of life,instead of saying the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I was truly inspired by the memory of this young man. What this is about really is the Holy Spirit making the Word of God real so that even a child can have a proper understanding.
    S.A Pope
    February, 23 2013

    This is awesome. What a precious child. I wish I could hug him. God is with him. God Bless him and his family.
    sendy meyers
    March, 20 2013

    He is truly amazing &amp; blessed by God.
    Ellen Deen
    March, 29 2013

    And that from a child, thou hast known the holy scriptures which are able to make thee wise, unto salvation.
    Train up a child, in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
    This is a wonderful and very good example of how important it is that we give the message of God to our children.
    It is very refreshing to hear the beauty of the gospel from a child.
    Blessings on this kid, his parents and teachers!
    March, 29 2013

    Do you grant permission for re-post on http://relate4ever.wordpress.com
    Thank you.
    Romanian churches of Christ greets you
    April, 23 2013

    Davis, God has given you this gift for such a time as this.He is using you mightily to reach the world. May you continue to be an inspiration to your friends, school mates, families and friends.May you continue to walk in His(God) footsteps all the rest of your life.Congratulations to your parients,they have done a good job in teaching you “Davis” at a very early age,and you have accepted the call.May you be blessed as you continue to grow up in this sinful world.You are setting a very good example.
    God is good all the time.Give Him praise.
    April, 30 2013

    My God never ceases to amaze me,thank you God for allowing us to be your workmanship in Christ Jesus,thank you for his death,burial and his resurrection that I might be saved and one day live in Heaven.
    Lillie White
    May, 10 2013

    A remarkable feat. Children are special. The Bible teaches us the meaning of life: happiness through being as close to God as is humanly possible. This boy has made the first giant step: he has read it.
    Joe Embry
    June, 10 2013

    This young boy is amazing. It warms my heart to hear such a young child know that much about the Bible. I hope this young boy got his point across to everyone that heard him.
    June, 12 2013

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