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Texas church deacon declares candidacy for U.S. president

Who will be the 2012 Republican nominee for president?
Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich?
How about Jared Blankenship, a deacon and Bible class teacher at the Central Church of Christ in Hereford, Texas?
The 1993 graduate of Abilene Christian University in Texas has declared his candidacy for president of the United States. He outlines his reasons on his “Reclaiming America” website.
“Many will ask why a former schoolteacher and unknown farmer from Texas would run for president,” he says on a YouTube video. “Perhaps the better question is, why are more Americans not standing in line to do so?”
In a comment on The Christian Chronicle’s Facebook fan page, Marcey House wrote: “He is a wonderful Christian man who has served as a preacher, deacon, Bible class teacher and a former Camp Blue Haven counselor. We need a good Christian man like him getting into office.”

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    I find the candidate’s first observation a strange one. Growing up in the 1970s, it was inconceivable to me and to almost everyone else that anyone but a white man could ever be elected president. Although I did not vote for President Obama, I welcomed the day when the candidacy of someone of his skin color could be and was taken seriously. It seems to me that the presidency and other high offices are now within the reach of many more Americans than they were just a few short years ago.
    Frank Bellizzi
    March, 6 2011

    On second thought, it seems to me that Blankenship is talking about aspiration, not access. If that’s the case, then we simply need more who will recover some of the real esteem and idealism associated with running for and holding office. That’s a tougher job.
    Frank Bellizzi
    March, 6 2011

    Thank God, a Christian man is standing up to the plate and offering to restore the American people’s faith in the office of President of the United States.
    Linda Looper
    March, 6 2011

    I would love to see a Christian man as our US President.
    Rebecca Pack
    March, 7 2011

    FYI, our last three presidents have been Christian men.
    March, 7 2011

    Unfortunately, their decisions and positions have not been in line with clear Christian teachings. Anyone can claim to be a Christian, but their actions speak louder than their claim. Adultery in the White House and encouragement of the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle in our society are not acceptable actions by followers of Christ.
    March, 7 2011

    I grew up in Hereford and also continue to live in the Texas panhandle. However, church and state should be separate! Marketing himself as a “good Christian man” should not be any patriotic citizen’s reason to vote for any candidate. Incluing JFK’s Roman Cathloic faith, your previous and current president are “good Christian men”. What we should be asking ourselves is what the candidate has done to gain the skills needed to lead a country. Enough of this Christian talk. Find another achievement that this man has done that can demonstrate his leadership and decision making skills.
    March, 7 2011

    Jared Blankenship’s candidacy for U.S. President will sink without a ripple when he encounters the financial challenges that await any who aspire to that office. In order to acquire the financial status required of a candidate, he will have to rub shoulders with some rather unsavory characters. Without those characters, he will just have to rely on God. I will make a prediction: God is not going to shower him with that money, nor is the Almighty going to switch votes cast in the primaries that will award Mr. Blankenship with the nomination of either party. If he chooses to run as an independent, his candidacy will founder, as did that of Ross Perot in 1992 and every single other independent candidate during the last century. Mr. Blankenship is doubtless an upright and honorable man, but those two characteristics alone will not win him the presidency. Sorry, but those are the facts.
    Steve Wicker
    March, 7 2011

    It is the height of arrogance to think one could run for POTUS without any previous elected experience. The last man to win had to have individuals and groups gift him over $750 Million without valuable considerations in return. Almost 70 million individuals marked a ballot for Barrack Obama over a certified war hero. Running for elected office and stoking the fires of pride and ego may be the most dangerous thing to Christian faith that a good Christian man can do. I do not believe that a humble Christian can run for public office.
    There is much wisdom as to why nowhere in the NT are Christians encouraged to become entangled in earthly politics at any level.
    March, 7 2011

    Just for clarification, the church and state separation principle (which was written by Thomas Jefferson in an unofficial letter) deals with not allowing the government to make a specific, organized religious group the official religion of the country. For example, The United Kingdom has The Church of England (Anglican) as its established church. Historically, the established church for Great Britain caused much bloodshed.
    The fact that a candidate for a governmental office is of a particular religious persuasion does not at all fall under the separation of church and state principle. It actually can help citizens in better understanding a candidate, and making more educated decisions in the voting booths.
    Many in the U.S. have taken Jefferson’s church/state reference way out of context.
    March, 9 2011

    You may have grown up in the Texas panhandle, but you obviously are not a dedicated student of American History. Church and state have NEVER been separate in our country until a few extreme organizations decided this would be a “good thing” (ie: ACLIU, et..). Note the very words of our Declaration of Independence: “..all men are CREATED equal, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalienable Rights.” (what separation?). Our current president said, (with some joy) “America is no longer a Christian nation!” (what was it before him?).
    I think we have done pretty well for the past 200+ years as a “Christian Nation” (founded upon judeo-christian values). I would prefer we say that, “It is not the church’s business to elect anyone and it is not the government’s business to control churches.” How can a man or woman lead any organization (be it family, business, or nation) trying to ignore what is at the center of his or her life? Do you believe that we can have a secular life and s spiritual life?..if so, where is that in the Bible? There is no virtue or moral separate from God.
    March, 9 2011

    Natalie, you are absolutely right. The separation of church and state has been taken out of context. It was first brought up in a private exchange of letters between Thomas Jefferson and another person. Everyone seems to forget the last half of the first amendment regarding religion: “Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Our Founding Fathers never intended for our nation to have an official church (like the Church of England), and they most certainly never intended for government to muzzle religion in the public square.
    We have let corrupt, unprincipled men and lawyers intentionally misinterpret the religious clause of the first amendment, and we swallow this without taking a serious look at the entire wording of the First Amendment.
    Our Founding Fathers knew that a nation founded on principles of Judeo-Christian beliefs and ethics would be a strong and moral nation. It will take godly men and women to help restore our country to her original principles upon which she was founded.
    Remember, God is the King of this country (and this universe). Our Founding Fathers have always believed that and have espoused that time and time again during their era.
    stephen maple
    March, 9 2011

    We have not had a president with facial hair for almost 100 years (Taft). The last major candidate with a chance at the White House that had facial hair was Dewey in 1948. Want to go all the way to the White House? First step–shave. 🙂
    March, 9 2011

    Well, more power to him! Stranger tings that that have happened in politics.
    Arles Vandiver, Min.
    March, 9 2011

    To say that Christians have no place in politics is to cede our form of government over to satan and his minions. Government is one of the three earthly institutions ordained by our Almighty- Rom 13 (the Church and Marriage are the others). Our ‘rulers’ are set up to avenge the evil among us. Who are better suited to do that than courageous Christians? Paul describes it as a “minister for God”. It is time to turn around the legacy of the last hundred years (excepting Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan) that has brought us to the sad state we are in today. Pray for this man, others like him, and our government every day. What kind of experience did George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, et al have in running a republic?
    Ron Dasher
    March, 9 2011

    In order for our brother to be successful as the Republican nominee, he would have to violate many basic principles of genuine, biblical Christianity. He would, first of all, have to commit to the pledge that he will be a part of the caretakers of the rich, wealthy, and powerful, including the war profiteers and the large corporate interests. Today, he would have to be extreme and agree to attack the programs that have created the great middle class in this country. He would have to deny global warming, and completely avoid verses like 1 Timothy 6:18 and Luke 12:48.
    Harold Williams
    March, 9 2011

    I do not understand why a servant of God would want to take time from his service of the king of heaven and earth to rule a man made kingdom. God said those of his kingdom who want to be like the kingdoms around them have rejected him from being king over them. The temptation of Jesus clearly shows that the kingdoms of this world are the property of the devil, and Paul clearly shows that God ordains those governments to protect Christians from evil doers because those governments are evil. Thus pitting evil against evil for the protection of the righteous. The Christian’s only relationship to earthly government is to pay taxes, receive services those taxes pay for, and obey the rulers as long as they do not conflict with God.
    Wes Dawson
    March, 9 2011

    Our brother will not make it but he will be a voice, how much of one will be determined by God, money and his own perceptiveness. Aligning to the Republican Party will affect his ability to espouse true Christian principles unless he challenges the party also. I think he should run as an Independent. It is a good time to do that in America. Not that you can get elected doing it, but its a good place to have a truly “free” voice.
    Luke House
    March, 11 2011

    Why Not? with God all things are possible. If you can dream then you can go for it. After all American now have a president who claim to be Christian but encourage guy marriage.
    Plann well and stay focus. TThe backround as rich or poor is just a condition.
    Chris Arthur, from Ghana
    March, 12 2011

    Wes Dawson, I appreciate very much what you said. Ditto.
    To Ron Dasher and others: Romans 13 certainly strongly implies that God uses human governments, but it has been well pointed out by those who’ve gone before, that *third-person* pronouns (he, they) that refer to government and its agents. Nowhere in this text are there second-person imperatives for believers; nowhere is it suggested that Christians are to participate actively in the running of a human government.
    If one finds himself in a position of government, can he be a godly person there and do good things? It’s difficult, but yes, I’d say he can. I do question whether any serious believer should *seek* a political office, however.
    We are in service of one King. “No soldier on service entangles himself in the affairs of life, that he may please him who enrolled him as a soldier” (2 Tim 4:2).
    Brian Casey
    May, 27 2011

    I think it’s worth mentioning that the same New Testament that contains Romans 13 also contains Revelation 13. Pro-earthly-government Christians camp at Romans 13. But Revelation 13 portrays first-century imperial power in a much more negative light, to say the least. In Revelation 13, imperial power is derived from none other than the devil himself. It’s no mistake that this aspect of biblical teaching is never heard in nationalistic churches.
    Frank Bellizzi
    May, 27 2011

    Well said, Frank B. The Romans 13 material is often cited by pro-Christians-in-gov’t. folk who see that God authorizes governments but who fail to see that there is no explicit authorization for Christians to be involved in the running of those governments. At any rate, thanks for bringing in Rev. 13.
    Incidentally, in my prior comment, there was a superfluous “that.” I meant to have said “… it has been well pointed out by those who�ve gone before that *third-person* pronouns (he, they, and NOT the second-person “you” or “you all”) refer to government and its agents.”
    Brian Casey
    June, 2 2011

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