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Southwestern Christian College requests your vote to obtain Home Depot grant

I received this note from Mary L. McCoy, secretary to Jack Evans Jr., director of development at Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas:

We need your help! Southwestern has an opportunity to obtain a grant from Home Depot to help improve our school.

To vote in the “2011 Retool Your School Campus Improvement Program,” click here.
The Home Depot website explains:

The Home Depot is overjoyed to bring this essential and successful program back for a second year. We know how valuable our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are, and how much they have contributed to our country’s growth in so many ways. What could be more worthwhile than helping preserve and improve some of America’s most historic campuses and landmarks?

You can vote once per day through April 22.

  • Feedback
    Please consider given a grant to this good college. Any help would be appreciated.
    Robert L. Brown
    March, 9 2011

    This college has served well for many years and
    deserves help such as Home Depot can give them.
    Pat Varner
    March, 9 2011

    This school has done excellant work in preparing African-American preachers for ministering and for going on to graduate school elsewhere.
    Robert Oglesby,Sr.
    March, 9 2011

    My only concern in this matter is the possibility of supporting and enhancing the image of Home Depot, unless they have changed their stance. I have been told that they strongly and openly support and propogate the homosexual lifestyle. I have not heard of any change in this stance and have therefore chosen not to do business with them. Would voting that Southwestern receive a grant from them be support for Home Depot?
    Dan Reed
    March, 9 2011

    This school has provided educational opportunities to many students who would have not otherwise had an opportunity to recieve a college degree. The many students who have graduated are contributing to the American society in so many positive and unheralded ways. I whole-heartedly recommend any grant that Home Depot can make to this fine institution.
    Bill Walker
    March, 9 2011

    Thank you for any help you can give. I received a grant from you myself today for my youth garden. I appreciate that. I already used the project writing today to encourage writing in my students.
    Kay Banta
    March, 9 2011

    I’m sure Southwestern Christian College is a deserving institution and can use the grant assistance, as money for such purposes seems to always be in short supply. The source of the potential grant is what bothers me because Home Depot is reported to be such a big sponsor and promoter of the unGodly and sinful gay lifestyle. Evidently Home Depot is spending millions of dollars in support of this lifestyle that is clearly unGodly and unbiblical. Don’t you think it is the epotmy of hyprocrisy to consciously and purposely promote sin on the one hand, then seek recognition to fund a “Christian college” project on the other hand? As a Christian, I have been boycotting Home Depot for many months and would encourage others to do so, also. It’s not like Home Depot is “accidently and innocently” in support of gays. For me their money is no good unless they sincerely realize the error of their thinking on the matter and make the choice to support Christianity and Godly family values instead. Christian integrity is of utmost importance to me. I read often about this gay support issue on American Family Association and other Christian news sources.
    M. Whitton
    March, 10 2011

    Home Depot has a history of supporting homosexual events, the most recent parades in Portland, Maine, and in Boston in 2010. I think a private Christian College would be better served finding $50K somewhere else and taking a stand against an organization that uses it’s earnings to promote what God clearly identifies as sinful behavior.
    Don Moore
    March, 10 2011

    I applaud any effort to better a facility in a sense of good stewardship, however I think that those involved are not aware of the boycott against HD for their blatant and militant involvement in gay/******* rights activism. They have been repeatedly asked by American Family Association and One Million Moms to stay neutral in this war against traditional family values and they totally side in the other direction by throwing as much money to the gay/******* cause as possible which is why there is a 500 thousand strong boycott against them (my signture included).
    Tiffany Vincent
    March, 10 2011

    This college has served the *********** well many years.
    Thank God for HD’s willing to make a contribution to the college.
    God Bless
    Willie Vaughn
    March, 10 2011

    Christian education is a good work.
    Alice Williams
    March, 10 2011

    I will give those at SWCC the benefit of the doubt, and assume they are ignorant of Home Depot’s blatant advocacy of the homosexual agenda. The Home Depot are backers of and participants in numerous “gay pride” events, and they continue to push “gay rights” and “gay marriage.” I would be ashamed to be found groveling before such a bunch as the Home Depot. There was a reason Abraham swore that he would not take from the king of Sodom “from a thread even to a shoelatchet” (Gen. 14:23).
    Lee Moses
    March, 10 2011

    Dear Brother-in-christ. Here in Georgia the Home Depot openly supports the ” gay community ” and its lifestyle. They are very up front about their policy, maybe you would like to check this out in your community? I just recently heard this on thwe local christian radio station.
    In christian love, Holly Adams
    Locust Grove church of Christ
    Locust Grove, Georgia
    Holly Adams
    March, 10 2011

    Brother Evans was kind enough to grant scholarships to Liberians and Ghanaians to study at SouthWestern, They are doing marvelous work for the Lord and His Church. Please help them to get this grant.
    Ken Kesse,Kumasi,Ghana
    Ken Kesse
    March, 10 2011

    The school is a blesing to to America.
    Willie Vaughn
    March, 11 2011

    While Southwestern Christian College is certainly most worthy of receiving grants, this news about seeking one from Home Depot is VERY DISTURBING! Has SCC truly researched the background of Home Depot and their “outside” agenda? Are The Christian Chronicle readers also aware of the serious breach of morality and godly standards that this business financially endorses throughout the U.S.?
    HD is more than a business selling home improvement items. Because of their hefty support of pro-homosexual activists (“gay pride”), they are in hot water with prominent pro-family and Christian organizations who have called for huge BOYCOTTS against this business. Along with financially supporting/sponsoring “gay pride” festivals, this chain hosts kiddie crafts at these “gay” fests with the sole purpose of immersing children in their homosexual depravity.
    Regarding HD’s “gay pride” support, this is what one well-known leader in the pro-family movement has stated:
    “Gay-pride events have a long track record for offensive public displays of homosexual conduct. Obviously, Home Depot is OK with the idea of exposing children to an unhealthy and risky environment. So much so, it is willing to also celebrate it by participating in its promotion.”
    For validation of these facts, check out these links (and many more exist on the web):
    A serious question to Southwestern Christian College: Do you want your good name and godly reputation to be polluted by the partnership with such a company so driven to prominently promote such depravity for which our Lord gave His life?
    PLEASE reconsider your request for ANY grant the originates from Home Depot!
    Because of our Lord,
    Connie Kiser
    Connie Kiser
    March, 12 2011

    Remember to vote once a day thru April 22; please pass the word.
    Mike Clemens
    March, 12 2011

    Please help the school to receive this grant. Southwestern
    has blessed the lives of many and done untold good in our
    ***********. Spread the word to your congregations!
    James A. Maxwell
    March, 14 2011

    Everyone let’s vote this will benefit the school.
    March, 14 2011

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