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Schubert to succeed Money as ACU president

Phil Schubert has been named to succeed Royce Money as president of Abilene Christian University in Texas.
The announcement was made this morning on the West Texas campus of the 4,800-student university, which is associated with Churches of Christ.
“Dr. Schubert is an individual in whom the university and this board have tremendous confidence,” ACU trustees Sharron Drury and Jim Porter, who co-chair the presidential transition team, said in a statement posted on the university’s Web site. “The fact that someone of Dr. Schubert’s caliber will now lead this 104-year-old institution bodes well for ACU’s future. We are excited about the energy and enthusiasm he brings to his new role.”
Schubert, executive vice president at ACU, was one of two finalists named last month after a nationwide search.
In a statement on his presidential candidacy posted online, Schubert said: “We need to strike an appropriate balance between a quest for academic excellence and an unwavering commitment to the spiritual development of our students; between the need to honor our own Church of Christ heritage while embracing the growing influence from broader Christian circles; and between the need to ensure a firm grasp on our values and traditions while promoting a culture which encourages new ideas and an innovative spirit.”
Money, who has served as president for 19 years, announced last May that he would step downat the end of this academic year. He will remain at ACU in a new role as chancellor.
“Pam and I have been thinking about this for quite some time, but nowseems like the best time as far as how the university is positioned,”Money, 67, told The Christian Chronicle in May 2009. “It’s the right thing to do and theright time to do it.”
The other finalist, Richard S. Lytle, dean of ACU’s College of Business Administration, sent an e-mail to friends and colleagues this morning indicating Schubert’s selection.
“After nearly a year of process and requested silence, it seems time for a personal note from me to you,” Lytle’s e-mail said.
“First, I want you to know that my prayers and support are with Phil and (his wife) Jamie and their family as they assume leadership for Abilene Christian University.  ACU has a great future if she keeps her eyes on the Lord. I pray she will and I pray that greater days are ahead for the work of this marvelous university!”
Lytle, who is teaching this semester in an ACU study-abroad program in Oxford, England, also said: “Second, I want you to know how proud I am of each of you. Working with you brings me great joy! … You are an exceptional faculty and staff. Your work resounds in a chorus of blessed, well prepared, Christ-directed students in the global marketplace. … May you be richly blessed for your labor of excellence and love.”

  • Feedback
    Most of my professors of Bible at OC attended grad school at baptist schools. They seemed not to have been corrupted.
    Joe Lightle
    Muskogee coc
    Muskogee, OK
    June, 14 2010

    I will continue to offer prayers for all spiritual leaders, that they focus their lives and message on Jesus as The Good News. The work accomplished through ALL faith-based schools is historically focused on delivering THAT Gospel to the cultures on the horizon. The Foundation, Faith, Focus, Format and Ferver of such ministries is the Fuel for Kingdom Life till our Lord returns. I cringe and cry each time I hear such descriptors as “mainline Church of Christ”. Thank you, one-and-all, for your devotion to The Cause.
    Rusty Kwast
    Abbott, TX
    February, 16 2010

    Congratulations to Dr. Schubert. May God bless his vital ministry. I feel striking “an appropriate balance” will necessarily involve the hiring and promotion within our denominationally affiliated schools of distinctly Christian educators (yes, in the discipline of theology too) from beyond the boundaries of our denomination. I pray Dr. Schubert’s tenure will set a rigorous standard for this long overdue practice to be firmly established. If Baylor can hire Ken Starr, certainly ACU, Harding, Lipscomb, et, al, can begin to hire and promote the professors who write the textbooks used in their Bible classes.
    Tim Alexander
    Smith Springs
    Antioch, TN
    U. S. A.
    February, 15 2010

    Congratulation Dr. Phil Schubert!!
    We need to fellowship and Love all Christians.The focus does need to be Jesus and unity with other Christians based on our common Faith in Jesus as Lord.My prayer is that we include ALL baptized Christians in our Circles.
    Bob Hogue
    Memorial Drive
    Houston, Texas
    February, 15 2010

    I applaud Dr. Schubert’s intention to continue Dr. Money’s legacy of honoring our Church Of Christ heritage by embracing the growing influence from broader Christian circles.
    Joe K. Bain
    Woodmont Hills
    Brentwood, TN
    February, 15 2010

    My prayers will continue to be for ACU to be a light in the world–a light that comes from the light of the Word of God. It saddens me to observe the misuse of the Biblical designation “church(es) of Christ” as a denominational type term. Didn’t Jesus establish His church? And aren’t all Christians in that church? Otherwise, where are they? Those who do not follow New Testament teachings forfeit their place or never receive a place IN that church/the body of Christ. Let’s hold forward that principal and draw all to God through Christ. That is the role of the church and ought to be the role of a university claiming to be “christian.”
    Jimmy Gaston
    Church of Christ
    Anaheim, CA
    February, 15 2010

    This is to congratulate Dr. Schubert over his appointment as the president-elect of ACU. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Rambi Ibrahim Ayala
    Church of Christ Kado
    Abuja, FCT
    February, 15 2010

    I fully agree with Dee Carter above. The early church was faced with syncretism and multiculturalism also. Plenty of dialogue , but no compromise with the gospel. The church grew rapidly. Michael Green , author of “30 Years That Changed the World” makes that very clear. Sadly many churches of Christ. their Universities , boards and Presidents have adopted politically correct , worldly principles, far from the Bible.
    Willis Page
    San Jose
    Jacksonville, Fl
    February, 15 2010

    Dr. Schubert’s. “appropriate balance” statement makes it appear ACU will stay on the same track that is taking it further and further away from the main line churches of Christ.
    Don R. House
    Free Street
    Walnut RIdge, Arkansas
    February, 15 2010

    this is what we were looking for ,and our Lord God has bring the change.not only ACU but all the churches of christ missions.thanks christian chronicle you always bring Good news.brother schubert may the Lord God bless you .we wish to see you in south Africa.keep the Lords mission there you and your co- workers.
    eric asante obeng
    jhb, johannesberg
    south Africa
    February, 14 2010

    I Appreciate Br.Schubert’s electing of good post and ike say something that the church bound to fight for the nce delivered Faith jude 3 without going astray from the Biblical doctrine eithet culturalor politial currents.
    to preach the world about the Truth of the BIBLE is necessary.today the people of other Faith believe something else than the BIBLE it IS THEIR CHOICE BUT if we do not preach and teach them than it is our fault.
    church of christ bidar
    Bidar, karnataka
    February, 14 2010

    Thank you Royce and Pam for your outstanding legacy of work.
    As for balancing academic excellence and these other things, well I’m puzzled; I’ve never thought these things were opposing pursuits.
    Earle West, III
    Morganville, NJ
    February, 13 2010

    I am thrilled that Phil Schubert was chosen as president. He was my clear choice when I saw his statement, “we need to honor our own Church of Christ heritage while embracing the growing influence from broader Christian circles”. We painted ourselves into a corner generations ago when we thought we had all the truth, and everyone else needed to see things exactly as we did. Hopefully, we are breaking away from that flawed thinking.
    For my paper on “Unity”, email me at [email protected], and type “unity” as the subject.
    M. L. Daniels
    Brentwood Oaks
    Austin, TX
    February, 13 2010

    When the church of Christ is focused on the work of Jesus through the body of Christ we impact the world in a glorious way. When, however, we focus on each others’ “heritage” we loose our focus on Christ, slide towards an intellectual indulgence paticularlly enticing for American Christians well versed in scripture. This shift of focus ultimately entices too many of us to fall the pattern and practice of Pharisees, Jesus’ most notorious adversary.
    I pray Dr. Schubert will lead ACU, to maintain a focus on Christ, who He is and what He is accomplishing for us, and leave whatever heritage and tradition we have worthy of preserving to the work of the Holy Spirit.
    Mary Brown Boren
    Journey Church and Alameda Church of Christ
    Norman, OK
    February, 13 2010

    We all as Christians should be praying for the leadership of brother Schubert as well as all of the faculty at ACU. I do agree that we cannot influence others for Christ without associataions with them. However, if their association is influencing us as Christians to change our faith, then that needs to be avoided at all costs. (Romans 12:1-2; 1 Cor. 15:33) We are to teach the truth in love, buildup the body of Christ and contend earnestly for the faith. May ACU be raising up another generation that will cling to, love and defend the word of God against all oppostion.
    Steve Crews
    Cashmere church of Christ
    Cashmere, Washington
    February, 13 2010

    Congratulation Dr. Phil Schubert. Ihope you will bring new ideas on board. where Dr. Money leftyou will continue.
    Thank you and God Bless you ad yourr family
    Lawrence Lamptey (Minister)
    Afiaman Church of Christ
    Accra, West Africa
    February, 13 2010

    It is imperative we revisit the first century church. Although they were in the middle of hostile cultures they did not seek to adopt social mores. Instead we find them being encouraged to stand firm and avoid the influence of the world. I would like to encourage Brother Schubert to embrace the heritage we have received from the generations of Christians who have avoided cultural influence. In the Spirit of Love the Lord’s church can be innovative by using new technologies to reach out to a lost world. But for 2000 years it has not found the need for a new revelation to encompass the influence of rouge teachings and cultural practices.
    Ben Jones
    Rivergate church of Christ
    Madison , TN
    February, 12 2010

    It is because of comment’s of “Church of Christ” members who think that that only way is their way that ACU has been the receipient of your prayers??? These comments are unbelieveable!!! I grew up Church of Christ and left because of that exact attitude!! ACU will always stand out and reach others. I am in complete support of ACU and will pray for the “other” church of Christ people who continue to turn people away from the church of Christ. Best of luck Dr. Schubert! ACU student ’89-’91
    Kelly Pike
    Fresh Life Church
    Kalispell, MT
    February, 12 2010

    Dr. Schubert’s comments offer hope to me. Abilene Christian remains a deeply Christian destination, a place where students from a church of Christ heritage mingle freely and joyously with students from other faiths, which are only slightly different than the church of Christ tradition. There’s no reason for fear. And how can the church of Christ members influence others if church of Christ members are all gathered in a tight circle without any contact with those others? I’m glad we’re finally venturing out of the old caves where we used to dwell.
    – David Ramsey, ACU class of 1981
    david ramsey
    eastside church of christ
    colorado springs, colorado
    united states
    February, 12 2010

    I suggest that one of the reasons for the lack of any growth in enrollment at ACU for the last 25 years is that attitude espoused by Dr. Schubert in his statement. He writes that ACU needs to ‘strike an appropriate balance … between the need to honor our own Church of Christ heritage while embracing the growing influence from broader Christian circles’. Shouldn’t the church be the one seeking to influence these ‘broader Christian circles’ – rather than being influenced by them? ACU has forfeited their former place as the leader among universities affiliated with the church of Christ by running away from their Church of Christ heritage for years. Maybe Dr. Schubert will change this direction, but his comments don’t seem to offer much hope.
    James Rucker
    Rockledge Church of Christ
    Satellite Beach, Florida
    February, 12 2010

    While I appreciate President-elect Schubert’s statement that we need to “honor our own Church of Christ heritage,” I am concerned that he would add that we should “embrace the growing influence from broader Christian circles . . . while promoting a culture which encourages new ideas and innovative spirit.” It is quite a comparison to Dr. Lytle’s statement that ACU should “keep her eyes on the Lord.” It is impossible to do both, in my humble opinion! You cannot serve God and the world at the same time. Dr. Schubert and the University will remain in our prayers as has Dr. Money and ACU for many years.
    Dee Carter, ’64
    Alumni President, 2003-04
    Dee K. Carter
    Fairmont Park Church of Christ
    Midland, Texas
    February, 12 2010

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