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Reader feedback: How should Christians respond to President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage?

The Washington Post reports:

President Obama threw his support behind same-sex marriage Wednesday after years of “evolution” on the issue, and invoked Christ and the Golden Rule in detailing how he has changed.
In an interview with ABC’s Robin Roberts, the president painted his endorsement of same-sex marriage as an outgrowth of his Christian beliefs:

“ … [Michelle and I] are both practicing Christians and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the Golden Rule, you know, treat others the way you would want to be treated. And I think that’s what we try to impart to our kids and that’s what motivates me as president and I figure the most consistent I can be in being true to those precepts, the better I’ll be as a dad and a husband and hopefully the better I’ll be as president.”

The Associated Press reports:

The evangelical pastor who President Barack Obama calls his spiritual adviser says he’s disappointed in the president’s decision to endorse same-sex marriage.
The Rev. Joel Hunter of Florida told The Associated Press that Obama called him before ABC News broadcast the announcement Wednesday.
Hunter says he told the president he disagreed with his interpretation of what the Bible says about marriage. Hunter says the president reassured him he would protect the religious freedom of churches who oppose gay marriage.

Chris Altrock

In a panel discussion on The Commercial Appeal’s Faith in Memphis section, Chris Altrock, preaching minister for the Highland Church of Christ in Cordova, Tenn., weighed in:

Many discussions about same-sex marriage in the United States are driven by issues of pleasure or profit; status or stability.
Some conversations state that gays should be permitted to marry so they may enjoy the pleasure of having the same status as heterosexual couples in our culture. They should be allowed to experience the joy of credibility and respectability in the community.
Other discussions stipulate that gays should be permitted to marry so they may be granted the legal profits afforded heterosexual couples. The federal government provides about 1,000 legal benefits and privileges to married couples. Gays should be allowed to have the same stability which comes with these privileges.
This, however, misses the Christian point of marriage. In the Christian faith, marriage is not primarily about pleasure or profit; status or stability. Marriage functions primarily as a powerful visual proclamation of the Gospel. For example, Paul urges the Ephesian husbands and wives to work sacrificially at their marriages because through such costly love the world sees a glimpse of the costly and sacrificial love demonstrated by Jesus for his bride the church. The steadfast and self-surrendering love between a husband and a wife becomes a mini-production of the original story of love between Jesus and his bride.
If we want to have a civil discussion about the status of homosexuals in our culture or about the legal privileges afforded to homosexuals, let’s do so by all means. Jesus would urge us to love our neighbor, heterosexual or homosexual, and to create a cultural climate in which all neighbors are treated with justice and mercy. But let’s leave marriage out of this discussion. From a Christian perspective, marriage has nothing to do status or stability. Marriage between a man and a woman exists to reflect the world-changing love between Jesus and his bride.

Dave Phillips, preaching minister for the Germantown Church of Christ in the Memphis area, also commented:

The President’s revelation to promote same-sex marriage is deeply troubling to followers of the Bible. Compassion for others notwithstanding, his view is contrary to the teachings of Christ, morally reckless and biblically indefensible.  I continue to pray for our nation to honor God and his will.

CNN’s Belief Blog reports that the president’s support for gay marriage has riled religious conservatives but that the political effects are not yet known.
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Reader feedback: How should Christians respond to the president’s support for same-sex marriage? Please be sure to include your full name and home congregation, city and state in case we decide to quote you. The Chronicle blog welcomes and encourages feedback that promotes thoughtful and respectful discussion.

  • Feedback
    Pray for the President and vote against him.
    Royce Ogle
    May, 10 2012

    God isn’t a Republican or Democrat or even an American. And America is not Joshua’s Israel. The whole world is reserved for fire at the last day not just the USA. Jesus didn’t advocate an activist stand against Rome. Of course that is my opinion and opinions are never humble.
    I voted Republican since 1980 on values issues and small government and yet Row Vs Wade is still the law and Gay Marrage has advanced in several states. And I am not one who benefits from tax cuts. All the gold in on the Caymans. I will vote for President Obama because I don’t want to lose my Social Security. That’s a self-centered reason. No politician will stem the tide of social issues. The issue of loved ones being gay hits a lot of CofC homes. That just reminds me not to judge, because we all have issues and when it comes down to the last day we all will want Mercy instead of Justice, whatever one’s concept of justice is.
    Ken Mabry
    May, 10 2012

    My heart aches because of where this country is headed. It saddens me that leaders choose to be swayed by people in order to win votes, and I believe that is what is happening. This shows that God is not number one in their lives, and they choose not to be led by God. They want the praise of man instead of God. The Bible is so clear on marriage. It is not a matter of ‘loving your neighbor’ and the ‘golden rule’. It is a matter of God’s rule, and what He has said. I believe we are living in a time very similar to the time of Noah and his family, How much longer will God allow the world to spit in His face concerning such things? God’s Word does not change, and it’s relevance to our lives should not. Christians must stand for the truth and if we are stoned, beaten, persecuted, or put to death then so be it. We must stand for the truth, or we will fall for anything. I pray for our country, our leaders, our families and pray that we will have a change of heart and realize our forefathers knew what they were doing when they founded the USA on Christian beliefs. How can we ask God to bless us if we continue to choose to follow satan instead of Him?
    Mary Smith
    May, 10 2012

    Reasonable people can disagree. It is perfectly reasonable to take the position that homosexuality is sinful, yet society should extend equal rights to everyone (including marriage) and not discriminate between “conceptions of the good”. After all, most sinful behaviors are legal, and we wouldn’t argue with their legality. Lust? Greed? Gossip? These things are legal, and for good reason. They are sinful as well. Sinful does not imply that it should be illegal.
    I am troubled by Chris Altrock’s comment above that we should extend equal rights and respect but “leave marriage out of it”. We can’t pick and choose which rights are to be equal and which are not.
    Most importantly, we need to stop spewing hateful language at anyone who disagrees with us politically. I believe that our attitude and love toward others is much more important than what position we actually take. Jesus prayed for unity among believers and love toward each other, not for political rightness.
    Jamin Speer
    May, 10 2012

    The other thing I wanted to add is that gay marriage is one of dozens, if not hundreds, of issues that matter to the well-being of the nation. I don’t deny that it’s important. However, poverty and social justice are discussed much more often Biblically than homosexuality, and I suspect that in today’s complex world, issues like education, climate change, racial disparities, etc. also matter to God a great deal. Perhaps we should take a broader view than we typically do. A candidate may be on the “Christian” side of gay marriage but also promote policies that exacerbate inequality and increase poverty. He should be held accountable for those and not given a free pass based on an issue or two.
    Jamin Speer
    May, 10 2012

    Sad to say it, but a moral issue becomes a NON-issue in politics if there isn’t a party that speaks definitely(and immovably) on the side of what is right. How much longer will we go before the people of this nation decide that “better than the other guy” isn’t good enough? In God’s sight, there is no “better vs worse”, only “Good vs Evil”. Using that standard, one presidential candidate (other than our current president) should also have been laughed out of his party. Although that candidate has suspended his campaign, the appropriate response from his party did not occur. Instead, the only reason he is out is because of the poll results which do not indicate he could defeat our current president. Our response must be based on right vs wrong, not on the non-standard of what is most repulsive to us as individuals.
    My point is, we must adjust our thinking to make our motives clear, and change them, if needed. Advocating the right choices and decisions, but doing it in the wrong way, compromises our example to others.
    Russ Sharp
    May, 10 2012

    In matters such as this I always think it comes back to whether you believe that America is a Christian nation and should be governed as such, or if it is a nation that allow for religious freedom and there is clear separation between church and state. Each religion has its views on marriage. However, the government provides certain rights to married people that single people, non-married couples, and homosexual couples cannot receive. As long as those rights and advantages exist then it will always be viewed as discrimination to people who are not married. To the extent that the president argues that homosexuals should be able to marry from a governmental standpoint I believe the president is correct. Does that mean the marriage is Biblical? I find it difficult to go that far. However, the Bible is also clear on the sanctity of marriage and we as Christians struggle to create strong, loving, and enduring marriages. Perhaps more attention should be focused on upholding our own marriages instead of focusing on excluding rights from those who wish to be seen equal from a legal standpoint.
    (Tri-County Church of Christ, Cushing, OK)
    Blake Blackwell
    May, 10 2012

    The President’s comments don’t really bother me. As a Christiam, I’ll just keep moving forward and I won’t look back. I don’t want to turn into a pillar of salt. I’m a citizen of a better country anyhow. Vengeance is mine, not our’s, saith the LORD!
    todd padgett
    May, 10 2012

    It’s sad. There is certainly no reason to discriminate against gays. But to advocate for a change in laws to accomodate those who openly live against the structure and laws God placed into being should trouble any Christian. I shudder at the thought of what the next step could be. Unfortunately, it is just a reflection of where America is going. Pray for our leaders and country.
    dewey leggett
    May, 10 2012

    President Obama’s declared support of “marriage” for homosexuals is morally and biblically indefensible. Honest observers will note that it is a politically expedient position for him to take at this time in his campaign for re-election. We are commanded to pray for our leaders, so we may lead “a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity” (1 Tim. 2:2). When our leaders openly support and/or promote that which is ungodly, our prayers must be that they will return to godly attitudes and policies. This president is now on record as supporting two of the most ungodly activities known to man: homosexuality and abortion. His activism on these issues has not and will not contribute to “a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness.” Each person must make his own decision, but I cannot support a man who makes such things his policies as a leader of our nation. To do so would violate John’s command not to participate in a false teacher’s evil deeds (2 Jn. 9-11).
    Some may say that to actively speak against issues such as homosexuality and abortion makes one judgmental or unloving. As Christians, we have a responsibility to uphold the truth. Being silent for fear of offending others is not upholding the truth. We do not forfeit our rights as Americans just because we are Christians. We simply exercise our rights from a Christian perspective.
    Our greater fear should be that the political climate in our country may very well bring about an active persecution of Christians. If such a thing happens, we will all suffer, whether we supported the leaders who brought about such changes or not. Let us treat one another with love, as the Lord requires, but as we do so, do not forget that love means doing the right thing for all people in all circumstances. To let those whose actions will lead them to eternal punishment continue on with our tacit approval and without warning them of the danger is not love.
    Fred Dominguez
    May, 10 2012

    I wasn’t going to weigh in on this, but decided to after all. We will ALL lose our social security if we don’t make the hard decisions to reform the program now. Left as is, it will be broke at a time in the not too distant future. If we start addressing the problem and set in place new parameters that will adjust benefits to reflect our new economy (a bit higher retirement age for one), we can perhaps save the program. Neither party is going to change benefits to those who are receiving Social Security now. But they do need to reform it to save the program for all of us going forward. I’m sorry, but voting for Obama will not solve the problem. In my opinion, his lack of a plan to save it by common-sense reform will make it disappear for everyone.
    Suzy Brown
    May, 10 2012

    Don’t vote for him. That will send a message to the next presidents. Besides, him and his wife forgot that before the Golden Rule (which is the second commandment) there is the first commanment: To love God with all your heart… and to love Him is to obey His commands, which includes not to practice homosexuality.
    Jos� Elmer Pacheco
    May, 10 2012

    Political Leaders are not religious leaders. I have never looked to politicians or actors for my standard of living, that comes from the Word. No party is a perfect fit for me, I find the republican party unrealistic and out of touch with me and my small business needs. The democratic party is not in line with my beliefs.
    Therefore understanding it is God who’s put those in leadership at any particular time for his reasons. I vote on one issue at a time. In Maryland we are now completing petition to over rule the governors same sex marriage bill.I am confident it will be sucessful as North Carolina. But I will still probably vote in the next elections for the democratic party. The ecomomy is moving, my business is picking up, and republicans have not offered any realistic solutions to the problems. I was part of the Regan generation that the Trickle down never reached. Living in Baltimore City, it has always been the democratic party who atleast gave us an ear for my concerns. The saying is still the same :”I do not care how much you know until I know how much you care”
    andrea lorick
    May, 10 2012

    As a result of the president simply expressing a point of view about marriage equality, some are predicting the collapse of Western Civilization. Government and culture will never reflect perfectly and only the principles of the Christian faith.
    The law has always allowed behaviors condemned by some religious faiths. Here are some examples:
    Some churches believe in total abstinence from alcohol, yet it is legally sold in most places. Some churches believe that other religions are of the devil, yet they are allowed under the First Amendment to the Constitution. Marriage laws in our culture do not always reflect some religious views about divorce by allowing it on grounds other than adultery. Many churches believe sex outside of marriage is wrong, yet allowed under the law by consenting adults.
    Allowing the legal status of a gay marriage will not doom our culture, as the above practices have not. If you don�t believe in it, then don�t engage in a gay marriage and continue to hold to your religious convictions.
    The issue is a state issue and will be determined by state legislatures as they do relating to other marriage issues such as a waiting period, legal age to marry with or without parental consent, and what kin relationships are allowed to marry.
    There is no doubt that some will use this single issue to diminish from other more pressing matters.
    Harold Williams
    May, 10 2012

    Psalm 119: 5,6
    Oh, that my ways were steadfast in obeying your decrees!
    Then I would not be put to shame when I consider ALL your commands.
    I couldn’t help but think of this Psalm when I read the President’s comment about how he rationalized his decision based on the Golden Rule. The President has not considered all of God’s word. He has not been steadfast in obeying the Lord’s decrees. He is covered with shame.
    Let’s pray for him and pray for our country. Let’s also pray for the undiscerning who may be mislead by the President’s position on gay marriage.
    Grant Southwell
    May, 10 2012

    It seems obvious to me that this President’s announcement is one merely of expediency. He made similar noises before the last election but disappointed that base through his lack of action on their behalf over the last four years. This announcement, like it’s a new revelation, is disingenuous at best, an attempt to stop the erosion of his re-election base.
    Fortunately, for believers, this is all too little too late.
    Russ Hicks
    May, 10 2012

    Unfortunately, this is one of those cases where both “sides” are right and both sides are wrong. IMHO
    If this could be unraveled and reconstructed correctly, it would look something like this: Government’s role would be to define the legal aspects of relationships. Included would be men and women, men and men, women and women, old and young, etc. Civil authorities would govern civil relationships. Then, any group (church etc) would be free to define its version of “marriage” in accordance with its published standards. No one group could be compelled to afford further recognition to a civil union.
    Then groups that did not believe in the Bible’s inerrancy could define relationships that it recognized by whatever standard they wished. And Bible believers could proceed to apply biblical standards.
    Now having said all that, what you might ask does the Bible say? Well, again IMHO after looking at what the Greek says, I think that the burden that GOD places on those who struggle with same sex attraction is great towit celibacy or change. The same burden that is placed on those who struggle with cereal fornication or pornography or any other sexual or relationship perversion. The biblical sanctions (and the first century context) are against practices, particularly the public and flagrant of the time; not persons. It is clear to me, again IMHO, from Romans 13 and the entire book of Acts that the role of the church is to respect, not control government. History tells us that beginning soon in the second and third centuries AD and carrying forward, as church and state became closer, they both suffered.
    What about now? To be truthful, I dont know I just know to pray fervently and honestly and say and mean “COME LORD JESUS!”
    Chuck Reed
    May, 10 2012

    I agree with Ken Mabry; Jesus never took an activist stance against Rome, but he certainly did take a severe stand against the leaders of Israel.
    Nevertheless, he said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”
    While I’m sad that our national public life threw Biblical values overboard decades ago, my ultimate trust isn’t in America, but in God.
    His kingdom has always been an irritating competition to secular tyrants, so when the people reject Biblical values it opens the door for tyrannical rule.
    Christians in America should begin serious spiritual training now, since we will experience overt persecution in one or two more generations, if not sooner.
    Keith Roberts
    May, 10 2012

    Pragmatically speaking, Barak Obama did nothing. He still affirmed a state’s right to legislate homosexual marriage (legalize it or outlaw it). He did not suggest a state has the legal obligation to legalize homosexual marriage. He made a statement about his personal preference which he cannot enforce, even as president.
    I am not certain marriage is a civil right in any case. Perhaps government should never have gotten into the regulation of marriage. Why not extend all the rights of marriage to people who are just living together and choose not to get married? Aren’t they being discriminated against?
    Health care–cannot that be determined by individual health care companies? Right to speak to a person’s health issues…can that not be regulated through a will? How many of the “rights of marriage” can be appropriated for any couple living together if they take certain steps through the law system? I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me the only right that cannot be accessed is right of survivor-ship for Social Security benefits.
    Perhaps, too, we Christians should not get into this debate since it is a reflection of a secular/governmental issue that is regulated by the government.
    K. Reux
    May, 10 2012

    God loves everyone and so do I. But that does not mean everyone’s choices are acceptable when compared to God’s word.
    The term marriage needs to stay defined as between a man and a woman. The fact that there are certain tax advantages for married couples is irrelevant.
    If same-sex couples want legal profits afforded heterosexual couples, they need to come up with their own title, and then ask lawmakers to give them this or that right. But don’t take the term “marriage” and re-define it in a way that was never intended.
    That would be like “married” couples wanting to be legally called “gay” just so we could get various advantages meant for homosexual couples… or maybe re-defining humans to actually mean “farm animal” so we could get cost breaks on some medical treatments by going to a veterinarian instead of to a medical doctor… or maybe re-define the relationship between a person and a pet as marriage because they are inseparable.
    In short, the term “marriage” is already taken and defined, just like the term “gay” and the “rainbow” symbol used to have obvious meanings until they were also re-defined, although I’m not even close to giving up on the meaning of a rainbow.
    Barrett V
    May, 10 2012

    “Hunter says the president reassured him he would protect the religious freedom of churches who oppose gay marriage.”
    Probably the most chilling words in the article.
    Darin Hamm
    May, 10 2012

    Nations have always legislated morality to some degree. There may be a nation that does’t outlaw murder, but I’ve never heard of it. We even outlaw lying at some point – we call it perjury or fraud and jail people for it. Government makes laws sometimes that make it easier for immoral behavior to thrive. Sometimes the motive seems to be to say that the behavior isn’t immoral. It seems to me, that’s what many behind the effort to legalize gay marriage are doing. When two men engage in sodomy and oral sex together, that’s immoral. When a man abandons his wife and children to marry the new flame from his gym, that’s immoral. When a lender drives a widow with two young children into debt so that he can repossess her home, that’s immoral. And where government makes laws that legitimize that behavior, Christians ought to respond. Protesting or promoting legislation is one way to respond, but it is not the most important nor the most effective. Whatever way we decide to respond, if we don’t communicate Christ-like love, it is the wrong way.
    Richard May
    May, 10 2012

    I would never support gay marriage, but isn’t this more a matter of the heart and lack of understanding of sin and who God is? Will taking a hard stand against what the President is advocating and legislating morality help us attract or turn away those to Christ?
    Everything the homosexual community is wanting they can almost already get without being married (sexual behavior, living together, claiming their partner on their health insurance as a dependent, adopting a child, etc.) So it doesn’t change much other than what will appear to be a whole lot of hate like talking from Christians.
    We’re not a Christian nation anymore. So, what do we have to gain by overacting to this, even though we know it displeases God? Will going straight to condemnation over this help you convince your homosexual co-worker what God’s love is and how He wants sinners to repent of their sinful behavior?
    Let’s think how we should react to this.
    Adam Legler
    May, 10 2012

    Yes we should pray for the president. He did the right thing. There is something very important that we should ask ourselves we we think and reflect about this issue: do we in the church want to be on the wrong side of history again? We’ve done that before with race relations. Christians used the Bible do justify all kinds of racial discrimination. The very people who oppose gay marriage resisted civil rights a generation ago. Again, do we want to repeat the same mistakes and choose ignorance instead of enlightenment? The last I checked, the Bible says we should not judge and love our neighbor. Gay marriage isn’t mentioned at all. Of course, the Bible condemns homosexuality. But it also condemns an entire array of behaviors that most Christians and **** do all of the time. Just read the Bible and reflect on it. I’m proud that we have a president who is courageous enough and intelligent enough to make this important decision.
    David Guard
    May, 10 2012

    I stand on God’s word when it comes to marriage, it is between a man and women. When it comes to human rights we all should be treated equally and the same but homosexual is going against the word of God and God hates sin regardless who is doing it! (Romans 1:26-28).
    Oscar York
    May, 10 2012

    Where is the line now?
    If those of you who are ok with gay marriage, are you ok with group marriage?
    All that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing!
    The 1st century christians were willing to die, be imprisoned, be displaced, etc., for their faith. We are unwilling to risk our Social Security benefits, our friendships, or just being called names.
    SHAME ON US! We will be held accountable. If not in this life, then in the next.
    Larry Markle
    May, 10 2012

    It’s easy to see from the inspired writings that God wants men to marry women and vice versa. If a man marries another man, it’s not in order to bless the family and community and nation with children. We have the opportunity and privilege of marrying in order to have a home and children. This is of God and is recognized by most nations. If men share sex with men or women share sex with women, it should be done privately and secretly rather than publicly. Such unions should not be blessed since they are condemned by God.
    Ray Downen
    May, 10 2012

    As far as judging is concerned, we must remember that the Lord and Savior who said, “Judge not, lest you also be judged!”(Matthew 7:1) also said, “Judge not according to appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24)
    There is one type of judgment we are commandeded to avoid–but there is also a type of judgment we are called to do. If we never made any kind of judgment, we would never see a need for evangelism.
    Russ Sharp
    May, 10 2012

    Whether we are authors, public speakers or just ordinary Christians, if there is a distinction, we can proclaim what the Bible says in a Christian manner. We don’t really have to speak out against anyone nor be contentious. In each of our own little environment we can be a positive influence in how we personally live as a slave/servant to Christ/man–how we share/serve is crucial.
    At CrossPoint Church of Christ, in some of the optional adult classes, we had the opportunity to study a book, “Organic Outreach for Ordinary People”, by Kevin G. Harney. The book is anti-formulaic and rather gives ways to find a persons natural way of sharing and serving. It also expresses some cautions/precautions.
    The author has a masters in divinity, doctorate in ministry, is a trainer in personal outreach and small group. Outreach sorta encompasses all of outward Christian expression, if I may say it in my own words.
    Jesus was pro God and pro Word/word of God all for the glory of the Trinitarian Spirit (Romans 8:9-11; Ephesians 1), not anti-man. The only people he was contentious with was the self-righteous Pharisees and the money changers/sellers at the temple, taking advantage of the religious people.
    Lee Baggs
    May, 10 2012

    This issue has much more to do with the First Amendment than it does with a biblical understanding of gay marriage.
    If we want to protection of the Establishment Clause then we must abide by it even when we don’t agree.
    For some the right of gays to marry is about the freedom to exercise their beliefs. When the government prohibits that, their First Amendment rights are abridged. If we want our First Amendment rights upheld, we need to uphold those of the homosexual community.
    This, however, does not mean that Christians need to believe that homosexuality is not a sin. There are many things that are biblically sinful yet still perfectly legal. If we want to start legislating against sinful activity then we must also outlaw gossip, drunkenness, disobedience to parents and gluttony.
    James Wood
    May, 10 2012

    I remember that Billy Graham was once asked, “What do you think about homosexuality?” His response was, “We all sin.” The political atmosphere is to demonize the other party because of one or two issues like abortion and gay rights. President Obama isn’t for abortion. Like most people he thinks it should be safe and legal. When it wasn’t safe and legal, women had unsafe abortions that jeopardized their health and ability to have more children.
    Obama isn’t for homosexuality. He doesn’t think it’s right to discriminate against gays, even though he doesn’t approve of it.
    The Bible is quite clear on the subject. However, we must be very careful not to throw the sinner out with the sin. Jesus in John 4 didn’t throw the Samaritan woman down Jacob’s well. He said, “My food is to do what the One who sent me wants me to do and to finish his work.” After talking to Jesus, the Samaritan woman went back to town and told others about what He had said to her. Many of the Samaritians in that town believed in Jesus because of what the woman said.
    We all sin and fall short. Our job as Christians is to tell others about Jesus and what He has done in our own lives. We are to plant the seeds and let God do the rest. If we judge people by the sin and start pulling out the weeds, we might also pull up the wheat.
    Thomas Sutton
    Thomas Sutton
    May, 10 2012

    In my humble opinion as a Christian, it is totally despicable that President Obama would use his children as a guidepost as to one of the reasons that he “evolved” into the decision to make public his support of a lifestyle so adamantly opposed in ALL Scripture! Jesus said, “Whoseoever harms one of these little ones…”! Well it seems inevitalbe to me that children, the world over, beginning with his own, are being harmed by the statement of this policy and by the attempt to USE his children to change public opinion.
    Raymond Coats
    May, 10 2012

    IT’S A SIN…Face it; read the Bible. Every child should have a father and mother.
    Gerri Means
    May, 10 2012

    Homosexuality is not only a sin against God, it is a blight on society. It does not promote the betterment of society in anyway. As for a political issue I don’t believe that a Christian should take a stand politically. Jesus was not a Republican or a Democrat or anything in between. We should preach and teach the Word of God faithfully in our own neighborhoods and wherever He leads us. Stay out of politics as a Christian. Do I vote, yes. Who do I vote for? That really is my own personal choice, but I will say that I vote the way that my conscience dictates. There are so many variables in choosing between political parties that no one issue should rule over another, because when it all boils down every party has it’s faults religiously. Politics and religion are two different horses. They don’t mix.
    Walter Duncan
    May, 10 2012

    I still say it would solve much of the tension of this issue if gay couples would agree to use a different term other than “marriage”. A different term would not prevent them from lobbying to get some of the same rights, while in the process, not steal an age old defined term that so many heterosexual couples and others feel so strongly about. I just think it is a bad idea to start down the road of re-defining things. It would be much better for them to have a different title than one such as marriage which is strongly tied to tradition, religion and faith. Homosexual couples should just go through the process of stating their case to get benefits of married couples if that is what their end goal is. But don’t call them “married”.
    Barrett V
    May, 10 2012

    I’m very pleased with the President’s decision. His willingness to make a hard call that will gain him many enemies and anger many conversative/evangelical Christians (where most of our people are found) exhibited more bravery than I might have been able to muster in the same situation.
    Reading through the many emails, I agree with those who noted that our forebears believed the Bible was unequivocal and crystal-clear on many topics – none of which any of us believe today. Human sexuality, in spite of the Bible’s “clear” message, is the subject of a vast amount of medical, psychological and Biblical research, and I suspect our children and grandchildren may have a completely different understanding of what the Bible “clearly” says.
    As to whether it will help or hurt with his upcoming election, well, that remains to be seen, but it’s worth noting that Jesus didn’t do very well when he went against the religious leaders (who frequently focused on moral issues) of his day.
    Robert Brady
    May, 10 2012

    My comments in full can be seen on my blog http://jameseriley.blogspot.com/. But here, I want to point out that brother Altrock gave the definition of Christian marriage. Not all marriages are Christian. Christian churches can teach and practice their interpretion God’s will when it comes to marriage. But society, which is not Christian, also has marriage. They define it however they want to also. And their definitions do not always match ours, on this issue and many others.
    Jesus did not leave us the option of forcing our faith and definitions and practices on the world. In Matthew 4, the devil offered Jesus all worldly political power and Jesus said “no.” Today, we beg the devil to give us that political power, the power to force our unbelieving neighbors to accept our views and practice only those things that are acceptable to us. We must resist the devil as Jesus did. Political laws cannot further or hinder God’s kingdom. Our call is to make disciples of Jesus, not force people to conform outwardly regardless of who or what they are inwardly. The only hope to truly redeem the world is a relationship with Jesus. Let the world do what it may in the meantime. Nothing else matters until they fall at the feet of Jesus in faith and submission. I for one will continue discipling, even if the world eventually makes a law against that too.
    James Riley
    May, 10 2012

    Being against gay marriage is not throwing the sinner out with the sin. God built the family with a man and woman. We can be concerned for the soul of the gay without condoning his life style. In trying to convert a murderer we would not tell them to repent and say it is ok to continue to commit murder. The gay lifestyle is a choice to live in sin willfully and must be left behind if they want to turn to God. Just as Christ told the woman caught in adultry Neither do I condemn thee;go,and sin no more. The point being not to willfully commit the same sin again. To stop.
    Some have said politics and religion don’t mix , I disagree. We need good moral men and women in government. Good morals come from religious people. If we leave God out of our government it is just a matter of time before God leaves us!
    Connie B
    May, 10 2012

    I am appalled that we as Christians see this as an “issue of discrimination.” Since when did sin become an issue of discrimination? I am an older Christian and can remember a time when people would have considered such an idea as homosexual marriage an abomination – the same attitude which God has (having the mind of Christ?). We can make all kinds of excuses as to why it’s ok to condone such (calling it a political issue, a human-rights issue, etc.) but truth be told it is a sin issue. Please remember that the apostle Paul CONDEMNED the Corinthians (in 1 Cor. 5) for accepting a man living in an incestuous relationship and patting themselves on the back for being “forgiving!” How can we tell people it is a sin to have a homosexual relationship if we condone marriage between them? This issue did not start with homosexuality, but with sexuality back in the 60s. First it was divorce, allowing it for any and every reason; then it was sex outside marriage, people living together and it being accepted; now it is homosexuality. Next will be pedeophilia and beastiality. If you think not, remember that the way homosexual relationships were introduced into everyday life was through humor – there is now a movie out called “That’s My Boy,” treating sex between an adult woman and a 13 year old boy as a comedy. We will continue going down the road to more and more perversion until someone says “STOP!” Will that someone be God?
    Linda Hoeck
    May, 10 2012

    Simple answer: Don’t vote for him.
    Graham Fisher
    May, 10 2012

    From the gay point of view, God should have showered additional blessings on Sodom and now He owes them an appology. After all, they were just as good as anybody else and if other people had a problem with that, then, they were the ones who should have fire and brimstone poured out on them. Guess that would have got Abraham. I guess those of us who have a problem with the practice of Homosexuallity better take warning, God just rain fire and brimstone down on us.
    Ray Pippin
    May, 10 2012

    My lack of support for same-sex marriage is mainly based on the Law of Magnetism which states that: Like poles repel; unlike poles attract.
    Adam was the first man created by God. Even though He wasn’t alone in the garden, he felt alone because he wasn’t attracted to any of the living things in the garden; he rather repelled them. God saw this and created for Adam a ‘Woman’. The moment Adam saw the ‘Woman’ he became attracted to her; he did not repel the ‘Woman’ thus obeying the Law of Magnetism.
    If God wanted same-sex marriage, He would have created another ‘Adam’ for the first ‘Adam’.Humans know ‘better’ but God knows ‘best’ as such God in His supreme wisdom created the marriage institution between a man and woman who will be attracted to each other instead of repelling one another.Thus, marriage between a man and a woman is a divine provision and not a human right to decide.
    Humans are renewable natural resources and can only replenished through the relationship between a man and a woman. In Genesis Chapter 2 marriage was created; in chapter 3 the man and his wife sinned and in chapter 4, the man and his wife consummated their marriage which bore the fruits called Cain and Abel and resulted in all of us including proponents of same-sex marriage.
    Without marriage between a man and a woman,humans would be no different from any endangered and wiped out species.Peter and John were right when they told the Jewish leaders that “Humans in their generation, our generation and future generations must obey God rather than men”.
    America of today is behaving like the Israelites in the book of Judges; when they disobey God, God send them into slavery and when they do the will of God, He rescues them.We say in God we trust and this God that Americans trust has made it crystal clear that the marriage institution that He created should and must be between a Male man and female woman,Period!
    May, 10 2012

    It is well worth remembering that our Nation was founded on moral principles and “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” ~ John Adams.
    We must also recognize that history proves a society will grow and prosper when traditional moral values are held as a matter of public policy. If we want economic stability, a reduction in welfare roles and a decrease in the high unemployments rates; the answer lies in reaffirming our cultural and social values.
    Ted Mathis
    May, 10 2012

    I am pleased to have an opportunity to respond on Pres.Obama’s
    choice to agree with gay marriages. In America the Declaration
    of Independence separates church from gov. Thank God or Christians could be legislated to serve a false God. I submit my considerations respectfully.
    God hates sin but loves the sinner. Christians don’t agree with atheism but God allows mankind to condemn him/herself. God chose to give man “free-will” even when his choice is sinful. Faithful Christians are to evangelize-all sinners(+delinquent members) by teaching “His Word in Love” and “modeling Christ”. Jesus,as a man,
    was compassionate to all men. Relationships with others are dominate in their willingness to receive Truth.
    The Declaration of Independence is foundation for “Civil Rights”. Many of us are the benefactors of a broad interpretation of “individual rights”. People of color, women rights, citizen’s rights, right to work, and individual freedom are “civil rights”.
    Many Christians condemned and voted against “civil Rights” and struggle understanding the depth of “God’s Love”.
    Aurelia Brown
    May, 10 2012

    I guess we should punish the sinner first. If they stop sinning they can be forgiven. Wow, if God had waited until man stopped sinning He would have never sent His Son to die for our sins on a cross.
    I’m sorry I missed the class about how we become perfect Christians after our conversion. It’s a life long process for me.
    To compare murder with homosexuality I think is a stretch. Some gay people believe they were born that way. They then have guilt and commit suicide.
    Homosexuality is wrong according to God’s Word. I get it. It looks creepy to see it in public. I don’t like it. I don’t understand why God would make someone attracted to the same sex. Is it all about lust? I’ve heard other Christians say it’s like alcoholism. Some people are wired differently and have to fight it their whole lives.
    On Sunday we go to church and what do we bring? We bring our addictions, our anger, our hate, our prejudice, our greed, our lust, our self-righteousness like the Pharisees did.
    Because God didn’t wait until we were perfect before sending His Son we can feel His love in our hearts and minds and bodies. Why? Because He first loved us when we didn’t deserve it.
    In a western movie a man is about to be shot by another man. A man on his back looks up from the ground at a gun pointed at him and says “I don’t deserve to die like this.” The man pointing the gun replies, “Deserve has nothing to do with it.”
    We don’t deserve salvation. We need to remember that before we start throwing stones.
    Thomas Sutton
    Thomas Sutton
    May, 10 2012

    I respect the comments I have seen thus far. I can only say that the Churches of Christ stood solidly for segregation not so long ago. Church of Christ colleges were segregated. Congregations were segregated and many still are in terms of separation. People lived with segregation and thought it was perfectly fine in God’s eyes to live like this. Christians much earlier believed that the Bible clearly accepted slavery. Scripture was quoted over and over to justify their positions both in the Old Testament and the New. Now here we are again with people using the Bible as a way to hurt others. I am confident that one day the Churches of Christ will look back with some amount of guilt for how they are treating gay people just like we do with the racial question. The guilt is well deserved. When we hurt people, we should feel guilty. My hope is that we will understand that civil rights and freedom are perfectly consistent with Christian thinking as long as we are intelligent and enlightened on the subject.
    David Guard
    May, 10 2012

    I feel sorry for the President. He is very misguided in so many things. This time he needs to know that he is out of touch with most Americans, the majority of Christians, and God’s Word. I have three words that will help him realize his error in judgement.
    “Vote him out!”
    Gerry Yates
    May, 10 2012

    I don’t think the LGBT community sees a loving God portrayed in Christians who create such a huge issue out of the sanctity of marriage and don’t stand up against other issues that are threatening marriage. Many Gay people are atheists and this discrimination only pushes them farther away from wanting to know Christ.
    Cara Helmuth
    May, 10 2012

    1) Continue to pray for him. 2) Continue to send him letters with the plan of salvation, encouraging him to become a Christian in the biblical sense of the word. 3) Encourage members of the Lord’s church who serve in his administration and / or his re-election political team. There are at least 2 such people who served him politically in 2008 that I know of who are NT Christians. I am e-mailing them to urge them to once again approach the president with the gospel.
    Russ McCullough
    May, 11 2012

    It does not matter what party you belong to or your financial condition or what happened in the past. It is whether or not you suppport and follow God’teachings. If you do not than it is between you and God. Many in the church will have varied opinions but what really matter is what God says. You decide and then God will decide in the final outcome.
    Inocencio Cacho
    May, 11 2012

    When the law of the land violates God’s law, I follow God’s Law. Upon looking at the whole picture, 1 position taken by any government leader that I do not agree with will not prevent me from endorsing that leader if the other things he/she has done or will do is for the betterment of our country as a whole. It is obvious that whether or not Ombama endorsed same-sex marriage or not, the states will do what they want to do.
    R. Smith
    May, 11 2012

    Sorry for typo: should be Obama.
    R. Smith
    May, 11 2012

    I see Obama as David saw Goliath an uncircumcised Gentile who needs to change his mind.The insult is really when he mentions Christ’s death in the context of supporting his point. We do not need his protection from not to preach the truth on that subject or any other (Mk. 16: 15-16). Peter already gave us the protection we need, Acts 5:29. Civil rights and freedom has nothing to do with Christianity they are as far apart as Obama and his sinful heart. We have our freedom from God’s word not some man made document. The issues on the table is not if gay folks have a right to marry, the issue is fornication. What has God said and who will have the last say? God had the first say and He will have the last say.
    Come on Saints lest’s not get bogged down with Satan’s diversions we need to rally and pray that some saint can reach Obama and all anti Christ Gentiles with the gospel. Ask yourself what are Gods’ thoughts about Obama and all sinners (2 Pet. 3:9).God created the ‘huge’ issues about marriage not Christians. We were not concerned about Obama being a liar why are we so concerned about his OPINION about marriage? Voting Obama out will not help him, baptizing him in the body of Christ will help him. There is no difference between Him and Romney, they both are sinners and needs to be converted.We are not stone throwers, God throws the stones of unrighteousness and we are commanded to throw the same stones, only with Gods’ mindset. The class on Saints being perfect is found in (Col. 1:28; Heb. 10:14).
    One more thing, Christ is a man and His wife is a woman. Wonder what He’s trying to teach us?
    Wake up sleeping Saints and see the real war (Eph. 6:12).
    robert brooks
    May, 12 2012

    A couple thoughts:
    1. I like Barret V’s idea of “separate but equal”. It has a nice ring to it, and, tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it’s been used before.
    2. We have a false notion of that America was founded on Christian principles. It was founded on the idea that the mix of religion and government generally ended in destruction. Regardless, the ferver over modifying the government to our own wishes tends to destroy the need for personal action. How many of us want to legislate homosexuality and poverty (one of the issues Jesus certainly talked more about), and yet we do not have relationships with either of those groups. How many people are friends with a gay couple? And how many actually stop and interact with and help the poor, which we surely can all agree on as a significant Biblical imperative, while many other denominations have openly embraced gay marriage? The obsession over government interventions makes it easier to give up our saltiness and light-ness in our daily lives.
    3. Poverty and murder have much clearer Biblical mandates than whether or not gay marriage should be allowed in a secular society. If Christians are going to engage the government (against D. Lipscomb’s strong reasoning) let us figure out a way to stop the killing of innocent people all over the world
    daniel gray
    May, 12 2012

    The President has again tried to please all people in which you can’t always and especially when it comes to Being a Christian following the written words. He said they are practicing Christians. Guidelines in the Bible given you must follow some you have a fear of GOD to always follow as we sin and ask forgiveness for what is sin to him and we strive to sin no more. Marriage is sacred to GOD as he made this to be for a man and a woman as to one husband and one wife. To care about people and give them privileges is one thing but to try and allow a change commanded by GOD is another. This is wrong just like killing another, stealing, lying, etc. He needs to retract and fear GOD for his own personal self. I support him but not on this as to I cannot ignore the good and move backwards for what I see as a person dealing with so much trying to appease people he come in contact with.
    Linda St.Julian
    May, 12 2012

    I appreciate Raymond for bringing up the issue of children’s involvement in this issue. Children need to be taught at home, at church, and in the schools. With adults having so many different ideas on this issue can really confuse these little minds. Such as I witnessed on the school playground while supervising the children at lunch: A young girl was talking about some activities that she had been doing with her family on vacation and she told about a funny incident with her Mom and how special it was. The other girl suddenly said to her; “I wish I had a Mom” and for whatever reason she was without……still leads to one thing…..God said “Suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven” and therefore HE made it possible for children to have this gift of a Mom and Dad. My prayer is that the President will not have to go through this choice with his daughters in the future.
    Gerri Means
    May, 12 2012

    I think one of the huge problems is that many Christians don’t know how to speak the truth in love, which in turn comes off as condeming to unbelievers. I think some of us may be very passionate about our Father’s word that we may come off a little strong and not realize it. We have seen the truth, our eyes have been opened, and we simply want others to see what we see as well but it doesnt happen that way without the person wanting to be free and wanting to receive Jesus. Then and only then can we show them the way. Pray for those that their eyes will be opened and that the cover of deception will be taken off of their eyes. In the name of Jesus.
    God loves us all. He loves the sinner but HATES the sin. There are some who say how can a loving God be against this or that? Our God is love but he is also a HOLY God and He is Truth. SO anything that goes against who He is, He simply can’t accept. If He accepted homosexuality then He would be a liar because practicing such behavior goes against who He is.
    Christians, lets get together and pray for our president and for those practicing homosexuality. We need to continue to love on unbelievers but we also need to continue to stand up for what is right. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to do it the correct way without a judgemental and condeming spirit. Walking in such a way will only add salt to the wound. God wants souls and we cant reach the lost when we are preaching instead of teaching/loving.
    Tonya Juanise
    May, 14 2012

    If the endorsement of homosexual marriage is being defended, then it would make no sense to prohibit bigamy. In fact, between the two, bigamy at least has tepid scriptural recognition while God specifically rails against homosexual living. Once God’s glorious design for humanity is compromised and the door is opened, there is no longer a reason for moral constraint since morality has become relevant.
    Tom Liebrand
    May, 14 2012

    Why is government involved in the decision of two people, regardless of gender or race or anything, deciding to commit their lives to one another? Why are Christians attempting to control the lives of homosexuals?
    Christians err when they look to government to enforce their moral views on others. If Christians were not so timid they would be out of their safe buildings on Sundays taking the Good News of Jesus to the world.
    To answer the question of the headline: How should Christians respond to President Obama�s support for same-sex marriage? The answer is no response. If you think Obama is better for the country vote for him if you believe Romney is better for the country (his background is one husband and many wives) vote for Romney. Whether homosexuals “are joined together in holy wedlock (what makes wedlock holy?) is of no consequence.
    John Jenkins
    May, 15 2012

    There is a microscopic bit of truth to the way John Jenkins characterizes Mitt Romney. Only a very small number of people in fringe groups of Mormons still practice marrying more than one wife.
    I don’t agree with Mormons on theology and doctrine about Jesus. I don’t have a quarrel with them on morality. For the most part they are more moral than many of us. Christians should at a minimum be fair to others.
    Royce Ogle
    May, 15 2012

    Much more than microscopic truth. I said his background and that is fact.
    John Jenkins
    May, 15 2012

    The New Testament is very clear about false teachers and false religions. 2 Peter 2:1-3;2 Peter 2:9-22; 2 John 7-11…”Anyone who goes beyond Christ’s teaching and does not continue to follow only his teaching does not have God. But whoever continues to follow the teaching of Crhist has both the Father and the Son. If someone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not welcome or accept that person into your house. If you welcome such a person, you share in the evil work.”
    I’m sorry, good morality does not save you. Only the teachings of Christ the Son of God who died for your sins on a cross can save you from your sins.
    False teachers can be very moral people. Like satan they can deceive.
    Thomas Sutton
    Thomas Sutton
    May, 15 2012

    I wanted to add something to what I said earlier. I do believe that Jesus’ teachings are all about morality and how we should live our lives and treat others. By following the teaching’s of Christ we are able to live a more abundant life. We have faith and hope in Christ Jesus.
    The point I wanted to make was that in Romans Paul was probaly talking about the gnostics that had left the church. They too were good moral people but in big trouble when it comes to salvation. Sometimes I can be harsh. Thomas Sutton
    Thomas Sutton
    May, 15 2012

    By Keith Bellamy
    Let me say first of all that I was not surprised by the current administration�s sanctioning of same-sex marriages. Be that as it may, I must take a stand, like I have always done, by saying that no President or any other government official, or any court, has the authority to lay aside the Word of God.
    If you believe the Bible is your authority in this life – and I do – then you will pay attention. If you don�t recognize the Bible as your authority, then I suggest you read no further.
    Let me suggest you read Jeremiah 36 and see how a king had God�s Word from the prophet cut out and burned. The prophecy still came true. You see, the people were so wicked that the scripture says the people then �� were not at all ashamed; nor did they know how to blush…� (Jeremiah 6:15)
    If you believe the Bible, then you will heed what it says. You may be able to cut Hebrews13:4 out of your New Testament, but God�s Word is still true. �Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.�
    Many years ago, while in a door-knocking campaign in Pasadena, TX, one of our student preachers quoted a certain scripture. The lady that was being visited said, �That�s not in my Bible.� And you know what? It wasn�t. She had cut it out. Have you done that?
    A lot of people don�t believe in what I say. So, please don�t take my word for it. Open your Bible and read it for yourself. Read Matthew 19 and see what Jesus said about marriage. I think it is significant that Jesus� first recorded miracle was at a wedding in John 2.
    Yes, many don�t want to hear what God says about a given subject, especially concerning marriage. However, when it comes to marriage, God�s word sanctions the marriage of One Man and One Woman.
    Keith Bellamy
    May, 16 2012

    Can you preach about love more than God? We should not hide and pretend to love and violate God’s standard by so doing. Please, same-sex marriage advocates who are still living should repent before they die and face judgment.
    Akerigba Jacob
    May, 24 2012

    This show that people are not reading the bible, christian let us pray for this,the world is in danger,
    but we have to bare in mind that JESUS will never defeated. His rules are clearly and any one who think he/she is clever want to modify them and try to satisfy people of this world in order to get vote or popularity they are in danger.
    thobias ditrick lupagalo
    June, 7 2012

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