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READER FEEDBACK: How much of the Bible do you plan to read in 2011?

Blogging live from Edmond, Okla.
At my home congregation, we’re focusing this month on “The Book.”
You know which book I’m talking about: The B-I-B-L-E, as the young children like to sing.
To be sure, my congregation — the Edmond Church of Christ — emphasizes the Scriptures all the time. I’m sure yours does, too. But with a new year, our leaders are urging members to make a renewed commitment to spending time in God’s Word each and every day.
The daily Bible reading emphasis is dubbed “Counting Verses, Changing Lives.”
“We’re hoping for 6 million Bible verses to be read this year by those of all ages,” said Don Vinzant, our senior minister.
The Edmond church is just one example of what’s happening in a number of Churches of Christ across the nation.
Just in the last week, The Christian Chronicle has featured a Texas minister’s 70-hour Bible reading marathon and a 9-year-old Arkansas church member sharing how daily Bible reading has blessed him. At a different Arkansas congregation, a narrative approach to reading the Bible is drawing attention.
After that lengthy introduction, here’s the reason for this post: We at the Chronicle want to know about you and your congregation. Please leave a comment and share details of any Bible reading programs that you’re implementing this year. As for you personally, how much of the Bible do you intend to read in 2011? If you read the Bible daily, how does that experience bless you? Besides leaving a comment, be sure to participate in our Bible reading poll.

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    On a personal level I am reading through a Harmony of the Gospels in 2011, reaquaininting myself with the Life of Christ in chronolgical order.
    Victor Knowles
    January, 10 2011

    Sharon Smith
    January, 10 2011

    We are encouraging our members, this year, to use the Life Journal Reading Plan that covers the OT once and the NT twice. We also encourage our members to use <a href=”http://www.youversion.com” rel=”nofollow”>www.youversion.com</a> that enables you to choose from many reading plans and to track your reading plan with a free login. Plus, Youversion supports most smart phones like the iPhone. And best of all it’s all free.
    Steve Puckett
    January, 10 2011

    I use a devotional guide “The Daily Walk” and have done so for several years. It starts with Genesis and goes through Revelations. There are normally six readings per week. I read before I go to bed and take notes in a journal. It is a great time to clear my mind and think on good things. I’m a night person more than a morning person and this works great for me. Even though I’ve read through the Bible numerous times, there’s always new lessons to learn. It’s one of the best habits I’ve ever had.
    Kaye Johnson
    January, 10 2011

    Hi Bobby,
    We have posted daily Bible reading schedules in our weekly bulletin for the past 15 years. Happy’s congregation has grown from an average of around 55-60 on Sunday mornings to 85-90 during that time, while the town population has remained relatively unchanged at 647. I would attribute the steady growth (both spiritually and in physical numbers)to the church remaining in the Word on a daily basis. I know of no program that the church has attempted anywhere in the world that has proven as effective as the determination of individual Christians to read their Bibles every day.
    Rick Bloodworth
    January, 10 2011

    I don’t believe my congregation has a specific plan. I intend to read it through at least once, perhaps twice.
    Adam Gonnerman
    January, 10 2011

    Well, I was on the front page of the Dallas Morning News on Sunday December 26 for writing by hand an illuminated manuscript of the Bible. I plan to finish the Psalms by Easter and I am publishing the Gospels now.
    I highly recommend taking a pen and writing the scripture, it gives you a perspective that is common to all who have written the Gospels going back through history to the Apostles. American Bible Society Presents made a film about my work and you can see it on my website.
    James Pepper
    January, 10 2011

    Our congregation, Wilkesboro (North Carolina)church of Christ, is reading through the Bible in a chronologically-ordered plan. We are also keeping journals of our daily reading. Then on Sunday nights, our small groups come together and discuss the weekly readings. Our pulpit minister will be focusing many of his sermons on the reading current for that day/week, as well. Age-appropriate Bibles have been provided for toddlers through young readers, as well.
    It is great doing a group read and having everyone on the same page. Every time I read through a verse or chapter or book, I learn something new (whether in the Bible or a secular work) but this particular pace seems to be having increased benefits and blessings.
    Great question, Bobby! Thanks for all you do! Love to you and Tamie and those amazing kids! 🙂
    Lisa Brewer
    January, 10 2011

    I read a chapter each day and try to spend real time with that chapter (perhaps reading parallel chapters, looking up other translations to help with something I don’t understand or simply praying about whatever the text is telling me.) I make notes in my Bible about what I have learned or mark sections I would like to be able to find more easily. Doing this means I get through the Bible in about 3 years. When I’m finished, I put that Bible on a shelf and buy a new one to start over with no notes.
    Jay Kelley
    January, 10 2011

    I’m using YouVersion.com to go through a chronological reading plan this year, which should cover the whole Bible. Highly recommended (and free!) web service! Very good features for managing reading plans, and has quite a number of plans to choose from. http://www.youversion.com/
    Jonathan Paden
    January, 10 2011

    I have sent full text Daily Bible Readings to a group of readers for about 11 years now. That means we have read the Bible completely every year. I can’t exaggerate what reading the Bible through every year for ten straight years has done for me. I like to say that we’re not only learning God’s words; we’re picking up his accent. I follow the chronological readings available on Woodrow Kroll’s webpage at <a href=”http://www.backtothebible.org/index.php/component/option,com_guides/category,12/” rel=”nofollow”>http://www.backtothebible.org/index.php/component/option,com_guides/category,12/</a> I change up the order slightly from year to year, and I use different versions from time to time. We emphasize Bible readings constantly, but especially in December and January when people are of the mind to make good resolutions.
    Steve Kenney
    January, 10 2011

    Thanks, Bobby, for this emphasis on scripture.
    We make a big push for our church family to read through the Bible every five years. In 2010, we completed our fifth time through the Bible in the twenty six years I have been with the Pitman Church. I read through the Bible for the first time when I lived in Springfield, Vermont during my Junior/Senoir year of 1968. My dad, who was ministiering to the church in Springfield at that time, led a Daily Bible Reading campaign, and in 1968 he urged the church to do more than read a few verses or a chapter every day. He urged the church family to read through the entire Bible that year. And, I was one who completed my journey from Genesis-Revelation. That was my first time to read through cover to cover in a planned and intentional way. I have now been through scripture in this organized way seven times.
    By the way, one extra push here in Pitman over the twelve months of 2010 was for all members to follow the same Bible Reading schedule, and then my co-worker, Steve Sikes and myself, preached from the text that members were to have read for the week preceeding the Sunday that we preached. Five years ago, in 2005, the entire church read through F LaGard Smith’s Chronological Bible, and I preached through the Chronological Bible in 2005.

    Every other Quarter or so, our church has one class offering which is typically led by one of our elders. This class does nothing but read scripture together, with very little or no commentary. That is also a popular class offering.

    Dan Cooper
    January, 10 2011

    There are six people in our family. We read the Bible every day, six chapters, a chapter a person, three from the Old Testament and three from the New. There are days we know we’ll miss, but we will read once through the OT and twice or three times through the NT.
    Julie Toth
    January, 10 2011

    all of it – i try to read a different translation each year. As it is the 400th anniversary of the KJV i am reading it through in 2011. i encourage my students at Middle Georgia Christian School to do the same, though not necessarily in the same translation.
    Stan Boone Frank
    January, 10 2011

    I am reading through the Bible chronologically, the Proverbs through each month, Revelation three times before April then the Epistles through twice. I am excited about all the things God points out new to me each year as I read through the Word.
    Sherril Weiss
    January, 10 2011

    Ditto to what Stan said – “all of it” and a new translation each time I do that. Here’s what I do — divide # of pages in my Bible by 365 rather than read “X” many chapters each day. I’m reading “Holman’s Christian Study Bible” this year. I’m behind by about six pages.
    Sharon Rose Smith
    January, 10 2011

    I’m following a plan to read through the Bible in 271 days. http://www.kjil.com/BibleReading2011.pdf This gives some leeway if you get behind. I did the same Reading last year and then read through Psalms and Proverbs.
    Janet Hayden Newman
    January, 10 2011

    All of it. I read through the whole Bible every year using The Daily Bible in Chronological Order with commentary by F. LaGard Smith. I wish this were available in the New American Standard version. I like the NASB and the New King James version better than the NIV.
    Carol Randle
    January, 10 2011

    Decided to rather study in-depth each day and how far I get is how far I get. Opted not to do an fast over-view.
    Debbi Lawson Gray
    January, 10 2011

    Yes, I read the Bible through each year. Actually, I try to read the Old Testament through in in four months, then read the New Testament through a three a year. I try reading a different version each year.
    Pam Osborn Cummings
    January, 10 2011

    I have been encouraging our congregation to use the youversion.com however, there are several online programs to chose from. We just started a group on that site for the congregation. This is being accepted both online and with smart phones. I hope we have a good responce.
    Keith Ellis
    January, 10 2011

    I read the entire Bible every year using F. LaGard Smith’s “The Daily Bible In Chronological Order.” When I come across something that I don’t remember really seeing or knowing before, I put a distintive mark in the margin–a different one each year. I owe my daily and yearly habit to Bailey McBride who mentioned in his “Chronical” column some years ago that he read it through every year. Thanks, Bailey; the reads have been good ones!
    Robert Michener
    January, 10 2011

    This year I will be studying the Bible from a different perspective. Instead of just reading, I will be looking for things and articles that are mentioned in the Bible and trying to see that from the biblical point of view. For instance, all of the Biblical references to lamps and lights. There were no candles, no kerosene lamps, no batteries,no street lights. The lamps were small, made of clay, could fit into the palm of your hand, had a wick and burned olive oil for fuel. It was very dark outside and inside once the sun went down. But this small lamp brought hope, and comfort. A lamp unto your feet could really provide you with safety. It gives me greater understanding and greater meaning when I know what such objects looked like.
    Gail O
    January, 10 2011

    Our congregation challenged everyone to read the bible through in 2010, and many did.
    Dennis Norris
    January, 10 2011

    I believe a 70 hour marathon of bible reading would be counter productive, a lot like running a marathon, you just put one foot in front of the other and say ‘are we at the finish yet’?
    Most congregations at one time or another have launched the ‘read the bible in a year’ campaign. Probably the reason many fail to complete it is that after the first month or so of pretty interesting stuff you get buried in a couple months of ‘who cares’ and ‘how could this possibly relate to me’ stuff. And much of it is pretty gory.
    I think the Zondervan approach of editing out the stuff that was very important to people 5000 years ago, but not so relevant to post Christ folks, making it more of a ‘story’, could make it work.
    Jim Frost
    January, 10 2011

    The Westgate Church in Dothan, AL is committing to a Read-The-Bible through in a year program. Two of our memebers Dr. Scott and Everlie Bolton lead men’s and women’s Bible classes on Wednesday night. They began promoting the daily Bible reading in October 2010 and purchased hundreds of copies of “The Daily Bible” with commentary by F. LaGard Smith for resale to our members. Our Wednesday classes are focusing our studies on the weekly Bible readings to reinforce the programtic reading of God’s word. Our Shepherds and staff have been very supportive mentioning the readings weekly in public and the energy behind the plan is felt by all.
    Eric Greer
    January, 11 2011

    We go by a reading schedule that is somewhat chronological and inserts Paul’s letters into the corresponding parts of Acts. My husband preaches from a part of the reading each week. This year, he’s trying extra hard to find New Testament passages that refer to the part of the Old Testament that he is using as a test. Some of our members think we shouldn’t spend much time in the Old Testament but he thinks it’s important, especially to understand how Christ is the theme of the whole Bible. He encourages everyone to read each week but I don’t think many of them do. I’m always glad when we get to the New Testament and, in some of the more repetitive passages, I just skim.
    Patricia Barber Brannan
    January, 11 2011

    I usually have bookmarks made up for Lakehoma members to use and share with friends. We have them printed at Unique Printing on Wishire Blvd. and they are very low cost. It follows the Bible through from OT to NT in canonical order except for switching up John and Luke so we can get Luke/Acts together. It seems to be fairly popular among members. I know some members have told me they follow different plans like the chronological approach by F. LaGard Smith and the One-Year Bible that has OT and NT portions daily.
    For my personal reading, I keep several versions of the Bible avaialable in various formats to supplement my reading (MP3 audio, iPhone, Kindle), but I prefer to sit down and read the daily portions from my study Bible whenever possible. Across the years I have usually read Proverbs through 8-12 times a year, sometimes Ecclesiastes 3-4 times per year. I tried reading the NT every month, but only succeeded once, so I don’t know if I’ll try that again. Whew!
    Clyde H. Slimp
    January, 11 2011

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing your experience and insights!
    And, Lisa, thank you for the kind words for my family! 🙂
    Bobby Ross Jr.
    January, 11 2011

    I actually didnt have a plan for 2011, but wanted one and this article has been exactly what I needed! I read from the Bible each day when I was the caretaker for my grandmother many years ago and was tremendously affected by that experience. Now that I am not working full time, I have wanted to do it again, but didn’t know how to get started with my infant &amp; toddler in consideration. I didn’t want to start and not finish. I really like the app that I can just download to my phone, I think I will try that. Thanks so much Bobby!
    Melinda Oldham
    January, 11 2011

    We�re encouraging folks at Canyon to do one of three things:
    1. 10 pages of Bible / day�through the Bible 3 times in 2011
    2. 3 pages/day�.through the Bible 1 time in 2011
    3. 1 page/day�read through John once a month in 2011

    Emphasis is on the life of Christ: �Walking With Jesus��studying John�s Gospel all year�

    Tom Riley
    Minister, Canyon Church of Christ

    Tom Riley
    January, 11 2011

    Our theme for 2011 is “Devoted to the Ministry of the Word and Prayer”. We took orders for the “Daily Bible” and had over 160 copies purchased. We are encouraging everyone to read the Bible through this year. I am also preaching sermons that correspond with one of the Bible readings during the week. So far, we have had a great response, just based on the number of questions and comments I get each time we meet.
    Tim Gunnells
    Minister, Athens (TN) Church of Christ
    Tim Gunnells
    January, 12 2011

    2011 Read Through The Bible We invite you to experience the word of God for yourself this coming new year. To facilitate this goal, we have put together a reading schedule that will guide us thru every word of the Bible in 2011. We hope you will find this document to be more than just a reading schedule but also a study guide that will help to unleash the power of God’s word into your life. As you know, reading and understanding the Bible is the first step to living out its message.
    Here are the major highlights of our journey:
    * The readings will come from the New Testament first (1st Quarter) followed by the Old Testament (2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th Quarters).
    * The schedule is based on six days per week (Monday – Saturday). This allows Sunday to be a “make up” day if necessary.
    * The readings are as balanced as possible — normally only 3 – 4 chapters per day.
    * When possible, individual books are not divided so that the author’s train of thought will be more readily apparent.
    * The readings for New Testament and Old Testament are in chronological order to aid in seeing the “big picture” of how the Bible fits together.
    * All major characters/events are outlined along with the approximate dates they lived/occurred. This will help to anchor the readings in their original cultural setting.
    * The readings for each week will be the focus of our adult Sunday morning classes
    Also, we have 2 special events scheduled in conjunction with our reading:
    * February 13-20: As we read thru the Gospels during the first six weeks, we would like to give special emphasis to the passages on Discipleship. Following this, we will ask every member to fill out the latest edition of our church involvement forms.
    * September 9-10: We will conduct a 24 hour prayer marathon.
    “When fully trained, a disciple will be like his Teacher…” (Luke 6:40)
    [For a copy of the reading schedule developed by our Spiritual Growth deacons, please email me and I can send a pdf file to you.]
    Lori Roberts
    January, 12 2011

    Our Adult Educ. Deacon has provided a weekly list of readings plus a “story” as an option or addition to be put into our Sunday bulletin and on our private church website. The readings take us through the Bible in Chronological order, something that has always intrigued me. My personal plan is to read something from the Bible each day, whether it is the recommended reading or just turning the pages. I am always blessed by the Word.
    Cindy Vick
    Pegram (TN) Church of Christ
    Cindy Vick
    January, 12 2011

    I plan to read the entire Bible in 2011 using The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order edited by F. LaGard Smith. This is my 12th consecutive year to read the entire Bible. It has greatly enriched my spiritual life.
    Ken Davidson
    January, 12 2011

    For the last 9 years our congregation has encouraged Daily Bible Reading, offering a variety of reading plans and a yearly theme. Our theme this year is: “Lead Us To Heaven in 2011! Be A Daily Bible Reader.” Many have participated in this effort every year, and for those who have done so, the richness of God’s word has blessed them in ways they could not have otherwise imagined. On a personal level, I have read through the Bible from a different English translation each of the last three years. As I have done so, I have made notes of the places where the translations differ from the NASB, which is my preferred text, and note the ones that are better, or worse, at accurately communicating God’s word. It has been a wonderful exercise that helps me to better teach and preach God’s word, and to offer studied responses when asked about various translations. Lord willing, we’ll keep “reading through” each year until the Lord calls us home!
    Fred Dominguez
    January, 12 2011

    Between Jan. 2 and Apr. 1, the Missouri Street Church of Christ in Baytown, TX is reading the entire New Testament. Every member is encouraged to do their reading in a Bible translation they’ve never used before. I am personally using the Common English Bible (CEB). It was this particular aspect of the project that birthed the project’s designation: “Fresh Eyes.”
    The schedule is my own, a copy of which can be downloaded from our church website (www.mostchurch.org). Each day’s reading gives rise to a brief devotional/informational thought and/or prayer, on my blog (http://preachersmith.com).
    Every year we have a different kind of church-wide Bible reading project here. This has been our custom for at least the past seventeen years.
    David Smith
    January, 12 2011

    Our entire congregation Burnt Hickory church of christ Marietta, GA. is reading the bible thu this year, we started Genesis in January 2011.
    Ron Wiley
    January, 12 2011

    Our congregation, Cherokee Hills church of Christ in Oklahoma City, has been challenged again this year to read through the Bible in 90-180 days. We are reading from The Narrated Bible in Chronological Order by F. LaGard Smith. I read the entire Bible in 90 days last year and was amazed at how much I could retain by reading 20 pages a day. I challenge everyone to read GOD’s marvelous WORD in 90 days. See for yourself how it changes your life.
    Bunny Chambers
    January, 12 2011

    Currently, our congregation is reading through the New Testament in 6 months and spending our Sunday afternoon Bible Study discussion various topics from the reading.
    Personally, my wife and I are reading through a Chronological Bible as well. We have two reading schedules for the next six months, this will be interesting!
    Just my thoughts,
    Chris Gallagher
    Chris Gallagher
    January, 12 2011

    I have already started reading a daily Bible in chronological order for 2011. The New Hope Church of Christ in Edmond, OK passed out daily Bibles three years ago. I used that as motivation and have read through the entire Bible each year since then. I plan to read a Bible each year in a different translation or arrangement. The daily Bible I read last year included a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs each day.
    Rob Ford
    January, 12 2011

    Personally,I do a read-through every year. This year I’m going on a straight-through starting at Genesis. Most of the time, I use a Gospel Advocate plan which I started using in 1994 when they published it. Since then, I’ve used some other published schedules from other sources, but the GA one is still my favorite. It takes a few chapters from the Old and New Testaments each day.
    Last year, our congregation at Main Street in Milan, TN did a Bible reading 90-day blitz. As I can see above, Bunny Chambers has done this as well. Yes, we read the whole thing in 90 days, but of course that’s not recommended for intense study. I believe out of our congregation of about 300, 49 did it. That’s not counting people in the community and even from other churches who were inspired to read along with us. Our outreach minister also posted a daily blog to go along with it.
    Tammy Scott
    January, 12 2011

    I have been using F. LaGard Smith’s Narrated Bible to read through the
    bible in a year…..for ten to fifteen years. I highly recommend it.
    T. R. Garner
    January, 12 2011

    Also, I’d like to ask, do you all write in your Bibles? I do and always have. I guess it’s a thing I picked up from watching my granddaddy study his Bible. I have a new Bible which my late mother left me and I’ve started to use it a little, but I am loathe to write in it because it’s the last thing she gave me. I do have a very beat up purple NIV that is scribbled to death and I can’t seem to turn loose of it and enjoy the new one.
    Tammy Scott
    January, 12 2011

    My wife Becky and I grow in the Lord by hearing the Bible read via an app on our I-phones each morning through Daily Audio Bible (http://www.dailyaudiobible.com). Each day we hear about 3 chapters from the OT, 1 from the NT, a portion from the Psalms, and then a Proverb or 2. Hearing the reading helps focus our lives around the Lord. We have experienced how Scripture forms and shapes us.
    Gailyn Van Rheenen
    January, 12 2011

    Mt Hebron church in Eclectic, AL has for many years stressed daily Bible reading and reading the Bible through each year. We provide members and others with monthly “bookmarks” as a reminder of the chapters to be read each day. A couple of years ago, we purchased a supply of “The Daily Bible” which is in chronological order and contains excellent introductory remarks by a good brother in Christ. These have also been quite popular.
    A majority of our congregation participates in the program.
    Ed Walker
    January, 12 2011

    At our congregation we are challenging everyone to read the Bible through chronologically this year. We have printed up schedules and purchased Bibles that are set up on the schedule. I am preaching each Sunday from some portion of either that week’s reading or for the upcoming week’s reading. One family here has used the opportunity to gather together and read the Bible aloud each night. So far they have really enjoyed that.
    I personally plan to read it through, using a variety of translations that are different from what I am using to construct sermons.
    Danny Holman
    Danny Holman
    January, 12 2011

    All of it,Lord willing.
    Bob Kendrick
    January, 12 2011

    Reading through the Bible is a great idea. I discovered that the best way for me to remain steadfast and immovable is to do more living through the Bible than reading through it. We all know enough of the word to get us to heaven without spot or blemish if we OBEYED it daily. amen?
    Keep reading folks!
    robert brooks
    January, 12 2011

    I have determined to read the Bible through in one year, many times, but I don’t keep “resolutions” very well, and usually just quit trying once I am so far behind that I know I can never catch up!
    But this year, I will read as much as I can, and keep reading until I get it all done. It may take me 2-3 years, but I will keep a marker in my Bible as I go along. I still teach, and study outside of this effort, but this way, if I live long enough, at least I can say I did it! Also, as I read, I like to read cross-references, and spend some time in what I am reading, instead of feeling I have to rush through it. That way, I should get more out of it. I think sometimes we set these artificial time frames, and that sets some of us up for failure. Calendars are artificial anyway. The important thing is the reading and meditating, not meeting a deadline.
    Pat Shelbourne
    January, 12 2011

    I believe there is harmony in the four gospels with all of the New Testament. My hope is meditation in the Word will enrich my understanding of His indwelling Spirit. Studies in the gospels will focus on encounters with Jesus. Studies in the epistles will confirm His Spirit in the daily lives of believers. As shared by L Martin in his daily ‘Under the Morning Star’ this week – a prayer ‘Father, I study the Scriptures not to accumulate information, but to discover more of who You are. I express my failures and hopes with expectation, and therefore I seek You, and wait, because of Jesus. Amen’
    John Barhydt
    January, 12 2011

    I was challenged last year to read the Bible in 90 days with a group of ladies from church. A week or two after I started, I decided to read it out loud, my husband then sat and listened. When we had a question, we would look it up or I would make a note about it. We so enjoyed it, that we repeated it 3 more times last year, each time in a different version, it was amazing how reading it in different versions would catch your attention about different verses. We started again on January 1st. It is a wonderful way to start our day. I have a notebook where I write down new thoughts or items that we want to read more about. There is a Bible published by Zondervan that is set up for reading thru in 90 days ~ it is only 12 pages a day, it takes us about an hour reading it out loud.
    Patti M Bass
    January, 13 2011

    Great emphasis!
    I’m in my fourth year now in studying the gospels, and writing morning devotionals (M-F)called UNDER THE MORNING STAR. I started in October 07, and this morning sent out my 782nd Post. I’ve completed three of the gospels, and I am working now on Matthew. It will probably take me the rest of 2011, so that’s were I’ll be this year. If you are interested in receiving my morning post, email me at [email protected]
    I’m at East Sunshine Church of Christ, Springfield, Mo
    Lowell Martin
    Lowell Martin
    January, 13 2011

    That is a beautiful song written about the little boy who appeared to be raised to revere Christ’s birth not santa clause. I receive a blessing every tine I hear it.
    I will try to read the Bible through again. I also have Daily Guidepost and Dr Charles Stanly’s Book of Life Principles. I also receive daily Bible study each month from In Touch. Plus there are boke, poemsand cards I receive from the Salesian Missions. These I love to read.
    God Bless you and everyone, remember help stop bullying, It’s a crime and a shame we can’t live in harmony. love, Patsy Comer
    Patsy Comer
    January, 14 2011

    Rick Bloodworth said it well: I know of no program that the church has attempted anywhere in the world that has proven as effective as the determination of individual Christians to read their Bibles every day.
    I have read the Bible completely through at least once (several times twice, and many times including the NT twice) for over 30 years. In recent years I have followed a chronological reading plan and find that it helps me to keep the whole picture together better. During all this time I have encouraged the church – privately and publicly, in the bulletin, in the classroom, from the pulpit and on the web site – to be daily Bible readers. We keep a supply of reading schedules, both cover-to-cover and chronological, available in the foyer at all times, and include a large-print version for those who require it.
    We find that participation and interest in Bible classes – and even participation in leading worship assemblies – increase when people determine to follow a plan to read the Bible every day.
    Al Parr
    January, 14 2011

    I am reading the Bible through in its entirety this year. Already this project has blessed my prayer life and reminds me minute by minute that God is in every moment of my life.
    January, 14 2011

    When My Jim and I got married in 1967 we started reading a chapter every night before our prayer and going to sleep. when he passed in 2004 so quickly I just decided to read a chapter along with other spiritual reading every morning. Therefore I get up early to do this reading and study so that I feel the comfort all day long. I don’t know where I would be without My God and my Christian Friends. God Bless the word.
    Sister in Christ from Weirton, WV
    Darlene McKinley
    Darlene McKinley
    January, 18 2011

    Bloomington, IN has a wonderful program for the children grades 1-6 called the 2nd Timothy Program. It utilizes a monthly calendar that is initialed by the child and the parent, scriptures are listed, but can always be expanded upon, and memory verses are included. It was not my habit to read every single day until our children began participating in this program. It creates accountability and I am so very thankful for it. I spent a fair amount of time studying and doing research on various subjects, but this helped to make it a habit and create consistancy. ALSO, the Midwest Leadership Training for Christ Conference held each year on Easter weekend in Indianapolis has given us cause to focus on one book (usually) each year. The 2011 Theme covered Romans and James and we will study Genesis for 2012. This requires lots of study in a devoted way as well. I highly recommend participating in one of the LTC conferences in your area. It is great for the kids and it is a challenge for us as parents as well. As one of our beloved ‘elders’ says, “May God Bless the reading of His Word. And the people said, ‘Amen’ “
    Julie Gaines McIntyre
    May, 24 2011

    I have done “Read the Bible Through in a Year” programs before, but I prefer to study the Books of the Bible a little more in depth, and not just to study the words, but to apply it to my life and ask myself, “Ok, Bobbi, how have you applied this portion of Scripture to your life THIS week?” That holds me accountable for not only reading God’s Word, but digesting it and applying it. I hope many people will pick up their Bibles and read them this year. There shouldn’t be any dust on our Bibles. The Bible is God’s Love Story to us.
    June, 16 2011

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