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Read the entire Bible in 2012

I really like fresh beginnings.
A new year always arouses my imagination and anticipation about the prospects of another year when the adventure of life calls. I have been blessed to work in higher education, where courses and students change every four months. Even when I am teaching the same course I taught last semester, I have new students who will respond in different ways to the readings, the ideas and the work.
As I anticipated another year, I was reminded that life is so full that I can hardly absorb all its wonders. For many years I have read the Bible through, using different guides or Bibles.
Thinking back, I realized that I have not read the Bible through since 2000. That year we were traveling most of the time, and so long train or plane rides offered great opportunities for reading. Joyce and I each had texts arranged in chronological order with readings requiring about 30 minutes each day.
As we look forward to 2012, we have set a goal of reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, which will allow us to see God’s working with mankind from the creation through the last epistles to people in churches during the first century of the Christian era. We are using the One Year Bible in the New Living Translation, a translation designed for oral reading.  
I am challenging readers of The Christian Chronicle to read the entire Bible in 2012.
You can find guides in most religious bookstores or you can Google “One Year Bible” to find many different schedules to aid you with a system. Reading takes on greater value when you remind yourself each day that you are hearing the words of God directing people of different eras to become more devoted to God and seeking a life of deep spirituality. Through the years, I have learned that I benefit more if I have a pen and tablet handy to write down ideas that I need to consider more fully. I also keep notes about themes and characters.
This year I am looking for prophecies about the Messiah, workings of the Holy Spirit, promises God makes to all mankind and motivation of people who turn against God. In the past I have kept notes about the specific characteristics of each book in the Bible. I have also studied the ways the synoptic gospels are different from each other. I looked for all miracles one year, and I saw the amazing works of God through nearly two millennia. Many of the miracles illustrate dramatic rescues of God’s people or of a single godly person.  
I realize that some Christians are not especially interested in the Old Testament. Personally I think that it is not possible to know God — his patience, his faithfulness, his justice — if you do not know the Old Testament.
Even those familiar stories about the Old Testament characters that most learn about in children’s Sunday school classes contain deeper lessons that as adults we all need to understand. I am, therefore, hopeful that all will read the entire Bible this year.
Most plans for reading the Bible in one year include Old Testament, New Testament and Psalms/Proverbs each day. That blend helps focus attention on Scripture directly applicable to Christians and still provides insights about how God has worked in the past. The Psalms and Proverbs, written in poetry, require thought and analysis. Those readings take on greater meaning when read aloud and discussed with another person who will see different ways of thinking about the poetic images.
A fundamental problem with most annual reading schedules blending OT and NT develops because the continuity of narratives is often broken up. Therefore, note-taking will help connect the parts of the stories for a reader.
The Bible remains one of the best-selling books in the world. But Bible reading is not a regular practice in most homes even in America.
Therefore, I am encouraging you to set aside time to read the whole Bible this year.
You can schedule 30 minutes a day and reach the goal. Our plan is to devote the 30 minutes after nightly news to reading our One Year Bible.
We are resolved to read the entire Bible this year, and I pray you will let God speak to you every day of 2012.
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  • Feedback
    Our Bible class is reading the Bible through in a year using The Daily Bible in Chronological Order. Each Sunday morning we discuss what we have read that week. We have read the Bible through in the past but this is our first time in chronological order. Thanks for your insight and keep inspiring.
    Tim & Faith Miller
    Bayside church of Christ
    Chesapeake, VA.
    January, 21 2012

    Thanks, Bailey! I made copies of “52 Week Bible Reading Plan pdf”, which includes weekly readings from all divisions of the Bible; my wife and I and several members of the congregation are using them. It’s making a difference!
    Mitch Potter
    Newalla Church of Christ
    Newalla, OK
    January, 21 2012

    Brother McBride,
    NOW I read the criteria such as “750 characters or less.” I read the other responses which were great! Sorry, and thanks again.
    Joan Sims McCollum
    Decatur, Alabama
    January, 20 2012

    Praise the Lord God Bless you and your ministry. pray my ministry and our community and our church.
    Pastor Raju L Shinde
    Bhalki, Karnataka
    January, 20 2012

    I’ve been reading through the Bible from Gen to Rev for 10 or 11 years now. I read through a different English translation each year (which gets harder to find different ones after a while)and I’m amazed each time as I see things I didn’t remember seeing before!
    craig cottongim
    New Song Church
    kingsport, tn
    January, 19 2012

    A few years ago, our Sunday morning class read through “The Bible in 90 Days”. It was essentially 12 pages a day and took about 1 hour each day. I found it a great way to get an overall glimpse of the Bible. If anyone has the time to devote to that, it is a neat reading plan. There is an actual Bible called that, but if you don’t want to use it, there is a reading schedule in the back of it you can use.
    Kennewick Church of Christ
    Pasco, WA
    January, 19 2012

    I decided to read the Bible in continuity this year 2012 and it is really making a difference. Before I did a reading plan that had you to read the OT and NT simultaneously. This works better for me. God has allowed me to better recognize the historical elements as they are tied to the spiritual content! I love His Word!
    Tori Collins
    Chicago , IL
    January, 19 2012

    My favorite way to read the Bible through every year is the Daily Chronological Bible with 365 daily readings! It is wonderful to see God’s plan working out through the Patriarchs, the Prophets and all in Chronological order — placing the prophets with the kings they were contemporaries of. I’ve been using this method for over five years. Besides this daily reading, I also use the “Power for Today” devotional and Guidepost Daily devotional, plus reading to keep up with the Bible studies I attend. God is GOOD! He loves us and every time we open His Word we grow closer to Him.
    Gail Berry
    Rome New York
    Rome, NY
    January, 10 2012

    Try eBible.com for your reading plan. We have several one-year plans (chronological, canonical etc.) to help you reach your goals. Caveat: I work for http://eBible.com.
    Colin Wong
    Kirkland, WA
    January, 10 2012

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