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December 31, 2021


Audrey Jackson and Erik Tryggestad prepare to enter the COVID-19 ward.

Audrey Jackson and Erik Tryggestad prepare to enter the COVID-19 ward.

‘What have I gotten myself into?’

This photo represents one of the many times I’ve asked myself that question in 20 years with The Christian Chronicle.

In a small, overtaxed hospital in Juticalpa, Honduras, Audrey Jackson and I strapped on layers of personal protective equipment (PPE) to follow a chaplain with Predisan ministries into the COVID-19 ward.

As Audrey took photos of the chaplain praying with patients strapped to multiple machines, I struggled to see through my ever-fogging glasses to write down — and to process —what I saw. Tiny pools of sweat collected in the fingertips of my rubber gloves as I scribbled in my notepad.

Nerve-wracking? Oh yeah. But the end result was a story and photos you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. And I gained a new respect for the healthcare workers who suit up like this every day for 12-hour shifts.

I love the little heart on the wall in this photo. It speaks volumes about the folks who care for the suffering.

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— Erik Tryggestad, president and CEO

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