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Jordan Shipley serenades Colt McCoy

We at The Christian Chronicle have enjoyed following the football careers of Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley, whose fathers were roommates and teammates at Abilene Christian University. I wrote a column on McCoy’s Church of Christ background in December 2008, and Chronicle Editor Lynn A McMillon interviewed McCoy about faith and football last year.
Over the weekend, McCoy got married at the Westover Hills Church of Christ:

Colt McCoy’s friends wrote a funny song for him, and still all anybody wants to talk about is Tim Tebow.
The former University of Texas football star (now the third-string rookie quarterback for the Cleveland Browns) got married over the weekend to sweetheart Rachel Glandorf, and to celebrate the occasion his friends wrote a catchy country ditty about his manliness (as all friends should do, really.) The song, from McCoy’s old teammate Jordan Shipley, is actually pretty cute: “When I grow up I want to be just like Colt McCoy / A real straight-shootin’ gun-slingin’ inspiration / To any small-town country boy.”

Read the full story.
See a Houston Chronicle blog report.
The line that draws the biggest burst of laughter is when Shipley refers to McCoy “rubbing elbows with Tim Tebow.”

  • Feedback
    My sister’s son wrote the song for Colt. His name is Aaron Watson and he sings country music in Texas. Aaron is a member of the church as well. Aaron is the one with the white hat.
    Aaron’s Aunt B
    Beverly Johnson
    July, 22 2010

    Aunt B,
    Thanks so much for letting us know! What congregation does Aaron attend?
    Bobby Ross Jr.
    July, 23 2010

    I honestly thought that was Brad Paisley!
    I’m ashamed to say that I first saw this video on the TV show “TMZ.” (I was just flipping channels, promise!) I think (actually, I’m hoping) that your son is the first Church of Christ member to “perform” on that show.
    Erik Tryggestad
    July, 23 2010

    Is his wife, Rachel, a member of the church?
    Ron Speer
    July, 26 2010

    Ron, I think it is irrelevant if Colt’s wife is a member of the church of Christ or not. While there may be some valid concerns about being “yoked with an unbeliever,” I believe that an unbelieving spouse can be converted as a result of the believing spouse’s living a Christ-like life. I have seen successful marriages with unbelieving spouses and failed marriages with believing spouses. Just because you marry a spouse who is also a member of the church of Christ does NOT guarantee a successful christian marriage.
    Personally, it is a pet peeve of mine to hear someone question whether or not a spouse is a member of the church of Christ. That is an issue best left between the marriage partners and God.
    May God bless your marriage Colt, and I wish you a lifetime of a wonderful and successful marriage.
    Stephen Maple
    July, 27 2010

    Stephen, I agree with you. My wife was not a member of the Church until I met her, married her and 4 months after we were married I baptized her into Christ. We have been married 25.5 years and we are thankful to Christ for every year together.
    I am so glad to know Colt McCoy is a member of the Church. Even though I am a Gator fan, I love to hear of members of the Church doing well in School, Sports, and the World in general.
    Everyone please pray for me as we endeavor into a change of career! I have been a public school teacher for the past 12 years, but this fall 2010, I will be heading back to school full-time at Harding University to major in Bible and Religion. This is so I can become a full-time minister instead of a part-time one like I am now at Springfield Church of Christ in Springfield, AR.
    George F. Green
    July, 27 2010

    Stephen, what’s worse is jumping to conclusions and judging people’s motives. When I read Ron’s question, none of what you wrote occurred to me. I thought it was just a simple inquiry about / interest in his wife. In the single sentence he wrote there is no indication as to why he asked the question. And whatever his motives in asking were or weren’t, your blatantly putting your emotional take on things above the clear instruction of Scripture (as is clearly discernible in what you’ve written) is much more problematic. Also, the reality is that the overwhelming majority of these unequal yokings never lead to a conversion of the nonChristian spouse and quite often lead to the believer falling away. The believer falls away much more often than the unbeliever is converted. God’s wisdom > our emotional whims.
    July, 27 2010

    G, you are correct in one respect, that I may have misjudged Ron’s motive in asking that question. I have heard this question inapporpriately asked at weddngs before. However, you are incorrect that I am “blatantly putting my emotional take on things above the clear instruction of scripture.” A close friend of mine married his wife “outside” the church of Christ to the disapproval of many. She had been baptized for remission of sins in accordance with Acts 2:38, but she wasn’t baptized at the “church of Christ.” After much studying of the scriptures, my dear friend came to the conclusion that she is a fellow Christian and asked for her hand in marriage. One question I ask myself is this: If this person was baptized for remission of sins, is that person my brother or sister in Christ? If the answer is yes, then I can fellowship with that person. If the answer is no, then there is an opportunity to convert that person to Christ.
    I’m sorry, but this is not an emotional issue or “whim” to me. But you have made it an emotional issue by your comments. If we have raised our children right, they would be strong in the faith and in the doctrine given to us by the apostles and thus, they would not fall away from the Lord’s church. If they are weak and haven’t been taught anything, then they will eventually fall away, much less convert a lost soul to Christ.
    So answer me this: Should we rebuke someone who has married a spouse who is not a member of the church of Christ or has not been baptized at a church of Christ?
    Or should we stay out of this and let God do His work in a marriage of which He is also a part of?
    Stephen Maple
    July, 27 2010

    G I felt exactly as you did about the question that Ron posed. I didn’t think of it any other way except that he was asking a question, and when I read what Stephen wrote I took it is a mini sermon, which, didn’t need to be provided, and seemed like an assault on Ron because he just asked a simple question. Ron never stated anything about “rebuke someone who has married a spouse who is not a member of the church of Christ or has not been baptized at a church of Christ?”, Stephen did. When did it come to the point where we couldn’t just ask a question? Is this still America? I am 60 years old, married to an unbeliever for over 40 years and have tried to convert him to no avail. Whenever I get close some commotion somewhere amongst Christians erupts and he decides he wants no part in organized religion. Don’t ever think you can marry someone and convert them, sometimes it doesn’t happen – ever- and you better think about it before you do it because it becomes more difficult when you have children. I KNOW THIS for sure. It is people in our own churches that preach to everyone about every little thing that has kept my husband from wanting to be a part of it. Sanctimonius, he calls it. Try as I might to keep any of this get in front of him to see, he sees it or hears it from the brotherhood. Quit assailing people for asking a simple question and making it more than it really is. Take advantage of someone that is probably a lot older than you that has been through most everything a life long Christian can go through, and grow up. Let people say what they want to say as long as they aren’t defiling God or the Word of God. Where is the brotherly love, after all, this is probably all Church of Christ members writing on this board, I would be ashamed for anyone else to read it.
    July, 27 2010

    Wow… it’s really funny how a little report on a marriage story can provoke a doctrinal debate replete with proof-texts and restoration jargon. Let’s just chill and be happy for the couple. They just got married and already they’re tract material.
    Congrats to Colt and his new wife!
    July, 27 2010

    Speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where it is silent…..Can’t find the verse about marrying only the church of Christ…paul did recommend that widows marry in the Lord
    jim miller
    July, 27 2010

    Many congrats to you both, Colt and Rachel!! I am just so happy for you guys. Colt, you are such a wonderful role model for my 12 yr old son and our entire family. Thank you for loving God and striving to serve Him in everything you do, on and off the field. We have enjoyed watching you play, some in person and some not. I have always appreciated your attitude with your after game remarks, praising God for allowing you to play and giving Him the glory. You exemplified a tremendous spirit after your injury as well. I want to encourage you to stay in the Word and pray with your beautiful wife every chance you get. May God continue to bless you and your marriage as you serve Him and keep Him first in your life!
    G Harris
    July, 27 2010

    Stephen, emotional or not, you’re put your own logic above God’s instruction. It doesn’t matter how many exceptions to the rule you can put forward, the rule still stands and God told us not to do such. The idea of it being between the spouses and God is corrupt thinking as well. God put us together in a church for a reason. Dozens of scriptures I could quote to this effect, but I won’t lest I come across condescending. I expect you most likely know them already. Suffice it to say we have a responsibility to each other, beginning way back with Cain and Abel. We are our brother’s keeper. I don’t know of any Scripture granting the exceptions you claim.
    And being a Christian vs. being baptized in a CoC building is an entirely different concern. Again, not all within the wording of Ron’s question.
    Thanks for sharing your story, Pam. Sadly, we all have to deal with hypocrites in the church. Sadder worse is how people use that to justify their inaction and remain in the world. (There’s hypocrites there too.) In the world or in the church (organized religion), you’ll find hypocrites. At least in the church you find a few (hopefully more than a few) who acknowledge their faults and are trying to get better. I’ll be praying for your husband. I know far more stories like yours than the exceptions Stephen claims, and that’s where the danger lies.
    July, 27 2010

    Scott, you are absolutely right!!
    Stephen Maple
    July, 28 2010

    G, let’s agree to disagree in brotherly love. I am not putting my logic above God’s instructions. I have searched the scriptures on this issue, and I have complete faith in God’s grace if I am wrong.
    My whole point in this matter was about the appropriateness of asking that question to begin with, whether at a wedding or on a website like this one. Why was Ron’s question needed to be asked in the first place? What was the point? I made a mistake by questioning and not ignoring Ron’s question.
    In the best interest of keeping peace in the brotherhood, and to keep this from intruding into Colt’s and Rachel’s happiness, let’s all just drop this matter and move on.
    Stephen Maple
    July, 28 2010

    OK folks, I’m shutting down the back and forth. If anyone wants to send congrats along to the McCoys, I’ll allow the comments.
    Stephen and G, if you both agree, I’ll send you each other’s e-mail addresses and you can continue this conversation in private.
    Erik Tryggestad
    July, 28 2010

    Aaron Watson goes to church at Westgate C of C in Abilene.
    I have a friend that goes there with him and also a friend that coaches t-ball with Aaron.
    July, 29 2010

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