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Jim Bill McInteer dies at age 88

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Jim Bill McInteer has died Monday, March 8, at age 88, 21st Century Christian says.
A minister for 70-plus years, the former president and publisher of 21st Century Christian and Power for Today served on the board at Harding University in Searcy, Ark., for decades. Harding named its center for Bible and world missions after him.
He preached at the West End Church of Christ in Nashville for 30 years.
A 1942 Harding graduate, he met his late wife, Betty Bergner, at Harding.
A Tennessee congressman paid tribute to McInteer in 1998. Read his remarks here.
The visitation and funeral will be held at the Brentwood Hills Church of Christ in Nashville. Visitation will be from 2 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, March 9, and noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 10. The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 10.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the McInteer Scholarship Fund at Harding.

  • Feedback
    Jim Bill was a tremendous friend to my dad…and a true role model. I will always remember him as the ultimate gentleman. In his life sojourn, he had nothing but good to say regarding every individual who passed his way. He made so many lives better and carried a bright, Christian light. Jim Bill will be so missed.
    Susan Harber
    Smyrna, Tennessee
    October, 23 2011

    Does any one know where old sermons from Jim Bill could be downloaded and listed to?
    Bryan Henson
    Collegeside Church of Christ
    Cookeville, TN
    United States
    May, 8 2010

    What is there about the Kansas soil that produces such great preachers? JBM was my idea of a preacher. Nurtured alongside such other greats as Arthur P. Davis and Alvis A. Bryan, Jim Bill McInteer was faithful unto the end. None of these ever missed a service or forsook an assembly. They knew the meaning of brotherhood and the joy of fellowship. Heaven’s blessed.
    Jerry Bryan
    Trenton, MI
    Taylor, MI
    United States
    April, 22 2010

    When I was at Lipscomb in the mid 60’s we always looked forward to chapel when Ira North, Marshall Keeble or Jim Bill were going to speak.
    Virgil Seagle
    Southern Hills Christian
    Bremen, Ga
    April, 16 2010

    While I was a student at HUGSR, Jim Bill and Betty taught me how to be a servant. Once, while he was speaking in the auditorium, she stayed behind to help me clean up after the lecture meal. The two students who were to help me, slipped off to hear Jim speak. I was upset, but then a woman walked in and said, “It looks like you could use some help.” As we worked she ask me about my life and relationship to Jesus Christ. I did not know who she was until Jim Bill walked into the kitchen after the lecture and said “Here you are Betty, who’s your friend?” She then shared with him my dreams about ministry.
    Paul Goddard
    Park Ave.
    Memphis, TN
    March, 13 2010

    Two things I remember fondly and vividly about this wonderful faithfaul Christian man: How, at the inauguration of Dr. Burks as President of Harding University, he made the governor and the audience including me, laugh until we were crying. And how every time I saw him during a prayer he got on his knees. I will never forget those two things. May his family be blessed as they assuredly know he has gone home.
    Bernie McAleese
    Highway Church of Christ
    Searcy, AR
    March, 12 2010

    I met Jim Bill while working in the warehouse of what was then 20th Century Christian. He insisted that we begin each workday with a devotional. It was there that I got to interact with him on a regular basis. He was very kind, humble and gracious to every employee. He treated us all as friends and family. One day he grabbed me out of the warehouse, picked up a box of the Bible on cassette tape from the store, and we headed out to visit an elderly Christian woman in an area nursing home. She was blind and had worn out her previous Bible. It was obvious that she knew Jim Bill and that he had been very kind to her over the years. No doubt countless people have been touched by the Spirit of Christ living him in so many ways like this.
    Randy todd
    Woodland West Church of Christ
    Arlington, TX
    March, 11 2010

    There are really no words that can convey the saddness I feel upon learning of the passing of our beloved Jim Bill. Jim Bill was a member of our earthly family, as Betty was my mother’s cousin, and every time Jim Bill and Betty came “home” to Pratt, they would grace us with their presence, the last time being shortly after my daddy passed away in June 2007. My mother had just written a letter to Jim Bill about two weeks ago. They corresponded regularly. Our family is grieving , but at the same time rejoicing with Marilynn and Mark because of the Godly life and example led by a true Man of God. He will be in our hearts forever.
    Jane Brown Martin
    North Garland Church of Christ
    Enid, Oklahoma
    March, 10 2010

    Jim Bill has held several meeting for us. As a young Christian he impressed me so very much. He always had a special time every evening for the children during our meetings. We as a congregation also knew his wife as she was from Kansas and when ever he came to Dodge City to hold a meeting she came with him.
    He was much loved and respected by our congregation.
    Church of Christ, 2300 Central
    Betty Nilhas
    Church of Christ
    Dodge City, KS
    March, 10 2010

    Jim Bill and I forged a friendship in the ’70’s when he appeared frequently on my television program, the Noon Show in Nashville. He was thoughtful and insightful always. And to me personally, he was kind and generous. May he rest in peace after a job well done.
    Teddy Bart
    Nashville, TN
    Teddy Bart
    Nashville, TN
    March, 10 2010

    Like so many, I have known of Jim Bill McInteer all my life. But, when I moved to Bowling Green in 1993, I actually came to know him personally. He was on the board of Potter Children’s Home for 43 years. What a wonderful man. I can relate to what Dale is saying. Jim Bill always made me feel important and was so encouraging. It is a privilege to call such a humble man a friend and I will miss him dearly. There is no one I respect and appreciate more.
    Ralph Brewer
    Alvaton Church of Christ
    Bowling Green, KY
    March, 10 2010

    I grew up having Jim Bill and Betty as neighbors.I walked through their yard every morning going to school. Jim Bill helped me put my first sermon together. He and Norvel Young entertained at my wedding reception. He conducted my mom’s funeral a few years ago and he was as eloquent as ever. What a great man of faith and character!!
    Steve Kepley
    Grace Chapel Church of Christ
    Atlanta, Georgia
    United States of America
    March, 9 2010

    He and Betty were like family to everyone that knew them. They always extended the Love of the LORD to everyone they were with. They were a blessing to all of us. Now there will be some celebrating and singing as they have gone home. What a singing that will be!!
    M. Emily Stinson
    Park Ave. church of Christ
    Bartlett, tn
    March, 9 2010

    Jim Bill was such a great friend and leader. I had the privilege of knowing him for his last few years. As a student at Harding I could tell he had a special place in his heart for Harding. He was a very sweet and humble man. Jim Bill, you will truly be missed. I love you brother.
    Ben Johnson
    Harding University
    Searcy, AR
    March, 9 2010

    Jim Bill was special to us at New Concord. He was our guest speaker for homcoming several years. He practically paid for our homecoming each year. We would thank him and in a few days he would send a check to help with homcoming. I remember the story he told when his mom was reading to him when he was five years old. She told him that they had killed Jesus and he said I cried.
    What a wonderful man of God.
    Charles&Marianna Stubblefield
    New Concord
    Murray, KY
    March, 9 2010

    Brother McInteer made a powerful & permanent impression on my life when I was a student at F-HU. I am deeply grateful to the Lord for allowing me to hear him preach, see him serve, and witness his Christ-like spirit.
    Paul Merideth
    Watterson Trail Church of Christ
    Louisville, KY
    March, 9 2010

    What a joyous soul Bro. Jim Bill McInteer was! My first knowledge of him was watching Nashville TV Ch 4 Noon Show as a guest speaker weekly, from time to time. During the years late 60’s-early 70’s, Teddy Bart was show host and came to love & be a good friend of him. Bro. Jim Bill, who then was at West End congregation in Nashville, had a huge impact on Teddy & only the Lord knows how many more! During the late 80’s, we were privileged to sit at his feet at “Wonderful Blue Ridge Encampment” in Black Mtn., NC. My late husband Eddie made this observation, “I believe this is the smartest man I have ever heard.” Eddie had sat at the feet of many. Our sympathy, also rejoicing, is with his family at his homegoing. He was loved & will be missed!
    Roberta (Liles) McCain
    Lumberton Church of Christ
    Lumberton, TX
    March, 9 2010

    I grew up in the West End Church in Nashville and was the third generation in my family to have been priviliged to worship there with Bro. Jim Bill. He baptized me at age 13 on a Sunday morning and had me reading the scripture in the worship service that night. None of us are saints but he sure came close. I know that my grandmother and parents are rejoicing to be reunited with him.
    Buddy Woodroof
    Formerly West End Church, Nashville
    Houston, Texas
    March, 9 2010

    How blessed I was to have heard him speak during his final days. He traveled to a little country church in Beersheeba,TN to preach to a tiny gathering. Many of these sweet people had no idea as to his significance to the church. Although his body was failing him, his mind was as sharp as ever and his beautiful words kept you longing for more. One of his greatest accomplishments, however great his speaking abilities were, would have to be the legacy of his precious children. God bless you Mark and Mary Lynn.
    Kim Stansbury Whitaker
    Guntersville and Mayfair Church of Christ
    Huntsville, AL
    March, 9 2010

    I was a student at David Lipscomb College in 1968. When Br. Jim Bill spoke in chapel, it made me want to be a preacher too. He was the kind of Christian man that somehow made you seem to be more holy just by being in his presence. His example of love for Jesus, the Word and others, has blessed me across the miles and the years. Go rest high upon the mountain, Br. Jim Bill!
    Doug Oakes
    Somerset Church of Christ
    Somerset, Ohio
    March, 9 2010

    I had the great joy of knowing Jim Bill, hearing him speak, and calling him a brother in Christ and friend. He encouraged me at a time when I needed it most. I thank God for allowing us to have Jim Bill as long as He did. We will miss Jim Bill.
    Doug Brackbill
    Willow Springs Church of Christ
    Willow Springs, Missouri
    Untied States
    March, 9 2010

    Bro. Jim Bill and his family have been such a part of mine. He married my cousin, Betty, and he was a part of my earthly family and my spiritual family. I remember with great joy the times he preached at Pratt in meetings as I grew up learning from him. I remember he and his family visiting in our home and listening to and my daddy discussing the Bible. He has been a constant encouragement to me in my work as a minister. Thankyou to Mark and Mary Lynn for sharing him with all of us. Dennis Rosenbaum
    Dennis M. Rosenbaum
    Poughkeepsie, New York
    March, 9 2010

    It has always seemed that Jim Bill was a part of my life. He grew up across the road from the farm where my dad grew up. He and my dad and mom went to school together. He was a fairly regular speaker at Locust Grove where we worshiped. On many occassions we ate at his mother’s home in Middleton with Cuzzin Edna and Cuzzin Annie. He married my mom and dad and many other members of our family. He was a constant fixture at our VBS at Locust Grove. He would teach us songs and drill us on Bible facts.
    He was loved by all and he returned that love. I never heard a critical word come from him. You knew that he cared about you.
    Jon Jernigan
    Highland Church of Christ
    Memphis, TN
    March, 9 2010

    When I worked at Harding Graduate School, I remember well his encouraging and positive way he spoke to all of us. His faith shone brightly around him and influenced thousands. We have lost a treasure.
    Don Kinder
    HanMee Church of Christ
    Seoul, Kyunggi Do
    March, 9 2010

    I remember Mr. McInteer’s kindness to me when I was a nursing student at Harding. I had the great honor of caring for his wife while he attended the board meeting.
    He was truly one of God’s great servants. I admired him greatly.
    Rebekah Chappel
    Southside Church of Christ
    Portales, NM
    March, 8 2010

    Bro. Jim Bill McInteer was an incredible man. He has always encouraged me in all that I did while at Harding. He was one spectacular guy. He is loved, and will be missed.
    Terry Davis
    East Cobb
    Norcross, GA
    March, 8 2010

    Jim Bill was a real hero of mine. Louise and I always enjoyed hearing him preach. It was always unique…a masterpiece…uplifting and encouraging. He used to bring Betty with him to HARDING GRADUATE SCHOOL when I was Dean because she liked to be with him. He dressed her beautifully, put on her makeup and brought her along. We would get someone to care for her while he was in meetings. He was always very supportive of our work at HUGSR. He loved preaching and he loved preachers. I am sad to lose him, but I rejoice in his victory. Mark–God bless all of you. You had quite a Dad. Love, Bill Flatt
    Bill Flatt
    Jefferson Avenue C of C
    Cookeville, TN
    March, 8 2010

    Jim Bill McInteer was a giant of a man when I first heard him at Harding College in 1965. Each year I looked forward to hearing him during the lectureship. I renewed my association with him when he held meetings in Tuscumbia for several years in the 90s. He could literally paint a landscape with his mastery of English. I loved his sermons. Heaven is surely richsr with his presence.
    Tuscumbia church of Christ
    Tuscumbia, Alabama
    March, 8 2010

    Jim Bill McInteer and my father, Lawrence Bradley, worked together on the student newspaper at Lipscomb when it was a 2-year college. Each has told me of their singing “We’re Marching to Zion” to set the pace for their typesetting. Now that they’ve both marched on to Zion, what a wonderful reunion they’ll have with all the faithful who have preceded them! Jim Bill was not only faithful to his Lord and the Lord’s work, but to his mother, his dear Betty, and his friends. His soothing and uplifting presence will truly be missed. But what a day of rejoicing for him!
    Lanita Bradley Boyd
    Central Church of Christ, Cincinnati, Ohio
    Ft Thomas, KY
    March, 8 2010

    Two things I’ll always remember about Bro. Jim Bill: (1)He always knew who you were and who your family was (he was special to the Holt family);(2) He was one of the great ‘word-smiths’. His preaching was the gospel in poetry.
    Wayne Holt
    Antioch church of Christ
    Cane Ridge, TN
    March, 8 2010

    Jim Bill was one of my first important influences. My father served as song leader under him at West End Church of Christ. I attended camp WEBE and Loved Jim Bill and his wife as well as his son Mark. God Bless him and his family as they celebrate the homecoming of this great man.
    Morgan Parks
    Lindenwood Christian Church
    collierville, tn
    March, 8 2010

    When we lived at Sheridan, AR, what a friend of that congregation Jim Bill was. What a gentleman of the old order. What a memory he had of people and the important things about them. What a loving husband he was caring for his Betty when she was ill. What a welcome home his will be!
    Lawrence Barr
    Indiana, PA
    Indiana, PA
    March, 8 2010

    Jim Bill was one of the true giants in our fellowship. The earth has lost a real saint.
    Steve Holt Sr.
    House church
    Abilene, TX
    March, 8 2010

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