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Jase Robertson baptizes ‘Duck Dynasty’ fan: Finding faith in an unlikely place

When Brandon Hooks’ mother introduced him to “Duck Dynasty,” he found the A&E reality series funny and entertaining.
But he did not expect a television show to change his life.
Hooks, 31, seldom attended church while growing up. The only time he went was when his family visited his grandmother’s house. Throughout most of his life, he gave faith little thought.
He did, however, grow to love hunting and fishing. This passion for outdoor activities would help guide him to discover his own faith and love for Christ.
In 2006, Hooks began dating his future wife, Jessica, 29, a member of the Memorial Church of Christ in Houston. He started attending services with her.
After the couple married in 2007, Hooks kept joining his wife at church. He was welcomed with his family and made many friends at the congregation. However, something still seemed to be missing. ‘Hooks still felt unable to make a connection to anyone with whom he could relate spiritually. 
Last year, Hooks’ mother, Shelia Hooks, introduced him to “Duck Dynasty,” which is filmed in West Monroe, La., two hours north of his parents’ home in Pleasant Hill, La.
The show — which drew 6.5 million viewers to its final episode of 2012 — follows the Robertson family as they operate a thriving duck call and decoy business while staying true to their family values.
Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his son, Al, both serve as elders for the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe. Other family members also are active with the congregation.
Hooks said he appreciated the values that the Robertsons profess and the family meal — preceded by a prayer — which the family shares at the end of each episode.
Curious about the Robertsons, he checked into their background online. He came across a 15-minute video of Willie Robertson, CEO of the family’s Duck Commander business, speaking at chapel at Harding University in Searcy, Ark.
It was then, Hooks said, that he began thinking about God and faith.
After hearing Willie reflect on his faith, Hooks listened to several clips of Phil Robertson, the family patriarch, preaching and telling the story of Jesus.
The Gospel message began to click with Hooks.
“Phil Robertson really brought it full circle,” Hooks said.
Hooks decided that he wanted to be baptized and told his wife of his decision. Without his knowledge, she contacted the Robertsons and told them of the impact they had made on her husband’s faith journey.
To her surprise, the Robertsons responded, she said.
“Our family decided we would do our best to facilitate requests to baptize those who ask, and we do it by having them come to a Sunday or Wednesday service at the White’s Ferry Road building,” said Al Robertson, a former longtime preacher for the congregation.
“I will typically talk with them about the importance of the Gospel and response to it as well as the importance of emphasizing who they are being baptized into and not who is baptizing them.”
Brandon and Jessica Hooks, along with their 3-year-old daughter, Abby, traveled to West Monroe, about 350 miles northeast of Houston, where the Robertsons welcomed them like family.
“What you see on the show is how they are,” Brandon Hooks said. “They are all down to earth.”
Kay Robertson, Phil’s wife and the family matriarch, hugged everyone, telling the Hookses, “We don’t shake hands around here.”
In front of his family and the White’s Ferry Road congregation, Hooks made his public profession of faith in Christ and was baptized by Jase Robertson.
In a small town in northeast Louisiana, Brandon Hooks’ life changed forever — not because of who baptized him, he said, but because of his decision to follow Christ.
“I know some people would say I did this just to meet them or have a famous person do it. That was not it,” Hooks said. “I wanted them to do it because I connected with them.”
After years of going to church and not feeling connected, Brandon Hooks found faith and began his journey with Christ in the most unlikely of places.

  • Feedback
    Proud of you all for standing strong in your faith. It’s refreshing to see husbands who love their wives, wives who love their husbands, and families that love each other. This isn’t something seen much on TV anymore. Well done faithful servants! God bless you all, and may Duck Dynasty be on the air for a very long time.
    Joyce Ellis
    Etowah, NC
    August, 4 2013

    What a beautiful show. Truly appreciate the humbleness and authenticity of the Robertson family. Wishing there was more TV like this rather than all the fluff!
    Idaho Falls, Idaho
    June, 29 2013

    Wonderful testimony as to the power of the Gospel . . . no matter in what format it is “preached.” Thank you, Robertson family, for “going into all the world . . .”
    Blake Kotur
    Ft. Caroline Christian Church
    Jacksonville, Florida
    United States of America
    June, 20 2013

    After watching Duck Dynasty,and the way Phil and Kate are so obviously in love after all these years,made me look at my marriage of 38 years.To my surprise my wife and I have the same thing,we are still in love as we always have been.It took seeing the way Phil and Kate respect each other for us to realize we have that just lost track of it with other things going on in our life.Two years ago I was told I had testicular cancer.Since operation,mentally I’ve been a mess.But along with the news of cancer,came diabetic news,need for shoulder replacement.Not exactly the news you want at age 55.Not being able to do my Demo and junk lifting we have had to rely on my wife’s pay.so i know what having a good woman is. THANKS PHIL&KAY
    Denny Detwiler
    church of Christ,York,Pa.
    Etters, Penna.
    May, 16 2013

    I watch the show and see the love, friendship, devotion all of you bring to your Lord, family and friends.
    Carol Peters
    Moncton Church of Christ
    Moncton, New Brunswick
    May, 10 2013

    I was introducted to the show by my daughter in law last year and having been watching it ever since. My grandson, who is 5 years old, has watched just about every show and not just one time.
    I record them since he can not stay up during school nights to watch the show. I can truly say we are hooked on the show. It is very seldom that you see a show end with a prayer and no words being deleted. Just hope that we will be able to personally meet you and your family soon.
    Charlotte Hanna
    Immuel Baptist
    Tickfaw,, Louisiana
    U. s.
    April, 12 2013

    Thank you for the best surprise ever! All my sons are watching this show – two in their 30’s and the youngest
    has just turned 20! So much of Phil and Kay’s marriage
    they reveal on TV hit home to me. Although my husband has not given his life over to the Lord …yet.
    I hope my boys are praying again, in these times
    we need all the faith we can get. Thank you
    Roberta Young
    Sacred Heart
    Delaware, Ontario
    April, 8 2013

    Started watching DD on a recommendation from my best friend. I wondered what church they belonged to because the show is a great clean cut family show. Just found out today they are members of a Church of Christ. They are a great example of showing their Christianity by their actions! This has become one of my fav shows & Phil would call me a yuppie!
    Deanna Stanz
    Edgewood Church of Christ
    Lakeland, FL
    April, 7 2013

    Like most of you I love duck dynasty, I am from the west indies and for the first time I can truly say I found a show on tv that I enjoy. I have a connection to this family both in family values and in pray, also the level of respect that the adult children have for the parents is amazing not forgetting the grand kids, as well.
    sherida rock-king
    clermont, florida
    April, 4 2013

    These men impress me so much. What an inspiration and what an opportunity for them to reach the world with the message!
    Spicy Thomas
    Sycamore Church of Christ
    Silver Point, TN
    April, 4 2013

    This family is such an inspiration. Phil shows us just how simple it is to share that Gospel of Christ!!
    Spicy Thomas
    Sycamore Church of Christ
    silver point, tn
    April, 4 2013

    I am a fan of Duck Dynasty–the whole family is! When I read the article, it was heartwarming and so awesome to hear. I think there should be more shows with spiritual based meanings behind them, just like Duck Dynasty. Jesus wanted us to be fishers of men and that is what the Robertson family is doing—excellent job!!!
    Tori Morgan
    Ekron Baptist
    Guston, KY
    United States
    April, 1 2013

    i know how it feels to have jesus with you , he has been with me through my whole life he has gave me strength to face things in my life, god bless you all
    carolyn alexander
    kalkaska, michigan
    March, 21 2013

    I was not raise in the church of christ. but to me it dosen’t matter, if you are church of christ of a baptist or another faith if you believe he save your soul, you are a child of his. i like you show because you end it with a pray.
    faye nielsen
    northside baptist church
    vicksburg, mississippi
    February, 20 2013

    “Duck Dynasty makes me “Happy Happy Happy” because its cast know the Lord of all creation! As a pastor of a church, myself, I take great joy and delight in watching every episode and gleaning its family values as my nightly devotional. I pray I get to meet this family some day while on this earth.
    Mark K. Irwin
    Central Christian Church
    Richmond, IN
    February, 19 2013

    Thank you for a family and God loving show!!! It warms my heart knowing that millions are watching people that aren’t afraid to get together and pray on TV. Hopefully you have inspired millions to do the same. Keep up the GREAT work!!!
    BTW: I found out our church gave to your disaster relief awhile back which is awesome!!! Keep doing the Lord’s work. Thanks!!!
    David Bosnak
    Lawnville Road Church of Christ
    Kingston, Tennessee
    February, 13 2013

    With all that is happening in the world around us, most of which is out of our control, DD is clean, family entertainment. It’s so difficult to find something on TV that is family appropriate anymore. My husband and I are members of Farmington church of Christ in Western KY.
    Farmington church of Christ
    Mayfield, KY
    February, 3 2013

    Love the show and love the Robertson family. I think they are using the media in a very positive way. Reaching out to people while giving God the glory!
    Carolyn Shoemaker
    Whitehall Church of Christ
    Cherry Valley, AR
    February, 1 2013

    We watch the show because it is entertaining. But the real reason I watch it, is to hear Phil’s prayer at the end of each show. Simple, heartfelt prayer. A joy!
    Maggie G
    Hillside Christian Church
    Adrian, TX
    February, 1 2013

    A breath of fresh air. I monitor what my children & grand children watch……………..I don’t mind them watching (which, by the way, they love)………………except maybe when Phil speaks of his & Ms. Kay’s “escapades”……HaHaHa!!!
    Set Free Church FL
    NSB, FL
    February, 1 2013

    What the Robertson fasmily is doing for spreading the Gospel of Christ is the most important thaing the we as members of the Lord’s Church can do, I have lived in Upstate NY most of my life and see the importance of being in a “missionary” area and spreading the Gospel. My co-worker who is not in the Lord’s Church suggested that I watch the show as her and her husband thought that I watch the show. The first couple of shows I could hear a little Gospel in the show,
    I hope and pray that all Christians take the Robertson lead and Spread the Gospel of Christ as we a re commanded in Matt 28 and Mark 16.
    Rob Lee
    church of Christ Southside
    Rochester , NY
    February, 1 2013

    If all the useless TV shows on air would show family and religious values like Duck Dyn. we would surely be a better world.
    This show reaches more people than any minister I know. I am a minister and I wish I could be as effective.
    Ed Evans
    Leesville, La.
    February, 1 2013

    This is my son (8) he has watched the show for a year, the first thing he noticed, of course was the hunting. Then one evening, while watching, he said “momma they don’t make those beeping sounds when they talk.” He loves the show, and watches the times when they are streaming for two hours. He always listens carefully when the prayer is said.
    Thank you for sharing your blessings and God’s word.
    Nathan Jacob Myers
    Rosedale United Methodist
    Lucedale, Mississippi
    United States Of America
    February, 1 2013

    I have to be honest, I have never seen the show. My husband says all the guys at work love it! NOw that i know that they are members of the Lord’s church, I will watch it also. I’m glad that the show made an impact on someone to make the decision to be baptized. In a world of mean people, bad values, and not many role models, hopefully this family can make an impact and by living an example of the Christian life for all to see, they will bring others to our Lord and Savior!
    Rhonda Stokes
    Owasso Church of Christ Owasso , Oklahoma
    Owasso, Okla.
    February, 1 2013

    Enjoy the show and it is a breath of fresh air to see God glorified in the entertainment buisness. You folks keep on and keep on.
    Bro Bob Meyerjr.
    Bob meyer jr
    Burington Santa Fe Church of Christ
    OBrien, Fla
    January, 31 2013

    My husband and I started watching your show last season and our grown kids also enjoy your funnies! Keep up your good work and to God be the glory!
    marylyn cope
    Central Church of Christ
    Burkburnett, TX
    January, 31 2013

    Sadly, I was only introduced to your show last July while on a mission trip with a grandson in PA. My grandsons already were watching the show and loving it!!!!!! It is not at all my usual TV show, but I just love it! Keep up the good work and God bless you for your wonderful Christian influence.
    Phyllis Blazier
    Margaret Street Church of Christ
    Milton, FL
    January, 31 2013

    This is wonderful – the influence of this family is opening doors! Never doubt the power of the gospel to save souls! Thanks to the Robertsons for their example. Very uplifting, and the show is fun!
    Mary Christie
    North Jackson church of Christ
    Jackson, TN
    United States
    January, 31 2013

    As soon as I heard that the Robertson family were members of the church, we started watching, and I’m so glad we did! It’s great to be able to watch a good, clean family show without having all the dialog beeped out. This show is great positive publicity for the church and we’re glad we have the opportunity to support it.
    Barbara Hammond
    Davis Park Church of Christ
    Modesto, CA
    January, 31 2013

    My husband turned me on to Duck Dynasty late 2012. From the first few minutes of watching I was hooked. I realized immediately it didn’t have any foul language and it was extremely funny. I love most that at the end of each show they give praise, honor and glory to God. I am so proud of the fact that money and fame has not deterred them from spreading the gospel. Keep up the good work guys. Brandon,I pray for your continued spiritual growth in Christ Jesus.
    Salina Carter
    Quitman First Baptist, Quitman, AR
    conway, Arkansas
    January, 31 2013

    Finally! Society can see people having fun without living “in” the world. A true inspiration!
    ~Blessings to all of you
    Debbie Cook
    Westside Church of Christ – Bakersfield
    Paso Robles, CA
    San Luis Obispo
    January, 31 2013

    we only started watching a short time but its funny,after seeing it a couple of tomes and before I knew you were members of thr church of christ,I had thought that you were!How cool is that! Love the show!
    wanda hallmark
    Decatur highway church of christ
    mount olive, ala
    January, 31 2013

    My husband and I were both raised in the church in different parts of the state. We have always attended the church and became membere while we were teens. God has always been first in our lives. It is so good to see the Roberterson family proclaim God’s word to millions. Our grandson is a youth minister and preacher in Pa.May God continue to bless and keep the proclaimers of god’s truth.
    Leta Sellers
    Oak Ridge Church of Christ
    Obion, Tennessee
    January, 31 2013

    So happy to see someone that has become famous still standing for the truth! Please continue spreading the gospel!
    Beauty church of Christ
    Inez, KY
    United States
    January, 31 2013

    Thank you for providing entertainment and family values. I love that one doesn’t compromise the other. Stay true to Christ and what you are doing will continue to touch many lives.
    Maralee Skaggs
    Mayfair Church of Christ
    Edmond, OK
    January, 31 2013

    I think that is great what the Robertson family are doing !!!!!
    Eaton Rapids, MI
    January, 30 2013

    Thanks to the Robertsons for a program that is entertaining and you don’t have to hear or see things that you object to. It is truly a family show and one that Christians can enjoy while being comfortable. I still attend the same congregation I’ve been going to all my life….it was founded in 1825. It’s known at the Mother church of West TN. All of us are “rednecks”. Keep up the good work.
    Eileen Pritchard
    Roan’s Creek church of Christ
    Clarksburg, TN 38324
    January, 30 2013

    Thank you for being a christian family and a TV show that my family and I can watch without having to worry about what might be said or what might happen. We love the show and look forward to it every week. Just to know your background and what you stand for and that no matter what God is the most important part of your lives. It really makes those of us who are christians proud of you all for always standing up for what you believe and that God comes first. We bless that you all have a long life in Gods work and may your show always help bring those looking for God find him. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.
    Tonya Waugh
    North Gardendale Church of Christ
    warrior, Alabama
    January, 30 2013

    Late in the 2012 season, I got into your programs. Wished I could have got into it sooner. As my husband and I aren’t really into hunting, it didn’t appeal at first. But, the more I watched and listened, the more I appreciated you and what yor family was advocating. I found it very refreshing. Maybe I’ll get to catch what I missed on the reruns.
    Alice Peck
    Creekwood Church of Christ
    Theodore, AL
    January, 30 2013

    Joy Melton
    Monteagle church of Christ
    Tracy City, Tennessee
    January, 30 2013

    My husband was born and raised in the church of Christ, we have been married almost 24 years, my husband baptized me in Christ for the remittance of my sins. Watching the Robertson family on TV and loving what they stand for, we are so proud that through your show Duck Dynasty, millions of people are being reached, and will find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a blessing that there are people in the spotlight not afraid to preach the gospel. God bless you and keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Wade (Anita) Readnour
    church of Christ South Yukon
    Yukon, OK
    January, 30 2013

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