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October 2019

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‘I don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb’ • ‘They’re very close to God’ • Can churches grow in ‘post-Christian’ era • Bikers for Christ — and recovery • A tiny village for the homeless • Spanish-speaking church installs elders, deacons • After Dorian, Bahamas relief will be ‘more of a marathon than a sprint’ • Is socialism to blame? A Venezuelan reflects on politics and restoration • More room for ministry under a Big Sky • Moving in, the right way • Why planting new churches matters • President, preacher and globe trekker Cliff Ganus dies at 97 • Despite setbacks, Texas teen perseveres • Love ‘these servants of God’ • Best practices for dismissing a minister • What should we make of the strange and daringly sensual Song of Songs? • Discussion of gender roles is a thought-provoking read • A trip to Home Depot leads to a baptism and hope for Venezuela

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