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March 2020

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• Women’s roles: a divisive issue but not a new one • African ‘Shark Tank’ • ‘A hundred years goes faster than you think’ • Two preachers, two shootings • Did a preacher prophesy Super win by Mahomes? • $35 million trust deadline extended • With coronavirus: ‘Better safe than sorry’ • Pepperdine brings students home from China amid coronavirus fears • Defining the terms of the gender-role debate • Should women preach in a mixed-gender assembly? • The journey that led a church to appoint female elders • Women’s roles in the future church • ‘A voice in the middle of extremes’ • Editorial: In discussion of women’s roles, is there a middle path? • For wounding or healing? Words matter • Brexit raises the question: What is our true nationality? • A journalist’s faith: Memoir tells how justice prevailed after murders • Book offers surprisingly good advice on setting boundaries, emotional health • Snake bites and shalom: Scenes from a medical missions conference

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