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June 2019

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• Trusting God after tragic deaths • A church for the multiethnic sons of Joseph • The mission at home • Director of Gospel Braodcasting seriously injured • Hateful graffiti reveals town’s love for church • Christians in Sri Lanka ‘stand firm’ after church attacks • Working to bridge generational divide • Launced during segregation, National Lectureship celebrates 75 years • Share the Gospel, and share your life • For Christian retirees, it’s gospel before golf • Bill Banowsky, former president of Pepperdine, OU, dies at 83 • Tom Holland, ‘singing evangelist’ and ‘preacher’s preacher,’ dies at 87 • Should women lead prayer in mixed-gender settings? One teen shares why she doesn’t • Editorial: A plea to disagree — respectfully • We don’t support preachers; we hire them • There must be power in the pulpit to save souls, edify the church • Christianity is resurrected in the Global South, but what dos its ‘Rising’ mean? • Online outrage isn’t ‘standing up for the truth.’ It’s divisive, sinful • New roles for familiar faces • Newspaper for Churches of Christ wins 21 national awards • A force for goodwill, encouragement, unity

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