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July 2019

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• The disaster deacon • When the terrorists came for us • ‘More than a song’ • Dear readers, please share your story ideas • New Dallas mayor puts faith in God • Church gunman gets life term for murder • ‘The whole thing is overwhelming’ • Disaster strikes ‘in our own backyard’ • Church member known for notes of encouragement dies in floods • ‘I’d gladly sacrifice more buildings if that would save but one more soul’ • Diverse church reports growth in Australia • ‘God is bringing water today’ • Reaching and running for the stars • As believers go on to their reward, ‘Who’s gonna fill their shoes?’ • Editorial: Cancer stinks, but heaven awaits • What a brain tumor taught me about change and the church • Questions of women’s roles, as with all questions, requires race, humility • ‘Elite?’ examines how an unhealthy focus on youth sports can jeopardize our faith • Psychologist’s final advice echoes Christ’s teaching • Nichols’ boundless drive to share Jesus shines through in ‘The Sage of Jasper’ • ‘A journalism of hope’

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