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July 2018

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Newspaper celebrates life, legacy of ‘The Missionary who Stayed Home’ • In midst of war, paper showed great optimism • ‘We still have two brotherhoods’ • My life in the pews, black and white • Generation Z is plugged in, but do they spiritually Contribute? • A chronicler’s daughter shares memories • Missions canceled amid ‘fear and uncertainty’ • ‘The sky began raining ash’ • ‘To work ourselves out of a job’ • The words that tear us down — and build us up — begin with ‘You are’ • Gather facts before picking up stones • An abused grandmother’s dying requests: Study your Bible and learn how to forgive • Mourning a man who made words dance • Minister gives strategies to engage skeptical millennials but overgeneralizes their belief • Can we reach a culture that considers our faith irrelevant? • Reaffirming a 75-year-old promise • Paper is ‘a chronicler of life and its challenges’

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