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February 2020

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A time for healing • Texas congregation grieves, prays, sings after deadly shooting • Why minister talked to me about shooting • One town, one church once again • The fires Down Under • At FHU Lectureship, Chronicle panel to address church shootings • We have already won this battle • Hero sacrificed his life for many • He died as he lived: serving the Lord • The voice of Keeble • The faith of French Africa • Delving into the history of black churches • Max Craddock, prominent minister and TV speaker in Canada, dies at 77 • Brecheen was ACU Bible professor and half of marriage seminar duo • Minister, college president, civil rights crusader Ron Wright dies at 72 • Editorial: We mourn the lost lives — and we celebrate those saved • Do our churches still benefit from our universities? • Should we read the Bible as a legal brief or as an invitation to live in God’s story? • Anthology traces 50 years in the life of a movement • Iranians find a Pearl of Great Price

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