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He walks like a Christian, calls like a duck

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The Duck Commander has a passion for duck hunting, but he’s even more obsessed with sharing his faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

WEST MONROE, La. — He’s been called the Billy Graham of duck hunting. He looks more like a wilderness-dwelling John the Baptist — clad in camouflage with shaggy hair and a graying beard that hangs down to his chest.
Occasionally, he’s mistaken for a homeless man.
Phil Robertson, known around the world as the Duck Commander, eats, sleeps and breathes duck hunting.
Born with a gift to sound like a duck, he invented a line of “duck calls” — hunting tools used to emulate the sound of ducks.
Since the early 1970s, he has parlayed his obsession for duck hunting to build a water-fowling empire with legions of faithful Duckaholics.
A follower of Christ, his other passion is preaching the gospel and saving souls.
The Duck Commander has built an international reputation not only for his hunting expertise, but also his powerful, revivalist-style gospel preaching.
Steady sales of his duck calls led to the development of homemade hunting videos in the late 1980s, through which the Duck Commander and his Duckmen — primarily his sons and a few close friends — became widely recognized. More than 90,000 DVDs were shipped from the Robertsons’ home last year.
“Dad has become an icon for duck hunters,” said Alan Robertson, pulpit minister for the White’s Ferry Road church, where his father serves as one of seven elders.
A reality show on the Duck Commander, the Duckmen and their families is scheduled to air next year on the Outdoor Channel and possibly ESPN. Robertson’s Web site is another popular outlet for fans and friends.
“It’s just a bunch of rednecks shooting ducks,” Phil Robertson said with a laugh. “But if Ozzy Osbourne made it (on reality TV), there’s hope for anybody.”
Robertson was born and reared in Vivian, La., a small town near Shreveport. With six siblings, money was scarce and hunting became a vital part of his early life.
In high school, he made all-state in football, baseball and track. He landed a football scholarship to Louisiana Tech.
For two years, he was the team’s star quarterback, playing ahead of a young man named Terry Bradshaw.
Bradshaw, of course, later won four Super Bowl titles as the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
But Robertson turned down offers for an NFL career. He didn’t want to miss duck- hunting season. “Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks,” he likes to tell people.
Robertson later worked in Louisiana’s gas fields, taught school and fished commercially. But none of those jobs felt right.
So he moved to the woods, invented the celebrated Duck Commander duck call,  pioneered duck-hunting videos and became a celebrity on the speaking circuit, peddling Duck Commander calls, decoys and apparel, not to mention his own line of Cajun seasoning.
In the 1970s, he was baptized and became a Christian. He left a life of drinking, carousing and fighting.
“I looked at my life and I said, ‘Man, I am lucky to be alive! What in the world good did I ever get out of all that?’”
Robertson and his wife, Kay, have been winning souls since.
For two decades, until his public speaking began taking them out of town so often, they hosted a house church and conducted weekly Bible studies.
For the Robertsons’ four sons — Alan, Jase, Willie and Jephtha — going to bed at night with people still in their home studying Scripture was normal.
“I would get up for school, and there would be two to three people asleep on the couch, their wet clothes over a chair,” Alan said. “At some point Dad had baptized them in the river near our house.”
Friends and relatives estimate that the Duck Commander has baptized more than 300 in the nearby Ouachita River.
His first public-speaking opportunity came in the early 1990s when fans asked him to give a duck-calling seminar at the Superdome in New Orleans.
Standing before 1,000 people,  Roberts first went through his various duck calls, including tips and techniques of duck-hunting.
Suddenly, he thought that this moment presented him with a terrific opportunity to preach.
Reaching into his shoulder bag, he pulled out his Bible.
“Folks, while I’m here,” he said, “I think I’m gonna preach you a little sermon.”
A surprised murmur spread through the crowd. Undeterred, he went on.
“I’m standing under a sign that says, ‘Budweiser is the King of Beers,’ and everybody’s got their beer here today,” he recalled saying. “But I’m here to talk about the King of Kings.”
Afterward, the crowd applauded enthusiastically.  Invitations to speak poured in.
Within a year, Kay, his wife of 43 years, became his scheduler, travel agent and traveling companion.
“Now, when we go places, the planners tell us they know Phil is coming to save the unsaved, and they really work to get people there who don’t know Jesus,” Kay Robertson said.
Booked nearly two years in advance by churches and organizations, he draws crowds and standing ovations nearly everywhere he speaks.
Tall and in his 60s, Robertson begins by talking about duck-hunting tactics and demonstrating his duck calls.
Next, he lays down a kind of hunter’s Bill of Rights straight from Noah’s story in the Bible — emphasizing God’s permission for mankind to kill and eat animals after the flood.
He concludes with his personal testimony — sharing what Jesus has done for him and can do for them.
“I liken it to the book of Acts,” he said. “I just give them the simple gospel — Jesus was born, died, was raised and is coming back. Then I’m on down the road.”
Regardless of where he speaks, he preaches the simple gospel.
“That will take care of any false doctrine,” he said. “If they’re saved, they might not have everything straight. I doubt if we do. But if they hear the gospel and obey it, I’m happy for them.”
Watch Robertson preach via this video link to YouTube.com

  • Feedback
    I am looking for a schedule of phil’s upcoming speaking events. Can’t find this info on FB or any other of duck commandors sites….is it available? Please help!
    cathy hasting
    little flock baptist church
    louisville, ky
    August, 20 2013

    The fact this show is sweeping the nation and breaking into demographics that are not Christian definitely proves God has a great sense of humor.
    I just preached for a congregation here in Colorado and I’m staying at a preacher’s house and after taking me shooting automatic weapons this afternoon, he introduced me to Duck Dynasty tonight. We watched three episodes. I loved each one.
    Great article!
    Brian Humek
    Author of Purple Ducks (nope, not my attempt to get on the duck bandwagon, just my book title.
    Brian Humek
    Airport Freeway Church of Christ
    Irving, TX
    August, 19 2013

    It is very refreshing to watch Duck Dynasty. By all the comments I have read it doesn’t take much for anyone to know that our Lord Jesus Christ is working through this show to give people back the wholesome Christian Family that Satan himself is trying to destroy each day. We enjoy your family and the humor you give that makes Donna and I laugh. This is rare in todays television where laugh tracks are used because if you really look at it most of the shows are not funny and full of filth. May God Bless the Robertson family. Keep preaching the Gospel so many need.
    Mike and Donna Spencer
    Church of Christ
    Pensacola, Florida
    US of A
    August, 14 2013

    HI! Joanne from Canada refreshing to see restored family values and some teaching of Jesus and how important family is today in this world. I lost my stepdad recentely and I have also been battling health issues and was hoping to have my entire family baptized by Phil as a family I truly feel it would make a big difference in our lives spiritually and mentally, we look up to him for advice and how to be better Christians and parents and listeners. I was hoping to see if we could do something for our family desperately needs and we feel connected to the Robertsons. It would be amazing to get together as a family, especially incase my health worsens, I am really hoping you hear our call, thankyou, Joanne
    Joanne Armitage
    Lloydminster church
    Lloydminster, Alberta
    August, 2 2013

    Duck Dynasty is a great show I can watch with my kids and not have to worry what they are going to see or hear that would be inappropiate!! Keep it up guys!!
    Jeff Lankford
    Assembly of God
    Hoover, Alabama
    June, 27 2013

    It is so refreshing and uplifting to see a show full of Godly and Family Values! That is what this country needs. I am so thankful Phil stuck to his convictions and put prayer back into the show! Our Nation could learn simple truth, values and standards watching your show! Please do not change!!! It takes a real man to honor, worship & praise God and raise his sons to do the same and in turn they & their sons/daughters will honor you!! Miss Kay you are an awesome woman!
    Jody McCain
    Beacon church of Christ
    Gun Barrel City, Texas
    June, 18 2013

    you guys do a great job for our LORD JESUS CHRIST we love you all AMEN
    virgil price
    greenwood hieghts church of god
    connellsville , pennsylvania
    June, 4 2013

    Phil and family….how refreshing to see a good christian…(loved how A&E wanted bible and guns be removed]and Phil said no bible..no guns and they backed down from a good christian man…I am 4th generation Church Of Christ and sometime I know I can be a better christian..I take care of my bed ridden 93 year old mom and was getting quite cynical…but knowing y’all are Church of Christ..brings back to my teachings of the Church
    again….Phil I love your sermons and you have a beautiful family…
    marietta brock
    new harmony church of christ
    pikeville, tennessee
    June, 1 2013

    I love Phil Robertson and his family. My whole family has been blessed by watching him and his wife Kay and their entire family. We all look forward to seeing them each week. They make us laugh and cry. So grateful for something to watch they we don’t have to worry if the Kids watch it along with us. So happy to finally hear somebody talking about Jesus on a Tv reality show. I pray for God to bless each of them and keep them on TV for a very long time. We need them. I would love to meet them and thank them personally.
    pamela bull
    full gospel
    attica , mich.
    united states
    May, 29 2013

    I love the “redneck-idness” of the show, but the greatest quality of this show– it makes it cool to be married again.
    Tim Bell
    Crestview church of Christ
    Waco, Texas
    May, 2 2013

    Love you all. I am hoping for a way to come see you and worship there. It is a dream, but if I don’t just know you have helped a person more than you know. My health is not good and you lift me up and encourage me. God bless you all.
    June Thompson
    Campbell Church of Christ
    Campbell,, Missouri
    April, 26 2013

    I Thank God for you and your Families testimony. My pastor told us about you in our men’s prayer group. He didn’t say much about your show, but thought I’d be much interested in not only the wit and humor; but the message of Christ you share in every show. Keep up the Lord’s work and keep us laughing for many years to come. Praying for the strenght to maintain your courage. God Bless you all. I love the charcter of Uncle Si and Jas, realllly coool….. Redman
    Donald E. Husler Jr.
    First Baptist of Juniata County
    Mifflintown, PA
    April, 20 2013

    A mother’s prayer for her son. God had graciously shown me when he was 12, that He had his hand on my son, and that he would eventually serve God . It isn’t always that she knows the actual name of the Holy Spirit laborer she has prayed into her child’s life. Phil Robertson is that man! I have never met him and may never get the chance, but he and I are forever connected! For three days he tended to my son! Kurt was one of those baptized in the Ouachita River and was probably seen by the Robertson kids in the morning getting ready for school! Kurt preachs now in his own church and continues to lead many to the Lord – his brothers included. I thank GOD for Phil, and this show that is bringing more into the kingdom!
    Claudia Kellogg
    Grace Church (Baptist)
    Erie, PA
    April, 16 2013

    Love your show! Never hear a bleep. I am from Louisiana and miss it very much, you’ll bring it back to me. I love your Christain teachings, Miss Kay’s southern cooking, and your love for one another. Pearch on Brother, the world is full of people that need the Lord’s word.
    PS If the Girls need sewing lessons will be glad to help, for a piece of Miss Kay’s pies, any one of them.
    love you, Sara
    Sara Martin
    Columbia, Tennessee
    April, 16 2013

    Acts 2:38
    Thank you for a show, that the whole family can watch together.
    Lisa Mayo
    Mt. Alto Church of Christ
    Point Pleasant, WV
    April, 14 2013

    Love the show and wanted to share a prayer for continued blessings for the family & the message that is being heard by so many. Glory to God for he is our maker and savior and the more folks that tune in & learn from watching your show the more God’s message is being heard. It is so frustrating to try & find something good on TV, so your show is truly a way that God is still able to work in our everyday lives. God Bless!!!
    Birtha Christman
    Church of Christ, Kiowa, OK
    Pittsburg, Oklahoma
    April, 9 2013

    I watch your video this morning. Where you (Phil) were preaching. I wish I had the chance to talk to you. I am a believer. But there are still a lot of unanswered question I have. Are you going to do more preaching videos or tapes? Thank you for your help.
    Mike Shackelford
    Marquette Hgts., Il 61554
    April, 6 2013

    My entire family is a huge fan of ur show. I would love one day to hear u preach in person.
    chanute, ks
    April, 6 2013

    Dear Phil, My two boys, their Dad, & I are all looking forward to hearing you speak on Fathers Day. Would love to have the chance to meet you!?
    Vicki Bower
    Traders Point Christian Church
    Zionsville, IN
    April, 2 2013

    God Bless you all!
    New Bethel Baptist
    Poplarville, MS
    April, 2 2013

    I would be interested in seeing Phil Robertson preach in person. Does he travel much, and will he be preaching anywhere near Michigan in the near future?
    Al Wisniewski
    Madison Heights, Mi.
    March, 31 2013

    I would be interested in seeing Phil Robertson preach in person. Does he travel much, and will he be preaching anywhere near Michigan in the near future?
    Al Wisniewski
    Madison Heights, Mi.
    March, 31 2013

    Thank you for keeping Jesus 1st. You inspire me to want to be a better patriarch. We are living in times the Bible calls the Last Days. Glad we are of the same camp.
    three rivers, mi
    March, 28 2013

    I am so thankful my family has found your show. I have two teens and two younger children and it is so nice to have the show on and can leave the room without worrying about what will be seen or heard. Thank you for bringing good, clean entertainment and Christian values into our homes each week. God Bless!
    Donna Krchak
    Citronelle United Methodist Church
    Chunchula, AL
    March, 27 2013

    Dear Roberson Family. God has chosen wisely and bless you for stepping up to the plate. I love each of your unique characters and great talent for duck hunting, yet it is more than that going on here. In a time when society is trying so hard to push God away, He now comes into the homes of so many more. What is happening is so delicate, yet electrifying. “Stand still and let God move”. From one loving Christian family to another, peace be with you.
    The Rocha’s
    Blessed Sacrament Church
    Clermont, FL
    March, 25 2013

    Ridge st.Church Of Christ
    eldorado, il
    March, 24 2013

    I appreciate ‘Duck Dynesty’ and watch it. Phil and Kay thank you and your family for your Christian
    values. Does the producer of the show edit out ‘In Jesus’ name’? That bothers me as a faithful Christian, not being able to hear that. Also, what was up with the ‘wine’ making episode? Thanks
    Dorothy Logan
    Bible Grove Church Of Christ
    Memphis, Missouri
    United States Of America
    March, 23 2013

    Phil, I love your show but the most that I like, is the way-how you raised your family. I’ve been a Christian all my life, and I especially Appreciate that you are the head of your home and that you give thanks to our Lord for your blessings. A lot of folks forget where their blessings come from. God bless you and your beautiful, lovely wife and family. I thank God that there are Godly men in television.
    Aurora Hynes
    Cornerstone Church
    Park City, Ks
    March, 17 2013

    I was finally convinced to check your show out. So glad I did because now Im hooked! Im gonna have to rank you guys in a first place tie with The Andy Griffith Show! The perfect mix of humor and the Christ-likeness this country needs as role models to our society! Keep up the good work! God Bless each of you!
    Randy B
    Church of Christ
    Charleston, West Virginia
    March, 15 2013

    God Bless each and every one of you! My husband and I look so forward to your show every week! Y’all are the best!!
    Deborah Cripple
    St. Bede Catholic Church
    Montgomery, Alabama
    March, 14 2013

    Im thankful for a show with good christian values i cant believe they even let them pray on tv but i love it. It blesses my heart to see it and i think i could sit and listen to phil talk about our savior for hours thanks again
    Ronnie Mace
    Southern Baptist
    Rutherfordton , NC
    March, 13 2013

    In defense of Nona – at the Church of Christ we are taught to say in Jesus name or in the Lords Name Amen, I believe she was just asking them why – not that the Lord was offended. I just recently talked to my sister about Duck Dynasty and she asked me the same thing question. Thanks for listening.
    Janie Meeker
    Bad Axe Church of Christ
    Cass City, Michigan
    March, 12 2013

    This is to Nona Kline.. Really it matters how you end a prayer????? Not in God’s eyes it doesn’t…
    Senath, MO
    United States
    March, 8 2013

    i would love for my husband and my grandson to see you preach, could you let me know what church you and yor family will be at. thanks so much god bless you and your lovely family
    lorie daspit
    carriere, ms
    March, 7 2013

    i would love for my husband and my grandson to see you preach, could you let me know what church you and yor family will be at. thanks so much god bless you and your lovely family
    lorie daspit
    carriere, ms
    March, 7 2013

    Hi: I’m a 65 year old female pastor. I heard my colleagues talk about Duck Dynasty and started watching it. I fell in love with ALL of the Robertson family. After reading the previous comments from people it is even more clear to me that there is hunger in our country for the return to the foundation of values our country was founded on. Way to go Robertson’s. Have you ever considered coming to California? I’m a good cook and would love to fix you a meal. Can’t compete with Ms. Kay though. Pastor Corliss Eldridge
    Assembly of God
    Corliss Eldridge
    The Hill – Vallejo
    Vallejo, California
    March, 7 2013

    I noticed that when the duck dynasty group prays they do not end with “In Jesus Name”. Most C of C members do. Why
    Nona Kline
    Innerarity Church of Christ
    Pensacola , Fl
    March, 6 2013

    I am short and to the point God heald me to walk ,3 heart attact,colon cancer,brought me back from death ,Iw wrote a song Heaven’s Real all the Blessing i’ve received are great but watching a christian family on tv in today’s world is the top of Blessings May God’s remain on you’re familyand you’re seed
    pastor jr deason
    salem umited methodist
    salem, ky
    March, 6 2013

    PHIL YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE AN inspiration to all thy way you deel with kids is awesome
    March, 6 2013

    February, 26 2013

    Love Duck Dynasty! The best family show since Andy Griffith. It’s so nice in today’s world to be able to sit down and watch clean fun with my grandkids. Most of all I love the Christian values. I loved a video I watched a while back where Willie tells about Phil baptizing people in the backwoods swamp. That’s how I believe; no fancy baptismal pool needed. I just baptized my little eight year old granddaughter in the bathtub last weekend.
    Terrie Slocum
    North Pole , AK
    February, 22 2013

    Thanks for the laughs and promoting Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.
    jill grisham
    first Methodist
    van alstyne, tx
    February, 20 2013

    I grew up in a family with a dad and bother that duck hunted most Saturdays but did not on Sunday because it was the Lords day. Now that I have my own family it is so nice to see a family reality show of a family sharing Christian values on TV. It brings back so many memories of my family sharing the bible together and a big family dinner after church on Sunday. My three kids just love your show . You are a great role models to young children and families . Seeing familes reading the bible and saying grace is almost unheard of these days. My family can’t wait for the next season. Love to your family,
    Dana Phelps
    Dana Phelps
    Calvary Baptist
    Ripon, ca
    February, 1 2013

    I enjoy watching this show so much. At first I was weary of it, I had heard of it and of so many people talking about it. When I saw a post on facebook about a child and his peers who had started a Duck Dynasty fan club and who’s teachers would dismiss them early every day so they could get to the lunch room and say their blessing. Well it touched my heart and I said you know let me watch this show before I let my son see it. I instantly fell in love with the show. I could not believe that it was being aired. They were actually letting a family pray on T.V. I couldn’t wait for my son to see and we watch it everytime it comes on Our satellite is autotuned to it. My son is not embaressed to say the blessing when we go out in public now.
    Tonya Dominy
    Westview Babtist Church
    Milledgeville, Ga
    United States
    February, 1 2013

    I have never been so impressed by a family as I have The Robertson’s. I feel so Blessed to have been introduced to your show. (I’m secretly in love with SI). I hope one day you’ll be in my area so I can hear you speak God’s Word. God Bless!
    Rhoda Pugh
    1st Baptist Church of Spanish fort
    Spanish Fort, Alabama
    January, 31 2013

    Hello Phil and family just wanted you to know my family loves your show its the only reality show that shows family values . and that all the family can watch together. May God always bless each one of you
    Rosman church of God
    rosman, n.c
    January, 28 2013

    It is so refreshing to have a show on TV that put Jesus first and loves there family. I watch Duck Dynasty & Duck Commander faithfully, and all the reruns. My favorite part of the show is when the family sits down to dinner and gives thanks, it warms my heart. What upsets me with the world today is everything that I was taught when I was a child has been taken away (prayers in the school,Christmas trees in public places)etc. all because people have different beliefs,and thats ok thats what makes us all so unique. So lets just love one another cause thats what its really all about. Thats what God is all about.LOVE
    Bonnie Beattie
    Mississauga, Ontario
    January, 23 2013

    I believe The Lord chose your family and you for such a time in which we live to be a simple but powerful witness for our soon to return Savior; The Lord Jesus. I suspect the network edits out the use of His name as you end your prayers.
    I haven’t been much on TV watching until I discovered your series. I try not to miss any episodes. Can’t be in a bad mood after watching a few minutes of Duck Dynasty.
    I have listened to you preach on You-Tube. Makes me happy, happy, happy.
    Steve Keller
    Hollywood, Alabama
    January, 21 2013

    It is so good to see something on tv promoting family values and The Lord. Enjoy the show-keep up the good work!
    jeff rushing
    Winfield Church of God
    Winfield, Al
    January, 21 2013

    Love the Robertson Family! So enjoy watching, the real lessons Phil teaches his grandchildren, family meals, love and prayers at the table! Puts life as it should be…God and family! Great reminder that no matter what your job is, what you do, what your platform is…you can use it to share Christ’s love and salvation….a constant day and night. This is why we exist. God’s Blessings to Phil, Kay and family for a wonderful example!
    T Hull
    Luray church of Christ
    Luray, VA
    January, 19 2013

    The Churches of Christ are built on the words of God written in the Bible and the strong family faith and values that are obtained when one turns his life over to God and is baptized for the remission of his/her sins thru Jesus Christ!The head of every strong Christian Family starts with a man that has these faith and values just like those of Phil Robertson!
    Brad Gorr
    Buford Church of Christ
    Flowery Branch, Georgia
    January, 5 2013

    I just found this and I can’t express enough my gratitude to this man.I,like so many here that have talked about Phil Robertson and his teachings, am amazed by it all.I posted something on my profile in face book about us and how suddenly my children and I are talking alot about the Bible.I love this show.I’m dedicated to watching it.It’s clean with no bleeps.I believe that this family is a Christian family. I believe in GOD and I also believe in what Phil Robertson is doing. I praise him so much and his teachings and winning loss souls. Thank you for this opportunity.. with love and the Grace of GOD.. I leave this message with you. Nancy Still, my daughter, Katie, and my son, Bubba.
    Nancy Still
    LaGrange, Ga
    January, 4 2013

    May the love of our Lord continue to shine on you and your family and may you all be kept safe. I was amazed when I heard of your membership in the body of Christ but, I was not surprised as there was a ‘spiritual familiarity’ apparent in the show. What a wonderful thing our God has done in demonstrating how simple truth, expressed in Christlike living, can succeed in a medium known not for such things. Thank you for your faith! I will pray for your continued success. Your fellow Elder in the Lord. George
    George P. Westerman
    Roseville Church of Christ, Roseville Michigan
    Clinton Township, Michigan
    January, 2 2013

    From an Ohio 8 year military veteran, come to Ohio and see some massive sized bucks. Love the show hoorahh!!! God Bless
    Kenny Cross
    newton falls, ohio
    December, 22 2012

    My whole family and all our friends love your show! It is refreshing to not hear bleeps and cursing every other word! Thanks to you all for a very entertaining hour each week!
    Lark Dunbar
    Norway church of Christ
    Fairmont, WV
    December, 21 2012

    It is really nice to watch a TV show that makes me laugh hysterically and shows a family praying at the end of every episode. I would very much like to have a schedule of Phil’s speaking engagements. I would like to go and listen to him preach The Word.
    Bob Patterson
    Rochester, Illinois Christian Church
    Sherman, Illinois
    December, 17 2012

    What a joy to see your Christiam family values on television. I was not much on watching TV until I came across your show and now I cannot wait until the next show airs. Having been raised by good Christian parents in a small country town I remember my Dad taking both my brothers hunting. We also ate what they killed! But my fondest memories were when it came time for Church we were all lined up in our pew at our little country Church. We always said grace before every meal just like you do. God Bless you all and I hope you continue witnessing and saving souls. Phil, you are truly blessed to have Ms. Kay and Kay you are blessed to have Phil.
    Gay Bradley
    Woodridge Baptist
    Mobile, Alabama
    December, 15 2012

    In my second marrige, God placed me with a God fearing-hunter. It is quite an experience to behold and enjoy together with family and friends. This led me to learn about Duck Commandors. What a wonderful family to enjoy and learn from. With good Shepards like you, the world is a better place to be. Hope to met each of you some day. May God Bless You and Keep You.
    Judy Truett
    Kosse, Texas
    December, 11 2012

    I love this show. Such a clean and good example for Christians everywhere. I can watch it over and over. I have been a Christian for 57 years. Love the Robertsons.
    Peggy Browning
    Hillcrest church of Christ
    Springfield, Tennessee
    December, 10 2012

    So glad to hear about the faith of the Robertson family. Enjoy the prayers at the end and remarks about faith from GODLY men. Isn’t it great to see real people exibit real everyday faith in Jesus Christ and not some put on ,made up just for publicity front.Would love to have them speak at my school or Church in KY
    Ralph Baker
    Brodhead Baptist Church
    Crab Orchard , KY
    December, 10 2012

    @Beth Johnson — We believe in salvation by grace through faith, but we would not add “alone” to that phrase. The Bible teaches that works of faith (I.e., believe in Jesus as Son of God, confession, hope, baptism, giving a drink in Jesus’ name, etc.,) are connected to our continuously being saved (cheek the Greek linear verb for salvation). That is opposed to works of merit where one tries to earn salvation, which we both know cannot be done. It is also opposed to a single point in time when someone “got saved.” we would say there is a single point in time when one obeyed the Gospel. But don’t believe me; study your Bible to see if I’m right (Acts 17:11)
    Jack B. Westbrook
    Baker Blvd Church of Christ
    Bedford, TX
    December, 8 2012

    While in Afghanistan as the Chaplain of SEAL Team 2, a lot of military from all over the USA asked me if I’d watched “Duck Dynasty”, I had not, however I certainly like it now, and it’s good to see that Robertson family all gathered around the dinner table at the end of each show with Phil saying a nice prayer before eating.
    Rev. Walter Dinkins
    Pastor Presbyterian Church (USA)
    Wilmington, NC
    December, 7 2012

    This is such a wonderful show with such great values. But when we watched the show last night and my children saw that the Robertsons attended the Church of Christ…church became “cool” again to my teenagers. Thank You.
    Jackie Loyd
    Farmersville Church of Christ
    Exeter, CA
    December, 7 2012

    So thankful for your witness through your show.
    Ann Arnold
    Port Orange Christian Church
    Port Orange, Fl
    December, 7 2012

    FINALLY A TV show that is funny, and has no cursing or other bad language (besides the use of CRAP) or sexual innuendo…I look forward to Duck Dynasty every Wednesday…and it’s refreshing to see the family all gathered around the dinner table at the end of the show with Phil saying a quick prayer before eating…and then Willy’s moral of the story …PLEASE keep this show coming!!
    Deborah Burns
    Heber Springs Christian Church
    Heber Springs, Arkansas
    United States
    December, 6 2012

    Finally another good clean Christian family on reality TV. You have inspired me to grow a beard again! Haven’t had one for probably 30 rs or more and I am 62yrs old!! Really appreciate your personal testimony!!
    Rev. Tim P. Cunningham
    Kings Chapel Christian Church
    Anderson, IN
    November, 30 2012

    Its a breath of fresh air to watch, my family and i dont miss a show. I pray the Robertson family want for nothing and God keeps them doing what there doing.
    Van Padula
    Warren, Ohio
    November, 30 2012

    I have become quite the fan of Duck Dynasty so when someone posted a video of Willie talking at Harding University I just had to watch it. I heard him refer back to a time when he baptized someone, I questioned the friend that posted it, “do they believe in salvation”? She said she thought y’all did and sent me a link to a article written on Phil who talked about his life and all the people he baptized but not until the end of the article did he mention salvation and only once. My question: Do y’all believe in salvation by grace through faith?
    Beth Johnson
    Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist
    Hayden, Alabama
    November, 29 2012

    I was recently convinced by friends to sit down and watch an episode of Duck Dynasty. People-these men should be America’s role models. They work hard and play hard. They love God, their country, and their family. They don’t need foul language in their hilarious show, and they set a positive Christian example for all their viewers. Phil for President!
    Biltmore First Baptist Church
    Zirconia, NC
    United States
    November, 20 2012

    I’m not into duck hunting, so I was not interested in Duck Dynasty at first. After watching it at work (fire station) I loved it instantly. The part I lie most is the end when you pray as a family. I want you to know you are witnessing to a lot of lost souls through that. God bless you all and keep doing what your doing.
    Danny Akines
    New Beginnings Baptist
    Jefferson, AR
    November, 17 2012

    So glad to watch them every week on A&E. Its my husbands and mines quiet time after my baby boy falls asleep. Love the fact that they are great hardworking people who dont take life for granted. Hope to meet Phil and Mrs Kay someday!
    Crystal Harper
    Non Denominational
    Ewa Beach, Hawaii
    November, 9 2012

    I am so happy that Phil and Kay Robertson is on this earth to give us something on TV other than trash to look at and enjoy —-they are likened to the Waltons in my book!!!!I love their show so much and I pray it stays on forever!!!I would love to meet them and their family in person one day….all of them!!!!
    jerri smith
    livingston, tx
    October, 30 2012

    With all the junk on tv, it is refreshing to watch a family that loves God and their family so much. I like that there is never any swearing or drunkeness protrayed. Makes me glad to come from a southern family.
    deb soliz
    southern baptist
    greenfield, ca
    October, 27 2012

    Dear Duck Commander i have a 26 yr old son that was raised in church all his life , after losing his best friend right after graduation in 2004, and now his Grandfather, he has really turned away from God, Other than pray what can i do? He now has a son 15 mo old , my prayer is both get in the word of God , please pray and help with suggestions. ty
    Shellie Lovett
    Henderson, ky
    October, 7 2012

    we had Jase come and speak recently ,,not only was he entertaining in his dry humor sort of way BUT what a witness he was for Jesus ,he’s not an act but a true man of God .We were all blessed
    Alan Pine
    New Begginings Outreach
    Chillicothe, Ohio
    September, 10 2012

    God bless Phil & his love for the gospel. Praying for his many years in His service.
    Strickland church of Christ
    Glen, MS
    September, 3 2012

    I love to see a man so successful who remains humble and isn’t ashamed to be a Christian.
    I became a fan of Phil’s long, long ago when I bought my first Duck Commander call. I use a cut-down magnum I have owned for years, and will continue to do so.
    I am on a hunting message board, and after Katrina, Will sent me a duck call signed by him, Phil and Jase, which I auctioned off on the board to raise money for victims.
    Our church has a a Cowboy Church on Thursdays, and it would be an honor and a privilege if Phil would speak to it. It attracts people who tend not to attend regular church and has led to numerous saved souls. I know he is busy, but it he could see his way clear, it would be appreciated.
    Milford Fryer
    Kilbourne First Baptist Church
    Kilbourned, La
    August, 20 2012

    Phil i and my wife would love to her you preach sometime. we had friends to come down and join ya’ll for service and thats all we have heard about. maybe one day we can meet your Robertson family and have a great time.
    thank you and keep the great work up
    jason w robertson
    First Baptist Church Attalla
    attalla, alabama
    July, 25 2012

    I love to hear this man pray now I know why, he is my brother in Christ!
    Longmire rd Church of Christ
    Conroe, Tx
    July, 8 2012

    I was baptised, at 24,but really didn’t get it. I am 49 now and my heart changed the moment I heard Phil speak. He speaks my language and my has been washed by his message. I once flew into Monroe Airport(1981 while in the Air Force)but didn’t know God had my messanger living in that City. God Bless Phil and his family.
    mike knight
    eclectic, alabama
    June, 23 2012

    Wanted to add. We would like to try in some way to have you all here to speak about Jesus. Our area is going through a depressed time. Would hope you would consider this. Any time frame we could get would be appreciated. We can offer you duck hunting on the best areas here around us. As well as lodging!!! Phil will remember the video from the shot show Joe Amackers waterfowl system. Footage was taken here.
    GArry Joe Girdley
    keiser, arkansas , 72351
    May, 13 2012

    I met Phil in 1985 at a sports show in Monroe. Phil was by himself. Me and my brothers worked thru Joe Amacker and patented a duck decoy system. Eventually named it the System. I met Phil the second time at the Shot Show in Dallas in 88 or 89. He Phil offered to endorse our product. Amacker was not able to manufacture and promote the System. Want you all here to duck hunt and promote Christianity!!
    Garry Joe Girdley
    keiser, arkansas
    May, 13 2012

    Dear Phil, I have followed you for years in your Duck commander series. I have one request… Help me find a lab, My dog died last month and I am lost. I am a 59 year old Ky Dude that thought he had the world in his grasp. I was wrong. When my dog died I lost my grip on life. I just want to reconnect with life. Can you help me?
    James Harris
    St. Peters Espiscopal Church
    Benton, Kentucky
    March, 22 2012

    I have two pictures over my desk, one an original watercolor of woody drake and one of me and Phil taken at a hunting show. I told Phil then that I went several years on a cane or walker and wasn’t able to really hunt. I used to guide here in Texas and hunted everyday. I have been a Christian most of my life and was so glad when I learned Phil and his family were also. He has been a blessing, listening to him on his show sharing Jesus with viewers and friends. My favorites are surrounding his church and his powerful testimony and teaching. I told Phil that when I couldn’t hunt (I’ve hunted leaning on crutches) that his videos kept me in the blind. I used to call for several of the call makers but Phil is my fav. by far for his witness.
    Ray Finchum
    first babtist melissa
    melissa, tx
    February, 22 2012

    That is so neat. My sons and I are avid duck hunters, and have been familiar with the Duck Commander calls for years.
    We are blessed to be a part of a congregation where the older men are very generous with their time and expertise. As a “tent-making” minister, I’m often too busy to take my kids hunting and fishing. But I can’t count the hours my boys have spent with our elders, deacons and other church members out in a blind, boat or stand.
    It’s great to see other folks with similar interests who are so committed to the cause of our LOrd!
    February, 2 2009

Filed under: People

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