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For once, Jesus stays in ‘Duck Dynasty’ family prayer

Phil, Jase, Si and Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” (Photo provided by A&E)

At the end of every episode of “Duck Dynasty,” the Robertsons gather for a family meal and pray.
Duck Commander Phil Robertson told The Christian Chronicle recently that he always prays in Jesus’ name but the A&E show edits out the “Jesus” before the “Amen.”
For one night at least, that changed.
“Through Jesus, I pray,” Phil Robertson, an elder for the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, La., prayed at the end of Wednesday night’s second new episode. “Amen.”
Al Robertson, Phil’s son and a fellow elder with the White’s Ferry Road church, said the family was pleased.
“We are pleased that A&E honored Phil’s persistence, and our Lord, by leaving in Jesus’ name at the end of our family prayer,” Al Robertson said in response to a question from the Chronicle.
Read the Chronicle’s recent profile of the Robertson family.

  • Feedback
    I love the show and I love that they try to represent Christ. However, these guys use some language that a lot of us find offensive. There have been a few times when I have had to turn the show off because I did not want my children hearing these words (like “crap”, for example), or when the subject matter was innappropriate, such as the crawfish mating episode. Call me a goody-two-shoes if you will, but these things make it hard for me to view the Robertson family as the perfect example of Christianity.
    November, 8 2012

    Have watched this show with my grandchildren in KY and got such a kick out of it. Don’t know that I noticed or was in room when show ended to see them around the table praying but…God Bless them! Don’t think we get it in FL but I have told friends about it,
    Sandra lambert
    November, 8 2012

    It is so refreshing to see a show where you get to see real people living faithfully. @B- I respect your desire to provide quality and appropriate television for your kids, not enough parents do. However, please don’t be too hard on them; there is no such thing as a perfect Christian and I don’t think any of them are trying to come across as such. I think that their ‘realness’, flaws and all, tells the world that Christ died for all of us, and you don’t have to wait until you are without blemish to accept Him as your Savior. That being said it is a funny show and I hope it is on for a long time to come.
    November, 8 2012

    We LOVE this family!!!
    Both my husband and I PVR the episodes and then watch them when we are home together! We just can’t get enough of the Robertson’s. While
    my husband loves Phil and his famous one liners, Jase is my favourite!
    Thank God we finally have a show on t.v. that appreciates family values and one that the entire family can sit down and watch together.
    November, 9 2012

    Thank you for your show and displaying your Christian faith. A E should not delete “Jesus” from your prayer. I think the “family atmosphere” is the reason your show is so popular. I would have said “normal family” but like my family “YA’ll AIN’T RIGHT!” It is loved by people who never have and probably never will hunt anything. Keep it up, never forget where you came from, family is everything. GOD Bless You and Yours!!
    Billy Murphy
    November, 9 2012

    By the way, the episode we’re talking about here, “Good Morning, West Monroe,” was easily the funniest of Season 2 thus far (though “The Grass and the Furious” is a close second).
    When Si zings Willie on the radio show and emphasizes his point by ringing a bell, I “like to fall out of my chair from laughin'” (as we say in Georgia).
    Erik Tryggestad
    November, 9 2012

    This is one of the best shows on TV. They are Christians and they are REAL. ‘Crap’ isn’t a bad word or bad language…it’s a word that is a bodily function…and it’s cleaner than the other bodily function that is normally said when hitting your finger with a hammer.
    Being a Christian and raising kids (mostly boys) you get to the point where you pick the battles to fight. We as a family enjoy this show…yes they talk about the outdoors, are rednecks and most importantly are Christians. Animals mate…if they didn’t we wouldn’t have food. If you notice, especially with Phil, when he is talking about something nature related, he applies common sense and God to it…two things this country needs more than ever.
    Robertson, you have a family of fans and fellow coC’ers in Missouri! Keep up the good work and entertaining us 🙂
    November, 9 2012

    I see you apparently have two TV series one that is actually a sports show Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty both are simply charming I DVR them . I really appreciate Duck Dynasty. I don’t find your language offensive There is no actualscripture that prohibits terms for bodily functions, just using the Lords name in vain. If you read the old king James you will find the bible is not averse to mentioning bodily functions as adjectives and descriptors Paul compared all his gains to dung in Philippians 3:8 . For a real chuckle you should read Isaiah 36 :12 In King James of course. LOL whenever the holier-than-thou sort get distressed with me I just tell them I am the King James version. 🙂 Favorite Jase quote “The sound that gets a redneck excited vaROOMPH
    .” “OH NO! there is a bearded man playing with fire , what are we going to do?”
    Lori Alayne Weber Miller
    November, 9 2012

    I love this show, and I love this family!!! This is one show I can sit down to with my entire family, and not have to be concerned about whether it will be clean enough for all. Every episode, I laugh so hard, I am snorting and crying. I would love to spend a day with this family, they are a riot!! God Bless and keep the Robertson family.
    November, 9 2012

    Love the show. It is great how they find humor in every day life. I appreciate that their children aren’t exploited or portrayed as rude, spoiled brats. I honestly think that if they were to press it, then A&E would leave the entire prayer in. I am however, disappointed that A&E would be so hypocritical as to cut out Jesus when the show they promote and make money off promotes Christian values. Can’t have it both ways.
    November, 9 2012

    Believers have been told not to teach, preach or pray in Jesus’ name since the day of pentecost. I am pleased Phil stood up for our Lord!!
    November, 9 2012

    In response to B., I don’t think you will ever find the “perfect” example of Christianity. If only “perfect” examples can speak of the saving gospel, it will never be spoken. The church has too often silenced the message by criticizing the messengers because they see a spec in their eye. The Robertsons are in a unique position, let’s encourage them to use this blessing to bring the God’s message to souls. When Paul used the word “dung” in Phil 3:8, it could have also been translated as “crap.” Crap came from a Dutch word krappe, meaning to pluck or cut off. This became associated with cutting the fat renderings off animals. Today it has many meanings: nonsense, worthless, bad quality, filth, as well as solid waste from a living body. You have been blessed by God with children and I understand your intense desire to raise them as holy people set apart for the Lord. But there is another side of the story that can be told here: In spite of our crude ways, mistakes and stubbornness, Jesus still died for us. I see the Robertsons illustrating to a huge non-churched audience, that anyone, however crude or unrefined, can still become a child of God. And I think our children that are “raised” in the church need to know this, too, so they spread the gospel to everyone rather than picking and choosing who they feel is acceptable to hear the Word. God bless the Robertsons, God bless your children and God bless B. for being a loving and caring parent.
    Bob West
    November, 9 2012

    Love to watch these guys! Like them all. SI is my favorite though!They are some good country folk and I really enjoy the show. I am really glad to see that you acknowledge our Lord and Saviour Jesus in your end of the show family sit down! Keep up the good work Phil and crew!
    Young Thompson
    Young Thompson
    November, 11 2012

    My family and I watch this show over and over. My son has met all of the Duck Dynasty guys except Phil, and he says what you see is what they are. I was also glad to see and hear that Jesus was left in. Hope by these responses, the network will take notice and leave it in. It’s about time Christians are allowed to be heard and seen in a positive light. How refreshing to see Chritians in the real world.
    Marcia Mitchell
    November, 12 2012

    Bob West…I couldn’t have said it better!! No one is perfect but Christ! I love this show and all that it represents…..love of God and love of family. They always have a message in their show. I call it the modern day Andy Griffith show! Thank you for your post.
    Beth McGee
    November, 13 2012

    I’m glad they didn’t remove Jesus’ name from the prayer.
    For poster B. don’t mistake things you assume are in the Bible with things that are. Crude language (I wouldn’t even say they use crude language) is not saying the Lord’s name in vain. One is more personal belief and the other is scriptural.
    I don’t think the crawfish episode episode was innoppropriate either. It is listed to kids 10+
    November, 14 2012

    I love Duck Dynasty and my favorite shows are the ones which feature Phil interacting with his grandchildren. Any show that shows Grandpa teaching Sadie and John Luke and all those little girls, is a wonderful show to me. I get a little tired of Jace and Willie fighting all the time, but I guess without some conflict, there would not be a show. A lot of the storylines are made up by the Producers.
    C. ReaV. Dickson
    November, 15 2012

    I have known Phil, et al since back when he was throwing footballs at LA Tech and lived in WM, LA for many years of my life and attended Church with the families involved. Funny, I hadn’t noticed that Willie and Jase were “fighting all the time.” I just thought they were acting normal. But now that I think about it…..
    I had wondered about the ending of the prayer each week and am glad that this article cleared up what is going on. I do know that when I last spoke to Al about the show that he made a statement to the effect that their goal was to use the show as a method of bringing the Good News of Jesus to a lost world. I think they are getting there show by show.
    November, 15 2012

    B…Look throughout your Bible, and you will find many stories much more offensive than anything you will see on Duck Dynasty.
    A perfect Christian…really. Look at the people God chose to be the “All Stars” of His Family. The thing I find solace in is that God chooses people as messed up as me and you to carry on His family traditions.
    The Robertson’s don’t claim to be perfect. In fact, it is their imperfection that makes the show a success.
    I used to think like you, but God has showed me that He is the Master of taking the imperfect and making it perfect.
    The Robertson’s will bring more people to faith than you or I because regular people will see their love for God and each other and see that you don’t have to be sterilized to come to Jesus. God has given them a platform that is unbelievably successful to reach millions of people on television and thousands when they speak publicly week in and week out.
    I am thankful that these great Brothers and Sisters in Christ are on television showing what it is like to live in reality and still love God with their whole heart, mind, body and soul. Their love for their fellow man is evident throughout the show!
    Those are the only two commandments that Christ focused on in His statement to His followers.
    If you don’t want your kids to hear words like crap that is fine, but believe me, if they are in the world as God commands us, they will hear and see much worse. If they avoid being of the world that is great and the goal. (Students of mine have gone to the front porch of a home while people were smoking pot and led them to Christ. Had they been avoiding the world and all it has to offer, these people would not have come to Christ)
    There is a difference and God makes a clear divide between being “in” and “of” the world. Hiding from the world has never been God’s stance for His people.
    I say this as an ordained minister that absolutely loves this show and hopes that many more shows like it follow!
    November, 29 2012

    They are not the “perfect” example of Christianity and that is the very point. None of us are. They are a family trying to follow Christ, living life the best they know how, and not making pretenses about who they are. They are real and genuine and they have sins just like the rest of us. They are going to be messing up now and then, and it is great to see that God’s grace for the faithful will forgive their sins, and the sins of all who obey Him. It would be wrong for them to not be authentic. How many people put on a fake persona each day depending on who they are around? Is that right? No. I heard a few things that were a bit raw in my opinion, but very realistic, but never any cursing. And those discussions came when talking to teen boys about life, to probably illustrate purity principles…things people have to know about. Life is not a pretty little box of perfection. I am proud to be a Christian and be able to call these people my brethren…(from a member of the Lord’s church in Texas).
    brandee scoggins
    November, 30 2012

    It’s great to be able to watch a “reality” show and not have to try & figure out what folks are saying – i.e. deciphering a 7-word sentence that has 4 or 5 words “bleeped” out. Interesting that Jesus’ name has been purposely edited out by A&E…. shame on them! I’m “happy -happy-happy” that they didn’t edit it in the one episode. Maybe if fans who appreciate that let the network know their appreciation His name will no longer be left out – ??
    Jeff Fro
    December, 4 2012

    […] in prayer.� It is not a silly prayer.� It is a prayer thanking God for what He has done, in Jesus� name.� Go ahead and Google, �Duck Dynasty Prayer� to see how the simple act of one family praying […]
    5 Reasons America Needs Duck Dynasty « Parker County Blog
    December, 6 2012

    My husband and I love Duck Dynasty. We get the BEST genuine laughs out of these real people! So nice to be able to watch a show and not have every other word bleeped out. And a prayer at the end of the show – WOW! Now that is refreshing. Men are men and women are women on the show; they love their families and show it; no cheating on their spouses; no getting drunk or drugging…..just a fun, entertaining show to watch…..with the family…..like it used to be…..
    So glad we have this show to watch.
    Sami R
    December, 6 2012

    Love the show!! Thank you Jesus for clean family entertainment that we can watch with our grandchildren
    Cindy bridges
    December, 7 2012

    Phil and his family have finally allowed me and my child to watch a TV show that is faith based and entertaining, I love Duck Dynasty. I admire Phil for telling A&E that he is going to say “Jesus”. True God believers need this show, I can actually show this show to my child without hearing bleeped out cuss words. It is the best show to watch. “God bless the Robertson’s and thank you for having a show that really means something to Christians.
    March, 10 2013

    This is for B who said he/she is looking for that perfect family example of Christ. Well keep looking b/c you will not find it. All humans are flawed & sinful so therefore that’s why we need Christ. So look to Him & only Him as the perfect example & that’s where you’ll find it & not in the Robertson family. I have a feeling they’ll tell you that also. I’ll take their show any day over the stuff that’s out nowadays & yes even let my kids watch every show!!!
    May, 9 2013

    I found the show recently. I love this show. I am watching all the re runs as I have missed out on so many. I was impressed when I saw they pray and thank God for what they have. Please A&E do not take Jesus out of their prayer. The Bible says no one gets to the Father, God except through Jesus. The show is so funny and done in such good taste. Please keep the show on and please do not edit Jesus out of their prayer. There are people who don’t like God, Jesus and the Bible and want to take it away from all. If I don’t like a show I don’t watch it. T.V. is so full of sex and violence this is a refreshing, funny show we can watch with kids.
    May, 9 2013

    I was so blessed when I saw this show and they were freely speaking about the Lord and can mention Jesus. Praise God that A&E is allowing them to mention the name of Jesus. However, Phil seems to enjoy making inappropriate comments about sex in a mocking way. He is an Elder at his church but he has to remember he is representing his church and most importantly Jesus. There was also a new episode when they went to Hawaii and Phil’s daughter in law made a very embarrassing comment to Sy why he was sitting in a chair, I had my daughter in the room watching it as well but it was very inappropriate. There were times when I had to change the channel.
    If God opened up that door for this show to be on air it is to represent Jesus. We have to walk the walk and watch the words that we speak.
    May, 12 2013

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