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Faith, family and ducks: Behind the scenes of ‘Duck Dynasty’

For these reality TV stars, ‘holding Hollywood's hand’ presents a challenge as they endeavor to share Jesus.

WEST MONROE, La. — Hollywood, meet the real Robertsons.
A&E’s hit reality series “Duck Dynasty” has made celebrities out of Duck Commander Phil Robertson, his wife Kay and their bearded, camo-clad sons Willie, Jase and Jeptha, not to mention “Uncle Si,” Phil’s younger brother.
As the network portrays it, the series — whose Season 1 finale drew 2.6 million viewers — follows a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving duck call and hunting accessories business while staying true to their family values.
For the Robertsons, those values relate to the grace and salvation found in Jesus.
But for the show’s producers, the family’s strong Christian faith seems to be an uncomfortable storyline — one frequently chopped in the editing room.
“They pretty much cut out most of the spiritual things,” Phil Robertson, a one-time honky-tonk operator who gave up his heathen lifestyle in the 1970s, told The Christian Chronicle. “We say them, but they just don’t run them on the show.
“Hollywood has run upon the kingdom of God, and there’s a rub there,” said the Duck Commander, a tenacious personal evangelist who has brought hundreds of souls to new life in the Ouachita River. “Well, we have to be as harmless as a dove and as shrewd as a snake in the way we deal with them.”

The entire Robertson family is active with the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, which meets just a few miles from the Duck Commander/Buck Commander warehouse in this northeast Louisiana town of 13,000.
“They have been consistently evangelistic,” White’s Ferry Road minister and elder Mike Kellett said of the Robertsons. “Jase and Willie were both in my youth group years ago and were reaching out to the lost as teens.”
Other White’s Ferry Road members include duck call makers John Godwin and Justin Martin and secretary Linda Hammit, a former missionary to Tanzania with her husband, Ryan.
Godwin has lost 35 pounds since ripping off his shirt in a scene in which a skunk sprayed him. In an impromptu interview at the warehouse, he said he grew up “kind of knowing about God.”  
But when his wife, Paula, pushed him to go to church, he resisted.
“I don’t want to be around these holy rollers,” he recalls telling her.
Then the longtime paper mill employee met the Duck Commander. Godwin decided he’d go to church and maybe stock up on “duck calls” — hunting tools used to emulate the sound of ducks.
“Boy, I got way more than that,” he said of his conversion to Christ.

Phil Robertson and his oldest son Al — the clean-shaven member of the clan who describes himself as a “Jacob in a family of Esaus” — both serve as White’s Ferry Road church elders.
After 20 years in the pulpit, Al Robertson recently stepped down as one of the 1,200-member congregation’s ministers.
He left to help run the family business, which has exploded with growth since “Duck Dynasty” premiered last spring. This year the company expects to sell more than 150,000 duck calls.
“I’m the replacement Willie,” said Al Robertson, who doesn’t have an official title.
While still preaching some, he’s filling in the gaps for his CEO brother as Willie Robertson meets the demands of running the company and taping the show. Each episode takes about a week to film.
Willie’s wife, Korie Robertson, is the daughter of John Howard, also a White’s Ferry Road elder and Duck Commander employee. Korie’s grandfather, the late Alton Howard, wrote gospel songs and sold more than 3 million church hymnals used in Churches of Christ.
“It’s a total mission and ministry,” Kay Robertson said of “Duck Dynasty,” which launches its second season Oct. 10.
Despite the spiritual material cut out of the show, the duck diva said, “We’re so blessed for what we can get in there. That’s really unknown in today’s TV on a regular, big TV network like that.”

“Money. Family. Ducks,” proclaims the tagline on A&E posters promoting the show.
Except that the “Money” part has been scratched out on the posters seen at the newly opened Duck Commander store, where hundreds of fans who show up at the warehouse can buy “Phil for President” T-shirts and catch a glimpse of the world’s largest duck call.
“They give us these to pass out,” Al Robertson said of the posters. “We ‘X’ out ‘money’ and write in ‘faith.’ What’s interesting is, most people get it, and they think A&E did that.”
People enjoy reality television for many reasons, including the shock factor, said Jim Miller, director of the mass communication program at Harding University in Searcy, Ark.
Television producers know that reality often needs to be altered to make interesting viewing or overemphasize certain stereotypes, the professor said.
“That explains some of the tension the Robertsons apparently feel with the producers of ‘Duck Dynasty,’” Miller said. “I think people are especially interested in ‘Duck Dynasty’ because the Robertsons’ family and friends are outrageous, unpredictable characters. Yet they also are relatable and likable. They are God-fearing, family-oriented people who enjoy life.”
By taking advantage of an opportunity to be “salt and light” in the entertainment media, the Robertsons gain a voice and a presence in a culture-shaping industry, Miller said.
“The challenges they face deal with compromise,” he said. “For example, does the opportunity to influence a segment of culture in very broad ways as TV personalities outweigh the disappointment they may feel with the producers cutting out ‘in Jesus’ name’ at the end of every televised prayer?”
Equally shocking to the Robertsons: In the first two episodes, the producers bleeped out words said by Willie and Korie to make it appear that they cursed. The family complained. As Al Robertson explained, “We don’t cuss.”
Jase Robertson, slipping his beanie off his head before praying, alluded to the tension as he shared communion thoughts on a recent Sunday.
“It’s a slippery slope when you’re holding Hollywood’s hand and you’re trying to accomplish something,” he told fellow church members, “when deep down all you want to do is proclaim that Jesus is Lord.”

In the first season of “Duck Dynasty,” the Robertsons waged war on beavers disrupting the water supply and hunted bullfrogs on a golf course.
The Robertson women sold some of the men’s prized possessions in a yard sale, while their bearded spouses hatched a plan to build a luxury duck blind in the sky and tried to suck bees out of a honey-filled hive with a portable vacuum cleaner.
Amid the humorous misadventures, a few glimpses of the family’s faith survived.
In one episode, Kay told Phil that it was his Christian duty to babysit his granddaughters. In another, Phil urged one of his grandsons to find a woman who knows how to cook, lives by her Bible and loves to eat bullfrogs.
In still another episode, Si said that he always travels with three things: a gallon jug of iced tea, his plastic cup and his Bible.
One scene found Phil relaxing in his easy chair, his Bible open on his lap, as he prepared to preach. “Duck Commander Sunday is basically a redneck rendition of fearing God, loving your neighbor,” Phil said on that episode. “We all sing church songs, everybody wearing camo, and everybody happy happy happy.”

Al Robertson dares to be different.
He shaves.
He likens himself to Marilyn on the 1960s sitcom “The Munsters.”
“She was beautiful,” Al explained. “She thought she was ugly because she was around ugly people.”
He joked that he feels the same way about his brothers, who used to shave after every duck hunting season until the beards and camouflage became a permanent marketing tool.
“Really, it’s not that hard of an image to project,” Al said with a laugh. “You just have to let yourself go: Quit shaving. Quit bathing. Quit worrying about it.”
“Duck Dynasty” is based loosely on events in the Robertsons’ lives, but the producers change scenarios to fit storylines.
“In terms of people, Si is the most like he really is,” Al said of his uncle, whom he likens to Barney Fife on “The Andy Griffith Show” or Kramer on “Seinfeld.”
Kay Robertson agreed: “I’m telling you, Uncle Si has always been crazy. But we never thought he’d do that on camera.”
Si Robertson, a Vietnam veteran presented as single on the show, is married. He and his wife, Christine, are active members of the church.
Since Willie serves as the CEO, the show touts him as the responsible member of the family. That’s not quite the full truth, Al said.
“Willie is just as irresponsible as anybody, just to let you know,” his brother said with a chuckle. “And then Jase, they kind of have him as the wild man and all that, but he’s much more conservative in personality than he projects on the show.”
As for himself, Al said he wouldn’t mind appearing on the show in the future — preferably without a beard: “My idea was, jokingly, that they have me come in and demand to know why I’ve been left out of the family.”

Even before “Duck Dynasty,” Phil Robertson developed a wide following for his powerful, revivalist-style gospel preaching. He talks about ducks. He shares Jesus.
As the show has gained popularity, though, crowds once in the hundreds have swelled into the thousands, Kay Robertson said.
Phil Robertson said he and his sons Al and Jase preach the same message of faith, repentance and baptism wherever they’re invited.
“We don’t have godly people and followers of Jesus owning the channel that we’re on or filming what we do,” Phil said. “So what you see (on TV) is a functional, godly family, but there’s not a whole lot of Gospel and Bible verses.
“However, the audience … can be reached in other ways than the TV show,” he added. “We’re going to be making a Robertson family tour. You’ll see the real family when you get us in some arena somewhere and it’s just us telling people the good news of Jesus.
“People just have to realize that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

  • Feedback
    It makes me so happy that God is in control of “Duck Dynasty”. I know that the Robertsons are His servants and let this be so. Thank you all for the wonderful show that is SO entertaining. God bless the Robertsons for showing Christ centered lives.
    Catana Hawkins
    Oakhurst church of Christ
    Coarsegold, Ca
    August, 22 2013

    I love your show.I cannot wait to see the new season. If you ever get to Ohio stop in and see us at church. Our Pastor also watches your show He has been a pastor at our church for 45 yrs. His daughter lives in La. and has been to your church. I have been a widow for `10 years and you guys remind me of my late husband He had a great since of humor and love wildlife .Great show Keep praying and maybe the editor of the shows will QUIT cutting out the parts about our LORD and Savior Jesus Thanks for a show my grandkids can watch about the great outdoors and God THANK
    carolyn Pitstick
    1959 pueblo dr xenia, ohio 45385
    August, 21 2013

    I praise god that we have people like the Robinson family to go
    around the county preaching the gospel and what is true. I hope it
    continues it’s a great show.
    God bless you all.
    dee dee smith
    Christian Missionary Alliance
    Valencia, PA
    August, 20 2013

    I love the family and think its
    wonderful them going around the country preaching the gospel.
    They are not afraid to speak up
    for what is right.
    God bless you.
    dee dee smith
    Christian Missionary Alliance
    Valencia, PA
    United States
    August, 20 2013

    I thank God for a family that is willing to stand up to corporate American Networks, and share Jesus. This has become my most inspiring show. It is funny and entertaining, but most of all I really appreciate what Christ is doing through this family. Thank you, and God Continue to Bless them
    john Walda
    woodstock , ontario
    August, 17 2013

    I know that God has started working in our society, because your show is a wake up for society and government.
    Rafael Ordonez
    Moorefield, WV
    August, 13 2013

    Ssuch a refreshing show. A.E.should allow the word of God to be used on T.V. , Keep up the great job. Christians have got to stick together and save this show. Thank you Robertson family. God Bless. H. Donnelly
    h donnelly
    sebring, fl
    August, 7 2013

    Thank you so much for your show. It instills morals & values that are so desperately needed in this country. If a nation ever needed Jesus, it is ours! Hope to stop by your warehouse on a trip in October or November. I pray that God will continue to bless your show & that you can reach many others with the gospel message.
    Robert & Leslie Jones
    Burleson church of Christ
    Burleson, TX
    July, 30 2013

    I remember when I first saw the show, I turned it off because I thought it was just another reality tv show. It was not until Imwas listening to KLOVE that I learned what Duck Dynasty stood for boy was I Happy, Happy, Happy. Finally a tv show that stands for Christ, Family, Values, and spreading the word of God. I immediately became a “huge fan” along with my family. My husband and two children “love” the show. God has absolutely blessed America with the show. This family is real and everything they do has value. May God continue to bless the Robertsons
    Love your family in Christ, The Bean Family
    New River Chapel
    Camp Lejeune, NC
    United States
    July, 28 2013

    I love this show I can’t wait until the new season comes on. Si is hilarious So is phill I have a shirt that says everybody is happy happy happy
    Emily leGrande
    August 28 2002
    Kenner, Louisiana
    United staes of america
    July, 24 2013

    Isn’t it wonderful that unbelievers love to watch the show ! what a witness DD is! and there is no bleep bleep bleep………….
    Bridgett Link
    the link home
    orangeburg, s.c.
    June, 20 2013

    I just started watching this show because I am always leary of what to watch, and I just love it. My co-workers also love this show. Such a good family show. Keep on keeping on.
    Esther Stevenson
    Little Country Church
    Redding, CA
    June, 19 2013

    Love this family, they are an inspiration to many! May the Good Lord continue to bless them in every thing they do.Thank you for sharing your faith, family, & fun with all us! We will continue to keep watching! God Bless and God Speed!
    Maggie Wagner
    St John The Baptist Church
    Seymour, WI
    June, 15 2013

    The impact your show but most importantly, the impact that all of you as persons have made on all age groups is a true testament to your faith! Keep on Quacking!
    Danny and Teri Shelby
    Danny and Teri Shelby
    The Refuge and Four Rivers
    Sherman, tx
    June, 15 2013

    I just recently started watching the show and trying to catch up with reruns on A&E. I have found this show to be family, fun and fellowship. I am so glad to see your Christian faith present on the show. Don’t allow the producers to take it away.
    Wildwood Baptist
    Canton, GA
    June, 5 2013

    Duck dynesty clean show for reality tv. Heck ya from nc!!!
    Burlington, Nc
    June, 3 2013

    Dear Miss Kay, We would like your recipe for a romantic duck dinner on the grill. Do you have any recipes you could share with us.
    My boyfriend and I love to cook and we love you guys.
    God bless,
    P.S. My Murphy says, ‘You’re the modern day Walton’s. Keep it going!
    Thank you.
    stella & Murphy
    martin county
    hobe sound, fl
    June, 2 2013

    I absolutely love this show.Its great to be able to watch a show without the fighting,sex,and cussing.duck Dynasty is a nice family show.I know there are a lot of people out there who might want to start running their moths about the praying on the show,but believers have their rights too.The Robertsons have every right to pray.If anyone is offened by it then they don’t have to watch the show..It will not hurt their ratings. There are far more believers in the world then non believers.
    roman catholic
    berlin, md
    united states
    June, 2 2013

    Love the show. Heaven is sure gonna be a fun place with all you there.
    Michelle Marquez
    Mountain View Church of Christ
    Las Vegas , New Mexico
    May, 30 2013

    Very fun and uplifting and nice to see a family pray together and have values on TV. Keep the faith and give ’em heaven.
    Darrell McKinnon
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    Kaysville, Utah
    May, 29 2013

    This show is wonderful! I will keep watching no matter what! (It’s really funny! 😀 )
    St. Brigid Catholic Church
    Alpharetta, GA
    May, 20 2013

    This has become my favorite show! It’s clean and wholesome. I love the references to the family’s faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus. I also love that I can sit and laugh until I cry! So refreshing. Thank you Robertsons!
    Angie Spires
    Pickaway Church of Christ
    Ashville, OH
    May, 15 2013

    Keep God always in your mind, body and soul. Thank you for keeping the faith. Blessings to all of you.
    Dennis Douthett
    Lighthouse Assembly of God
    Havelock , North Carolina
    May, 12 2013

    I love your show funny and down to earth. Don’t have to cuse to be funny or inorder to speak. Proud to see your light shinning and not hidden under a basket. Those who acknowledge my Lord Jesus will be acknowledged by my Lord Jesus. Keep on Shinning Jack!!!
    Patrick J. Hipp
    Roman Catholic
    Grand Rapids, Mi.
    May, 11 2013

    This is my favorite T.V. show. I just saw on CNN that Phil had been criticized for owning guns and praying. My suggestion is that this person join the minority and watch some other program. I am 66 years old and was raised hunting and praying and still do both. I think the show is great and watch all the repeats. Don’t cut the bleeps and let it be as the characters really are. I just retired March 1, but each episode would be discussed in my department the day after the program aired. I worked for Bridgestone and one of the engineers that I communicated with in Akron named his son after Jase. So it is not just viewed by us rednecks in North Carolina. Keep it on the air!!
    Stuart Thomas
    Wilson Christian Church
    Wilson, NC
    United States
    May, 11 2013

    Love the show; it’s head and shoulders above the standard reality show fare. I appreciate a program I can watch with my kids and not have to worry about bad language or sexual behavior that might be embarrassing for a parent. Keep up the good work, and keep your faith in the forefront.
    Rod Stonestreet
    Poca, WV
    May, 10 2013

    God bless the entire Robertson clan!
    Jennifer Moore
    Jesus freak
    Lucama, NC
    May, 5 2013

    Thank you for a show that my children 8 and 5 can watch and I don’t have to monitor. We love the show.It always has a moral to the story. Thank you, Robertson Family.
    Leanne Parson
    Bethany Christian Church Dallas Ga.
    Douglasville, Ga
    May, 3 2013

    I love this show. For once it is entertainment for my whole family to enjoy and watch together. I love how they incorporate Jesus’ name and it is clear to me that they are Christ followers. Yall keep on keepin on!
    Rehoboth Missionary Baptist church
    claxton, ga
    united states
    May, 2 2013

    May, 1 2013

    Thank God for this family, thank goodness for A & E for sharing it. Not only is this one of the truly funny shows on TV but I like how close the family is. I usually despise any reality TV but I find this show funny and very relaxing. It’s a good fit with the spiritual, mental, and physical attributes each one of us has and the humor that we need.
    Mark C. Potts
    Harmony UMC, Morgantown, PA
    Reading, PA
    April, 30 2013

    I was informed about this program and live the straight forward to the point interaction with each of the members and love when they interject God and His word and goodness, and thank Jesus at the end of the day for what they have and encouragement they give.
    geri copper
    Prescott Valley, Arizona
    April, 28 2013

    My kids and I Love, Love, Love the show, I had heard about through friends but it wasn’t until my daughter told me they were Christian and prayed at the end of each show did I start watching. I admire their humility, down to earth nature and the fact they love God
    Calvery Chapel
    Albuquerque, NM
    April, 27 2013

    GARY, IN
    April, 25 2013

    Its AWESOME to see a show where you dont have to change the channel because of the foul language and obscene behavior. I love the down home fun, but most of all the love for the Lord. I agree with another responder A&E should leave all the scriptual and spiritual things. Thats what we need more of and less garbage. Thanks
    Fountain Of Life Bible Church
    Johnson City, TN
    April, 23 2013

    April, 23 2013

    Thank God there is a show on TV worth watching. Thank you Robertson from not being embarrassed of your Christian Faith. I’m so glad you not letting Hollywood change that. May God Bless your family. Thank you for showing the world about Jesus.
    Amy Reed
    Winchester, TN
    April, 22 2013

    I love your show. I love the fact you do encourage the love of the Lord. Thank you for sharing your lives with the world.
    Wanda Jensen
    St. Pauls united methodist
    Idaho Falls, Idaho
    April, 21 2013

    Love the show. This show really makes me happy. Ms Kay reminds me of my mom, always with a smile and in the kitchen cooking. I would love to meet each one of the family. May God cont to Bless each one of you.
    Rita Nance
    Coy Methodist
    Preston, Ms
    April, 18 2013

    Si is married!?!? I am so disheartened.
    Mary Phares
    Westgate Church of Christ
    Dothan, AL
    April, 18 2013

    Thanks for this show. Finally real Christians portrayed on TV. And ya’ll are funny. You know God invented humor! Glad to see some comedy on tv that isn’t dirty. Plus I can let my kids watch it!
    Robin Moody
    North River Church of Christ
    Marietta, GA
    April, 17 2013

    Duck Dynasty is a great family show. Please hold to your values and eliminate the “shut up” vocabulary. When I grew up this kind of talk was deemed disrespectful. Thanks.
    Jennifer Hoke
    Lexington, VA
    united States
    April, 16 2013

    Thanks for keeping it real and loving the Lord. I hope my husband will trust in Jesus by the
    encouragement he see’s on your good, clean and prayerful show. Our church is doing a spoof off your show. It has been great and
    I am sure drawing people into His
    kingdom. “Duct Dynasty”, Relationships are sticky, Jack!
    The Lord is always at work, even in our mundane life.
    May the Lord continue to prosper your families and strengthen you in all you do.
    Thanks for such a funny and good show and also thank you Silas for your service to our great country in the past.
    Doris Mazzola
    Doris Mazzola
    Free Evangelical Christian
    Wentzville, MO
    April, 15 2013

    My family loves your show! The only reality show without inappropriate or drama-filled content that we can watch as a family. God is using your family in a mighty way, and I encourage ya’ll to keep serving God without fear or shame. You provide wholesome entertainment for believers and unbelievers alike while bringing glory and honor to our Savior. Know that you are making a difference in people’s lives. May God bless ya’ll in every way.
    Sherri Simmons
    Grace Family Church of Spring
    Spring, TX
    April, 15 2013

    This show cracks me up…..especially uncle Si. I don’t get a chance to watch EVERY episode but, when I do, it’s time well spent. Keep planting the seeds. God will give the increase.
    Valary Henry
    Hilltop Church of Christ
    winter haven, fl
    April, 13 2013

    My family loves your show. I was especially impressed with the ending of the show where your family sits together for a meal and it begins with a prayer thanking Jesus for all that you have. Lots of people have the faith, but then are afraid to show it to others. It’s a show that I’m not afraid for my twelve year old son to watch for fear of language, violence or nudity. We love you here in Canada and keep up the great work! Gd bless you all.
    Valerie Heaman
    United church of Virden
    Virden, Manitoba
    April, 11 2013

    Great show and a wonderful Christian Family. The first time I have been able to watch a show with my Grandkids and not worry about sex,violence, and cussing. All that clean comedy were we all laugh until our sides bust. The family prayer at the end is absolutely Fantastic. A great role model for the Christian Church goer.
    Sanford Davisson
    Graceville Church of Christ
    Malone, Florida
    United States
    April, 11 2013

    THANK YOU and GOD bless you all for TV we can watch with our parents, our children, our Deacon and our Pastor! Very rare. Can’t wait to see Phil at Millington’s First Baptist in June!
    Liberty Free Will Baptist
    Millington, TN
    April, 11 2013

    I LOVE THE BEARDS!!!!! I agree with other comments, I am thankful for a show that is family friendly. I am also extremely provide of a family who sticks to their convictions and spreads the word. Keep up the good work. Plus lets see more of the unseen family members- ie the other grandkids and Al.
    First United Methodist Church
    Lakeland, FL
    April, 10 2013

    My family and friends love your show. The message you are sending to millions is awesome. Don’t ever change who you are. It is so obvious that God has blessed your family and given you all the task of spreading his word. We are country folk to and hope to some day meet you. God bless yal and keep up the good work.
    P.S. Your light shines bright even when the producers try to dim it.
    larry autry
    HillCrest Baptist
    newbern, tn
    April, 10 2013

    Let your Light shine!
    Nancy Hrivnak
    Norton Grace Brethren
    Doylestown, Ohio
    April, 10 2013

    I think that A&E should leave all the spiritual things in the show. We need more shows like this. Lovve the show and your morals
    church of Christ
    rosedale, wv
    April, 10 2013

    Our whole family loves the show! Thank you bringing God and wholesome family values into my living room on a reality show!! Who knew?! May God bless each and every one of you!!
    Tammy Gossett
    Southside Community Church
    Paragould, AR
    April, 10 2013

    I absolutely love the show & I am so thrilled that they are members of the Church of Christ! Good to see quality programming on tv again that focuses on the family & God. Good job Robertson clan!
    Jerri Sikel
    Laurel Church of Christ
    Laurel, MT
    April, 9 2013

    I just want you all to know how much I enjoy your show and your love of our Lord. Phil reminds me so much of my daddy who passed away 2 years ago at the age of 81 and Miss Kay reminds me of my mommy who passed away in 2000 at 61. Both from cancer. They loved the Lord, each other and their family. Thank you all for being you! Bless you and God keep you.
    Denise Bussey
    Eastside Freewill Baptist Church
    Springfield, Ohio
    April, 8 2013

    you guys are great more familys are getting hooked on your show you guys deserve more money let us not forget how much money the cast of friends were making 2mil each episode per cast member.give them the cash they deserve there number one.we need more shows like this.god bless the ROBERTSONS.
    Rey Perez
    houston, tejas
    U S A
    April, 8 2013

    God bless all of you and thank you for sharing your family with the nation. We need more shows like this on television.When I saw the show for the first time I couldn’t believe it!So funny. And CLEAN! It’s refreshing in a world of dirty mouthed shows. Keep it up!
    Jo Ellen Perry
    Gray, Tn
    April, 8 2013

    Thank-You so much for you show. I am especially happy to see the whole family praying at the end of the show. Its good to see a show that has values and innocent humor for a change.
    Bellevue Baptist
    West Memphis, Arkansas
    April, 7 2013

    We sure do like watching your show and seeing how you deal with day to day situations that arise. A strong family core, and keeping Christ first in your life are qualities that are hard to find now days in folks. Keep on Keeping on!
    Brad Winkler
    church of Christ
    Carman, Manitoba
    April, 5 2013

    Thanks so much Robertson family for providing a TV show I can watch with my husband and children. To see men that love their wives, children that love their parents, and a family that prays together brings me peace. I would guess from the success of this show, that my family isn’t the only one looking for decent, faith filled entertainment. Don’t give up getting Christ’s message out there Robertson family, we all need it!
    Heather Daybell
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    Rexburg, Idaho
    April, 4 2013

    Just wanted to thank the cast of Duck Dynasty! Love this show and there is finally something on TV that my girls 13 and 9 can watch and see that there are loyal people out there that are not ashamed of God and I don’t have to worry about language and sexual comments, just down home laughter and show family love…Thanks so much for the fun shows and the laughts.
    Mickie Heath
    Reidsville, nc
    April, 2 2013

    You guys have THE BEST show on tv!
    There is no cursing, sex, or violent scences being shown. Also it shows a strong comittment to our Lord Jesus.
    My wife aunt is a sister to the owner of the doughnut shop in West Monroe, where the doughnut eating contest took place
    Jeff Rushing
    Oasis Assembly of God
    Winfield, Al
    April, 1 2013

    I can not stress enough on how I love and admire each and everyone of the Robertson’s and employees of Duck Dynsty thank you all for a clean family show !!!
    Rosanna Smith
    Paducah, Ky
    March, 31 2013

    Best show on television. The Robertsons prove that family comes first. No matter what…….
    Matt Coy
    Burton, New Brunswick
    March, 30 2013

    A wonderful show and a wonderful family. I love the endings where the whole family with friends are sitting together around the table. It sends a great message to people one I need to learn myself. Thanks for a great show.
    Williams , Indiana
    March, 29 2013

    Hey Willie, I just read you are coming to Cullman, Al for the Rock the South concert in April. I’d like to invite you to worship with us if you are still in town on Sunday. We are a small country congregation. It is where my mother grew up going and where she still goes and she is 91. We’d love to have you worship with us.
    Cherie Kilgo
    Prospect Church of Christ
    Logan, Al
    March, 28 2013

    They radiate a happy, fun loving atmosphere while displaying love of God, family, & outdoor adventures. The show is so funny. Thanks Duck guys & spouses!
    John Felts
    Church of Christ
    San Saba, Tx
    March, 28 2013

    Hooked after watching the first episode. The spiritual inference, family values and the kids respect displayed toward their elders are so uncommon today on television making this show a truly uplifting family show. Thank you Robertsons. God bless.
    North Country Calvary Chapel
    Wallace, Idaho
    March, 28 2013

    Brothers and sisters in Christ, keep up the good work you all are doing. Your show makes people smile and laugh, a rare thing on todays television shows. Just a good clean show. Thanks for that! It does make people -Happy, Happy, Happy. God bless. Iris
    Iris Hare
    Church of Christ
    Kountze, Texas
    March, 28 2013

    I love your show duck dynasty
    Avon, India
    March, 28 2013

    What a wonderfully hilarious, uplifting, family oriented show. Keep them coming. The I Love Lucy show of modern times. I have inducted all of my friends and family to the show and they are hooked. Looking forward to the traveling tour
    Annette C
    Pearland, Texas
    March, 28 2013

    Thank you for all the Laughs and the Love for God and Family.My Family dearly loves all of you.Keep preaching for this country.( We need it.) The Devil is working overtime,on our young people.
    Beverly Hall
    Piney Flats, Tn.
    U S A
    March, 27 2013

    My whole family loves your show, from the grandkids to the grandparents. God Bess You for staying true to your values. Maybe someone in Hollywood will take notice that people in America are starving for wholesome Christian family entertainment.
    Mooresville, NC
    March, 25 2013

    What a joy it is to have a show my grandchildren can watch, unsupervised, and enjoy without the influence of worldly lusts. I love the Robinsons Phil and Ms Kay remind everyone of me and Linda. I’m proud to be compared to a red kneck who loves Jesus and is unashamed. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!
    Lancaster Road Church of God
    Richmond, Kentucky
    March, 25 2013

    Love the show and keep introducing people your family comedy.
    Just one question –what is with the hair and the beard.?
    Keep up the great show God bless
    Diannah Toronto, Ontario, canada
    diannah J.
    Rexdale Alliance
    Etobicoke, ON
    March, 24 2013

    Just want to say Your show is the BEST on TV. I love your Christian and family values. Please continue with the show as long as you can and don’t let the producers get away with cutting out your Love of God. Bless all of you and good luck…
    Gary McCue
    Church of Christ
    Everett, Pa.
    March, 24 2013

    I would really enjoy hearing some of your teachings, is there any chance of a web site I could watch/read. I just love see Christians as real people with real obstacles in life. Your devotion is inspiring to me! It’s nice to see laughter and faith together it’s a sight I rarely see anymore.
    Kim Norton
    North Bend, Oergon
    March, 24 2013

    This is the best show in a long time. Everybody around here loves it.Nice clean fun.Keep the lord in it everybody loves and needs this. The producers need to learn that shows can be good with out all the cursin. Great show keep it up.
    David Jones
    Charleston, TN.
    March, 24 2013

    I am 12 years old and I am not going to watch this becaus in the knew one there was no prayer at the end I don’t understand that.the lord has done so much for us.
    Church of Christ
    Nashville, Tennessee
    March, 23 2013

    I have never enjoyed a show so much love all the family members god bless good people like you folks keep it up love the show
    Roy gibson
    Apache, Oklahoma
    March, 22 2013

    Just LOVE your show, you show that being a christian can be fun and spiritual at the same time, keep up the great God filled work !!
    Beverly Hartzler
    crown hill mennonite church
    marshallville, ohio
    March, 22 2013

    Mr. Phil, Ms. Kay and Family – First and Foremost: THANK YOU for your sharing faith and inspiration. Our family finds Duck Dynasty refreshing. We live in what is quickly becoming one of the most liberal, UN-Godly areas of the union. The Washington – Baltimore Metro area is unfortunately becoming a depressing area in which to raise a family. However, we the people of the Eastern Shore (and the far western part of the State) still hunt, fish, trap, crab, farm and appreciate God’s blessings and family values. In an area controlled by liberal media it is refreshing to sit down as a family and look forward to time to laugh and be provided with (even though edited) good television. If y’all ever wanna hunt some Yankee ducks, we’d love to have ya.
    David and Angie Carrier
    Jesus’ Church – Non dominational
    East New Market, Maryland (The Eastern Shore ! )
    USA – God Blessed, Land of the F
    March, 21 2013

    Happy happy happy
    Owosso , Michigan
    March, 21 2013

    i love this show and i have watched every episode and season i cant wait until the new one comes on tommorow
    kylie kennedy
    1234 south rybolt
    indianapolis, indiana
    March, 20 2013

    Thank you so much for a great show my wife and I enjoy it so much. Back in 2009 I had back surgery that went bad and now I have Caudia Equida Sydrome that caused me to lose alot of my feeling from the waist down. Though I can’t do many of the things I use to I get to watch you guy’s and it gives me a great joy. I miss my hunting and dirt track racing but God is in control. I pray that the show continues to have success, it’s such a blessing
    Jeff Lindsay
    Abundent Life Christian Center
    Meyersdale, Pa
    March, 19 2013

    I love this show for many reasons, one being that it shows how family’s should be, which is respect your elders, go out and be with what God gave us, which is nature and all the it holds, but mainly the Christian beliefs!! Love listening to Phil talk about your Heavenly Father.
    Grace Lutheran
    kankakee, IL
    March, 18 2013

    I enjoy the show because of the family values that are displayed. It’s one of the only shows that I can watch with my 7 year old daughter after 7PM that is appropriate for her. She was born and raised in the south until a few years ago and I think she enjoys hearing the southern accent again. Keep making a good family show.
    Virginia Abernathy
    St Mary’s
    Groton, CT
    March, 18 2013

    Love this show. My oldest daughter got my sister, myself and my youngest daughter hooked. I now have you on DVR. Thanks so much for the refeshing fun and family values shown with your family on the show. My favorite is “Uncle Si” with the gallon of tea and tupperware cup. Just love it and “that’s a fact jack”. Thank GOD for you. I am Just “Happy, Happy Happy.”
    Deborah J
    St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church
    Hopkins, SC
    March, 18 2013

    love the show
    port Saint Joe, Florida
    March, 17 2013

    Such an encouraging show! What great messages you share! God bless you all, as you are so blessing others!
    Goreville, Illinois
    March, 17 2013

    I am 67 and in chronic pain all the time, but when I discovered ur show, it was the first time I’ve laughed in a long time! My great- great grandfather made the ferry across Bayou D’Arbonne and our family name is White, so Whites Ferry Road. In fact, I live on Whites Ferry Road, so I bet yall pass my house going fishing. My favorite episode was about the fishing contest. My dad was a commercial fisherman and I was the motor girl. I did it all- toted fish up the hill-cleaned them u name it. In fact, the boat yall showed looked so much like Daddy’s, I think I cried. It was a hard life for a girl, but had to be done. I luv your show, and my fervent wish is to come to your warehouse and possibly meet someone.
    Wanda Seward
    wanda seward
    west monroe, Louisiana
    March, 17 2013

    doloreslynn hernandez
    san antiono , texas
    March, 15 2013

    Love the show.I just hope you stick to your Guns and not let A&E take away family values and put Jesus back at the end of your daily prayer’s.Don’t get to Hollywood on us. Keep oon making us laugh….
    Susan Brannan
    Church of Christ Mt Holly Sprgs
    Mt.Holly Sprgs, PA
    March, 15 2013

    I hope your feeling the love from PA – we had a Duck Dynasty theme night at our youth group the other night and it was our biggest success. We tought the kids some Phil-osophies backed straight from the bible. And talked about Willie’s talk he had on Galatians 5. It was awesome to show the kids how you can love God and be crazy fun at the same time. Thanks for all you do and hope you bring your family tour this way!!
    Kim Aukerman
    Cornerstone Ministries
    Greensburg, PA
    March, 15 2013

    My whole family loves your show. Thank you for sharing your faith and proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you as you shine your light onto this dark world.
    Victoria Peuler
    Christian and Missionary Alliance
    Pittsburgh, PA
    March, 15 2013

    Dont ever let ’em cut out the prayer completely. And Sadie….please stay the way you are. Your the kind of young lady that I tell my son to hold out for. He is 15.
    Barry Smith
    The Highlands
    Trussville, Alabama
    March, 15 2013

    Appreciate your honesty and integrity.May God reward your courage and faithfulness.You are an encouragement to all people.
    Paul McGee
    Christian Peace Officer
    Sudbury, Ontario
    March, 15 2013

    Finally a reality show where the message is positive, the family is real yet loving and forgiving and hilarious. Don’t let the producers change too much. And, keep on with the gospel message of Jesus our Savior. Great show!
    Lynne Jones
    Battlefield Baptist
    Gainesville, Virginia
    March, 14 2013

    I love this show. I will have to say that Phil is my favorite, he treats his wife with such respect, and Mrs. Kay is the best! She loves her dogs. Now that is a fine woman! The whole family is amazing. I hope this show runs for many, many seasons. That would make me Happy, Happy, Happy!
    Judie M Cooke
    Brown Summit, North Carolina
    United States
    March, 14 2013

    Best show that has EVER been on TV! I Love all of your shows and even tape them and watch over n over again. It is a BLESSING to have such a clean show on tv>and Look forward to it each week. God Bless each one of the Robertson family for taking a stand for Jesus Christ!! Good Day!!
    Jeanie Kerns
    Paw Paw, WV
    March, 14 2013

    First of all…..Praise the Lord..
    I’m have’nt enjoyed a “Christin” show since Bill Cosby had his show on the #1 ratings or the Waltons…..I love the message first, Sharing and teaching the Christion love with your family,Family second and the “comedy/reality I can relate to ” the show !! Laughter is crucial to your health! I love it…dissappointed as most that they have deleted “In Jesus Name We Pray”….Still, it is far better than any show in decades. A&E, Don’t lose this show, and get more Christian Values released…..you will double your ratings…….Thanks all the same…its about time time someone put a show back on tv that has morals……
    Kevin Oakley
    Cartersville , Georgia
    March, 13 2013

    Awesome show! Genuinly funny and uplifting. Keep up the faith boys, you are a shining light in America in these dark times
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Rigby, Idaho
    March, 13 2013

    We love watching you guys. Everyone has a great character, you couldn’t have hired better talent! It’s just a shame that they don’t let you talk more about your faith. I think our country needs more people of faith speaking out on T.V. Good luck guys,
    Dave Hoffman
    Hometown, Illinois
    March, 13 2013

    I love the new show!! Having been a dedicated duck hunter for over 40 years now, I would love to share a blind with the Robertson family and challenge Miss Kay to a biscuit & gravy contest. I may be a Yankee, but my daddy came from Kentucky. I use an old Paul Kingyon duck call and once had Buck Gardner tell me that I was one of the best duck callers in the country. I would love to try one of their calls but 17 years in U.S. Intelligence and 7 gunshot wounds have left me disabled and dirt poor. (never work for Uncle Sam). Keep up the great show, I need the laughs!
    Steve Griffin
    Hillsboro, Ohio
    March, 13 2013

    I have got to say that this is the best family show on tv. My husband looked at me and said…”I haven’t heard one curse word on this show”.
    It is so wonderful to see a show that has values and prayer. I love how they end every show with food, family, and prayer. It is so enlightening to see that their are family shows still out there. Thank you A & E and Duck Dynasty.
    Kirstie Williams
    St Peter’s Catholic Church
    Marietta, Pa
    March, 13 2013

    I had to read this twice. I just love it when this show comes on. It is great to know that the Robertson family is christians and that they use the show to spread some good news about what Jesus does. I would love to see Alan on TV.
    Wesley Groves
    East Sunsburry Baptist Church
    Beallsville, Ohio
    March, 12 2013

    We love the show. My granddaughter is 3 years old an all she said i want to watch duck dynasty. We love the show because its real an God is in it. Keep it up. Thanks for a great show.
    Vicky Nichols
    Clover, Virginia
    March, 12 2013

    Me and my family love to watch your shows and we too are very HAPPY, HAPPY,HAPPY for another family show we can all sit down and enjoy together. Keep sharing your faith and let it be a living testimony to all.
    St. Stephens, South Carolina
    March, 12 2013

    My wife talked me into watching the show. After two shows, I was hooked. As a Viet Nam vet, I tend to like Si the best. One day my wife and I watched eight shows, one after the other. My Mom passed away in ’08, I know she would have been your biggest fan.
    Roger A Fatherly
    Upper Room Assembly
    Gates, NC
    March, 11 2013

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Finally a show we can watch as a family. Love the prayer at the end. And I can’t wait to get a Miss Kay cookbook or DVD. As a southern gal, so many episodes take me back to my childhood on the farm. God Bless you all. And I will continue to pray for your family.
    Linda Stooksbury
    Kingston, TN
    March, 11 2013

    Thank you for your show Duck Dynasty! I am so Happy Happy Happy to find out that it is important to you and your family to say “in Jesus name” I pray! SHAME SHAME SHAME on A&E for editing this in your prayers!!!!I pray many more will write in about this and maybe they will start to listen! God loves you and so do we, stay strong and keep the faith!
    Shawnna Bley
    Vinita Church of Christ
    Big Cabin, Oklahoma
    United States
    March, 11 2013

    I was calling everyone I knew, telling them to sit back and enjoy this show of family/faith and fun.
    I look forward to watching every week. Thank you for this refreshing show….
    Sheila Bellflowerwhite
    Silver Spring, Maryland
    March, 11 2013

    What a great show…clean, funny and with respect to family and Jesus. Keep up the good work! God bless you all!
    Red Lion, PA
    March, 11 2013

    I feel like god is talking too me through this show.
    Colin t byrne
    Huntington, Ny
    March, 11 2013

    Robertson Family……..you are the reason I smile these days. With nothing to watch on TV and the vulgarity, you are the light in the world of darkness. I love you all for being proud and not ashamed for standing up for Jesus. I pray God continues to bless your families and that the show continues to spread the light and gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessings blessings and blessings along with the best ratings possible. You make me happy happy happy
    A sister in Christ Jesus
    Brenda Barnett
    Brenda Barnett
    Non-Denoinational Christian
    De Soto, IL
    United States
    March, 11 2013

    It’s always great to see the show and to see that the family has good family valves and that you can have fun at the same time…..
    And Ladies… It may he hard sometime with all us guys but we just like to have fun….. So my hat is off to all of you….
    Free Methodist
    Weyburn, Sask
    March, 10 2013

    Hey Ya’ll! I thought this show was for kids when it said Duck in it. I just started watching and I’ve decided I like it!! You make me smile! And I need it.I am not far from Dexter, Mo. Wish I could some how meet you. God bless you all. June 🙂
    June Thompson
    Campbell Church of Christ
    Campbell, Missouri
    March, 10 2013

    My granddaughter first told us she was hooked on Duck Dynasty. I did not realize until I started looking up and reading about the Robertson family that there is a lot of faith that the public is not privy to just by watching the show. It is too bad the producers choose to delete and/or not air the better parts that show Americans there is still love and faith in families. One of the things that struck me after watching the show a few times was how respectfull Phil & Ms Kays grandchildren are to them and other adults. That is such a breath of frest air. Keep going Robertsons, spreading your faith.
    Pat & Jerry Mangum & family
    Texarkana, Texas
    United States of America
    March, 10 2013

    A&E you have a great show don’t mess with it deleting things! Maybe you need to delete alot of other programs….but this show is a jewel! My family loves Duck Dynasty especially the family giving thanks at the end of each show……..
    Sharon Ward
    Love God
    LaFayette, Ga
    March, 10 2013

    A&E you have a great show don’t mess with it deleting things! Maybe you need to delete alot of other programs….but this show is a jewel! My family loves Duck Dynasty especially the family giving thanks at the end of each show……..
    Sharon Ward
    Love God
    LaFayette, Ga
    March, 10 2013

    We love you here in Anna Ohio.. Thanks for such a good clean worthwhile program…would love for you to start a “NEW” business traveling around giving inspirational talks to the churches…whoo hoo..!!!!
    Anna church of Christ
    Anna, Ohio
    March, 9 2013

    I stumbled on Duck Dynasty by accident. But,ever since then me and my whole family have shared many laughs together. Over the funny moments of the show. Uncle Si rocks.It’s nice to have a good program without the nasty language. JESUS is the only way…
    terry koger
    First Baptist Church
    richmond, missouri
    March, 9 2013

    We love Duck Dynasty for the Robertson’s strong family values, religious beliefs, and the love and respect they have for one another. Their prayers should not be cut or edited from the episodes, in fact we should see more of it! This country needs more GOD in it! Thank you Duck Dynasty!
    Howell , NJ
    United States
    March, 9 2013

    I was raised in a Christian home, and have always believed…yet I have pulled away over the years. This show has caused me to think , to re-evaluate, and to come back to my Lord. HE works in mysterious ways!
    esther aiken
    Brockville Standard
    brockville, ontario
    March, 9 2013

    The way they end their prayer is edited from the program……
    Senath, mo
    United States
    March, 8 2013

    Our family has started to watch Duck Dynasty. We watch with our grandaughters and we are so thankful to the Roberston Clan for sharing their faith with us. The morals and life lessons are witnessed through prayer (which I particularly love at the end of each episode. ) Our grandaughters watch faithfully, laugh with Uncle Si but notice the strong family values that are portrayed in each episode. We live in Manitoba, Canada and there are many that also follow this show. Thanks to Phil Robertson and his family for sharing their faith in such a way. Our society is tempted by so many negative images and morallity that I felt compelled to write and let you know that many Canadians respond to this show.
    Continued Blessings Kathe
    Kathe REmillard
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    March, 8 2013

    I am neither a christian nor a practicing Catholic .. I wanted to say that Duck Dynasty is an amazing show. As stated by many of those above ,the love and respect for eachother, family ,friends and your fellow human being shines through brightly!. It is probably the only ‘reality’ TV show that doesn’t celebrate lies, deceit, misogyny and hatred. It is very refreshing to see the success the Robertsons have had with their business and more importantly their family.It may irk some that ‘hollywood’ is making the show less worthy however I still feel that the Roberstons are showing the ‘real world’ how families should treat eachother… That is a great accomplishment!.. I applaud their faith and respect.. Thanks for reading.. Fred
    Toronto, Ontario
    March, 8 2013

    When this reality show first came out I thought it wouldn’t last long. Now my wife and I can’t wait to see each and every new episode. I always wait to see what comes out of Uncle Si’s mouth in each show. A down to earth vet like myself.
    Jerry Stewart
    Gilbertsville, KY
    March, 8 2013

    Duck Dynasty is like a breath of fresh air. I think people are starving for this kind of entertainment. I had watched several shows before I realized that no one’s voice was getting bleeped out because of cursing.
    In today’s world you just kind of expect vulgar language on every show. How strange it is to be “shocked” at not hearing any curse words.
    Ms.Kay is great. I talk to my dogs just the way she does hers.
    Keep up the good work Duck Dynasty!!!

    Jane May
    New Covenant Ministry
    Linton, Indiana
    March, 6 2013

    It is truly inspiring to see a family standing up for what they believe in. Getting national TV to promote a family that is outwardly religious is quite an accomplishment in today’s age. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and am truly impressed with the family prayer at the end of each show. I hope the Robertsons help the producers see that there is a large population of people that respect TV shows that honor their faith and promote Godliness, brotherly love and family values.
    Tucson, AZ
    March, 6 2013

    Love, love, love the Robertson family. The fact they share their love of Jesus Christ, family, and the simple way of life is so refreshing. I admire the teens for respecting their elders. Hollywood should wake up and realize the Robertson’s faith in Jesus Christ is one of the most enduring parts of the show. When Phil ask the blessing at the end of each episode viewers are blessed along with the family.
    Teresa Gryder
    Patterson Baptist Church
    Lenoir, NC
    March, 6 2013

    I love this show and the values that it teaches. It’s amazing to know that it is not fake like other reality shows and that these men and women are unashamed to live for Christ. I admire their strength and courage to stand up for what is right and for showing how to live for Christ. May God continue to bless this family in the future.
    Groveland Church of Christ
    Clermont, FL
    March, 6 2013

    I’m so sad the producers would cut out words of faith from people who live by faith. Censorship only propagates ignorance, America is made up of all Faiths and Religions and even though some may disagree no Godly word should be omitted. Shame on you A&E! In a world longing for tolerance and Love no words should be deleted from Grace…AMEN! P.S. I Love the show….STO THE CENSORSHIP!
    Stan Sanderson
    Freeport, New York
    March, 6 2013

    How refreshing to watch a godly family enjoying life and each other. Your show lifts my spirits–I am 2 years widowed and disabled. Your love for each other and Jesus blesses me and makes me “happy, happy, happy.” I’ve been born again for 36 years, Have outlived 3 husbands and a son. I love Jesus! You’re in my prayers. We may never meet on earth but we will in heaven! May He bless each and every one of you!
    Elena Cordova
    Calvary Metro Santa Fe
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    March, 6 2013

    Grew up in house of Church of christ Precher. love to see Brothers loveing God and gun!!! Idea for show- young guns meet old guns, Duck D boys meet “Make It Rain Waterfoul” 6 young Christions who live to hunt. live it. breathe it. god bless all
    Ken MacGregor
    Royal Oak Church of Christ
    Ossineke, Mi
    March, 5 2013

    I am so amazed with show. It reminds me of how I was raised. As the family has shifted I have wondered.With this show reminding that I still have God and family in me it has brought me back to the happiest times of my life. I never stop praying or believing, was just doing it wrong. Thank you Robertsons for reminding me of what life and family are about.
    James Blanch
    Lutheran ELC
    Madison, Wisconsin
    United States
    March, 5 2013

    I love the show,just makes my day when i watch it,so glad there are still God fearing ppl in the world like uin’s.My 2 grandsons 10 and 8 years old,love the show and wouldn’t miss it.I hope uin’s never want to stop doing the show,uncle Si has me in stitches,from his antics.Keep up the good work,and may God continue to bless each and everyone of uin’s.
    Manella Perry
    West Point, Kentucky
    March, 5 2013

    Love the show! Love that you all love the Lord! He is good! Look forward to watching every week.
    Jolene Cottrell
    Sherwood United Methodist Church
    Sherwood, Ohio
    March, 4 2013

    Is there any way to get any one of the Duck Dynasty Boys to come speak to our Youth group ?
    Daryl Leavenworth
    Christ The King Catholic Church
    Gering, NE
    March, 4 2013

    Phil, I want you to know that God’s love comes out while my family watches “Duck Dynasty”. You can’t hide God! My daughter loves Uncle Si and wants to have lunch with him someday. I appreciate you and your family giving us some “Andy Griffith” style t.v. to watch. I wanted to tell you something about cursing. My dad always told me, “if you have to cuss, you don’t have a real grasp of the English language.” So true!
    Respectfully yours,
    Dan McCranie
    Guntersville, Alabama
    March, 3 2013

    cannot say enough about this show to God be the Glory!!!!!
    March, 2 2013

    I also wanted to tell ya’ll how much my 2 year old Christahlynn loves ya’lls show she will sit and watch it just as much as me and my other family watches it lol God bless and be with you all in Jesus Name I Pray Amen Amen Amen Happy Happy Happy love that lol
    melanie wood
    First Christian Church
    Wellsville, ohio
    March, 2 2013

    i just wanna say thank you Robertson family for bringing Jesus our savior back to live television the producers need to stop worrying that there not gonna get enough views and realize the more ya’ll say about our Lord the more views they will get with god all things are possible Jesus can bring more viewers Jesus/God can do anything as long as we have faith in him i believe He most definitely can i also wanna say me and my family love the show we record it on Dish network so we never miss a show lol we love you all sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus go with god go with faith amen God bless each and everyone of you
    first christian church
    Wellsville, ohio
    March, 2 2013

    I love Duck Dynasty. Its a great show about a real family and how they live. I think its great that they are so open with their beliefs in God and the church. I think its a bit unfair to edit out portions of the show that show their more religious side. People would watch the show regardless of their beliefs because the show is genuine and real. There is so much garbage on tv these days it is refreshing to see that there are still real people out there that aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in! God Bless Duck Commander!
    Shannon Williams
    Montville, New Jersey
    March, 1 2013

    My oldest daugher introduced my wife and me to DD and it’s been on and on and on and on ever since. Every episode and rerun! And we still love ’em and laugh. God bless your every effort to spread our Lord’s wonderful Good News!
    Tim Grant
    Glenwood Friends Meeting
    Greensboro, NC
    March, 1 2013

    after reading about one of my Fav reality shows…I know now …just WHY I’ve fallen in love with Duck Dynasty…continue to reach the masses YOU have many this world is starving for JESUS !! Thank you Duck Dynasty
    Valerie & Steve Jackson
    Bonnieview Apostolic Chapel
    rawlings, maryland
    March, 1 2013

    Our family has established Friday Family Duck Dynasty Night at our house. We LOVE this show and thankful there is finally a show on TV that we all can watch and enjoy. Such a breath of fresh air seeing values and beliefs based on Christ. Praying for protection for the Robertson clan, the enemy strikes hard on those doing God’s will/work. Thanks to all the Roberton’s who are willing to step out in faith to share Christ’s love for all, even throught a very difficult venue known as Hollywood. God bless each and every one of you and your families. God is very “happy, happy, happy” with you all!
    Brad, Kathy, Emily, Rebecca, Angela, and Bradley Mullen
    Orrville Christian Church
    Wooster, Ohio
    March, 1 2013

    Me and my family love your show!
    Kelly Tate
    Maryville, TN
    February, 28 2013

    I love watching your fun family.I could tell you were Christian’s from the start. It is awesome to know how much you love Jesus. So sad the producers cut out so much. That is what attracted our family to the show. Keep spreading his word! Hope you will be in our neighborhood someday. Your friend in Christ! Jennifer
    Jennifer McVay
    Glenn Anthony Baptist Church
    Columbus, Georgia
    February, 28 2013

    We lift up ya’lls family in prayers !
    Donald and Wendy Bufkin
    and the Whole family at Crossway Baptist church in Tallahassee, FL
    Donald Bufkin
    Crossway Baptist Church
    Tallahassee, Florida
    United States
    February, 28 2013

    We’ve your show, itis pleasure to see a show that makes you laugh and there is no profanity. An most of all are not afraid to acknowledge our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless all of you.
    Evonne Prescott
    Pentecostal Christian
    Naples, Florida
    February, 27 2013

    There are many ways to reach people. The Robertson’s are bringing more people to Christ in their own way than most preachers in the pulpit today. God uses unlikely people to accomplish greatness just looks at the apostles and their diversity.
    February, 27 2013

    My husband and I are such avid fans of Duck Dynasty. Not only the show, but the nature of the families way of life. They live off the lands of Mother Nature. Their children are very well mannered, with “Yes sirs, and a lot of respect for their parents, and elders, unlike many kids of today. They are a very close and well knitted family, with lots of family love and loyalty. I would love for them to come out with book, we are so fascinated with this family, their way of life, the family love for god, and their country. Amazing people, they need to publish a book.
    nancy snelling
    hebron, ky
    February, 26 2013

    hi my name is paula. i watch youre show everyday you inspire my family. my husband has schtzophrnia with multiple personalities. he watches youre show he loves god and he loves how all of you do too. we love all of you guys you are truly inspirational thank you and god bless you
    connersville, indiana
    February, 26 2013

    It was time due that we have a show that not only makes us laugh but reminds of how important it is to have God in our daily lives. For if we seek God first all things are possible and after all he is our Saviour. Without giving him glory first we cannot succeed in our dreams. May God continue to bless all of you.
    Irma Casillas
    Iglesia Maranatha of Waco
    Waco, Tx
    February, 23 2013

    I find the Robertson family a breath of fresh air, unbeknownst to the “Big Hollywood Producers” this is the kind of television young people today actually crave to see, a family like this rearely exists anymore, Hey Jack, we LOVE this show it makes us Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!
    Tina Hausen
    St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church
    Alexandria, Virginia
    February, 22 2013

    After a 40hr work day and 10 more hours taking care of my man, I turn on my show and laugh so hard my ribs are sore, Not only does this show make me laugh it makes me see the importance of you family. Nothing is more important than family. Thanks you for sharing your’s with me……. It brings me joy at the end of a very busy day. I am just a nurse who loves your family
    Joyce Parcell
    Spanish Fork, UT
    United States
    February, 21 2013

    Whoever said CoC wasn’t cool never watched the Robertsons! Their genuine love for each other and the Lord makes my heart sing. Oh, yeah, and practically crack my ribs from laughing so much! God Bless the Robertson family!!
    Anita R
    Church of Christ Northwest
    Peoria, IL
    February, 14 2013

    Gotcha covered Phil! I always say “In Jesus Name We Pray”, before you say,” Amen”
    Suzanne Lance
    Clayton Church of Christ
    Clayton, Oklahoma
    February, 12 2013

    You all are a HOOT!!! My Twin boys, 18 now) absolutely love the show. They are advent hunters, ATV, Motorcycle, oh Heck all around outdoorsman. Don’t change a thing as you truly show how brothers act, God Hearted to the bone and challenge one anothers patience. THAT’S True kinfolk LOVE all natural, muddy, and cracked clay. Jesus continual Blessings over each of you. Regarding a past comment about a winery….JESUS did turn the water into PURE Wine! OK and Love you Miss Kay for bearing the solid rock on which the Robertson family stands. I had twin boys sister I don’t know how you kept having more!!! Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble they will get into next.
    Char Vincer
    Crossroads Community Church
    Leaf River, Illinois
    February, 11 2013

    This is a wonderful, wholesome, witty show and I always wind up misty-eyed at the end of every show when the whole family is around the supper table and Phil is saying the blessing. I miss that now that my parents are gone and my grown children live far away. Please keep it up.
    Dottie Hulett
    Southern Baptist
    Coralville ( formerly LaGrange), Iowa (formerly GA)
    February, 9 2013

    When I try to describe DD to my friends, I tell them it’s a cross between The Waltons and the Beverly Hillbillies, with some pumpin’ Led Zeppelin music thrown in for good measure. We’re behind you 100%, Jack!
    Lincoln, NE
    February, 8 2013

    I admire the Robertson so much and know they are great assets to your church. When my husband, Kenny Lawson, lived in Louisiana (he lived there about 35 years), Phil baptized him in the river in 1999, I believe it was. He, like Phil, is not the man he used to be, thanks to our loving awesome God. Would love to meet them myself. Am trying to download your church paper now.
    Tish Lawson
    Assembly of God
    Oxford, MS
    February, 7 2013

    We really enjoy this show and the Robertson Family. We had so many people coming in to work telling us about this show, so we watched it and it is addicting. We love the prayer at the end and the closeness of the family. Keep up the good work. It’s so refreshing to watch a christian family.
    Vikki Foley
    Bethel Nazarene Church
    Bethel, Ohio
    February, 6 2013

    I love your show. So proud there’s a show without cussing and not afraid to show faith in God. Thank you and God Bless you and yours.
    mary rohr
    millstadt, ill
    February, 2 2013

    My teenage boys and my little girl love this show. My husband loves how the show always ends with the family sits down together at the end of the day to pray and eat. It’s good to see a family we all can relate to one way or another.
    Leslee Huffaker
    Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints
    Evanston, Wyoming
    February, 1 2013

    My family loves the Roberson’s, my children are the ones that got me hooked on this show and I told everyone about it at work and now that’s what we talk about and go about saying hey and happy, happy, happy. I can’t get enough of them. They are blessing to lost and dying world. And I hope they keep going and changing lives for the better. That’s a fact jack
    west palm Beach, fl
    February, 1 2013

    I watch your show all the time. It is refreshing to know that a least one show on TV has some moral back ground. Thanks for all that you do to for our Lord.
    Linda VanBritson
    Oak Hill CofC
    Evansville, In.
    January, 31 2013

    In my oppinionthe best show on Television. Love the family and what they represent. Wish we had the Duck hunting where I live in Ontario. Would love to see you in Ontario Canada some day would buy the first ticket and be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.
    Mark Henry
    Petrolia, Ontario
    January, 27 2013

    January, 24 2013

    Let’s all pray that the producers stop cutting, “In Jesus’ name” at the end of the prayer. What an inspiration the Robertson family is regarding faith and family..an absolute joy to watch them. A breath of fresh air in tv land! Very nice A&E, have no fear: we love the Christian values!
    Denise R
    Trinity Lutheran Church
    Clinton Township, MI
    January, 23 2013

    Thank you to A&E and the Robertson family for being responsible enough to provide a show that promotes a Christian lifestyle and strong family values.
    I love that this down to earth, squirrel eating family is setting such a good example of love and grace. It makes me happy, happy, happy!
    Miss Kay, you ROCK!!!
    Kim Bouchard
    St Andrew’s , Kitchener ,ON
    Hamilton, Ontario
    January, 21 2013

    I love this show and I thank the Robertson Family for their Faith and love in God. I have never enjoyed a show as much as this one. I am telling everyone I know to watch this show. Keep spreading the word of God.
    Sincerely, Suzie Ortego
    Suzie Ortego
    Winnie,, Texas
    January, 20 2013

    How refreshing & rare to see such a wholesome show on television in this day & time. I have to admit that my husband & I struggle finding good, clean shows that we can watch with our 9 year old daughter. She absolutely LOVES Duck Dynasty, as do we all, & we really enjoy all watching it & laughing together. It is so nice to sit down & watch something we all LOVE without having to watch it on my own first to make sure it’s clean enough for my little girl. My hat goes off to the Robertsons for their ministry. Even if the producers cut out 99% of the religious aspects, the prayers said at the end of each show can’t help but reveal the deep devotion to God that the family shares. Love the show & the family. May God bless!
    Kerri Allmond
    Dalton First Church of the Nazarene
    Ringgold, GA
    United States
    January, 18 2013

    My family loves to hunt so this show was very easy for us to get into. We are also Bible Believing Christians that really appreciate how Phil & Ms Kay, along with the rest of the Robinson clan, is getting the word out and praying on tv. You are so right “there IS more then one way to skin a cat”! We love the show
    Angel Kolbe
    Woodlawn Baptist
    Bowie, MD
    January, 18 2013

    We tape the shows,& watch over and over. Shame on Hollywood for taking out the most important message Of Jesus Christ and God’s message. Thank you Robertson family. We enjoy all of your shows. Can’t wait to see the new ones.
    Jill Cofer
    Ponder Methodist Church
    Krum, Texas
    January, 17 2013

    This is the first real, family based fun, and rated “G” for my grandchildren to watch that’e ever come across our big screen T.V. I always thought if my husband passed on early that I would marry Barney Fife but since he’s gone, I’ll set my sights on Si. Ha!Ha! Not really. I’m 58 years old but the fun that you all have makes me want to take Estrogen the that will help me grow a beard and let Phil & Kay adopt me. I tell my grandhcildren all the time that I’m going to pack them off to Phil and let him give them a listen about not getting outside and being part of nature! Ha! Ha! Keep on keeping my family entertained becuase you’re the best thing that’s happened on T.V. so far.
    Cathy Clark
    Willow Grove Baptist Church
    Sumrall, MS
    United States
    January, 17 2013

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the show, especially the blessing at the end around the table with the family. Every day should end this way!
    deborah bradford
    Moravian Church
    saint louis, mo
    January, 15 2013

    Duck Dynasty is one of the very few shows I watch like this. Their honesty and just being themselves and living life is a nice thing to see. Most T.V programs are full of junk and bad language and this one is just people trying to do well and live the right way and they share their home spun, day to day lives with us. I love it.
    Thanks Robertson family for giving something decent and pleasant to see with lots of humor thrown in!
    Bowling Green, KY
    January, 14 2013

    I have never been into reality television, but one day while channel surfing I ran into Duck Dynasty and was blown away. It was not trashy, no cursing, and they are a fun family to watch. It does my heart good to know that they love God and are so involved in their evangelism. There is hope for television yet. Finally a show that makes me “HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!”
    Kathy Cromer
    Salem Church of Christ
    Salem, VA
    January, 14 2013

    I listened to a speech that that Willie gave t Harding university. He talked about being able to share the gospel with anyone you meet in a moment notice. I would love to have his writings on that I would like to have scriptures and all he uses if there is a book or writing. Thanks
    Donna Lewis
    Portales, NM
    United States
    January, 13 2013

    Thank you from the Smith Family. We spend family time watching Duck Dynasty. The end of the show is the best. Remembering what God has blessed you with and praying as a family. My daughter and her teacher have Duck Dynasty discussions daily. They decided to help raise money for the school, they are going to create a Duck Dynasty basket to sell at our carnival. Happy Happy Happy! Thank you for being a wholesome show and sharing your Godly family.
    Smith Family
    West Columbia , Texas
    January, 11 2013

    My Husband went to Harding University, and his Parent’s are Member’s at Liberty Church Of Christ
    Liberty Church of Christ
    Texas City, Texas
    United States
    January, 11 2013

    I used to go to Camp Chi Yo Ca (Christian Youth Camp) in West Monroe LA. I was best friends with Anne Howard, Casper and Peggi’s middle daughter. We were talken by V.E. and Ruth Howard, Alton’s brother. It’s a small world isn’t it? Walnut Street was in Texarkana, TX. Now it is just called Walnut Church of Christ since it was moved off of Walnut Street. Korie, did you go with us to camp?
    Ruthann Balkcom Miles
    Walnut Street Church of Christ
    Hope, Ar
    United States
    January, 9 2013

    I want to apologize for an earlier post about ordering from Duck Commander,they have sence contacted me and have made it right to my boys they will be receiving a late Christmas Present!Thank You Duck Commander,please except my appology!God bless!
    Betsy Hartman
    Jonesborough, Tennessee
    United States
    January, 9 2013

    Thank the Lord that there is someone on television who is not afraid to show their faith and proclaim it! Finally a show that our entire family can watch together and giggle aloud with. God bless the Robertson family for staying true to their values and spreading the Gospel. Uncle Si makes me laugh just by being him but Phil will make you sit up and take notice of his simple approach; live right, love God and serve Christ and hunt. I hope this show goes on for a long time…we need it!
    Julie Wilhoit
    Shelby County
    Shelbyville, IN
    January, 7 2013

    Have to say i was really love the show but became disappointed when I started watching the second season and found the show coming off really fake…..until i did some research and now realize how and why it is done!! Too bad that the producers of the show cut a lot of the good stuff!! I am glad though that the family plan to go on tour and proclaim the Good news!! I also pray that fame and fortune don’t ruin this God fearing family and that now with their fame they will realize they have more pull with the producers of the show to add the stuff they want in it~~~ Tks Tina
    Tina Desjardins
    The River’s Edge
    Pembroke, Ontario
    January, 7 2013

    Thank you for providing decent entertainment that a family can sit down and watch together!! Please keep shining your light in this dark world and sharing the gospel with so many lost souls!!! If you can just turn one from hell, what rejoicing there will be in heaven!!! Love and admire you all and will keep you in my prayers for strength and guidance from our Heavenly Father!! In Christian Love! <3
    Shelby Valley Church of Christ
    Virgie, KY
    January, 6 2013

    Great Job. Keep it up ya’ll.
    Emory Thigpen
    Beulaville, North Carolina
    January, 6 2013

    This is a show, that my friend Channyl had us watch… OH MY! I have found myself a little obsessed with it. Just to see people who love each other, but love the KING!! I would love to see them have many seasons for years. I love this show!! And yes I’d love to see a family tour.. Yes a family tour!! keep us posted.
    Doreen Agostini
    The Life Church Tampa
    Tampa, Florida
    January, 5 2013

    I just love that GOD has a sense of humor. What an awesome Holy Ghost mission HE has given to our brothers & sisters in CHRIST, the Robertsons. Our good, good GOD has provided a way for us all to have a part in reelin em in. Praise GOD that we can direct others to Godly appealing tv shows to plant the seed.Thank you Lord for having your way. AMEN!!!
    Connie Nightwine
    Good Shepherd Free Lutheran
    Virginia, MN
    January, 5 2013

    i never paid much intention to this show but saw the previews on it i have sence been watching season one and really love this show can’t wait for the new season to come on.
    dixie wood
    church of christ
    saugerties, ny
    January, 5 2013

    Being anything but an outdoor type of gal, I have come to love love Duck Dynasty! Our youth minister spoke of the show during church one Sunday, & then my husband began to watch the show. It is so refreshing to finally see a show with a family that loves God, & their family. No foul language and such respect for each other & their wives!!! I pray for this family’s continued success & may they be instrumental in helping to show Hollywood & Washington that this country is still a God fearing nation that love family values & decent, clean intertainment! Go Family Robertson! W love to meet them in person some day . I work in a hair salon & their show is all the rage! Makes us all Happy Happy Happy!!!!!
    Connie Moore
    Childress Church of Christ
    Childress, Texas
    January, 5 2013

    fun and entertaining…..makes us
    happay! happay! happay!
    Janet and Cheryl BFF
    Sagemont Church/Bay Area First Baptist
    Alvin, Texas
    January, 5 2013

    Keep the course……..GOD is blessing you and your family, just stay true to Him in all your Hollywood dealings. LOVE THE SHOW…..Uncle Si you rock.
    Ella Weaver
    Lufkin, Texas
    January, 4 2013

    I really enjoy the show; especially if I have had a rough day! I know I can watch some light hearted fun and get my heart lifted by laughter. I am especially tickled at all the funny ideas they have that don’t turn out the way they planned. Even more inspiring is knowing they are a close family that loves God and makes that evident in their life and do what they can to share that love with other people so they can know Jesus, too! May God bless this show to be around for a long time and that many will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.
    Karen Smith
    Princeton Church of God
    Princeton, West Virginia
    January, 4 2013

    I am hoping to contact Phil about the family SKYping with the Tarpon Springs republican Club. We all love them for their great faith. We have something about the Lord at every meeting which may be unusual for a Republican club but it is one of the main reasons we are working to take our country back. We want to return to when they gave glory to GOD.
    Adelle Blackman
    First United Methodist of Tarpon Springs
    Tarpon Springs, Florida
    January, 4 2013

    I love the show,I even PVR it when i can’t watch it. I think they are the best family on TV. Just wondering if the wives on the show can explain hair products to their husbands. I am a hairstylist and have been for 23 years and i know their hair would look great with some products in it to control their curls. Give it a try you might like it.
    Dawn Ripley
    St.Micheals Anglician
    windsor, Nova Scotia
    January, 4 2013

    My daughter told me about the show on Sunday of this week and I immediately began taping. I sat down last night with my husband of 50 years and we absolutely love the show. This is a show that we can actually watch with our grandchildren. Finally we can tell with all the guns around that is NOT the guns that are KILLING people but the PEOPLE that are pulling the triggers. Leona
    Leona Harp
    Southern Baptist
    Shelbyville, Kentucky
    January, 4 2013

    It is so great to have a show on television that you can actually sit down and watch with your children. And finally have Jesus alive to thousands of viewers! Thank you Robertson family!
    Calgary, Alberta
    January, 3 2013

    Love the show. Prayers for the show and the families. God’s Blessings
    Ray and Wanda Stagg
    Baptist & Lutheran
    Paola, Kansas
    January, 3 2013

    I fell in love with Duck Dynasty the very first time I saw it. I love that I can have my Granddaughters, ages 12,11,10,7..watch it with me. We talk about the family dynamics.
    They love it to. I love the family dinners together, and I’m hooked on happy, happy, happy.
    Sandy Koch
    Oshkosh, WI
    January, 3 2013

    I really love this show. I just recently discovered it and I am totally hooked.
    Loren McLeod
    Kingston, Kingston
    January, 2 2013

    January, 2 2013

    Your show is a breath of fresh Christian faith. My father was an elder in New J’ville, he died at age 47, known as a great man and christian, he laughed and joked and had fun. He taught us that being a Christian was not going around with a long face and wearing a cross, if you lived for the Lord, eveyone would be able to tell you were a Christian. He would say give me 30 min with someone and I can tell if they are Christian. Your family reminds me of our raising and it has been heaven on earth. thank you for the show…Melody
    Melody Breeden Jenkins
    New Johnsonville Church of Christ
    New Johnsonville, TN
    January, 2 2013

    Our family loves this show! Our bishop told us about it and now that we’re hooked on it we got our extended family hooked too! I love this amazing family! They are unique and its hilarious, but they are such good people. They are getting it right! Korie and Willie scuffled over career day & handled it in a Christlike way, IMO. They listened to each other, heard each other, cared about the concerns of the other & worked it out. Wonderful! I would love to see more of their faith in the story lines. These are earthy people, not stuffy, not judgemental, lets see these friendly, hard-working, good people who live what they preach teach us “yuppie kids” more of their spiritual side! We could all learn great things from the Robertson’s!
    Denise George
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    West Jordan, Utah
    United States
    January, 2 2013

    How refreshing to see genuine, Christian, Southern people have a successful TV show. Thank you for such an encouraging and entertaining show. Stay strong for Christ.
    jim gaston
    non denomination Bible church
    Stonewall, Colorado
    January, 2 2013

    Our entire family loves the show, my wife and I have 3 children, they and their children all watch the show. We are happy to have a program to watch that is enjoyed by 3 generations, what a blessing when we get together and talk about the latest escapades. Usually goes something like this “did you see the one where they did this” usually Uncle Si is the favorite. We appreciate their Christian faith and good American values. Keep up the good work. Hey!
    Daniel Hilbrand
    Grant, Michigan
    United States
    January, 1 2013

    I love your show, it’s my favorite! Wish it was on everyday..love prayer at the end episode.. I ask my husband everyday is Duck Dynasty on? Nice there’s no cussing and or nudity, just good people that love family & love the Lord!!!!!
    Deborah Conte
    Northside Christian Church
    Fresno, CA
    December, 30 2012

    So thrilled to see this show. Its one a family can sit and watch and not worry about what is going to be said. Nothing out of line. Just a good, clean show, that by it you know what the people are. The prayer on the first show, we talked that wasn’t made up. It’s from the heart. I love this show and this family. May God continue to bless you all.
    Naomi Marcum
    Hilltop Chapel Freewill Baptist
    Chapmanville, west virginia
    united states
    December, 30 2012

    I Love this show. I like everyone on the show. But Si is my favorite,Hey Jack keep it up.
    Lois Coleman
    Pikeville, Ky
    December, 30 2012

    We as a family watch the show every chance we get. I told some family members that we had to go so we could see the duck commander on a&e. I like the show because of no cussing and has a good story of life to tell, and everyone in our family can tell that they are Christians, and I feel that Jesus should be in the script. God is using them and a&e to get His message across.
    Jr Hutchison
    Inskip Baptist Church
    Knoxville, Tn
    December, 30 2012

    I usually work evenings teaching college classes, but have caught up with the show over the Christmas break. What is great is to see the postings above of people of diff. denominations all expressing the same faith in God.
    Athens, AL
    December, 29 2012

    Love it! My 18 yr old son and I finally have a show we enjoy together. My husband would love to take the Robertson’s to his duck paradise in southeast KS. God Bless you folks!
    Janelle Bradshaw
    Living Faith Church of Nazarene
    Girard, KS
    December, 28 2012

    love this show and so does my family. It is so good to see a good, clean family program that everyone can enjoy. I love watching Si he puts such laughter in my home. we need more programs like this.
    Becky Voss
    Delaware, Ohio
    December, 28 2012

    I was so glad Nancy, from church recommended this show to us. We absolutely love it!!! It’s wonderful to have a television program that you can watch with your whole family. I would like to see the producers leave what they say about Christ and faith in the script. Also, I appreciate the family meal and prayer at the end of every show but I too would like for him to pray in Jesus’ name. Thanks A & E for a terrific show. We’re encouraging all of our family and friends to watch!!! You’ve got lots of fans!
    Lucy Miller
    Bus 54 Church of Christ
    Eldon, Mo.
    December, 28 2012

    This show is great!!! I love the fact that as crazy as the family is, they love God and are very family oriented. There are not many shows on tv which protray this!! Great work A&E!! Robertson’s, you are truly a blessing. God Bless!!!
    Florence Jeffries-Watford
    St. James AME, Cleveland, OH
    Euclid, OH
    United States
    December, 28 2012

    Wonderful to have a family show. We had a Dynasty marathon when our 4 grandsons were here for Christmas and they all loved it! We use the name Jack alot! Christian values are rare these days. Thanks to all of them.
    Lisa King
    Main St. Baptist
    Georgetown, TX
    December, 27 2012

    Great show that the whole family can watch. Would love to hear Jase or Phil preach i person sometime. Would love to see if one of them could come to our church.
    Rick Melton
    Calvary Assembly of God
    DeSoto, Mo
    December, 27 2012

    a & e let the Robertsons talk God on the show. thats why we love it
    Shepherds Chapel
    tarzana, ca
    December, 27 2012

    I LOVE this show, I literally watch it every time it’s on TV, I’m addicted to the Robertson family. It’s very refreshing to have a fun family oriented show on cable, it warms my heart to see how united their family is. I pray God continues to bless and keep their family grounded, oh and I pray that there will be plenty more of Duck Dynasty to come.
    Eleni Mihas
    Nassau, New Providence
    December, 27 2012

    I would just like to say thank you for the,refresing sample of tv reality.Watchin your faith on tv encoureges me to say grace at our family meals now.I am a better famaliy man and father as a resault,thank u.dontlet hollywood srcew that up too thanks
    Perry D Tough
    Hights Baptist,medicne Hat. AB
    Redcliff, alberta
    December, 27 2012

    I truly believe that this world would be a much better place if families like the Robertson’s were allowed to be themselves on t.v. so that others could learn that welfare, poverty, drugs, drunkeness and hate do not have to be the standard of America. The networks are much to blame for showing people that this is how it is and the American people believing it and living as such. May God bless this family and make a way for their message to get out to the people.
    Christie Lee
    New Community Church
    LaGrange, Georgia
    December, 26 2012

    Since we found Duck Dynasty we watch the show whenever we can. I love each and everyone of the family members. It is heartwarming to see a family pray together over a meal. Please keep up the great work and as far as I am concerned the more you have in the show about Jesus the better. We have far too few shows that are faith based. God Bless each and everyone of you and please keep your faith in the show.
    Debbie Hall
    Culpeper UMC
    Mitchells, VA
    December, 24 2012

    Me and my family LOVE the show and I can see the christian spirit in each member of the Robertson family…I love that you all stay true to your southern roots and faith in God..Keep up the good work and keep God in each show…
    Rachel West
    Greenville, MS
    December, 22 2012

    My family and I love your show. We think it is hilarious and are happy to see Christian values being put out on television. Duck Dynasty is an important show in our society and we need more like it. Keep up the great work Robertsons!
    Brett Parlier
    Christ Community Church
    Cheshire, Connecticut
    United States of America
    December, 22 2012

    Our family LOVES this show. It is clean, funny and just plain fun to watch! It has made an impact on my husband in a great way! Thank you Robertson’s!
    Rose Pritt
    Mary Esther UMC
    Mary Esther , Florida
    December, 21 2012

    I had the pleasure of spending 3 days at White’s Ferry Road church with their awesome Celebrate Recovery Team early on in my CR ministry. The love of God and His children is everything that church is about. I went there to be trained. I left there feeling loved by complete strangers in ways only God could instill. Thank you for being who you are.
    Joe Soileau
    East Bayou
    Sunset, LA
    December, 21 2012

    I really appreciate that the Robertson’s put God first, no matter what the producers of the show think. God has truley blessed the Robertson family for doing that. God will continue to bless your family as you reach out to a lost and dying world that needs Jesus Christ.
    Kim Newport
    Black Oak Church of God
    Sparta, Tennessee
    December, 20 2012

    My wife and I love the show and the Robertson’s. It’s reaaly great that there is a show that teaches family morals and values; along with being funny and respectiful to the elders of the family. Jase reminds me of my dear departed brother-in-law so much, with their actions; they could have been twins. God Bless all of the Robertsons. Please always remember your roots and don’t change your family values.
    David and Debbie Opel
    St Paul’s Lutheran, California
    California, Missouri
    December, 18 2012

    Finally!!! A reality show worth watching. Thank you all so much for the Christian faith you portray and live. You are a true inspiration to the Word of God. God bless and keep you all.
    Sharla Stockard
    Justin church of Christ
    Justin, TX
    December, 17 2012

    It is so nice to be able to watch a show that promotes family and prayer…thank you so much for what you are doing.
    Millie Vroegh
    Jubilee Bible Church
    Eldon, Iowa
    December, 16 2012

    I love the show! It always makes me laugh out loud. I admire the family values….the kids all have good manners, the wives respected and the message about love of God and family values shines through in every show. Please don’t change anything.
    Fran Blondiau
    Lafayette, LA
    December, 15 2012

    Thanks for a show that all of my family can watch. Y’all are like us here in northeast Ga. Thank you for being you,and showing that y’all are not ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ.Merry CHRISTmas to all of he Robertson clan.
    Steve Elrod
    Bethlehem Baptist Church
    Clarkesville, Georgia
    December, 15 2012

    All my life thought maybe there was something but not a god. Robertson family…. Miss Kay & Phil esp are teaching me maybe I was wrong.
    jacksonville, nc
    December, 15 2012

    This show is such a great light in the reality show world. Keep it up. God Bless the Robertsons.
    George Doan
    Lee Park Baptist Church
    Monroe, NC
    December, 14 2012

    I just love the show. It is so nice to have a family show with no bad language an down home country living. I hope it will run forever. I even like the reruns. God Bless the family!!!
    Pam Whitman
    Holly Springs Church
    Anniston, Alabama
    December, 14 2012

    We love this show! It is so funny… We love all the Robertsons! But Phil and Si are our favorites.. Phil is so cool, calm and collective : ) and Si is just funny! Hope it airs for a good long time! : )
    Lori Lowe
    Bakersfield , Ca
    December, 14 2012

    This is the best show since Andy Griffith show. We don’t miss and will watch each episode more than once and still be entertained. Our 4 and 3 year old grandbabies love it too. They go around quoting lines from some of the shows, like I want a “samich”. Great show and keep grounded. It Blesses my heart that we can watch a show like this with values. Dont let Hollywood change that.
    Mark Glover
    Mayfield, Kentucky
    December, 14 2012

    I hae my entire family watching this show. I love the characters (& can relate to them);they send out good positive messages about family worth AND Christian values. Go Tech !
    Bob Putfark
    Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
    Big Branch, Louisiana
    December, 13 2012

    My family and me have been watching every episode and we love ya’ll!!! I’m so glad to finally have something to watch with our 4 boys that’s not embarrassing to us!! We think you are hilarious and we especially enjoy the prayers at the end of the show!! We love you all. God Bless!!!!
    Crystal Johnson
    Church of Jesus Christ
    Williamsport, Tn
    December, 13 2012

    My husband and I love Duck Dynasty! Please continue to keep it a Christian family show. I know as the word spreads about how wonderful this show is more people will watch and will enjoy the Robertson family. We need more shows like this, thank you A&E for airing this show and letting the Robertsons share their love for God and family.
    Theresa Bauer
    Northern Cambria, PA
    December, 12 2012

    Absolutely love this show! It’s so refreshing to have a show my entire family can watch together without having to worry about my 10 year old seeing something inappropriate. The best part is my daughter can now see the balance of living God’s word, while still being able to have fun and cut loose without any violence, drugs, or promescuity. God Bless you, Robertsons!
    Chrissette Harmon
    First Presbyterian
    New Bern, NC
    December, 11 2012

    God bless the Robertson family for trying to Preach the gospel through your show. People everywhere are talking about how much they love Duck Dynasty. My family and I try not to miss any episode, and if we do we go back and watch the recording. Love you all and keep doing what you are doing.
    Sherry Turner
    Mulberry Church of Christ
    Mulberry, Arkansas
    December, 10 2012

    Great show for the whole family! Wife,daughter and I try not to miss an episode! God loving fun family!
    Hutto, Tx
    December, 7 2012

    So very proud of you guys! Don’t have cable so haven’t seen your show…thank you for holding Him up. If you accept preaching engagements, please contact us 931 967 1441; [email protected]; and let secretary know when you might be available.
    Arlene Barry
    Winchester cofChrist
    Sewanee, TN
    December, 7 2012

    I love this show because it is a show that a whole family can watch. This reality show is done without bad language. I really appreciate that. I applaud their family values and pray that the producers continue to showcase that.
    Connie L. Phelps
    Nashville, Tn
    United States
    December, 7 2012

    My family loves the show! We record it and watch it as a family. Its hard to find shows that you can be sure are clean. I dont like the fact that the editors try and make them look like something they are not at times. We love them just like they are!! 🙂
    Jennifer Bryfczynski
    Melbourne, Fl
    December, 6 2012

    My husband and I have just recently started watching DD and we can’t get enough of it! We have watched all the past episodes that are available on demand more than once too! I love the Robertson family, their faith is inspiring! One of my favorite things is the ending prayer around the table. More families need to follow their example. My hope is that the producers will read these comments and realize that we all need and want more of this type of programming. Thank you Phil and Kay for your awesome family!
    Kori Weikle
    Living Water
    Harrisburg, PA
    December, 6 2012

    I have been watching since the 1st episode and now my entire family watches and we are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!! I raised four boys in the countrty and have had to put a meal on the back burner to wait for them to get in from hunting. We love every show and watch over on DVR. Maybe Christian fans should insist on seeing more of the deleted scenes that bring praise, honor, and glory to the Father!! Keep up the good work and the Faith
    Diane Hudson
    The Salvation Army—Salvatioist
    Lubbock, Tx
    December, 6 2012

    Keep up the good work. Love to to watch a show that has no cussing or immorality and is so family oriented. God Bless You All.
    Tina Robertson
    Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian
    Falkner, Mississippi
    December, 6 2012

    Several friends kept telling us about DD and how great it is. We finally watched it last week and are hooked. We love the family dynamic shown and the obvious love for God. Especially love how they all come together at the end and thank God for His blessings. We have laughed at the crazy situations they get into and their redneck solutions to the problem. So refreshing to have a clean family show that the whole family can enjoy. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you all!
    Jane Coomes
    Bovina Baptist Church
    Vicksburg, MS
    December, 6 2012

    We are so thankful for your show. In a world that portrays Christians as stiff and uncaring, DD shows how much fun being a follower can be. About to watch the Christmas special and can’t wait to see Uncle Si as an elf. Love you all and appreciate your stand!
    Kristin Nunn
    Northbrook Baptist Church
    Cullman, Al
    December, 5 2012

    I am so happy to have a show I can watch with my kids and husband without bleeps and things they shouldn’t watch. Staged somewhat or not I love the show they have good values and represent what America needs to go back to good Christian Family values
    Karen Ramsey
    The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
    gilbert, az
    united states
    December, 5 2012

    Thank you for letting us know about you and your family’s Christian faith. God Bless you all and keep up the good work for Christ so many people are needing to hear about Jesus and His love.
    on your show
    paragould, ar
    December, 4 2012

    The best show on TV. I can relate to much of what happens on the show, faith, family values and love of life!! I really enjoyed the meeting with the HOA’s complaint about burning leaves and skinning a deer in view of a school bus with kids! Keep up the good work!!
    James Coe
    Mt. Pleasant
    Dothan, AL
    December, 4 2012

    Thanks to your booth at 1st Mon. in Canton, Tx. we now realize what a blessing your show is with great spiritual undertones and truly a family show. No profanity, no sex and teaching family values. Thank you!
    Dr. Gary Dougherty
    Green Acres Baptist
    Tyler, Texas
    December, 3 2012

    our whole family loves this show. it is good clean fun filled with their love of christ. pray it will be on for a long time. nice to see a family that loves our Lord. keep up the good work.
    stan and debbie self
    Many, Louisiana
    united states
    December, 2 2012

    i love the show its wholesome and just plain funny. Si makes me laugh the hardest. keep up what you are doing
    Mesquite Church Of Christ
    Mesquite, tx
    November, 29 2012

    I have watched Duck Dynasty since it began. I am so please at the quality of their show and I also feel happy and peaceful by the end of every episode. I am amazed at the faith of this wonderful family!
    Karen White
    A&M Church of Christ
    College Station, TX
    November, 29 2012

    I have grown to love all the Robertsons. I never miss the show. I watch the show over and over. They have Blessed me so much with their faith in God, and I just love some of the silly things they do. I had 3 sisters and four brothers growing up and we laughed and did silly things and tricks on each other and we still do them. I have 8 grandchildren and they tease me too. I respect Phil and Kay and thank you for you faith. I’ll meet you all in Heaven someday. May God be praised.
    Becky walk
    Eagle Heights Bible Church
    Julian,, Pa.
    November, 29 2012

    I half paid attention for a while, but once I sat and watched a whole episode or two, I became jealous that I was a “late fan”. It’s easy to fall in love with the Robertson Family, neat story. Now hurry up and let us meet the rest of you and hear the whole story!!
    Lake Wales, Fl
    November, 28 2012

    I keep seeing comments about willie buying a winery,that doesn’t clash with christian values,Jesus turned water into wine and the bible doesn’t say you shouldn’t drink,it says you shouldn’t be a drunkard,there’s a big difference.
    Rome, Ga
    November, 28 2012

    Robertsons, you MUST come and bring your story of faith to Colby, Kansas! My favorite part of your show is your coming together for supper, and thanking the good Lord for all of your blessings. LOVE IT!!!
    P Jacob
    Colby, KS
    November, 28 2012

    Love this show even more now! Thanks for this article! My 15-year-old got me hooked on this show. Love that they are good christian family!
    bahalah newton
    knoxville, tn
    November, 28 2012

    Well this is a wonderful CLEAN great FAMILY show , Since I first watched it I liked it but now after reading this I like it even more !!! Cant go wrong being on the Lord’s side !
    Kara Helton
    Morrison Church Of Christ
    Viola, TN
    November, 26 2012

    I love that this is a show that my family can watch together. It cracks us up but there are lessons too. I love the fact that this is Christian family standing there ground and sticking to their faith even in the spot light. Keep it up, we love you for it!!
    Kendra Adan
    Tanners baptist
    Newnan, Ga
    November, 23 2012

    It is noticeable that the Robertson family is a Godly family. It is refreshing to watch a show that isn’t about sex, drugs, infidelity, etc. Keep preaching the Word. TV needs more shows like this.
    Don T
    Leonard Street Baptist
    Hot Springs, Arkansas
    November, 21 2012

    My very favorite show. I can’t count the times that I tell my kids over and over again that family is first. You will not always be friends but once family always family. So my fav part of the show is at the end when they all come together and thank God for each other, the day, family what ever. I truly believe the family that prayers together stays together. Thankis for a great show!!
    Trinity Lutheran
    Shelby, NE
    November, 20 2012

    This show is such a breath of fresh air in this scary world of deceit, lies, and evil. Thank the good Lord the things that DO make it through and are not cut out, do. Would love to meet this wonderful family, happy happy happy y’all found a way to share your family faith and values with all of ours.
    Mary Gibson
    Collins, MS
    November, 20 2012

    Our whole youth group from our congregation at Hillcrest C of C has come to love Duck Dynasty and the Robertson family. It’s wonderful to have a wholesome family show that the kids and their families can share with one another. Keep up the good faith, our prayers and best wishes for your family and ministry!
    Jayne Burton
    Hillcrest Church of Christ
    Cedar Hill, TN
    November, 20 2012

    I love this show. My good friends Keith and Holly started me on it and I have fallen in love with this family, because I am already in love with Jesus and the same God they serve. My hat is off to this family for keeping Christ alive and well for the nation to see.
    Heather Heisner
    United Methodist
    Karnak, IL
    November, 20 2012

    My husband and I are raising two granddaughters. All of us LOVE the show! However, Maelee, who is 10, and proclaims her love for Si, will be very disappointed to learn that he is married. She told me, just two nights ago, “Mimi, I’d marry Si, if he’d just propose”. I had to ask her what she’d do all day with Si after they got married, play her fiddle? After she thought for a minute, she answered: “no, not all day…maybe just half…I’d get tired if I played it all day…I guess we could drink tea,though”.
    Don’t ever change! A bunch of us rednecks here in Virginia watch and adore yer every move!!! When a young, upcoming fiddle player has a change of heart from Kenny Chesney to Silas Robertson: Hey! yer doing something right, Jack!

    Sher Rushing
    Gate City, VA
    November, 16 2012

    While the Robertsons are depicted as wild and crazy it is the praying and their beliefs that have kept my family and me watching. It the case of reality TV religion is very rarely depicted, so its refreshing to see. Plus we are country people and enjoy watching others enjoy some of the same activities that we do.
    AJ Woods
    Newman Chapel
    Franklin, NC
    November, 16 2012

    My husband, John Robertson, are retired seniors…have been married just 3 years as of 11/9/12. We found the show a few months ago and just laugh ourselves silly. We love all of them, but mostly that God is always in the show. Very definitely a 5-star program. Hollywood peeps need to take lessons. Would love to meet the “Other Robertsons”!!!
    Tricia Robertson
    Holy Family Catholic Church
    Orlando, Flrida
    November, 15 2012

    I really love this show! It’s amazing how big the age range of people who like this show! My seven year old cousin loves it, and so does my Grandfather who is 78.
    I love how the Robertson’s live their life! As a christian who believes the exact same that they do, it’s amazing to get to see people on television who live their life for the Lord. I love the Robertsons and I love Duck Dynasty, Jack! WHOO!
    Town Acres Church of Christ
    Parker City, IN
    November, 15 2012

    Now that I have read the background of this family … I am certainly going to DVR Duck Dynasty. Had no idea all of you folks were Christians from just going through channels. Not much on series television, but hope to make this a regular. Thanks for promoting the love of God in Jesus Christ. Teach on in word and deed.
    wanda cobb
    Roebuck Parkway church of Christ
    Birmingham, Alabama
    November, 15 2012

    I love the show but I would like for Phil to pray in Jesus’ name when praying. Even Dog the bounty Hunter says
    “in Jesus’ name”
    Kay windham Carver
    Roebuck Pkwy C.O.C./b’ham,Al
    Irondale, al
    November, 14 2012

    Thank You for sharing this. Our faith in the field ministry also has the same movement to Christ. Sharing wild game and hunting with The sharing of the Holy spirit. THANK GUYS!!!
    Brian Sapp
    Shady Groe UMC
    High point , North Carolina
    November, 14 2012

    First let me say that I do love the show! However, now knowing their love for Christ, I have to ask one question. Why did Willie by a winery?
    Angela Sanford
    Union C of C
    Somerville, AL
    November, 14 2012

    My family and I love the show! My husband and I have two young boys and FINALLY something we can watch together as a family. The show is a great way to witness about Jesus, and maybe Hollywood will reognize this though the ratings. I think one reason we like the show so much is that we are a redneck family too! The show makes me Happy, Happy, Happy!
    Mandy Parker
    Paint Lick Baptist Church
    Sanders, Ky
    November, 12 2012

    Even though they may edit your word, it is represented and felt thru your show. We love watching all your adventures and comedy, but best of all is watching you all come together as a family with prayer, America needs more of that! God Bless : )
    K Tyndall
    Stoney Creek
    Goldsboro, NC
    November, 11 2012

    This our family’s favorite show. It is one of the very few shows actually worth watching. These guys are hilarious and respect the fact they believe in God and aren’t afraid of that fact. Also, whole family can watch because of lack of cursing and vulgarity. Awesome show, I hope they continue to see success. Don’t edit out their religious beliefs!
    Layton, Utah
    United States
    November, 10 2012

    I’m kinda behind getting on the bandwagon of this show, and not sure why because now I’m hooked. 🙂 I just realized this week that I went to Harding with Willie and Korie. I kept wondering why they looked so familiar…then when I looked them up in one of my yearbooks, it hit me like a ton of bricks. 🙂 Small world in God’s family! Keep up the good work guys! Your show is hilarious, and most importantly, thanks for being lights in this dark world. God bless y’all!
    Julie Tracy
    NorthField Church of Christ
    Nashville, TN
    November, 10 2012

    One of the first things that appealed to me with DD was the fact there was NO cussing. How refreshing. This series keeps me laughing out loud. It saddened me to hear that they cut out “Jesus” in the script. Don’t they realize this crazy mixed up world needs this? Be unique and keep Jesus in the scripts. AMEN!
    Groves, TX
    November, 10 2012

    My nephew told us about this terrific, funny show about these crazy rednecks from Louisiana. As my husband and I started watching, we noticed that God was mentioned quite often and the show ended in prayer with the family gathered around the table. That caused us to do some research about the family. Thank you so much for honoring our Lord and Savior by maintaining your faith and values in the face of what Hollywood calls entertainment. We love your honesty. Please see if you can get Si’s wife to come on – I’d love to meet the woman who deals with him on a daily basis!
    You keep doing what you are doing, and the Lord will continue to bless you for your faithfulness.
    Nancy Martin
    Church of the Open Bible
    Athens, Maine
    November, 10 2012

    love this show what a blessing it is
    benda foster
    non denominational
    kingston, arkansas
    November, 9 2012

    Remember Robertson Family, Jesus said “He who honors me so shall I honor him to my Father who is in heaven”……..keep honoring HIM!
    and be forever faithful….
    – Hope to see you folks in Canada sometime..God Bless you all.In Christ service, Everard Taylor.
    Rev. Everard Taylor
    Salvation FromThe Cross
    Edmonton, Alberta
    November, 9 2012

    What a shame hollywood wouldn’t jump on board. How nice to be able to watch a television show with children and not have to worry the actors will say or do something ugly. I love Phil Robertson!!!!!
    Lake Charles, Louisiana
    November, 8 2012

    We love this show! My kids are 9 and 14 years old. Bedtime is 9 PM except for nights that Duck Dynasty is on. We love the fact that this is one show we dont have to worry about the cussing in. We would love to see some of the more spiritual stuff. God Bless You All and Keep more shows coming!
    Jennifer Goldman
    Odd Fellows Hall Church of Christ
    Pulaski, TN
    November, 8 2012

    Love this show before. Now I am going to love it even more. Robertsons keep on keeping on with the good news. It is very obvious that God has blessed your business because of your faithfulness.
    Michael Thompson
    First Baptist Church Alma
    Alma, Georgia
    United States
    November, 4 2012

    Love this show! A Christian family enjoying the bounty of the fields and lakes. This is the one show my entire family scrambles to get a seat for on Wednesday nights after church. The one time of the week we are all together and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
    Jeff Tucker
    Sulphur Well Church of Christ
    Buchanan, Tennessee
    October, 30 2012

    Duck Dynasty is my favorite show, and I’m a city slicker! It makes me happy, happy, happy to watch such a positive, humorous, God-fearing family on television.
    Liz R.
    Lincoln, NE
    October, 26 2012

    My husband and I really enjoy the show. It is what the world needs today! I was amazed what I read about a lot of the relgious parts cut out of the show. I asked myself why do I enjoy this show so much? It is because of the warm love God fearing family. The Dinner Blessing is my favorite, so to me that means there should be more of their Love for Christ in the show.
    Judy Shaw
    BlackShear Baptist
    Snellville, GA
    October, 19 2012

    Keep up the good work, we appreciate and love you guys. Ya’ll keep us laughing, and we love the christianity you all spread. God Bless you guys.
    Spencer Maxwell
    First Baptist Church Wylie
    Wylie, tx
    October, 18 2012

    Just love this family, finally something that my 15 year can watch and i love it too
    South Fulton Baptist
    Rainbow City, Alabama
    united states
    October, 13 2012

    Have enjoyed watching, but can’t help but think some of it is “Hollywood contrived!” Also, last night saw a rerun, and was disappointed that it was about buying a winery. Don’t believe that showed true Christian values.
    David Moore
    West Freeway
    Benbrook, Texas
    October, 8 2012

    My husband &I really enjoy watching the show! If it brings any comfort to you during the first 2 shows where cuss words were supposed bleeped out- we knew immediately that Hollywood had done that- just seen enough & knew the timing was off. Hopefully there enough smart ones around to know the difference. Looking forward to watching this week. Prayers God will use you in powerful ways!
    Kathy Holt
    Bartlett Woods
    Bartlett, Tn
    October, 7 2012

    I knew the Robertsons when they lived across the street from my grandparents in Junction City…Alan was probably 4 when I first met him…and Phil was not living the life he is today. The joy I feel in seeing the power of Jesus and the love of God cannot be described. Praying for God to bless all the family as they are in the spotlight, reaching out to people who do not know the Lord!
    Deanna Brooks
    College church of Christ
    Searcy, AR
    October, 3 2012

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