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Episode 9: Relief efforts in Turkey, the future of Christian higher education, and what Black heroes can teach us all


The recent earthquakes in Syria and Turkey killed tens of thousands and made millions of people homeless. Christian Chronicle associate editor Audrey Jackson reports on how Christians–a tiny minority in Turkey–are doing all they can to help. Faulkner University's new president, Mitch Henry, talks about the challenges before Christian colleges and universities and how he thinks these times are a golden opportunity evangelism and growing the church. Christian Chronicle editorial board member Trindi Mitchell makes a case for why Black heroes in the Christian faith make great teachers for everyone.


Segment One: Update from Turkey (Audrey Jackson)

Link to Christian Chronicle story on the earthquake in Turkey and Christian response

Link to Christian Chronicle “How to Help” page

Healing Hands International

Ilk Umut Dernegi (Healing Hands International)

Samaritan’s Purse

Water Mission

Segment Two: “Doubling down on Christian mission” (Mitch Henry)

Link to Christian Chronicle story about Mitch Henry appointment

Link to Christian Chronicle story about Mitch Henry inauguration

Link to Faulkner University

Link to Faulkner University Zorn Scholars

Segment Three: “What Black giants of our faith can teach us” (Trindi Mitchell)

Link to Trindi Mitchell editorial in The Christian Chronicle


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