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Episode 72: Audrey Jackson reports from Israel. Ministers too poor to retire? No college is God-less, but many are church-less.


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Segment One: Audrey Jackson reports from the Church of Christ in Nazareth, Israel (with Maurice Jadon and Sandro Jadon)

The Christian Chronicle’s Audrey Jackson reports in from Nazareth, Israel, where she is a guest of the Church of Christ there. Arab Israeli Christians of Palestinian heritage, Maurice Jadon and Sandro Jadon, give their own accounts on the life of Christians and the church in Israel now.

Link to Audrey Jackson’s full report from Israel (from The Christian Chronicle online edition June 30, 2024)

Link to Episode 42 interview with Sandro Jadon, Arab Israeli Christian of Palestinian heritage who is a member of Nazareth Church of Christ

Segment Two: Too many aging Church of Christ ministers are too poor to retire (Cheryl Mann Bacon reports)

The Christian Chronicle’s Cheryl Mann Bacon answers questions about her deep-dive report on how many Church of Christ ministers cannot afford to retire. She explores some of the assumptions and causes of what turns out to be a crisis for aging ministers and their families.

Link to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s full report on the retirement crisis among Church of Christ ministers (from The Christian Chronicle online edition June 24, 2024)

Link to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s interview with Jordan Coss, which provides resources and a to-do list for congregations and ministers planning and preparing for retirement

Link to Episode 21, featuring an interview with Jordan Coss, who completed his doctoral dissertation on retirement trends among Church of Christ ministers

Segment Three: 4,000 college campuses in the U.S. and only 150 Church of Christ campus ministries (Chris Buxton and Casey Coston, Campus for Christ)

This segment starts with a challenge that one Church of Christ leader made in 1971 to evangelize college campuses. More than 50 years later, Church of Christ campus ministries exist on fewer than four percent of all college campuses in the United States. Chris Buxton and Casey Coston talk about how to change that.

Link to Campus for Christ, an organization that exists to support growing campus ministries across the United States

Link to ulife, a coaching and consulting service that helps congregations plant and grow campus ministries

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