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Episode 68: Calling for peace in Gaza, a foreign mission field in Florida, and voices from the future


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Segment One: Calling for peace in Gaza (James Michael Crusoe, Arlington Road Church of Christ, Hopewell Virginia)

Inspired by the "message of reconciliation" in Second Corinthians 5:18-20, 13 leaders from Church of Christ congregations in seven states and one South African province recently signed a letter calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza-Israel conflict. Their spokesperson, James Michael Crusoe, explains why.

Link to Audrey Jackson's Christian Chronicle report on the cease-fire petition

Segment Two: A foreign mission field in Florida (Maikon and Tatiane Borba, Southeast Florida Church of Christ, Pompano Beach, Florida)

Brazilians Maikon and Tatiane Borba came to the United States to train for mission work back in their home country. But when they found as many as half a million Brazilians living in South Florida, they sensed God calling them to a "visa-free foreign mission field." They tell their story.

Link to Audrey Jackson's Christian Chronicle story on Maikon and Tatiane Borba and their mission work in South Florida

To help Maikon and Tatiane and the Southeast Florida Church of Christ, please email [email protected] or call (954) 355-8921.

Segment Three: Voices from the future (Lads to Leaders all-stars Chloe Brennaman, Blake Donaho, and Ava Killen)

Three voices of the future Church of Christ are present in this segment. Chloe Brenneman (Redland Church of Christ, Wetumpka, Alabama), Blake Donaho (Southside Church of Christ, Waco, Texas), and Ava Killen (Leoma Church of Christ, Leoma, Tennessee) are shining stars on the Lads to Leaders circuit. They talk about their growth in Christ and the gifts they and their fellow young people have to offer the church now.

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