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Episode 64: Dr. Brad East REALLY doesn’t want to talk about Christian nationalism


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Over the last few months (and years), “Christian nationalism” became a buzzword in both Christian and mainstream news media. A few years ago, barely anyone knew the term. Now it may be making its way into everyday conversations, if not the pews at local congregations.

But is Christian nationalism even worth talking about?

Dr. Brad East, associate professor of theology at Abilene Christian University, thinks that “Christian nationalism” is not a helpful term and that Christians have better language available to talk about matters that are both important and urgent to the church as it sojourns in the United States.

This is not a conversation about politics or the popular culture at large, but about conversations that are happening among people in the pews. Sometimes, language from politics and popular culture becomes the language of the church. When that happens, how do we make our talk and thoughts biblical again?

Link to Dr. East’s recent column, “How (Not) to Talk About Christian Nationalism” in Christianity Today

Link to Christian Chronicle editor Bobby Ross, Jr.’s, recent column on Christian nationalism (published in Religion Unplugged)

Link to Episode 62 interview with Dr. Greg Smith of the Pew Research Center, exploring what American Christians know and think about Christian nationalism

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