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Episode 63: Philip Yancey, author of ‘What Went Wrong? Russia’s Lost Opportunity and the Path to Ukraine’


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In this episode, The Christian Chronicle’s CEO, Erik Tryggestad, interviews popular Christian author Philip Yancey, who recently co-wrote with John A. Bernbaum “What Went Wrong? Russia’s Lost Opportunity and the Path to Ukraine.”

Yancey was one of the first Western Christians that leaders of the former Soviet Union invited in soon after the fall of Communism in the early 1990s. Over the last 30 years, Yancey has formed deep relationships in both Russia and Ukraine, contributing to, and supporting the growth of Christian churches and ministries in those countries. Over that time, he also formed a deep understanding of how culture, current events, history, and powerful figures in both government and the Russian Orthodox Church influenced the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

In his book, Yancey looks at that crisis through the lens of Christianity and the church.

He expounds on that in his conversation with The Christian Chronicle and makes specific application to the Church of Christ community in both countries.

Link to What Went Wrong? Russia’s Lost Opportunity and the Path to Ukraine by Philip Yancey and John A. Bernbaum

Link to The Christian Chronicle’s coverage of Christians, the Church of Christ, and ministry affiliates in Russia and Ukraine

Link to Mission Eurasia (referenced in the interview)

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