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Episode 60: All about The Christian Chronicle's all new look


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The Christian Chronicle, Inc. is getting all-new branding and design across all of its media. In this episode, you'll hear from those who had a hand in the makeover as well as two senior journalism majors who make some predictions about how The Christian Chronicle may function and look in the future.

Segment One: The Christian Chronicle editorial team talks about why the time is right for a whole new design and look (Audrey Jackson, Bobby Ross, Jr., and Erik Tryggestad)

Link to new-look christianchronicle.org story on the redesign

Segment Two: The leader of the creative team that performed the makeover talks about how they did it (Jose Reyes, executive creative director, Metaleap Creative)

Link to Metaleap Creative

Segment Three: Senior journalism majors and student news editors at Harding University and Pepperdine University talk about how The Christian Chronicle may evolve to stay relevant in the future (Tiane Davis, Harding University; Abby Wilt, Pepperdine University)

Link to The Bison, the student newspaper at Harding University

Link to The Pepperdine Graphic, the student news at Pepperdine University

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