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Episode 59: A Haitian Christian reports on what is happening to Christians and churches in his country. Also: How one ministry is using coffee to bring estranged Christians back together


Haiti’s government is all but nonexistent and gangs are in near-total control of the country, causing death and destruction, food and medical shortages, and spreading violence. Church of Christ congregations, members, and ministries are suffering along with the rest of the country. Hear Church of Christ minister and Haitian political refugee Roolite Religieaux talk about what he knows from his family’s firsthand accounts back home. Also hear Ken Bever, executive director and founder of Hope for Haiti’s Children, talk about that ministry’s ongoing efforts to care for children and orphans in the face of growing danger and difficulty.

Also in this episode: Dr. Drew Baker, executive director of Common Grounds Unity, talks about that ministry’s "caffeinated" effort to bring together estranged Christians to give unity a try.

SEGMENT ONE: What is happening with some Church of Christ congregations, members, and ministries in Haiti? (Ken Bever and Roolite Religieaux, Hope for Haiti's Children)

Link to Hope for Haiti's Children

SEGMENT TWO: Unity starts with a cup of coffee (Dr. Drew Baker, Common Grounds Unity)

Link to Common Grounds Unity

Link to Common Grounds Unity Podcast

Link to Purpose Door Coffee (as mentioned in the segment)

Link to Dry Bones Denver (as mentioned in the segment)

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