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Episode 51: The rise of the "nones," a gospel revolution in Cuba, and unicorns in Texas


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Dr. Greg Smith of the Pew Research Center talks about the latest data on "nones," Americans who claim no religious affiliation. Today, that make up 28 percent of all Americans, up from 16 percent less than 20 years ago. Who are they and why are they rejecting organized religion? Bobby Ross, Jr., visits Cuba to interview minister Tony Fernandez. The Church of Christ is growing by bounds and leaps in that Communist country. Tony explains how this is happening. Finally, Irene and Willie Masters were born five hours apart on January 13, 1934. They devoted their entire adult lives to serving the church and sharing the Gospel. They'll share their best advice for the generations now following them.

SEGMENT ONE: The “nones” are your neighbors now (Dr. Greg Smith, Pew Research Center)

Link to Pew Research Center’s new report on religious “nones” in the United States

SEGMENT TWO: A gospel revolution in Cuba (Tony Fernandez, Versallas Church of Christ, Matanzas, Cuba, with Bobby Ross, Jr., and Tim Archer)

Link to Bobby Ross, Jr.’s, Christian Chronicle report on the state of the Church of Christ in Cuba

SEGMENT THREE: Born five hours apart on the same day, Irene and Willie Masters devoted their lives to helping people be “born again” (Irene and Willie Masters, Burleson Church of Christ, Burleson, Texas)  

Link to People magazine features story on Irene and Willie Masters (and their daughter, Charlotte)

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