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Episode 50: Almost a million Bibles for Europe, a plea for the "Restoration Plea," and a deacon "Forged in Fire"


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Dirk Smith of Eastern European Mission describes how EEM will send 800,000 Bibles to Europe, including Ukraine and Russia, in 2024. Dr. Jeremie Beller explains why The Christian Chronicle's editorial board believes that the "Restoration Plea" is still valid. Jason Bivens is not only a deacon with a Church of Christ congregation in Tennessee, he is a bladesmith who won Season Ten of The History Channel's 'Forged in Fire.'

SEGMENT ONE: Eastern European Mission (EEM) is sending 800,000 Bibles to Europe in 2024 (Dirk Smith, vice president, Eastern European Mission)

Link to Eastern European Mission

Link to 55:11 Podcast

SEGMENT TWO: Why the “Restoration Plea” is still valid (Dr. Jeremie Beller, for The Christian Chronicle editorial board)

Link to Dr. Jeremie Beller’s op-ed in The Christian Chronicle

SEGMENT THREE: Church of Christ deacon who won Season Ten of The History Channel’s Forged in Fire reality competition show (Jason Bivens, Church of Christ at Unity, McMinnville, Tennessee)

Link to Audrey Jackson’s Christian Chronicle feature on Jason Bivens

Link to The History Channel’s Forged in Fire

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