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Episode 5: Richard Hughes talks about 'The Grace of Troublesome Questions'


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Dr. Richard Hughes is one of the leading historians in the Church of Christ community (and beyond). Over the last 50-plus years, he wrote or co-wrote 17 books that mostly explored the origins and evolution of the beliefs, culture, and traditions that formed the Church of Christ community and its cousins, the Community of Christ, Disciples of Christ, and independent Christian churches. In this episode, he talks at length about his latest work, 'The Grace of Troublesome Questions,' expanding on why it is crucial for Church of Christ congregations and members to know their own history (and why he chose this for his life's work). He also talks about why he chose to devote so much of the book to white supremacy, which he believes is a bigger part of American and Church of Christ culture and history than many (or most) want to admit.

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