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Episode 46: "Holy Sexuality" at ACU, art of living hands-free, Waffle House Church of Christ


SEGMENT ONE: Abilene Christian University is facing organized backlash from LGBTQ-affirming alumni, students, and even some professors for its "Holy Sexuality Week. Christian Chronicle CEO Erik Tryggestad fills in the story and talks about how The Christian Chronicle will cover it in 2024.

Link to Religion News Service coverage of the “Holy Sexuality Week” backlash at Abilene Christian University

Link to Christian Chronicle Podcast Episode 39 featuring Rubel Shelly talking about his book, Male and Female, God Created Them  

Link to online transcript of the Christian Chronicle Podcast Episode 39 interview with Rubel Shelly

SEGMENT TWO: Barbara Bagwell has never been able to use her hands, but that hasn't stopped her from living a full life and making art in her own way. The member of the Pikes Peak (Colorado) Church of Christ tells her story in her own voice and words.

Link to Barbara Bagwell’s book, Beautiful Stranger

Link to Barbara Bagwell’s art page

SEGMENT THREE: Youth minister Philip Jenkins of the Mt. Juliet (Tennessee) Church of Christ ended up in a local Waffle House for 15 hours straight. He'll explain how this happened and how it turned into one of the best-attended (but unplanned and unscheduled) church outreach events ever.

Link to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s Christian Chronicle story about Philip Jenkins’s day at the Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, Waffle House 

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