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Episode 42: Christians in Israel conflict, The Gospel Advocate and The Spiritual Sword, honoring Howard and Jane Norton


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Some segments edited for brevity and clarity

Segment One: An Arab Israeli Christian talks about what is happening in Gaza and Israel (Sandro Jadon)

Link to Erik Tryggestad’s Christian Chronicle interview with Sandro Jadon in the days imm

ediately after the October 7 attack on Israel from Hamas

Link to Erik Tryggestad’ Christian Chronicle interviews with Israeli Christians serving in their country’s armed forces in the days following the October 7 attack

Link to The Christian Chronicle op-ed by Evertt Huffard on the crisis in Israel

Jeremie Beller’s Christian Chronicle story about communing and worshiping with the Nazareth Church of Christ in Jesus’s hometown

To contact Sandro Jadon about bringing your congregation or a group to visit Israel (with Sandro as your tour guide) and to visit Nazareth Church of Christ, email [email protected]

Link to donate to support Sandro and other Israeli Christian tour guides who are out of work because of the conflict in Israel

Segment Two: The past, present, and future of The Gospel Advocate and The Spiritual Sword (Dr. John Young)

Link to Calvin Cockrell’s Christian Chronicle report on the status of The Gospel Advocate and The Spiritual Sword

Link to The Gospel Advocate

Link to The Spiritual Sword

Link to Dr. John Young’s blog and website

Link to B-Team Consulting Podcast

Segment Three: Remembering Howard and Jane Norton (Dr. Laurie Diles)

The clip at the top of this segment comes from a sermon that Howard Norton preached at the Memorial Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma, in 2017. 

Link to Christian Chronicle CEO Erik Tryggestad’s report on the passing of Howard and Jane Norton in October 2023

Link to The Christian Chronicle’s announcement of Howard Norton’s death in October 2023

Link to Howard and Jane Norton memo

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