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Episode 41: Fewer Church of Christ kids going to Church of Christ schools, the mission field on Christian college campuses, and how to win Gen Z to Christ


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Some segments edited for brevity and clarity

This episode explores what is going on in Christian education and among people between the ages of 13 and 25.

Segment One: Dr. Trace Hebert of Lipscomb University talks about his annual report on enrollment trends at colleges and universities from the Church of Christ tradition. Once again, Church of Christ students as a percent of total enrollment decreased, continuing a decline of more than 60 percent in the last 20 years. Dr. Hebert talks about what this means, not only for colleges and universities with roots and ties in the Church of Christ, but Church of Christ congregations in North America.

Link to Dr. Trace Hebert's annual report on enrollment at colleges and universities with roots and ties in the Church of Christ

Link to Dr. Trace Hebert’s bio and credentials

Link to The Christian Chronicle’s report on Dr. Hebert’s 2022 annual enrollment report

Segment Two: Small schools with low endowments are resorting to intercollegiate sports to boost enrollment and tuition revenue. While this is helping those schools grow or stay steady, it is quickly changing the makeup of their student bodies, putting pressure on their Christian commitments, culture, and mission. The president of one of those schools, Mitch Henry of Faulkner University, talks about how his institution is turning this challenge into an opportunity for evangelism.

Link to Audrey Jackson’s Christian Chronicle story on student athletes committing to Christ at York University

Link to Calvin Cockrell’s Christian Chronicle story on 37 baptisms on the Faulkner University football team

Link to Calvin Cockrell’s Christian Chronicle report on the inauguration of Mitch Henry as Faulkner University’s president 

Link to The Christian Chronicle Podcast Episode Nine (first interview with Faulkner University president Mitch Henry)

Segment Three: Dr. Tricia Bruce of Springtide Research brings the latest study on how people between the ages of 13 and 25 think about the Bible, church, God, and spirituality. How might congregations reach and keep these young people?

Link to Springtide Research Institute

Link to Dr. Tricia Bruce bio and credentials

Link to report: State of religion and young people 2023

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