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Episode 4: Pentecost in Chicago, a win for religious liberty, and dwelling in the Word


Segment One: Every Sunday, the Northwest Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois, USA, holds three distinct worship assemblies: One in English, one in Korean, and one in Spanish. Recently, the congregation tried holding one Sunday morning assembly…in all three languages at once! Leaders Paul Chae, Carlos Estrada, and Patrick Odum talk about how they did it and what congregations around the world might learn from them.

Segment Two: In January, a court in Oregon struck down a lawsuit that claimed that private Christian schools violate federal law when they hold employees and students to traditional biblical interpretations of gender and sexuality. Eric Rassbach, executive director of the Religious Liberty Clinic at Pepperdine University explains the case and what comes next.

Segment Three: Dwelling in the Word is a way of listening to the Bible that helps congregations discern and draw closer together through intense focus on Scripture. Dr. Natalie Magnusson of the missional leadership graduate program at Rochester University explains how dwelling in the word works and why it is so important to practice now.   

Segment One: Pentecost comes to Chicago (Paul Chae, Carlos Estrada, Patrick Odum)

Link to Christian Chronicle story: ‘It’s the same Jesus’

Link to YouTube video of tri-lingual worship at Northwest Church of Christ

Segment Two: A win for religious liberty (Eric Rassbach)

Link to Christianity Today story: Federal judge tosses challenge to Christian college exemptions

Link to Hugh and Hazel Darling Religious Liberty Clinic at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law

Link to Eric Rassbach bio and contact information

Segment Three: Dwelling in the Word (Natalie Magnusson)

Link to Church Innovations Institute “Dwelling in the Word” page

Link to Dwelling in the Word “how to” and practice exercises at Lipscomb University Office of Spiritual Formation

Link to Master of Religious Education (MRE) in missional leadership at Rochester University

Link to Dr. Natalie Magnusson contact information at Rochester University

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