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Episode 31: Harding University closing its Memphis campus; loving neighbors in the hardest neighborhood; faith nights at MLB ballparks


For 65 years, Harding University's School of Theology in Memphis, Tennessee, has been a global hub of Bible and ministry education in the Church of Christ tradition, but the school announced that it is closing the campus and moving its programs to Searcy, Arkansas. Why …and why now? Meanwhile, a congregation is growing and the Gospel is bearing fruit in one of America's toughest neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland. Hear from the man who heard and heeded the call to go there. "Faith nights" are a growing trend in Major League ballparks. What are they and what good do they do? Also: Announcing a new endowment for international reporting at The Christian Chronicle.
Segment One: Harding University is walkin’ out of Memphis (Cheryl Mann Bacon, contributing editor, The Christian Chronicle)

Link to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s Christian Chronicle report on Harding University’s decision to close its School of Theology campus in Memphis, Tennessee

Link to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s Christian Chronicle report on declining enrollment in ministry programs at colleges and universities with roots and ties in the Church of Christ tradition

Segment Two: Loving neighbors in one of America’s toughest neighborhoods (Davis Worley, Church of Christ in Sandtown, Baltimore, Maryland)

Link to Hamil Harris’s Christian Chronicle story on the Church of Christ in Sandtown

Link to Hamil Harris’s first Christian Chronicle report (2019) on Davis Worley’s work in Sandtown

Link to the Church of Christ in Sandtown

Link to GoFundMe page for the Church of Christ in Sandtown

Segment Three: Major League ballparks go to church (Bobby Ross, Jr., editor-in-chief, The Christian Chronicle, contributing writer, Religion Unplugged)

Link to Bobby Ross, Jr.’s, story in Religion Unplugged

BONUS SEGMENT: Announcing the Bailey McBride Endowment for international reporting (Erik Tryggestad, CEO, The Christian Chronicle)

Link to announcement of the Bailey McBride Endowment

Link to donation page for the Bailey McBride Endowment

Link to Erik Tryggestad’s Christian Chronicle report from Trinidad

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