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Episode 28: Lee Camp of the No Small Endeavor live stage show, podcast, and (now) national radio show


In his wildest dreams, Lee Camp could never imagine this! Many years ago, the professor of theology and ethics at Lipscomb University had a crazy idea: A live stage show that mixes entertainment and interviews with thinkers who address the "big questions" of life. The 'Tokens Show' first appeared on a Lipscomb University stage in 2008 and then grew until Camp moved the production to the Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Old Opry, in downtown Nashville. In 2020, Camp launched the 'No Small Endeavor Podcast'. Soon after, Nashville Public Radio picked up the show for broadcast. This year, PRX put 'No Small Endeavor' into national radio syndication. In this episode, Lee talks about how the idea for 'No Small Endeavor' came to him, how he got the courage (and money) to give it a try, how it grew and is growing, and what comes next. He also talks about why this is a valid and valuable way to do "theology in public."  
Clip of interview with actor Martin Sheen courtesy of No Small Endeavor. Used by permission.

Closing music is John Henry, performed by Lee Camp featuring Bryan Sutton and recorded at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Song is public domain. Performance used by permission. Hear the story of this recording here

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