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Episode 27: Why do church members skip church? What is it like to leave an instrumental church for an a cappella one? And a baptistery shortage (really)!


Even regular churchgoers skip Sunday morning worship sometimes. Scott McConnell of Lifeway Research reveals the latest survey on the top reasons folks skip church. Jeff Dye, a lifer in the Christian Church (instrumental), talks about what it was like to join an a cappella Church of Christ congregation. Dr. Dale Underwood of King's Crossing Prison Ministries tells the story of how so many prisoners are being baptized around the world, there aren't enough baptisteries for all of them.
Segment One: New survey reveals reasons why evangelicals skip Sunday morning worship (Scott McConnell, Lifeway Research, Nashville, Tennessee)

Link to Lifeway Research report on churchgoers skipping Sunday worship

Link to Lifeway Research

Segment Two: What is it like for a lifetime member of the independent Christian churches to join an acapella Church of Christ? (Jeff Dye, Westport Road Church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky)

Link to Jeff Dye’s Christian Standard column on joining an a cappella Church of Christ after a lifetime in the Christian Church (instrumental)

Link to Jeff Dye’s blog at gulpinggrace.com

Segment Three: King’s Crossing Prison Ministries (Dale Underwood, King’s Crossing Prison Ministries, Corpus Christi, Texas)

Link to King’s Crossing Prison Ministries

Link to Christian Chronicle news brief on the portable baptistry shortage

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