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Episode 23: Babies, moms, families, and the Church of Christ community one year after Dobbs (Audrey Jackson, Jerry Callens, Verlon Johnson)


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When the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case on June 24, 2022, it overturned two cases, Roe v. Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), that established the federal right to an abortion. For decades in the United States, many, if not most, Church of Christ members prayed, volunteered, and voted in hope that the Supreme Court would do what it finally did on June 24, 2022. In this episode, we find out how the Dobbs decision a year ago is either helping or hindering the efforts of Church of Christ members and ministries to help people choose life.  
SEGMENT ONE: What has happened since June 24, 2022? (Audrey Jackson)

Link to Audrey Jackson’s coverage of the Dobbs decision in June 2022

Link to The Christian Chronicle’s editorial board’s response to the Dobbs decision (June 2022) 

Cheryl Mann Bacon’s Christian Chronicle op-ed in response to Dobbs (June 2022)

SEGMENT TWO: How have things changed and what is next? (Jerry Callens)

Link to Christian Chronicle stories featuring Jerry Callens

Link to Christian Family Services 

SEGMENT THREE: How have things changed and what is next? (Verlon Johnson)

Link to Christian Chronicle stories featuring Verlon Johnson


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