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Episode 22: Juneteenth in Texas, a word from an elder in Angola, and ministering to those with chronic pain


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For generations, churches in Texas passed down the tradition of Juneteenth, sometimes called "America's Second Independence Day." In this episode, Karl Berry and Curtis Phillips, elders from Cedar Hill Church of Christ in Cedar Hill, Texas, talk about how their congregation is keeping and sharing the Juneteenth tradition. The Christian Chronicle's globetrotting CEO Erik Tryggestad interviews Douglas Boateng, an elder in the Church of Christ community in Angola, in central Africa. David Heflin, minister to Woodward Church of Christ in Woodward, Oklahoma, shares his chronic pain story and the story of Broken and Mended, the ministry he started to help and support those who live with chronic pain.
SEGMENT ONE: Why Juneteenth? (Karl Berry and Curtis Phillips, Cedar Hill Church of Christ, Cedar Hill, Texas)

Link to Cedar Hill Church of Christ

Link to archive of The Christian Chronicle’s Juneteenth stories

Link to Juneteenth history and resources at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture 

SEGMENT TWO: Erik Tryggestad interviews Douglas Boateng in Angola, central Africa

Link to Erik Tryggestad’s Christian Chronicle report from his recent trip to Africa

SEGMENT THREE: Broken and Mended chronic pain ministry (David Heflin and Ronna Valentine, Woodward Church of Christ, Woodward, Oklahoma)

Link to Christian Chronicle story on Broken and Mended ministry

Link to Broken and Mended ministry website

Link to Woodward Church of Christ

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