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Episode 21: Why can't preachers retire? Big money wants to profit from worship. A congregation for those with special needs.


Jordan Coss (Redwood Church of Christ, Redwood City, California) shares his research on Church of Christ ministers and retirement. What keeps so many Church of Christ ministers from retiring (if they even finish out their ministry careers)? What can congregations and their ministers do about it? Dr. Kelsey Kramer McGinnis, an expert in contemporary Christian music and a writer for Christianity Today Magazine, reveals how big money may be taking over Sunday morning worship in your congregation. Jeremy Marshall and Lori Young tell the story of how the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ in Raleigh, North Carolina, made people with disabilities and special needs the heart and soul of the congregation, its witness, and its worship. 

SEGMENT ONE: Can Church of Christ preachers ever retire? (Jordan Coss)

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SEGMENT TWO: Our worship is turning praise into secular profit (Kelsey Kramer McGinnis)

Link to article “Our Worship is Turning Praise Into Secular Profit” by Kelsey Kramer McGinnis in Christianity Today Magazine

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SEGMENT THREE: One congregation recognizes that people with disabilities and special needs bear the image of Jesus Christ (Jeremy Marshall and Lori Young)

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