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Episode 15: Defending libraries, young people seeking revival (what kind?), and how to baptize a Bible student on the other side of the world


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Christian Chronicle contributing editor Cheryl Mann Bacon responds to those who criticized or questioned her op-ed on defending libraries. How much control should Christians have over public institutions like libraries? Christian Chronicle intern Gabriel Grant Huff, a certified "young person," gives his take on the kind of revival young Christians seek now and how they will know when revival is real. What does the word "revival" even mean? From her home in New Mexico, World English Institute volunteer Suzie Winham used the internet to teach English and the Bible to her student, John Bosco, in Somalia. But when John decided to commit his life to Christ, nobody in Somalia would baptize him. What would Suzie do?

Why libraries are important to an open society (Cheryl Mann Bacon)

Cheryl Mann Bacon’s Christian Chronicle op-ed on libraries

Christian Chronicle readers respond to Cheryl Mann Bacon’s op-ed

What do young people think about revivals (Gabriel Grant Huff)

Gabriel Grant Huff’s editorial on young people and revivals

Christian Chronicle report on “Asbury Revival”

Christian Chronicle report on the desire for revival at Church of Christ youth events

Christian Chronicle Podcast featuring interview with four Asbury University students

How to baptize a Bible student in Somalia (from New Mexico) (Suzie Winham) 

Christian Chronicle report on Suzie Winham and her student John Bosco

Link to World English Institute

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