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Episode 11: Sex crimes in the church (Jimmy Hinton, author of 'The Devil Inside')


A few days before recording this episode, a federal court sentenced a former Church of Christ minister to 45 years in prison for a long list of sex crimes he committed against minors in one of the congregations where he worked. Special guest Jimmy Hinton talks about what he describes as an "epidemic" of sex abuse by leaders in Church of Christ congregations. Jimmy shares his own story of what sexual abuse cost him and his congregation. He also reveals what congregations can do to protect their members from sex crimes and what those that uncover sexual abuse in their midst can do to eliminate the danger and start to heal.

Segment One: Bobby Ross, Jr., and Audrey Jackson report on Joshua Henley sentencing

Audrey Jackson’s report on sentencing of Joshua Henley

News report on charges against Joshua Henley (from July 21, 2021)

Segment Two: The Devil Inside (Jimmy Hinton)


The Devil Inside by Jimmy Hinton

Speaking Out on Sexual Abuse Podcast with Jimmy Hinton

Christian Chronicle story on Jimmy Hinton’s ministry (from December 2014)

Christian Chronicle interview with Jimmy Hinton’s sister, Alex Howlett (from March 2019)

Christian Chronicle editorial on sex abuse in churches (from October 2019)

GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment)

Darkness to Light

The Mama Bear Effect

WILD (Wisdom Identity Legacy Daring)

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