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Dallas minister responds to planned billboard touting atheism

Atheist Billboard Targets African Americans: MyFoxDFW.com

David Lane, minister for the Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ in Dallas, responds to plans for a billboard touting atheism in an interview with a local television station:

“Traditionally African Americans come out of a tradition that is led and motivated by faith. We are where we are and we are who we are primarily because we’ve chosen to believe in a power that’s bigger than ourselves,” he said. “It will create a lot of dialogue. There will be congregations of all kinds in this area who will be challenged by the fact that such a movement is at our door.”

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    The lost have a right to speak even though I may disagree with them.
    Jim Soldini
    February, 14 2012

    I don’t see why people should be up in arms about this. If you’re a Christian you know that there are a lot of other people in the world who don’t believe what you believe, like Muslims, Buddhists, atheists and others. If you’re secure in your faith then you don’t need to worry about others and what they believe or don’t believe.
    Kim Smith
    February, 14 2012

    What are those “christians” all up in arms about anyway? Shouldn’t everyone question their faith? Doesn’t everyone believe their god is the right god and their ways are the right ways to live? Religion creates so much conflict.
    February, 14 2012

    It seems to me that speaking out on this is a very good thing. Not only have we been instructed to confess Christ before men but also to testify that the works of the world are evil. I would suggest a strategy to follow publicity with sermons and teaching on why atheism is false, damaging to the soul and to society. God is true and the giver of the abundant life. This is another reason to stay the course on strict Bible studies. We should be ready to answer doubt based on truth rather than doting on church growth ideas of men.
    john watson smith
    February, 14 2012

    The athiest in this newsstory made a couple good points. Are you tired of religion that says one thing and does another? (paraphrased) That is what so many see, not only in churches of Christ, but in the secular church world also. They see Christians professing that one can drink trying to use as excuses misunderstandings of what Christ did in the scriptures, still somehow commit fornication and stay in adulterous relationships, and have all the fun of sins, but on Sunday morning they preach into hell everybody else for doing those same things. What the athiest world is seeing is not true Christianity. True Christianity will abstain from all forms of evil as the scriptures teach and not be a stumbling block to others. This will mean quitting smoking, drinking, using substances for enhancement, dancing and hanging around the bar scene, etc; and will be an example to his fellow man. He will be known as a Christian for the life that he lives and the company he keeps, rather than a cross around his neck or attendance in a church pew in a church that is really nothing more than a rock concert on Sunday morning. Only when a dying and unbelieving world sees a true example of Christian living, will they believe. Hats off to the brother who took a stand on a subject that is right down the street from his congregation. Our churches and ministers must stop remaining quiet as the disciples of Satan continue to try to take over America.
    Gary Hatmaker
    February, 14 2012

    Atheism–which is a false religion–should be confronted just as all false teaching are to be confronted. John 8:32
    Don Fischer
    February, 16 2012

    Atheism is as effective as we are ineffective at knowing the truth, showing the truth, and speaking the truth in love to those who are struggling in sin. Atheism has no hold on a people who have the truth preached and lived.
    February, 16 2012

    The atheists are trying really hard to discourage the teachings of the Bible. They are appealing to all that is “so great” about the “here and now”. WHY AREN’T WE PUTTING UP BILLBOARDS ALL OVER AMERICA PROCLAIMING HOW WONDERFUL IT IS TO LEAD A LIFE FOLLOWING THE TEACHINGS OR OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!! It’s not enough to say, “They can say whatever they want, but we know better.” We can’t covert people only by living our faith (although that certainly helps), we need to be active in converting others and standing against the teachings of atheism! LET’S ARISE FROM OUR ARMCHAIRS OF COMFORT AND GET OUT THERE AND COMBAT FALSE TEACHING! WE’VE BECOME LUKEWARM AND COMPLACENT, AND JESUS DOESN’T LIKE THAT! NO WONDER WE ARE LOSING OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. WE ARE NO LONGER EXCITED ABOUT THE GOSPEL. WE HAVE LOST OUR FIRST LOVE. WE NEED TO REPENT AND GET TO WORK!!
    February, 16 2012

    The billboard in question is in the same league as other recent billboards: the solid black ones that are “signed” as coming from God and the very simple ones featuring a photo and the caption “I’m second.” The atheistic billboard is just the other side of the coin. It gives you and me the chance to comment on it at work, at worship or anywhere in between. Its an open door to share Good News (and why it is good!). Don’t see the problem, brothers and sisters! See the opportunity! Seize the opportunity!
    James R. Cooke
    February, 16 2012

    Listen to James R Cooke, he’s spot on! Surely the Lord has delivered them into our hands.
    Ian McGuiggan
    February, 16 2012

    Did you happen to notice the false dichotomy about believing in a God that can help you find your keys but not do anything about world hunger? The argument is ludicrous. I pray for both, but understand that God works most often through people. I wonder what kind of world we would live in and what kind of careless, irresponsible people we would be if we could just use God, as if he were our personal, magic Genie. No thanks! I’d rather live in a world where I could be a part of the solution to human hunger. Humanism simply does not have the answers to the problems of the world because the problems of the world are caused by human sin not a God too weak or uncaring to do anything about them. Only when the problem of sin is dealt with will people care enough to tackle the problems sin brings into the world. The root problem is not human hunger, it is human sin. Atheist humanists will not and cannot solve the problem of human sin. We Christians, on the other hand, believe in a God who can and has conquered sin and death. Do we believe it enough to share it?
    David Baeder
    February, 18 2012

    James R. Cooke has the right idea, “Seize the opportunity!” What could be an easier opportunity for comment and breaking the ice than discussing a billboard? Dialogue needs to happen before conviction can take place. Just make sure you know what you believe about God, Creation, and Christ because the Father of Lies is very convincing.
    Kathrese McKee
    February, 18 2012

    Keep preaching the TRUTH , brother. We need more straith and forthright preaching and LIVING what we preach.
    Jack Kline
    Jack Kline
    February, 19 2012

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