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Youth & Family Minister – Northtown Church of Christ

- Northtown Church of Christ

NOTE: As of November 1, 2022, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.

The Northtown Church of Christ is seeking an evangelistic-minded minister to help us impact the community through study, outreach, and transformation.

Youth & Family Minister
Job Description
As part of our overall outreach program, the youth and family minister will work to assist our congregation in developing committed followers of Jesus Christ by facilitating the spiritual development of students and their families.
Professional Expectations:
• Recognizes the spiritual needs of students and their families and organizes the Youth & Family Ministry accordingly
• Provide growth opportunities for students and families to reach spiritual maturity.
• Contributes to the overall outreach ministry by helping the church achieve its goals of evangelism and discipleship.
Performance Responsibilities
• Envision, design, develop, and Implement/coordinate a plan of growth for the youth and family ministry.
• Partner with the pulpit ministry to design and implement a personal evangelism program, with a personal emphasis on youth and families
• Provide instruction and training to prepare our youth and young adults to become future leaders in the church.
• Provide opportunities for students and families to serve others together.
• Coordinate the Sunday and Wednesday bible classes for our Junior High and High School students. This should include recruiting, and scheduling of teachers on a rotational basis.
• Plan and execute annual and special events for the Youth & Family Ministry, such as seminars, camps, VBS and retreats, outreach to the community, and service projects.
• Create opportunities for our entire family of believers to be involved in the lives of our youth, both for the purposes of mentoring and service.
• Work closely with our elementary education director and pulpit minister to achieve our goal of helping our youth and young families become strong disciples of Christ.
• Perform other duties as requested

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