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NOTE: As of December 31, 2018, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.


The Christian Chronicle

Job Description

Position: President/Chief Executive Officer

Job Overview:

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Christian Chronicle (“CC”) will organize and lead operations of the CC in such a way as to position the organization to achieve the Ends Policy 1.0 in accordance with the Executive Limitations in Policy 2.0-2.9. These policies will be reflected in the strategic plans and annual achievable goals of the CC developed under the CEO’s leadership and with the approval of the CC Board. The CEO should lead with a servant’s heart. He/she should not seek self-promotion yet instead should pursue the glory of Jesus Christ, through leading the CC to greater readership and influence. His/her strong relationship with Jesus Christ should be evident through qualities such as service and humility. He or she must have a genuine passion for the mission and purpose of the CC. With the support of the Board and staff, the CEO will, above all else, long to see the fellowship of the Churches of Christ blessed by the work of the CC.

The Board is willing to consider either a full-time or part-time CEO, provided that all of the responsibilities are fulfilled and a viable working model is developed. 

Reports to: CC Board of Trustees

Direct Reports: All paid staff and consultants of the CC.

Relationship with Oklahoma Christian University: The CEO understands that the CC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oklahoma Christian University (OC), and its legal ownership is with the Executive Committee of the OC Board of Trustees, which has delegated general oversight to the CC Board of Trustees. OC still provides numerous services to the CC and the CC employees are technically employees of OC and must therefore comply with the policies and practices of OC. OC has given the CC Board and leadership wide latitude in the editorial control of the CC, but is there as a backup in the event there are significant issues that are not resolved by the CC Board of Trustees.

Evaluation: Annually by the CC Board of Trustees, or a committee formed therefor.

Job Requirements:

  1. Strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ and dependence on the Father.
  2. Spiritual leader, with a servant’s heart.
  3. Demonstrated skills in bridge building, understanding, and embracing diversity.
  4. Organizational leadership experience, with track record of positive results preferred.
  5. Strong motivational and staff leadership abilities; a team builder and team leader.
  6. Understanding of and/or experience with journalism and print and electronic media preferred.
  7. Experience and success in fundraising for non-profit organization(s).
  8. Long-term active membership in, understanding of, comfort with and commitment to the Churches of Christ.
  9. Work in harmony with the Editor and serve as one voice on the editorial committee of the CC.
  10. Recognize the challenges of declining print readership and conversant and comfortable with the cultural transition to a change in readership interest and style.
  11. A healthy respect for and protection of independence of the press.
  12. Bachelor’s degree required.
  13. Master’s or advanced degree preferred.

Specific responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for development and execution of the CC’s strategic plan and annual achievable goals in order to achieve Policy 1.0.
  2. Responsible for creating and sustaining financial and organizational stability necessary to achieve the CC’s strategic plan.
  3. Responsible for development of and accountability for the annual budget.
  4. Identifies new and sustainable revenue streams in light of the CC’s goals and objectives.
  5. Responsible for and leads donor relations, fundraising, and other revenue streams (e.g. advertising, subscriptions, etc.) on behalf of the CC.
  6. Conversant and comfortable with our diverse fellowship; models bridge building and inclusiveness.
  7. Aware of the challenges facing print media and pro-active in identifying, exploring, and implementing creative efforts to expand the readership and influence of the CC.
  8. Delegates responsibility for and oversees the maintenance of official records and documents, and ensures compliance with federal, state and local laws.
  9. Identifies and implements within the CC other best practice programs, as needed.
  10. Serves as primary contact, information source, and agenda setting with and for the Board of Trustees and OC, while encouraging appropriate involvement of editorial and other staff. Understands and willing to work within the Carver governance model.
  11. Regularly informs the board of internal organizational matters, including relevant staffing, funding, successes and priorities.
  12. Management of organizational structure and personnel issues for all staff using human resource and biblical best practices.
  13. Responsible for supplier management (postal service, printing contractor, electronic media, etc.).
  14. Responsible for public relations with the various constituencies of the CC (including primary responsibility for communications with readers, supporters, critics, etc. in conjunction with the editorial staff).
  15. Provides advice and general guidance to the editorial staff on important issues, while avoiding micromanagement of editorial content.
  16. Responsible to lead the CC staff to achieve the Ends Policies while operating within the Executive Limitations of the Board of Trustees Policy Manual and the parameters of the CC Bylaws.

Salary & Compensation: Negotiable commensurate with candidate experience and final organizational structure.

Position Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If you know of someone qualified for and potentially interested in this important role, please forward this information to him or her and send your nomination to us at the address below.  Individuals interested in the role are strongly encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter by December 15, 2018, to:

     [email protected]


          CEO Search Committee

         The Christian Chronicle

         PO Box 11000

         Oklahoma City, OK 73136-1100

 The Trustees and staff appreciate your prayers for this search process and for the mission of the Chronicle to inform, inspire and unite.

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