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Minister Needed – Chambersburg Church of Christ

- Chambersburg Church of Christ

NOTE: As of January 22, 2019, this item has been marked as expired, and will no longer be displayed on the classifieds listing page.


Minister Needed with some self-support

The CHURCH OF CHRIST established in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (PA) in 1977 is in need of a minister/evangelist who can foster new growth in an aging congregation.  Our 20 member congregation of mostly retirees would like to revitalize the church within the community.

Preferably, the minister will have some prior experience in working with small congregations.  Education would include a Bachelor degree in Bible/Ministry.   He will be mature spiritually and in knowledge of the scriptures, a self-starter, and able to work independently with minimum guidance.  He must possess the willingness to perform all the duties of a minister including pulpit preaching, teaching all ages, ministering to the flock, evangelizing, and helping in leading worship services.  He may be responsible or need to assist in some administrative and building duties.  Additional beneficial qualifications, but not essential, are a church-active wife and family, web skills, Spanish or Haitian language skills for local outreach, and a strong singing voice.    New PA law requires a background check and child-abuse prevention training/certification for mandated reporters.  We will pay the associated costs.

Our building is paid and owned by the church and our annual contribution is sufficient to cover the building/operating expenses, but not enough to pay a full-time minister.  We could contribute some to the minister’s salary but retirement or other income would be needed.   All terms are negotiable.

This is also an ideal opportunity for a congregation looking to send a missionary to the northeast or to provide experience to new missionaries without making an overseas commitment.   The duration of the position could be flexible.

The Chambersburg Church of Christ conducts only a traditional service with acapella congregational singing and the Lord’s Supper with individual cups.  We have fellowship meals in our basement.  We support a native missionary in Zambia ($3,000 per year).  There are no elders due to the lack of eligible candidates.  We believe that the men have a scriptural responsibility to take a leadership role in conducting services.

The Borough of Chambersburg is the county seat of Franklin County in south-central PA.  It is 16 miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line, which is the PA-Maryland border.  The borough has a population of 20,268 and the immediate surrounding townships have another 52,423.  Franklin County is the fourth fastest-growing county in Pennsylvania with a total population of 152,892.   Chambersburg is on Interstate 81, only 52 miles southwest of Harrisburg (capital of PA).

Interested parties should contact:  Chambersburg Church of Christ,  P.O. Box 221, Chambersburg, PA 17201 ,  phone: (717) 261-0835 (lv msg)  or e-mail: [email protected].

We will request a resume with references and demo sermon from the applicants.

We are on Facebook under Chambersburg Church of Christ.

For more information

Dennis Bank
Chambersburg Church of Christ
P.O. Box 221
Chambersburg, PA

(717) 261-0835
[email protected]